Otome Game Review: Death Connection

So while the opening does feel like a ripoff Cowboy Bebop and the game feels like Bloody Call meets Bleach I still enjoyed it immensely. If you like Bloody Call then I definitely recommend this. Man it’s been a while since I played an otome game with an actual decent story lol. The story is about a girl who was abandoned as a baby at a church by her mother who was hurt and killed. She was raised by the priest there not knowing who her parents are and was raised along side of a boy whose family was killed by some mafia. They were raised like brother and sister to be priest and nun. A few years later on one day the mafia randomly attacked the church and the boy, Joshua, took the girl Amelia and ran away. They encounter a man named Jean who takes them to a large house. Spoilers beyond this point. Skip to my final thoughts if you don’t want to read them!

Turns out the house is of a mafia family that was run by Amelia’s blood father. There’s nobody there but when Joshua and Amelia try to gather their bearings suddenly Amelia’s pendant shines and appear 3 guys (well 2 & an okama lol.) So then a few days later more dudes come to this mansion and they all have no memories of who they are or why they are there – besides knowing their names. A few days pass by and they all remember that they were the family that was all killed 3 years prior by Guido and his groupies. Turns out that Amelia’s pendant summoned  the 3 guys and the other 3 guys were summoned by Guido who is also Amelia’s uncle (father’s brother.) They are summoned as shinigami who will do anything that summoner commands. So now Guido wants Amelia dead so he can take over the world or do whatever else crazy Italian mafia bosses do 😆

Joshua – Well I was told I should do Joshua’s route to get it out of the way because he was a siscon or something. Well, I don’t care because I ♡ Joshua! He’s a scorpio just like me! And he’s passionate and he fucking loves the shit out of Amelia (〃▽〃)ポッ I mean he’s like hard core. At first he just feels like he’s this annoying “older brother figure” and that’s what Amelia pretty much sees him the whole game. However, things change when they are living in a house fulla dudes and he starts to really get jealous that he no longer has all of her attention! I mean back in the day any male friends Amelia made he’d scare them away and give them the evil eye 😆 Now Joshua’s got some competition so holding back his feelings becomes a lot more difficult! When he realizes that he cannot protect Amelia just by being a priest, he gives up his priestly duties and starts to learn magic powers. After the battle where Guido forces 3 of the guys to obey his commands and attack Amelia and her shinigami, Joshua is really hurt. So that’s where I get to a scene where I can poke around his body and he says stuff or I get some kind of bonus omakes 😆 After that Joshua finally blurts out his feelings to her and says he loves her very much NOT like a sister. He said because he’s been in love with her forever that’s why he’s always rejected other girls who approached him.

Some time later everyone but Joshua and Amelia go to the opera where they are trapped by Guido and his ho Claudia. Guido had his mad scientist guy Costello  make weapons that will kill even the shinigami. Because of this everyone ends up dying except for Leonaldo who managed to awaken his shinigami powers in a previous incident relating to his murder. So then Joshua & Amelia show up shocked at what’s going on but they are attacked by Claudia. Joshua who is determined to protect Amelia sets Claudia on fire (that’s right you whore! lol) and she dies. After that though Joshua keeps getting haunted by her ghost every single day and she torments him to the point where he becomes delusional and attacks and hurts Amelia. After Amelia gains consciousness Joshua cries and apologizes. He also says that he doesn’t care if she doesn’t return his feelings anymore, as long as she is alive and happy. She still only sees him as a brother and I guess he just can’t take it anymore so sometime before Christmas eve he runs away and stays at a hotel just to cool off for some time. After 3 days he just goes crazy without Amelia and thinks he might as well just disappear so he stops eating and sleeping until he becomes exhausted.

Claudia’s tired of following him around so she goes to Amelia and tells her to stop being a slowass idiot and to go see Joshua. By that time Amelia’s all like ooh I wanna see Joshua, but I don’t know why! ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ Anyway she goes to see Josh and then they start bumbling around again so Claudia shows up and is like OK YOU BOTH LIKE EACH OTHER NOW GET ON WITH IT SO I CAN GET OUTTA HERE. So they finally both realize they are actually in love with each other  and Joshua is so happy he pushes her on the bed and cries. CRIES. Not kisses her but cries. Or do I have to just assume they did it? 。・゚゚(ノД`)あ゙~ん So then it seems like everything is going well they’re all raburabu in front of Leo. Leo tells them to enjoy Chrismas while he goes on a planned battle with Jean for no apparent reason. After they battle they give each other a manly pat on the back while they both return to hell. When Joshua and Amelia come to the church to meet up with Leo they realize he isn’t there but instead Guido is there. I thought Guido was dead because Costello like set their house on fire but I guess not O_o; So anyway they fight and soon as Guido shoots Amelia Joshua rages and kills him.

Amelia obviously dies but then for some reason Joshua died too?? He seemed  a lot more alive to me but anyway…he ends up in hell. Leo then tells him that he can see Amelia again if he signs a contract with Guido (who I thought was dead what the fk??) and becomes a Shinigami. Then when Amelia is reborn (since I guess she’s pure enough or whatever XD) she may be able to summon him again. It’s a small chance but Joshua is desperate for his Amelia so he takes the chance. Lo and behold a few years later a loli whose an orphan is looking for something to buy food with. She finds a stone and thinks she can exchange it for some food. Suddenly she summons Joshua and he realizes that the one who summoned him was this loli in front of him…who says her name is Amelia. Well who woulda thought that was coming. 🙄 Needless to say Joshua sheds a waterfall of manly tears and says he will live together with her all over again. THE FREAKING END. OH WHY. Y U DO DIS. Why was there no kiss scene C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! Why loli end! Nooo! My Joshuaaaaa (´;ω;`). Storywise I think it was okay, but I wish they would have just given them a happy end. Why did it have to be so tragic and bittersweet orz. But then I went into the Cg gallery and there was a special ending – when Amelia grew up to be around Joshua’s age, she confessed to him that she loves him. She said she remembered him all this time but she didn’t want to say anything because she was a loli or whatever xD.. Lmao cop-out bonus but I don’t care since in the final CG they get married!! XDDDD \( ^o^)/

Leonardo – Leo is the youngest one, 16 years old. He loves to eat and cook good food. If you make him food that tastes like shit he’ll rage at you. Leonardo was killed by Filippo who was bribed with money I guess by Claudia. He put poison into Leo’s pasta and that’s how Leo ended up dying. Leo originally had his family killed by Amelia’s dad, but then Amelia’s dad took Leo in and raised him like his own son. He told Leo that he’ll raise him and he can later seek out revenge, but as Leo grew up he stopped caring about revenge and just thought of the man as his father. Amelia’s dad also asked Leo that when the time comes, to protect his daughter. Most of the route pretty much mirrors Joshua’s except when they go to the opera. Instead of Joshua killing Claudia, Leo cuts off her ability to fight and then shoots her to death. Because Leo is the one who does it she cannot haunt him so at least it’s the last we see of her lol. Anyway after everyone is gone it’s basically rivalry between Joshua and Leo for Amelia’s heart – but as usual Amelia is a dense brick lol. Jean once again tells Leo that he’s gonna disappear on Christmas. This time Jean tricks Guido into signing a deal with him but unlike other Shinigami, Jean just trolls everyone so Leo kills Guido and “frees” Amelia from any danger.

As in Joshua’s route, Jean and Leo have a battle and then Jean goes back to hell while Leo disappears. He gives Amelia her father’s old ring and says that he leaves with her his feelings. Some time passes by and Amelia visits Filippo who’s had his cooking talent cut off. He says that he’s going to turn himself in and he is starting over in regards to cooking. He said that his coworkers finally liked some pancakes that he made for them. When Joshua and Amelia go back to their church, Amelia is cleaning and she thinks of Leo and is upset because she feels like she’s the only one who liked him. The reason is because shortly before he disappeared he told her he doesn’t like her like that anymore (since he knew he’d be gone he didn’t care about anything anymore.) Anyway Amelia calls him as her Shinigami again and he shows up and hugs her. He says he knew she would call him and that’s why he left her the ring. Since some years have passed by, before he came back, Jean gave him some special item that would make him look like his real age. So in the special ending, he goes to his favorite flower field with Amelia and tells her to close her eyes. He uses the item and becomes older/taller (*´д`*)ハァハァ and kisses her (〃▽〃)ポッ. In the special item there’s some nabe party where Claudia comes over, bitches about how she hates Japanese food and then leaves 😆 I don’t know what the point of that was XD.

Medicis – Medicis is a REAL hot chunk of man meat at the age of 27. I had enough of the little boys so now time for the real men of this game 😆 Or so I’d like to say but the problem is Medicis has some kind of women phobia. Apparently he was really close to his grandma and after she died he went into some kind of shock which caused this “illness” to arise. His grandpa is rich and owns a very famous bank so you can guess that he can influence a lot with his money. He dislikes his son and therefore by default he also doesn’t quite get along with Medicis either. Unlike the previous two routes, Medicis route sort of branched out on its own and he didn’t really have a “direct” rival. He entered the mafia family at the age of 19 so he is the oldest member. Since his grandpa hates Medicis and loves money he makes a deal with Guido to I guess make a weapon to get rid of Medicis once and for all. While Medicis’ story is mostly focused on plot, there’s a lot of funny scenes regarding his relationship with Amelia. He doesn’t see her as love interest since she’s 10 years younger than him but any situation that he somehow gets close to her he starts freaking out because of his phobia. Needless to say when he accidentally bumps into her and kisses her he instantly passes out 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ

Since Medicis is under Guido’s control he then has to try to fight against being controlled and he actually manages to do so. Unfortunately Gloria and Luciano still get possessed so then Medicis awakens his shinigami power and he erases their existance (or basically sends them back to hell.) Sadly erasing their existence means that everyone else forgets who they were except for Medicis himself. So after those two disappear Medicis kinda angsts around and doesn’t know what to do with hiimself, and Jean gets tired of his moping and sends him back to hell as well. In hell he meets up with Gloria and they both are like bored out of their minds. Jean is bored too so he agrees to send Medicis back to earth as long as he can provide him some “entertainment” lol. When he comes back he conveniently comes back into Amelia’s room and the first thing she does is glomp him and cry. Anyway thanks to Nicole pushing them along they finally stop dwindling around and on Christmas eve they take a little trip to the cabin where Medicis’ granma used to live in the snowy mountains. Everyone in the meantime takes Joshua away to get drunk to distract him from cockblocking those two. They have a cute little snowball fight and then they go into the cabin to dry themselves off.

After they eat dinner Medicis tells her he likes her but Amelia the braniac falls asleep and completely misses his confession. He tells her that if she wants to hear his confession she has to confess first. And so she does and then he’s like “Do you know what it means when 2 people spend the night?” She’s all like “Uh Nicole told me they have a “special” relationship…” and like honestly if I didn’t know any better I’d say after the screen faded to black they totally hit that shit but…the next morning she’s all like “gee wilikers I can’t believe I confessed!” If they did it, I think she’d be thinking about other things.. (´・ω・`;) So anyway this is basically where the plot takes a nosedive lol. Jean shows up and starts killing everyone like a crazy maniac simply because he can and because he’s bored. He even freaking kills poor Joshua back at home ;_; He shoots Medicis with Castello’s super magic shinigami killing gun too. But then Medicis is like “you’re just pissed off cause your body’s gonna disappear today.” And then Jean’s like “okay you got me!” and then he disappears. ( ´_ゝ`) So then everyone’s like dead and Amelia is all alone, except with the ring that Jean left her that her father once had. One year later she runs into Medicis’ grandpa who’s all happy that Medicis is gone but then says that maybe they could have not been enemies after all or some crap.

Suddenly as she is walking she picks up a key someone drops, and it’s Medicis’ key to his granma’s house. So anyway it turns out that she called him back from hell and they go back to his grandma’s old house and live there together. Jean in the meantime takes over Amelia’s dads body and while everyone’s chillaxing in hell, Joshua went to heaven all alone 。・゚゚(ノД`)あ゙~ん. A few years pass and they are now planning to visit Medicis’ parents to let them know that they plan to get married. In the special bonus OC scene Amelia is angry that Medicis’ has a bunch of madams (all Nicole’s lies of course) and while he’s confused Claudia shows up, grabs him, he passes out and then she drags him away for no reason 😆 The seiyuu talk for Okitsu Kazuyuki was funny because he was like “uhh I’m not blonde…and I only know Japanese..and man mafia would be scary..” XD It was so funny. In the special tapes it’s basically Medicis screaming for Amelia to stop poking him and freaking him out XDD. Anyway Medicis was a ball of laughs. Because his route sorta went into its own path it was longer than Leo’s route but I guess it was also more interesting. Also the cabin scenes were (*´д`*)ハァハァ so I guess I’m satisfied as far as the romance is concerned, even if there was a lot of plot to swallow.

Gloria – Yea I know wtf a dude named Gloria, but man he’s pretty fucking manly. Gloria’s 32 so he’s the oldest and he seems the most “mature” calm guy. It also helps that his seiyuu sounds like the Japanese Barry White so its smooth and sexy (*´д`*)ハァハァ This of course helps during any scenes of Gloria half naked (which there are quite a few) so he really is that うほぉいい男 character. xD Because Gloria was also called by Guido he is at his command when necessary and sadly unlike Medicis he never manages to override it in his mind. Gloria and Nicholas are also step brothers. When Gloria was younger his parents remarried and that’s how they became brothers. Unfortunately they were never really close because Nicholas was a whiny bitch most of the time until Gloria slapped some sense into him. Sometime during this route Nicole returns back to Nicholas and then goes and kills Claudia. When he comes back he’s pissed off that everyone keeps asking where Nicole is because Nicole is a lot more fun than a whiny bitch 😆

One day though, somehow Nicole and Nicholas split and now they are 2 separate entities (although Nicole is still a trap XD). Gloria used to be in the police force and then he became a detective. He left his family (and Nicholas) at the age of 18 and hadn’t seen them until one day he ran into Nicholas who was basically making a living as a manwhore. Nicholas accidentally messed around with some mafia leader’s woman and so the mafia went and killed their whole family. The weirdest part wasn’t “oh no our family is dead” but “oh no Gloria they’re gonna kill me HALP!” (;゚;Д;゚;;) Nicholas then got arrested and so Gloria went to Dalencio (Amelia’s dad) for help. Dalencio used his mafia powers and basically let both Gloria and Nicholas into their family to save him. Anyway throughout the route it’s obvious that Amelia starts to fall for Gloria but as usual dumbass Amelia can’t make sense of her own feelings. Nicole has to push things along by teasing her and making up stories like how Gloria is married or something XD. Gloria then goes and kills Seliva because in the past Luciano stole the ring from Dalencio but Selvia knew about it and didn’t tell anyone. Amelia gets really upset about this and says that Gloria is just a heartless mafia killer. Gloria is upset because she said that she hates him so he goes and gets drunk and that night Amelia runs out of her room (lol drama.)

She runs into the drunk Gloria who huggles her and pleads her to not hate him and instead tell him that she likes him. He then falls asleep and she drags sleeping drunk ikemen back home on her own lol. As usual Guido is pissed off that nobody gives a damn about him so he invites them all to the opera where they not only have to deal with cops but then Guido and his mind puppets, Luciano, Medicis and Gloria. So as usual Jean shows up to troll everyone and he sends Luciano and Medicis back to hell and kills Guido and Castello. Nicholas gets wounded by the special weapon Castello made and his wounds aren’t healing. Joshua goes and does some research to help heal his wounds and he makes the medicine which seems to work. After that Gloria knows that he’s gonna disappear soon so he wants to spend more time with Amelia so the two of them go on many dates. Before Christmas, Nicole gives Gloria a hotel reservation she made. They distract Joshua with alcohol as usual and the two of them go there that night. At first I thought like Amelia had no idea why they were going there but uhm when they got there I think she knew. Well at least she better have known when the CG was of a half naked Gloria in bed telling her to “come to him.” XDXDXDXD (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ!! OBVIOUSLY DOING IT FLAG. I mean in the other routes it didn’t feel that obvious but like I don’t know how much more obvious that could have been lmao.

He gives her a watch as a present to symbolize the fact that even after he’s gone the watch will keep going. In the final battle Jean shows up to troll everyone again (sigh) but Guido is pissed that he’s being used so he tries to use Gloria to kill Jean. Jean’s like lol are you kidding me so he kills Guido again and disappears. Everyone else hits their limits and disappears except for Gloria. Jean explains that Gloria can’t go back to hell for some reason so he tells him to just live on eternally. Gloria apparently seems to have unlocked his shinigami powers but he says he will use them when the time comes. Gloria decides to spend his days with Amelia even though Amelia’s lifespan is short while Gloria is eternal. A few years later Gloria and Amelia get married and he cuts his hair for their wedding day. Some time passes and he runs into Jean who’s all like “haha you’ll live forever” and then poofs again. He comes up to Amelia and Amelia’s all like what’s wrong? He tells her to close her eyes as he uses his shinigami powers. Suddenly they are back right to where they were on that fateful Christmas after all the shinigami disappeared. Yep Gloria’s power is I guess to turn back the time, so it’s basically like the movie Groundhod Day 😆 In the special epilogue they showed Gloria sitting by Amelia’s bedside before their wedding day and Amelia going “I feel dejavu, like I’ve already said I do to you before…” Sigh. Creepy. I’m freaked out. ((((´・ω・;`)))) What a creepy ending. This is kinda depressing in a way because the only way he can be with her forever is to constantly turn back the time….

Nicholas – While I thought Nicole was a hilarious character I found Nicholas’ route to be kinda meh. Most of the important parts of his story were already revealed while I was playing Gloria’s route but playing Gloria’s route after Nicholas’ makes the special Nicholas ending make no sense because you wouldn’t have known about Gloria’s shinigami powers. So as I explained earlier Nicole and Nicholas split at some point after he killed Claudia. Nicole also thinks that “making love” means sleeping next to each other naked in bed lol. She made Nicholas’ room all pink so at some point he moved into Gloria’s room because he couldn’t take it XD. Nicole was created as Nicholas’s shadow of someone he wanted to be (not a woman). While Nicole loves herself and thinks she’s so suteki, Nicholas pretty much hates himself and hates the things he has done in the past and what a pathetic brother he has been to Gloria. Most of the game Nicholas is just a whiny bitch to be honest. I guess it’s his way of being tsundere but something about it I found annoying rather than how I typically find tsundere characters adorable. (´・ω・`)

He gets especially pissy when people start preferring Nicole over him (before the split). That one night when Amelia has a fight with Gloria and runs away in this route Nicholas catches her and carries her (literally) back home 😆 After the opera event she stiches up Nicholas’ wounds but still Joshua’s medicine is necessary to heal them. Also in this route Gloria was taken back to hell along with Medicis and Luciano. While he’s recovering she spoon feeds him which is hilariou since during one of the poke the bishie scenes you poke his eyes and he’s like WHERE ARE YOU FEEDING ME ヽ(`Д´#)ノ lmao. It’s obvious Nicholas begins falling for Amelia but he keeps trying to push away his feelings because he knows he’s going to disappear soon. He gives in though and asks her out on a date some time before Christmas. Nicole gives them tickets to a hotel but unlike in Gloria’s route sadly Nicholas doesn’t score. xD They visit Amelia’s old church and Nicholas gives the priest a ring he made for Amelia and tells him to give it to her after he disappears. At the end of the night they are discussing what they should give each other as presents and Nicholas requests for a kiss. D’aww (〃ノノ)

So then the usual Christmas battle comes. Poor Joshua died again T_T. Before everyone disappeared back to hell, Nicholas awakened his shinigami power which is to remove “feelings”. He removes Amelia’s feelings for him so that she wouldn’t feel sad – then he goes to hell with everyone else. Five years later Amelia opens the box Nicholas left for her but when she sees the ring she isn’t sure why her heart aches when she looks at it. In hell Nicole forces Jean to let Nicholas come back just for one night so Nicholas comes back up and goes on another date with Amelia. Even though he erased her feelings he tells her he loves her once again and then disappears. I had to then go through the entire game again and see the missing scene at the beginning as well as the scene that showed the “history of what happened” between Nicholas and Claudia. This unlocked the epilogue in which Gloria used his shinigami power to bring Nicholas back to that night and Jean removed his “limit”. So basically Nicholas gets to live with Amelia forever until she dies. Kinda meh to be honest. It’s sad but I think I liked Nicole more than Nicholas as far as this route is concerned (´・ω・`;A).

Luciano – I didn’t quite get Luciano’s route. Maybe because so much crap has already happened in all the other routes that frankly it just felt kind of anti-climatic to me. I don’t get Luciano in general though. He babbles on how he hates everyone, he betrayed Amelia’s dad and the rest of the family, but then he babbles on that he loves Amelia to death. Yandere much? 😆 Almost every CG of Luciano is him trying to make out with Amelia in one way or another. He has to explain to her about the birds and the bees since Nicole fails to do that properly. He then babbles on how he wants to “soil” her purity and then takes her to a hotel where idiot Amelia thinks they’re gonna watch movies or something what? I mean the day before Vicious attempted to do stuff but the poor shota failed. When Luciano explained to her what “going to a hotel” means, what the hell did she think was gonna happen when he went to take a shower and came out wearing nothing but his bathrobe? Sadly unlike Gloria he gave up dealing with her immaturity and told her to gtfo.

Since he was called by Guido he followed his orders for a while until the battle at the opera. There I guess his feelings for Amelia prevailed and he protected her from being shot to death by Claudia. Luciano has a sad past. He was basically living together trying to survive with Vicious. He’s 12 years older than Vicious so when Vicious was 10 and he was 22 he tried his best to get jobs so he could buy them some dinner for that night. Finally he landed a mafia job that would pay him a ton of money. He was scared at first to kill people but Vicious said he’d help him out and after that the two of them became hired hitmen until they were invited to join the Salvatore family by Selvia. Desperate for money Luciano agreed but Vicious was against it. Later on Vicious reluctantly joined as well because he didn’t want to be without his aniki. I guess Luciano’s yandereness kicked in and that’s when he got “sick” of all the family shit and betrayed them all. So then somewhere around here I guess Luciano really began to like Amelia. After the opera situation and when she nursed him back to health I guess his feelings for her grew stronger.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t paying attention or maybe I just missed something but they were shifting between fighting Guido so much (which after Jean’s trolling in Medicis’ route I couldn’t take seriously) that I must have completely missed their relationship progression. It didn’t help that Luciano would leave a lot to go PMS somewhere half the time 🙄 Anyway he decides to kill Guido on his own but then Guido sends Medicis and Gloria to kill everyone including Joshua and Selvia at the house. Luciano then comes back and takes her back to the church telling her that she’s free now because Guido’s dead. He also then uses his power to “cut the future” so he can tell her his feelings and then he disappears. A few years later Amelia feels like he’s hugging her, but turns out he got permission to come back to see her but she could not see his form. She writes him a letter on the day of the dead and I guess he somehow is able to read it from hell. In all the tapes he sounded like he was completely drunk. The omake was the best though – everyone ate hot food thinking they were gonna win a naked pic of Amelia but turned out it was a naked pic of Nicole ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Needless to say everyone ended up puking for more than 1 reason lol. Anyway kinda meh on Luciano’s route and ending. His presence just felt so inconsistent near the end that I think I just stopped caring 😕

Vicious – I saved Vicious for last by a recommendation from a friend who previously played this game. He’s only 17 and wel honeslty I had no idea suzuki was voicing him because he sounded really weird. Vicious is kinda tsundere but his level of adorableness is over 9000 when he blushes and then when they go out on a date and he orders a ton of pastries…for himself 😆 He hates black cats because they bring bad luck and he’s really hard core in believing in fortune telling. He often reads the newspaper but probably for the horoscope section lol. In his first poke scene you also learn that he’s really ticklish too xDDD 萌えlevel over 9000 xDDD. In one scene Amelia walks in on Nicole molesting Vicious who’s like “HALP” and then she walks out of the room ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Anyway most of the route kinda follows what I mentioned in Luciano’s until the opera where Jean basically saves all their butts and Amelia gets hurt instead. At one point he almost confesses to her but you know miss dumb as a brick doesn’t get it as usual and Vicious is all like “oh yea damn she doesn’t get it..gotta try harder..” lol.

While she’s healing Vicious is usually there bringing her food and stuff. He even kisses her but the next day she acts like it’s no big deal. Everyone is like (;゚д゚)ェ… but she’s like “oh was it supposed to be something special?” T_T; Poor guy. Even when they went to the hotel and he jumped on top of her she just poked him around and didn’t think anything of it XD. He takes her to her old church and decides to “confess his sins” to the priest. He tells him to take care of Amelia after he disappears since his time is limited and then he confesses his feelings for Amelia as well. Amelia is of course right there and she hears everything. He then asks if she likes him and surprisingly she said yes. I thought she was gonna into one of her I don’t understand love speeches but yea. So then he lifts her up and he says this is the first time a girl has ever said she liked him. Daww.. (〃ノノ) So when they get back home Vicious shyly tells Joshua that he likes Amelia and before Joshua rages Amelia says she feels the same way about Vicious as well. That night Joshua takes Vicious drinking and continues raging that he better take care of her lol. They then go to a hotel at night and uh do it. I guess Gloria isn’t the only one who gets to score? XD \( ^o^)/

So then I guess it’s battle time and Vicious and co go to get Luciano back. Joshua and Amelia are left at home. While they are fighting Vicious remembers that a woman visited him when he was younger and she told him to hang on when he thought he was going to die on a cold Christmas night. That woman was actually Amelia’s mom’s ghost XD. So anyway as usual Guido realizes that he’s being trolled by Jean so he stops caring and just tells everyone to kill each other. The fight continues and everyone gets hurt but then Claudia runs to where Joshua and Amelia are. She’s raging that everything is Amelia’s fault so she goes to attack her and poor Joshua dies protecting her (´;ω;`). He kills her with his magic but dies because of the gunshot wounds. He tells Amelia that she has Vicious and she must believe in him. Instead of being a pansy heroine she takes action and runs to the church where Vicious is fighting Luciano. Both Vicious and Luciano awaken their shinigami powers. Vicious’ power is basically to “cut” shinigami so I guess he’s got the ultimate one XD. He has to trick Luciano but he succeeds with Amelia’s help and defeats him. By then everyone else disappears and before Vicious goes he sheds one last tear. (ノω・、) ウゥ・・・

So then time passes and 3 years later Amelia is back at her old church. She’s been visiting Joshua’s grave and placing flowers as well as the graves of all her old mafia buddies. One day while she is there, Vicious shows up. He says he begged (probably Jean) to come back to her. He tells her that he can now be by her side forever but he will look 17 basically all his life. Amelia says that if he doesn’t mind her becoming a granny then she wants him to be by her side forever. And so we get the wedding end here too :D. In the special ending they are living together back at the old house and lately Vicious said Amelia’s been feeling kinda ill. He asks Selvia for advice and Selvia tells him to go home and give her a hug XD. So yea as I guessed it – somehow Amelia is preggo with Vicious’ baby lol. I didn’t know you can have babies with the undead but I guess anything’s possible (*ノ∀^)ノ゛))アヒャヒャ. The final CG is them at the hospital just as the baby was born lol. In the omake scene Vicious has to act like Nicole and go “ufu~” lmao. Anyway Vicious route was really sweet. Part of me wishes I had played it first just so I could play “the whole game” rather than skip most of it. No biggie though as it was still fairly enjoyable and I’d definitely put Vicious as my 2nd fav behind Joshua.

Jean – Jean’s route opens up as a separate route on its own after you complete all the other guys. I expected something really awesome but actually I felt really disappointed (´・ω・`;A). The beginning part of the route features the past of how Amelia’s parents Killa and Dalenccio met. (I probably butchered their names but whatever.) Anyway at the time Dalen was 35 and Guido was 26. Dalen ran into Killa who was a college student at the time and ate some of her terribly made cookies. Killa and Dalen decide to do a “test dating” for a week and after a week Dalen asks her to marry him 😯 Someone’s fast! So then they get married and after they got on their honey moon obviously she gets knocked up and has Amelia. Guido isn’t exactly happy about this and he thinks Dalen becoming a family man will make him a pussy ass boss so he threatens Killa to leave with the baby. Amelia makes up some b/s about how she wants to raise the baby away from the mafia and Dalen gets pissed and tells her to leave. Unfortunately this brings us back to where the game started and Killa drops baby Amelia off at the church and then Guido chases her down and kills her.

When Dalen hears the news he is heartbroken but thanks to Jean he finds out Guido was the one behind it. Guido admits it but says it’s no big deal because women are like busses. Dalen’s like WTF DUDE and starts shooting him. Guido of course leaves and starts his own mafia. This is where Dalen goes around and collects the boys we played through up till now for his Salvatore family. Dalen makes a contract with Jean regarding all the shinigami but it also basically allows Jean to take over Dalen’s body when necessary. So then Jean saves Amelia when they are attacked by the mafia and he brings her to the abandoned Salvatore family house. For some reason JOSHUA DISAPPEARS FOR LIKE HALF THE ROUTE. I don’t know where he went. He just…poofs until chapter 5 where he shows up and then Jean tells him to go away you human pansy cause I am invisible man and I can take a thousand bullets to protect Amelia. Of course the entire time to Jean it’s not “protect Amelia” it’s “make sure I don’t lose my form of entertainment!” 😕 So then there’s basically a repetition of fighting Guido and saying he’ll go back to hell, then Amelia bawwing about it and Jean saying ok ok fine I’ll stay lol.

So then finally Jean really does go back to hell because his current body can’t take it anymore but then after a few days he comes back IN THE SAME BODY again. What the hell was the point then?? (´・ω・`;) So then they have this Christmas party. I forgot what weird thing Jean gave Amelia but she wrote him a letter and told him to open it when he has to go back to hell forever. Then as usual there’s the Christmas Guido Massacre(tm) and Amelia gets shot and dies. Jean calls all the shinigami boys and they kill Guido and his entire army. He then tells Amelia to be reborn (since she’s going to heaven) and to come see him again. So just as 計画 she is reborn and she bumps into him on the street one day. The other shinigami guys are there and he tells them “meet your new boss”. The new Amelia is neither a nun or a college student. She just graduated and is just working. Jean then realizes he never read the letter from the other Amelia that she gave him for Christmas. I guess her feelings for him were written in there and when he reads it he sheds a manly tear. The new Amelia takes out a hanky and wipes it despite’s Jean’s protests. Meh. Not even a kiss scene. I am disappoint. The seiyuu talk was kinda short and lame. The NG omakes were lol because it was like a serious scene of everyone killing but the cutouts were all the blushing ones 😆

Overall I thought it was a great game. It’s been a while since I really enjoyed the characters this much. Usually in games I play I only like a few guys but in this one there was nobody that I hated really except the obvious bad guys (and the usual whores.) The worst part of the game was the bugged out skipping. It would constantly skip scenes I didn’t do so I’m sure I missed some dialogue here & there. Then it would NOT skip scenes I was so sure I’ve done because I felt major dejavu :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:;. None of the skipped scenes that I missed fortunately were CG ones but still get with the programming! The other part was Amelia’s muted name. I know in some games that let you change the name they don’t speak the heroine’s name but they would say stuff like “she” or “girl” or whatever pet name they use for her. In this case it was just like “I think I have feelings for __________” and “Oh __________ your cooking is delicious!” In some scenes it didn’t matter but most of the time it was a really awkward silence (´・ω・`;)。 The poke-the-bishie scenes were my favorite. Who knew that other on a DS you could poke a half naked guy and then get bonus items for doing it! ( *´艸`)フフフ Besides the programming problems though the game was a lot of fun. I guess plot wise the only thing was that Jean pretty much made the entire Guido thing stupid and pointless. It’s like who cares what Guido is planning because Jean is gonna roll in on his trollbus and do whatever he wants, kill whoever he wants etc. It was almost like watching Suzumiya Haruhi but instead of a high school girl you had some Italian おっさん in that place 😆 The characters though were probably the best thing going for this game so just for all the ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ and (*´д`*)ハァハァ I definitely recommend!


18 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Death Connection”

  1. yea I kinda regret not playing the PSP version lol I went back and got all the PSP ports of all the PS2 games I had to make sure I get a chance to play all the new contents now!

  2. yeah, it did have another *special ending. xDD
    …and they can only call amelia in that special ending… on the rest and real game, it was like “I’m going to protect ______!” or “I love ______” I mean, they can use her, she or other namings(angel, honey etc. xDD) but why….!!!??? (T_T)

    So far I do like it :3 And they seemed to have fixed the skip bug you are saying 😀

  3. yea the portable version gives extra endings that the PS2 one didn’t x3 I hope you enjoy DC I thought it was one of otomate’s good games XD

  4. GOD! I’m glad I’ve read this review!!!! TT_TT I’m currently playing death connection portable and was thinking if there is a Jean route… God, omg, gosh,……!!!!!!fksadhfaoihf!!!!!*興奮中です…少々お待ちください・・・
    ….Aherm, I thought I could skip Joshua’s route but if DCPortable goes like the PS2 ver… I guess I should do him now before everyone else.

  5. Hahaha I could just do that 😛 I’ll set up the emu eventually… someday… perhaps… LOL (It would be quite beneficial if I did it xD)

    But DAMN lol I didn’t even know a character like Jean could exist 😛 and still be a perfectly capture-able player hahahaha and gawd Joshua is such a cute siscon… first time I’ve ever actually liked a siscon 😛

    Ohh, by the way, are you playing Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi right now!!?? If so, YOU LUCKY IFO DSJFKL: JFID :FD D: D: D: I looove the artwork from that game. (And the fact that it’s R-18 is even better har har har har *shot*)

  6. Yea Jean was a super troll! I mean I don’t think I’ve seen such a trolly character (that wasn’t some token BFF or something) in a while! 😆 Well if you’re too lazy to setup the emu or get a PS2 you can always just drop by the broadcasts 😀

    Glad you enjoyed the review :3

    and Vicious. I don’t know why but red-headed boys in otome games just get me every time… LOL
    Jean = ultimate troll
    GOODLORD lol reading your review (very amusing, by the way hahahahaha) it feels like all Jean did was appear and go “LOLZ bored so imma kill joo all” lolwut?
    Great review, I would totally want to try this out but… I don’t have a PS2… and I don’t think my laptop could handle the emu…. well maybe it could but it seems like too much effort to set up xD LOL
    But yeah, this game seems interesting! The plot seems thought out (or at least, more so than most otome games ahahahahahahaha..ha..) and pretty interesting/heartbreaking/sad/bittersweet. Normally I don’t like those types, but I feel like from your review they may have executed it well so that’s always good!! I was sad though when I read they killed Joshua D: poor little siscon. LOL

  8. It was an on-going process for like 10 years I guess? XD I started with translating stuff for myself – song lyrics, anime fansubbing, manga scanlations etc… a couple nice books helped me learn to read hiragana/katakana (Genki 1 & 2) It’s just effort/practice/dedication I guess? I can’t comment on how good/bad classes are since I really didn’t attend to many (´・ω・`)

    Good luck with your studies though 😀 It’s really worth it. Also playing these games continuously improves my reading skills!

  9. this game looks pretty awesome o__o;
    There’s soo many otome games i wanna play but i don’t know enough japanese >>
    any tips on learning and whatnot :3? i’m just wondering~ how long did it take you to become fluent, or know enough to play games? if you don’t mind me asking heh

  10. I kinda felt that way when it was really obvious Jean was just creating his own little stage for himself ^^; Until then the story seemed good. Well the back story is kinda nice but I guess the endings felt like a cop-out most of the time lol

  11. …reading the story… made me think… what’s the whole point D8 ?

    Doesn’t feel like the story has a major storyline going through it, but instead it’s more of a “things happen to the heroine, and then some more things”. …maybe I got spoiled by other games with major plot/storyline going through it…

  12. I don’t know \( ^o^)/ I’m not gonna play the bad ends anyway. But all my favorite seiyuus are in this game OTL;; I think each guy has like 6 bad ends and 3 good ends? Or something so it’ll just be like the time when I played Crazy Rapists and skipped all the bad ends xDDD

  13. …then what are you doing, playing the yandere game Gin no Kagi? XD

    Though another correction – I’m not sure if Nicholas even was arrested, as the impression I got was that Lambert led the mafia members of the guy Nico had killed, so they’d get revenge. Gloria’s comment about how mafia would take their time to torture a guy the more they hated him, kinda hinted at that too…?
    + I’m pretty sure it was after Gloria rejected him as Nico was going to accept him as a brother, that probably had some part in Nico tunring into a manwhore to leave the place of their parents.

  14. Orihime> Aw come on you can’t blame him a lot of people believe in that superstition xDDD

    koori> Thanks for the corrections orz it was late at night so my brain was friend I guess 😕 Luciano is just too yandere for me!

  15. Correction 1 – Amelia would pick up the pendant in the mansion, where Jean had left it for her to find with his troll-ways.

    2 – I think the ring that Jean/Leo gives to Amelia near the end of the routes is actually the new ‘Erebus’ that would be made by Jean forming a contract with Guido? Considering they seem to get destroyed, after a shinigami summon.

    3 – You forgot to mention, Vicious hates those cat’s to the point of SHOOTING at them.
    While also, the others had no idea about the kiss, past beng confused about why Vicious would panic so much when Amelia would reply they just ‘talked’ the previous night.

    4 – Part of Jean’s summary has you refer to Killa, as Amelia. The item omakes, are probably like those extras by manga series, that would just have the characters do dorky stuff at the end.

    And I’ll still defend Nicholas about not being whiny. It’s just that most of the others are so chill, so him being the ‘normal’ guy that easily get’s emotional, thus angry, under stress => screws up because of that =>ends up regretting what he did, considering he’s the one that knows the best how much that side of his that would lash out and blame others sucks. Everyone could just deal with the shinigami drama quietly offscreen, while he got all that + Nicole, the manifestation of everything that he’d prefer not thinking about, when he’d get revived even if he himself would have preferred that he had stayed dead. Same way I could say Joshua is whiny with the ‘love meee, Amelia’ ‘I’m going to proteeect you’ ‘screew those mafia, they should all just DIE!’ XP
    It was stated pretty much him and Gloria hate their parents a lot, so neither reacting that much to their death kinda makes sense.

    Luciano…well, his profile kinda summs it up with his hate = himself, so he’d dislike that people that’d be friendly to him even more. Stuff that he himself would feel attachment to? He’d feel like destroying them just as much.

  16. “He hates black cats because they bring bad luck”

    Frick Vicious then. I hope he gets VICIOUSly attacked by these black cats he hates so much.

    All 3 of my cats are black…

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