Mobile Otome Game Review: Otouto Scramble


I’ve been so disheartened by the amount of kusoge I’ve sat through recently that I decided to further damage myself by buying a kuso-mobile game! Fortunately, it was ironically entertaining for all the wrong ways so in a way, it was a worthwhile purchase for me. 😂 The story is about our heroine Mirai (age 19) who is studying to be a preschool teacher/nurse/whatever the translation wants her to be and her mom suddenly remarries. The new stepdad has 4 sons and he and the mom suddenly say they’re going to France to work for like 6 months or something. They tell Mirai to take care of her new otoutokuns but being a mobile game heroine, Mirai has about 45 minutes to fall in love with all of them from the moment I blow $11 on all their routes. 😂😂😂

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