Diamond no Kuni no Alice Unboxing


I normally post my unboxings at my FC2 blog but since WordPress has a nicer gallery feature I figured I would take advantage of that instead.

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Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -04. Seijurou-

This is the 4th Shinobazu 7 CD/game for Fujimaru Seijurou. Seijuro is the strict student council president and also the son of a yakuza family. He’s been very aloof after Nanako’s family incident, but that’s because he’s secretly been trying to search and avenge her family’s killer.

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Otome Game Review: L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshin Engi~

So once upon a time in my college years I saw this anime called Houshin Engi. I didn’t understand wtf was going on and I’m actually pretty bad with any kind of ancient historical events.  So then Otomate decided in the spirit of SYK they are gonna otomeify it and turn Youzen into a female heroine. Except now her name is YouSEN. 😆 Since there’s spoilers ahead I’m just gonna cut it here, so more after the jump! Continue reading Otome Game Review: L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshin Engi~

Ragnarok Online II Open Beta & Image Hosting

After the Tartaros closure announcement, just when I thought I was done with MMOs….


2 years after the Korean announcement, the English open beta is coming in 10 days. I plan to jump into the OBT to try it out and see how long I last before I get bored. I think Tartaros’ “gather mob and kill like 20 dudes at once” system spoiled me so it may be hard for me to go back to the whole click on 1 enemy and kill business. Since I miss Tartaros though I think I will emulate my characters from that game in RO2 ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.

If anyone’s planning to play hopefully I will see you in game. Once the beta opens I’ll be sure to post my impressions and IGN.

Now on a different topic, recently Webshots was aquired by SMILE which will soon cease to be a free photo hosting service. This is a huge problem because I have like 6000 screenshots from all my MMO games on there argh. So now I’m desperately trying to figure out where to host game screenshots and at the moment the only thing I’ve come up with is Google+ (・_・;). If anyone has suggestions (and not crap like photobucket/imgUR/Imgshack/Yfrog) I’m all ears!

Edit: Looks like Asiasoft enjoys shitting in its own face and after a failed open beta in December, they pushed it to January and the day prior to opening announced that only 4 countries are eligible to play. This means their player base in Phillippines, Indonesia, Europe, and North America is pretty much out of luck. Oh well, all this means is that now I won’t have any MMO game to distract me from completing another 50 otome games in 2013 (・∀・).