Otome Game Review: L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshin Engi~

So once upon a time in my college years I saw this anime called Houshin Engi. I didn’t understand wtf was going on and I’m actually pretty bad with any kind of ancient historical events.  So then Otomate decided in the spirit of SYK they are gonna otomeify it and turn Youzen into a female heroine. Except now her name is YouSEN. 😆 Since there’s spoilers ahead I’m just gonna cut it here, so more after the jump!

To give a brief background of wtf is going on in the story here’s a rundown of the events. Pardon me if I got anything wrong cause they’re saying shit in Japanese but the kanji is in Chinese and when I look anything up I can’t find a damn word in Jim Breen.

Yousen is the daughter of a god, the emperor who rules the mountains in the sky Kun Lun (aka Tibet.) Yousen’s mother died soon as she was born so she didn’t know much about her and spent most of her childhood with her father. One day Yousen ran into a shota who told her that the outside world is beautiful and Yousen took interest in it. Since Yousen’s mom said the same thing before going off & dying, daddy got terrified that he might lose his daughter like he lost his wife. He then came up with the brilliant idea that hey let’s turn my daughter into an UGLY YOUKAI and throw her on earth so she can experience FIRST HAND how TERRIBLE the outside world is. His mindset was that once she realizes that NOBODY likes her, she would come crying back to yanderedad and never want to leave him again. Unfortunately his plan didn’t go just as keikaku and Yousen was found by a really old sennin dude named Gyokutei Shinjin who became her teacher and like an “adoptive father.” Little did poor Yousen know that this guy was in fact just waiting for the right moment for her to ripen so he could KILL her for the sake of a paopei (weapon) belonging to the GGE in charge of Kun Lun.  The story begins when Yousen has finally grown up and returns to Kun Lun to accept a mission from that GGE (also telling daddy to go fuck himself and that she’ll never return to him.) The mission is to stop the death rain from raining all over Chouka on earth. The cause of it is the Chouka emperor Chuuou (who is a sennin) got all bitchy and lonely and asked Dakki, who was just a bored fox youkai, to create it for him. His mindset was “if I make some shitty weather someone will come and kill me so I won’t have to be a damn emperor anymore.” So now Yousen has to stop Chuuou, destroy Dakki and avoid Joker, who Dakki works with. Joker on the other hand is ara tits desuwa who is a brocon and just wants to get her brother’s body out of a snake and into something she can screw. 😆 SO PRETTY MUCH NOBODY DOES SHIT DIRECTLY, JUST INDIRECTLY IN THIS GAME AND THAT’S WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. ANYWAY HOPE THIS ALL MAKES SENSE CAUSE THIS IS WHERE YOUSEN’S ADVENTURES BEGIN!

Some terms I’ll be using in this post:
To get houshined = is to have one’s soul sealed away.
Death rain = Shi no ame, the rain that pours over Chouka for many years
Kun Lun = The place where all the sennins live, now known as Tibet.
sennin = A sage that lives a long time
paopei = special weapons used by ppl in this game, only the chosen ones can use them
Seiki = The east city where Kihatsu’s father is king and Tenka’s father is the armed forces leader and Kihatsu becomes king of.
Chouka = The west city where the death rain’s been pouring for years
Buuou = The armed forces leader.

LGS002Kou Tenka – Tenka is the sun of the Buuou and he has a younger brother named Tenshou. He’s always being pushed around to do work by Taikoubou but he’s hard working and does his duties. Unfortunately he hates his father because he abandoned his mother and then Dakki killed her.  Due to this Tenka is extremely over protective of Tenshou so when he finds out that his younger brother received a paopei at such a young age, he feels something ain’t right. When Tenka was little, his uncle kidnapped him but at the time Tenka was too young to realize this. He then saw his father come rescue him, and kill his uncle in front of his eyes. Ever since then, when Tenka sees the sight of blood, he goes crazy and starts attacking anything that walks.  This includes him hurting Yousen, and when he snaps back to reality he’s shocked to see him injuring her and feels horrible.  So one day when Tenka, Yousen and Tenshou are out in the woods, they get ambushed and Tenshou takes a hit for Tenka getting killed. Tenka is devastated but the mystery remains as to why Tenshou is houshined (soul is sealed away).  In addition to this the death rain stops pouring as well.  Tenka’s dad is like “oh well if he wasn’t killed I woulda had to kill him to stop the rain in Chouka” and Tenka rages at how cruel and cold his father is to both his own son and his wife. Just then Tenka realizes and tells Yousen “man I think I’ve been in love with you for a while! I mean when I saw you talk back to Taikoubou I was like damn woman’s awesome.” Tenka then gives her a pair of earrings and tells her he loves her and babbles how she’s the first person he’s ever confessed to. (*´ω`*)  He gets embarrassed and tells her to forget what he said but Yousen runs after him and glomps him telling him she loves him too. She says she’s not sure if it’s the type of love he feels for her but it’s different than the love she feels for her teacher or her allies. He then asks if he can kiss her and they both act like inexperienced dorks as they finally kiss. (ノ´∀`*)ノ

LGS003So then just when things seem okay, turns out Joker had her oniisama jump into Tenshou’s body and take over. So now you got like a zombie shota with Fukugi (Joker’s bro) inside and he’s quite fond of his new non-trouser snake bod. So then Joker shows them a flashback where it basically shows Tenka’s aunt giving up her baby to be adopted by Kouhiko making Tenshou actually be Tenka’s cousin.  Not only that but Fukugi’s actually the reason that Tensho was even able to wield a paopei in the first place and why the death rain stopped once he was killed.  During the battle somehow Tenshou is able to get partial control of his body and uses Fukugi’s own power against him. Tenshou then says that he’s dead anyway and he’s glad he was able to help Tenka in the end. When Joker sees her oniitan dying she throws a shitfit and Yousen decides the best way to stop her is to have some guuurl talk. Joker gets over her PMS and tells her to have a good love life with Tenka, as she waits for her oniitan to be reborn some day. Sennin End: Yousen has her youkai powers sealed by Joker and tells her dad that she lost the reason to hate him, but don’t mean she gonna love him suddenly. She’s just tired of always wasting energy on hating a family member (wow Yousen I’d tell him to go eat a bag of dicks really but that’s just me.) Some time passes and Yousen and Tenka have a baby who they name Tensho. Youkai End: Instead of holding it back, Yousen uses her youkai powers during various battles. In the battle with Joker, Tenka says he’ll protect Yousen by PUNCHING her in the gut and then using his powers to get them out of Joker’s space. They then go and kill Fukugi and Joker bawws, rages and gets them kicked out of the mountains. They run away and pretty much end up being on the run the entire time from sennins. But it’s okay cause at least they can ichaicha together anytime. ( ≖‿≖) I felt Tenka’s route was a bit short and didn’t reveal much of other plot so when I started the next route I felt a bit confused. Still I thought he was cute but it’s a shame that even Yousen overshadowed him in the popularity poll.

LGS004Kihatsu – Kihatsu is the next in line to be the emperor of the east but until then he’s a lazy prince who just wants to have fun. His older brother was actually the one who was supposed to take this role and was a lot more responsible, but he was killed by Chuou and Dakki. Yousen is hired to pretty much be his bodyguard but Kihatsu is old fashioned and thinks its the men who should be protecting the women (though Yousen’s like GTFO my way little boy ww.) When they go to dethrone Chuou and make him stop the rain he’s like “PLEASE TAKE MY PLACE THIS JOB BLOWS!” and he disappears. They ask Dakki to stop the death rain and he says “sure as long as you let me stay in this castle.”  So then Dakki also then takes a part of Kihatsu’s soul rendering him weakened and forcing Yousen to do as he says. They pretty much let him hang around them as he cockblocks them and while Kihatsu puts up with it at first, he starts getting irritated telling Dakki to back off. Kihatsu tells Yousen that he feels like he’s a lot more prepared to “die” now since half of his soul’s been taken. Yousen says she’s terrified she might lose him and promises this time she will really protect him. She also adds unlike the Chuuou, he’s meant to be loved by many not be a ronery soul. News comes that Kihatsu’s father has died and now Kihatsu really needs to think about how he’s going to rule the country. Before Kihatsu can take action, a bored Dakki comes around taking them on an adventure through Otomate’s games.  So then Dakki gets bored of screwing with them and leaves. They have some tea together and Kihatsu asks Yousen to stay with him not as his bodyguard but as “herself”. Yousen then offers to let Kihatsu ride her flying dog thing and they end up cuddling close so not to fall off. (*´▽`*) Sadly the good times don’t last when some girl named Meiyui shows up going “oh yea I’m his fiance” ==;. She acts innocent to Kihatsu but is a huge bitch to Yousen ( ಠ益ಠ ).  And so Kihatsu becomes king of Chouka but he isn’t allowed free time as much anymore to talk with Yousen.  He asks to see her later but Yousen feels like she needs to treat him more proper and even bows when in front of him. He then tells Yousen that while he wants to make his country happy, he also wants to make the person close to him happy too. He gets down on his knees kissing Yousen’s hand, saying he wants her to stay by his side forever. Dakki gets bored again (Dakki pls) and gives Meiyui a paopei knowing that she’ll probably abuse it.

LGS005And so while Yousen & Kihatsu visit Joker and discover the Chuou is still alive, Meiyui has started coup de tat at Kihatsu’s castle. During the fight Kihatsu gets hurt and Yousen facepalms because once again she wasn’t able to protect him.  After Kihatsu recovers a bit, he says that he’s glad he was able to protect her, and asks her to take a walk with him in the garden. While there Kihatsu makes her a flower headband, and then they roll in the flowers together. Yousen then realizes that she loves Kihatsu, and she starts pawing at him (♡´౪`♡).Kihatsu tells her once again that he loves her and then Yousen decides that she wants to go search for info on the paopei that was used to hurt him.  It turns out that his injury is long lasting and the only way to really cure it is to rely on (ikeman form) daddy who she runs into while up in KunLun. Daddy also tells her that her social status and Kihatsu’s are different and that they are a mismatch. Yousen tells him to buzz off and goes to see her new found bff Joker who gives her advice on giving some of her life energy to Kihatsu so he’s able to function on a daily basis. So then since Chuou never died, he magically returns but he’s been muted so Kihatsu has to have man to man talk with him to convince him to stop being a ronery sad panda.  After this Chuuou sees the light and then suicides saying this is the best solution and his soul gets houshin’ed. On top of this, Kihatsu’s body reaches is limit and he starts dying in Yousen’s arms. Sennin End: Dakki’s like “sigh fine” and magically heals Kihatsu back to normal on the condition that Yousen gives him all of her youkai powers. He then says he wants to hang around Kihatsu as his advisor because he thinks he’ll be a “beautiful emperor.” Kihatsu is emperor once more but this time he temporarily becomes the Buuou. Joker is happy that the death rain has stopped and tells Yousen to accept Kihatsu’s marriage proposal already. Yousen finds Kihatsu alone by a lake and he immediately asks her to become his waifu.

LGS006She’s so surprised she babbles and falls into the lake, taking him with her. Sheaccepts his proposal and they smooch in the water.  He says he’ll smother her with his love from now on and then tells her his entire family already approved him marrying her \( ^o^)/.  In the epilogue, Dakki is telling a bunch of lolis and shotas Yousen & Kihatsu’s love story. As usual Kihatsu is running away from his throne to have some private time with Yousen. They smooch quietly under some bushes until the guards find them.  Youkai End: Yousen kills Chuuou because she realizes that’s what he wanted anyway, the death rain stops and so Kihatsu becomes the new emperor. Unfortunately his illness is not cured and Dakki poofs. As Yousen continues to give him her youkai energy, eventually she loses so much of it that she returns to her youkai form and shocks Kihatsu. She’s so ashamed in front of him she runs away and even though days pass, she’s no longer able to return to her human form. The good news is that his illness has been cured, but since since Yousen feels she’s too fugly for him she disappears from his life. Time passes and since she can’t return to KunLun she managed to turn herself into a human loli so nobody is scared of her. She runs into some dudes who tell her that she looks like a “younger sister” of the type of bride that the emperor is looking for. When Yousen looks at the picture she’s like (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ cause it’s basically a picture of her XD. Suddenly Kihatsu comes running at her going YOUUUUSEENNN!! XD He picks up his loli telling the dudes who found her that he’ll repay them later. He then takes her to an empty corner behind a building asking her to turn back to her youkai form so there’s no officer this way please :lol:. Kihatsu then hugs youkai-Yousen saying that he loves her for who she is inside, not outside. He makes her promise to be with him together forever (though not sure how this will work with all his castle servants lmao.) Baww not gonna lie Kihatsu was so cute. It was great hearing Kimura do this kind of voice again since all of his voice acting pretty much irritated me in Custom Drive and he was too hyper in Trick or Alice >_>.

LGS008Taikoubou – Taikoubou was the biggest WTF for me ever since they announced LGS cause let’s face it when I think of Taikoubou I think of this guy. Taikoubou is a genius army leader who just LOOVES money. I mean when you tell him there’s something free his eyes sparkle like that of a Japanese grandma at a grocery store time sale. He used to be thought of as a useless sennin until he proved his proficiency by leading an army to victory. He’s in charge of the Houshin project and the one Yousen is originally told to seek out for her assignment. However midway through the route, Taikoubou dies (and this happens in every route.) He gets houshin’ed which is a baffle to everyone because why would they houshin the guy who’s running the Houshin project right? Like in every route, Taikoubou comes back to life but it’s because Yousen wished for it and guess who made it come true? Daddy of course! After they dethrone and kill Chuuou, and stop the death rain, the 2 of them stay at Chouka together. Yousen starts to feel something weird when one day she finds him sleeping but when she goes to wake him up, he starts babbling romantic nonsense to her and after he snaps out of it, he thinks she’s the one attacking him in bed.  They both decide to find out what the hell the Houshin Project really is and go up to Kun Lun to talk to the project leader Genshi Tenson. The GGE tells them to not worry about it and instead focus on killing poor Dakki, which they do and end up houshining him. ((´;ω;`))  After this daddy shows up in front of Yousen in his ikeman form, telling her his name is Shinnou (which is the same name as her dad). He explains that since he’s a god he has his soul split up over varios bodies, 1 being the emperor (aka her father), 1 being the ikeman she’s talking to and 1 being inside of Taikobou. That’s right sorry to burst your bubble dear daughter but Taikobou’s been working for me, the guy you hate, ALL ALONG! Taikobou made a contract in the past with Shinnou to gain power after a heavy battle loss because he never wanted to lose anyone ever again. When Yousen goes to talk to Taikobou about this, he tells her that while he’s working for her dad, he’s not doing it for Yousen’s sake. His only wish is for world peace so he’s really just borrowing his power. He then tells Yousen that she’s free to go because her mission to kill Dakki and stop the rain has been completed. So then annoying as all hell Taikobou-fanboy Shinkouhyo tells Yousen that the real goal of the Houshin Plan isn’t to just seal random youkai. It’s to seal the 365 humans, sennins & humans that are listed on the houshin scroll, including Taikobou himself. The scroll includes people like Tenka, and Kihatsu and Shinkouhyo says that Taikobou was a dirty liar getting close to them only to seal them away eventually.

LGS007Shinkouhyou then bitches at Taikobou that he abandoned his fellow sennins in the past and that he’ll fail the Houshin project and abandon humans as well. He then says that the illness that hit Kihatsu was all of Taikobou’s fault as well. That night Taikobou admits to Yousen that he knew about everything regarding the Houshin plan. He tells Yousen she doesn’t need to be involved with this anymore, and that he’ll finish it off himself. By completing the Houshin plan he feels like he will destroy the “evil” that is in the world and create a perfect world where humans will be able to walk on their own two feet without relying on anyone else above. He tells her that that he’s glad that her name wasn’t in the scroll and explains that getting houshined isn’t just a death but a guarantee to be reborn. Yousen’s like “idgaf if you’re reborn somewhere else, the person I knew will be gone forever.” Taikobou places his hand on her cheek telling her that when everything is over he wants to see her once again and they part with Yousen (and me) not knowing what to do with all these feels щ(ಥДಥщ). Yousen can’t stand to see Taikobou going around houshining their mutual friends but in order to stop the plan or to change it, she must agree to live with daddy and never see the outside world in his uguu incest house of love. Yousen decides to agree which allows her to erase the names of Taikobou and Tenka off the list and replaced with random sennins. Taikobou is totally against this  and he runs after her grabbing her telling her not go to her dad. He admits that he was not prepared to kill his friends and he doesn’t want to lose her either.  Taikobou and Yousen then go to Shinnou asking him to stop the Houshin project. Shinnou explains that the entire reason for the Houshin project is so that he can retrieve Yousen’s mother’s soul from the Houshin’ed soul bucket and to do this he needs lots of sennin/human/youkai souls. The whole story about caring about world peace and humans was all b/s. He then baw baws about how he regrets throwing Yousen on earth and turning her into a youkai. When Yousen refuses to continue with the houshin project he bitches and says he’ll just sacrifice the whole world just so he can get his “family back” wahh wahh wahh. Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

LGS009After realizing that daddy’s lost all his marbles, Yousen & Taikoubou return to Seiki and Kihatsu he’s already making wedding plans for the 2 of them XDDD. They reunite with Tenka & co. to make plans to defend against Shinnou’s world destruction plan.  Taikobou tells Yousen not die and to live with him and everyone’s gettin jelly of him hogging her while Kihatsu continues making his wedding plans xDDD. That night Yousen and Taikobou spend time alone in her room where he tells her he loves her and kisses her. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ Sennin End: The following day they go to fight Shinnou and he babbles how he just wants to be a family again and he gets so sad he houshins himself. This releases all the souls because when a god seals himself it pretty much makes the soul bucket overflow. After winning the battle against Shinnou, Yousen is so happy she glomps on a blushing Taikobou. (*´ω`*) In the epilogue, Yousen helps Taikobou with his secretarial work and he tells her to call him by his real name Jiang Ziya. He gets tired of working and they smooch in his office. Youkai End: Yousen lies to Shinnou saying she agrees to go with him but instead she stabs him m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ. He asks her why and she’s like “cause your existence alone makes me miserable.”  Unfortunately with this, Yousen returns to her ugly youkai form but she doesn’t care as long as daddy is dead. Before she can houshin him, Taikobou comes and stops her saying she doesn’t need to get her hands dirty. Shinnou rages that Yousen changed because of Taikobou and goes to attack him but Yousen jumps in the way. Taikobou then rages at Shinnou sayin “yo bro we both love Yousen so if you kill her I’ma kill u too.” Shinnou agrees to drop everything if Yousen forgives him for all of his stupidity. Yousen tells Taikobou she intends to return to Shinnou to watch over him and in case he goes on a rampage again, she can stop him. She tells him that eventually she will return to him and asks her to wait for him, because she loves him. Taikobou agrees to wait for her and tells her when she comes back to him to be a little more feminine lol. And so several years later, Shinnou is being an overprotective momdad to Yousen as she lives with him. Yousen comes down to earth to visit Taikobou who’s busy as always but when he sees her, he tells her she’s late and welcomes her back. (´^ω^`) NOT GONNA LIE |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ !!! Kuudere + Kaji Yuuki’s deep voice /ovariesblown.gif XDXD

LGS010Gyokutei Shinjin – Gyokutei is the one who originally found Yousen and became her teacher. He’s an old sennin, like over 3000 years old and he gave Yousen her first paopei, her furry doggy Kotenken. He’s a clumsy ossan and he often has stuff falling on top of him and wild animals stampeding over his body. Yousen starts to get suspicious of his true motive when she starts to feel like he’s been trying to kill her so she talks to the guy assigned to watch over him – Sekiseishi. (Aka the dude who’s always in a panda suit lol.) So to cut to the chase, Seki tells Yousen that Gyokutei is part of a team of 20 sennins who have to repeat a cycle of killing a bunch of people so that their souls power this paopei called the Taikyokuzu. This paopei belongs to Genshi Tenson and he pretty much forces them to repeat this cycle every 1500 years.  Originally, it began when the paopei went out of balance and worried that this would cause trouble between earth & Kun Lun, Genshi Tenson told 20 of his disciples to either kill souls or sacrifice themselves for it. What ended up happening is pretty much most people sacrificed themselves except Sekiseishi who couldn’t bear to kill people and he ended up suiciding. So when Gyokutei met Yousen, he knew she was the daughter of a god and that killing her it would pretty much help balance the paopei so he would be freed from his mission. Sooo basically he pretty much raised her and trained her so that he would fall in love with her and this way when she died, he’d receive misery and guilt for the rest of his life as a punishment. But hey on the bright side, at least he wouldn’t have to kill a bunch of people every 1500 years! Brilliant plan! Seki also explains that all the original 20 sennins, have been recreated by Genshi Tenson because he was a lonely GGE. They may not be as good as the originals but they still have pretty strong powers and so Seki thinks that they can try to seal the stupid paopei from going out of balance and therefore free Gyokutei from his mission and bonus: not kill Yousen!

LGS011They go to see Gyokutei but he still insists on killing Yousen. Because Seki put a spell where any damage Yousen takes he will be the one hurt and he gets stabbed instead :(.  Seki tells Gyokutei to wake dafuq up and face reality. Suddenly there’s a flashback to when Gyokutei first was asked by Genshi Tenson to become a sennin. Gyokutei was a shota left alone cause his whole family died in the war. I guess finally Gyokutei snaps out of it and recalls his time with Yousen and then she yells at him telling him to stop being a miserable wanker. She then starts crying and he unconsciously starts patting her head and she’s like “YOU SEE THIS IS WHAT I MEAN! YOU HATE SEEING ME CRY Y U DO DIS THEN.” He babbles about how he doesn’t want to lose her and at the same time he wants to kill her and not be alive anymore rofl. Yousen’s like take me I’m yours darling and he’s like “damn really thanks woman”.  He gets over himself and they decide to go rest in the mountains and have some tea (though he spills hot water all over himself then a chair falls on top of him :lol:).  They decide to figure out a way to stop this whole killing cycle. He then vows to live with Yousen forever but if one day he goes nuts and tries to kill, to then kill him too.  Gyokutei goes to talk to Genshi Tenson telling him he’s sick of this killing bs but Genshi rages saying he’s being selfish (lol yea look who’s talking you stupid GGE.)  They then fight against him in a difficult struggle but with the help of Seki and the 20 sennins they eventually defeat him and seal the paopei. The seal is temporary but the GGE says he can handle it once his powers return but until then the 20 sennins to help keep it under control. Sennin End: Gyokutei and Yousen decide to leave the mountains but realize they can’t really live among humans being sennins & all so they go travellin’.

LGS012In the epilogue, Gyokutei is getting chased by wild animals as always and Yousen goes looking for him because he isn’t home on time. She gets tired and falls asleep near a tree until Gyokutei finds her and lifts her up. The reason he ran off was to try and get his PMS under control cause it still pops up time to time and Yousen tells him “ain’t no thang I’m aww right.”  Youkai End: Gyokutei tells the GGE to sacrifice himself to stop his paopei but then he’s like who will lead the Kun Lun mountains? Gyokutei says “screw Kun Lun!” and soon as they leave Kun Lun starts falling apart cause Genshi Tenson is gone. Gyokutei feels bad for running away so he decides to return to Kun Lun and help rebuild it along with the 20 sennins. He then tells Yousen to kill him and use his powers to help restore Kun Lun faster because he’s SOO GUILTY for “almost killing” Yousen once (though she was saved by Seki.) Yousen’s like “ok but you gotta fight me first” and so they duke it out. He finally comes to his senses when he slices his sword into her and she kisses him in return. ヽ(。_゜)ノ  Several months pass, and Yousen is stuck in her youkai form so she has to hide from humans for a while living quietly with Gyokutei. Gyokutei keeps going “Hey Yousen I feel like dying” at whatever stupid reasons he comes up with. Turns out he just jelly some dude was hitting on her. Instead of going out to buy a sword to stab himself, Yousen lets him do the mattress mambo since clearly all he needs to do is get laid \( ^o^)/.  Gyokutei was rather….odd. His entire story was almost like a side route about him rather than about Yousen and the Houshin Project. Also it was really weird seeing him go from depressed to murderous to suicidal to a clumsy dork like whoa man bipolar or…?  I wasn’t too fond of his voice actor either (and the guy also voiced really wangsty dude in Pandora) so that probably helped in making him my least favorite characater.

LGS013So Dakki – Dakki is pretty much the OTP of this game and well pretty much my favorite character. (´^ω^`) (And I’m not just saying this because I’m biased to Suwabe being both in LGS and SYK xD).  Dakki is a fox youkai who wears a fabulous max fur boa around himself not just for looks but also that’s his paopei. (He has a closet full of furs that look like it for fashion reasons though ww.) After the battle with Bunchuu when Yousen is worried her friends saw her youkai form, Dakki pretty much abducts her and has her sitting in his room the whole time at Chouka. As expected of Dakki, he pretty much trolls her the whole time and uses her as his barbie doll asking her to wear sexy china dresses. He puts a barrier around his room and the only way she can get out is if she “remembers” who he is.  While trying to find clues to what he’s talking about Yousen searches his room and she gets poisoned by one of his paopei lying around. When Dakki gets back he’s terrified that this happened and as she blacks out he sucks the poison away mouth 2 mouth.  While she blacks out she has a dream of when she met the shota who told her about the outside world…GUESS WHO THAT SHOTA IS! 😀 As a shota Dakki was treated as a monster because he was half human half youkai and was kicked out of the village after he had killed his brothers. He then ran into loli Yousen and turned himself into a shota form so he’d look like he’s the same age as her. He told her to keep their friendship a secret as they played together in the flower garden near her room. She said her dad wouldn’t let her play with anyone and he felt that she needed to be freed. He pretended to leave but Yousen realized she’s lonely and grabbed his hand going “don’t leave” ε-(*´∀`|萌|. Ever since then Dakki fell for her  since she wanted him for him, not because he was a human or a youkai. That was until 1 day when Yousen was thrown on earth as a youkai and he panicked asking a servant where the hell she is. He found out she’s on earth and immediately went to look for her only to find her being bullied by humans and treated like a monster. He felt like he was seeing himself again and how the humans mistreated him in the past.

LGS014Dakki then got pissed and charged at the humans killing them to save her. He followed her quietly to the lake where she fell asleep crying and held her in his arms while raging at everything. He then planned to get revenge at her dad for causing this grief to Yousen but while he said BRB GURL IMA GO MAKE A CONTRACT WITH JOKER FOR SOME BACKUP, Yousen was found by Gyokutei. щ(ಥДಥщ)Dakki had planned to get Joker and Shinnou to fight with each other so that he could get revenge for Yousen.  When he came back to Yousen and Gyokutei had come for Yousen, Dakki realized HE MISSED THE BUS and that all little Yousen needed was some TLC. This is when Dakki started the Death Rain in the hopes that the sennins and humans would need to meddle with each other’s business and then he had the hopes of being able to be with Yousen once more, even as enemies. After Yousen wakes up from the long dream she realizes that all of this actually happened. Not only that but since she remembered everything, the barrier in his room was dissolves. She goes out only to find him standing outside taking a rain shower and he’s like “how’s it feel to have a sexy fox stalker babe?”  She calls him an idiot and brings him inside letting him rest on her shoulder while he babbles about his feelings and how he was jelly how she was always shishou shishou. She’s like “why didn’t you just tell me omg. Why don’t you be like please be with me instead of BE MY DOLL.” XD He tells her that from now on he’ll be a lot stronger in his pursuit of her heart ;). Sometime later Dakki gets into a fight with Bunchuu & Chuou and kills both of them stopping the death rain. Joker is NOT PLEASED cause she wanted Chuuou to keep suffering. She then decides to punish Dakki by killing Yousen knowing that Dakki is in love with her. Dakki jumps in to protect her and gets seriously hurt. Yousen returns to Seiki with Dakki in his fox form and keeps nursing him back to health without anyone asking who or what he is. Desperate to save him, Yousen decides to go see daddy for help since he was a former doctor after all. Shinnou agrees to save him if Yousen stays with him. In the meantime Yousen continues taking care of Dakki giving him the medicine from Shinnou while she cuddles and sleeps with him up in her room in Kun Lun (*´ω`*). (Though lol poor Dakki was like MUST HOLD BACK MUST HOLD BACK orz) When Dakki gets better Yousen’s father tells her that she can’t take his side because he’s an enemy of the Houshin project and is also on the houshin scroll.

LGS015Yousen has completely fallen in love with Dakki by now and she can’t bare to do this but she has to decide between her wants and her responsibilities. She tells Dakki he can do whatever he wants to her for a day but seeing how she doesn’t want to herself, he just goes out for a walk in the woods with her. Afterwards, she says that she’s decided to houshin him and they battle in the flower garden in the castle where they used to meet up as kids. Dakki asks why she’s not really trying and if its because she pities him or what. Yousen grabs him and kisses him saying that it’s because she loves him and then she comes to the conclusion of FUCK RESPONSIBILITY LAWL. She decides she wants to live together with Dakki. Sennin End: They decide to then leave both KunLun and Seiki and live on together. In the epilogue, they’re getting into fights like a married couple…though it’s mostly Yousen getting mad at his trolling. They go to the place where they first parted in the past and make up. Youkai End: Yousen cuts the crap and is like “screw all this responsibility shit, I wanna live on with you(✧≖‿ゝ≖).” Dakki asks why she decided this and after Yousen confesses her love, he grabs and smooches her. He thanks her but the next morning he vanishes and Yousen looks for him frantically. They go to Chouka where all the people are panicking that Dakki’s returned to torture them again. Instead he actually came to suicide and asks the people to kill him but Yousen’s like ( ・`ω・´)ナン…ダト!? He gets stabbed by some siscon avenging his imouto and Yousen’s like idgaf if you wished for this cause I sure as hell didn’t! щ(ಥДಥщ) His soul gets houshined and Yousen then kills herself so their souls can be together forever. щ(ಥДಥщ)  In the epilogue Yousen’s soul finds Dakki’s inside the houshined soul bucket, where they live (and screw) together for all eternity in limbo. Erm while on the outside it seems like Yousen & Dakki are happy in the youkai end, to me it almost feels like a bad end. I actually wished instead of them being in limbo they somehow got their souls freed to be able to be reborn but I guess that would be going against the whole canon of once you get houshined you’re stuck there forever. Still though, Dakki is the OTP in my eyes. He’s the one who saved Yousen from being pummeled by humans and he’s the one who gave her the ability to “leave the cage” her crazy ass father had placed her into. Also Suwabe’s voice was so hot DAYUM (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ.

final thoughts

Fabulous Max
Fabulous Max

Despite this game giving me a headache with all the Chinese terms and the pretty complicated story, I still loved it. I actually think I love this more than SYK because while SYK had some characters I disliked or didn’t care for, I pretty much liked all the characters here. Hell I even wish Sekiseishi had a route but that would be against canon but omg PLEASE FANDISK ლ(இ e இ`。ლ). While SYK was a lot funnier with more gags than this, I think this game still had its own charms. While Genjou was funnier herding her men like sheep, Yousen was more “ikemanly” and had to often tell her dudes to tough it up and be a man. (Oppositely, they had to tell her to be a little more feminine xDD.) I think my favorite Yousen and well favorite route in general was in Dakki’s. The chemistry between them was just hilarious and well Dakki is just a sexy beast ;). My favorite character ranking is Dakki > Taikobou > Kihatsu > Tenka > Sekiseishi > Gyokutei. Sorry shishou, you were just a bit too creepy and weird for my tastes lol (but I might have liked you more if they cast Hirakawa Daisuke or Kishio Daisuke or something for you 8D.) While the game is rated Cero B there WAS kissing and within the text some implied humping too (though that one was really pushing the implication barrier lol.) The omake was fun too with the characters proposing to Yousen as well as cute comics and even extra “AU” scenarios like Dakki being a host and a western style wedding with Taikobou. (*´ω`*) My favorite part of all though was the MUSIC. Oh my god seriously what BGM did I NOT like??? Everything was amazing. Seriously you could sit there for hours and not understand a word and just be like ZEN with the bgms in the background xD. For play order I’d recommend 姫発→黄天化→太公望→師匠→蘇妲己.  Overall a fun game and I guess it gives me additional positive feel that not all of Otomate’s games this year were crappy so  definitely recommend it (but it may be a bit of a challenge as far as Japanese vocabulary is concerned.) P.S. Wtf does LGS stand for anyway? SYK was like “Sai Yu Ki” but I can’t see how LGS translates into Houshin Engi lol. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

L.G.S Shinsetsu Houshin Engi Regular Edition / Game L.G.S Shinsetsu Houshin Engi Limited Edition / Game


27 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshin Engi~”

  1. In the original, everyone who was sent to the Houshindai was essentially made into a god~ so you can think of it more like a giant temple of sorts (even the title translation is Creation of the Gods). Fujisaki Ryu’s Houshin Engi had the right idea, and everyone’s was quite happy there, sipping tea in limbo.

    I guess the big whoop-de-deal is, no one knew what it was at first, and anyone who wasn’t already Sennin (immortal) probably freaked out about “dying”.

  2. Yes I just assumed that the katakana for Jyouka was JOKER (since that’s what it usually is) xDDD I could be wrong though lol me and Chinese names.
    I must have gotten all my Bu-s confused (that part threw me off so most likely I am wrong)

    Oh so Houshindai’s a good thing? I think in both the manga and this game they made it seem like a prison for souls to never come out (though I guess in Dakki’s ending it wasn’t much of a prison but like you said a Nirvana)

  3. I must say as someone who has read and seen all adaptations of Fengshen, this is some really messed up, unrelated story haha…XDa

    This is an interesting …story nonetheless.

    Some confusion while reading your post:
    Buuou is a title given to Kihatsu after ascension, Hiko is the father of Tenka and Tenshou and his title is Buseiou. I assume by Joker you mean Jyouka (and her brother is Fukki).

    As for the Houshindai where the soul goes, it’s actually a good thing. By daoist doctrines, it would be considered more like Nirvana, cause they believed death and rebirth is suffering.

  4. ah nope, i mean the system is similar but that’s about it. stories are totally different but there’s some easter eggs :3

    also in regards to your response about quin rose – you are right they have their heroine template and their implied pr0n but I guess since that’s what i like I love all their games lol. Conversely if that’s what you DON’T like then yea QR’s not for you XD

  5. OMG this game is actually good? I thought it’d be a rehash of SYK or sth. Hoorayz, guess this game is going onto my ever growing list of “games to fucking play already” lol. I’m glad to see that the heroine isn’t some dumb shoujo heroine hoe and has balls. Brill review as usual 😀

  6. yea I think the lack of romance is why I didn’t read the manga in the first place |D

    I didn’t mind Sangoku Rensenki’s heroine but I think its also because I was busy being like “i have no fkin idea what’s going on screw this war battle shit where’s my kissing” at the time xDDD

    Be careful with the SYK FD, the PSP port crashes if you try skipping the damn opening so I ended up playing the PS2 version but missing out on extra cgs 😦

  7. I played SYK and loved it, loved all the routes except Hakkai’s, although I never got around to doing the fandisk. Maybe I’ll get around to that, too, when I get on enough of a Chinese lit spree. It could go back to back with the Nekomimi Romance of the Three Kingdoms game, even. I’ve heard that one was really well written, too.

    This gives me new hope for the Princess Arthur game. The IDEA looked hilarious to me at first and I didn’t like the art style, but now that I looked at the character page again it seems well-researched.

    * Sometimes knowing the original source material makes a game less fun, though. The first time I played Sangoku Rensenki, I felt that Hana was an idiot instead of a standard highschool girl really doing her best (use this plan! this plan! Oh god if you do that and argue that point this person is going to DIE and this town is going to FALL and this is too serious bsns to be waxing 21st century morals!) thanks to being really, really used to Romance of the Three Kingdoms and its many brilliant adaptations over the years. I think I only managed to get my head in the proper mindset only a few years later, when I’d grown more used to Otome Games. Then she turned out to be a really good protag, haha.

    The Houshin Engi manga is really different, though. It’s mostly about jokes with some Political Moral Theory thrown in (the dark places are dark) and as far as I can tell there’s zero romance and the characters are painted in broad sketches more than anything, typical of sprawling Chinese lit, but still. And then there’s the wtf plot stwist. I haven’t played th game yet and I know it’ll be a completely different tone.

  8. yea like I said the Japanese is really difficult but I think if I had a review like mine to reference to and understand the story then it’s actually not so bad. Once you know what each term means and whose role is what in the story it’s actually fairly easy to follow so I do hope you give the game a chance some day! And yes Dakki is a sexy host ;D

  9. OMG thank you for the review, this is one of the game that I won’t play anytime soon because of the historical even. Though I love historical romance but playing this game or genroh give me headache lolz, I’m not into that level yet xD

    Dakki, ^-^/ he is such sexy beast, IMO his story is the best, and I’m so glad that Yousen is very likeable 😛

  10. Why can’t I reply to the right posts!? :< Anyway, yes, Sangokuren Senki was also based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I did like it, but not as much as Jyuuza; it had a worse (if more consistent) heroine (YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BRAIN, I CAN SEE IT IN CUTSCENES, DON'T USE THAT STUPID BOOK HANA), and I could have done without the Wu characters. (Though that's a personal problem, haha.)

  11. As much as I love to project myself (an embarrassingly important and perhaps childish reason I play otoge, actually), I can’t do that if the heroine sucks. >:/ Stupid Otomate. (I hear there are some exceptions like in KamiKimi, but they never end up as popular as the awful ones…)

    Yeah so text dumps aside, thanks for the review and keep on truckin’.

  12. Ack, sorry. Transliterations and useless Chinese mythological trivia ahoy (feel free to ignore)!

    Fengshen Yanyi/Bang = Houshin Engi
    Yang Zhan is the transliteration for Yousen I got out of looking up kanji on jisho.org (the god she’s based on is Yang Jian a.k.a. Erlang Shen, and yes he has a magical doggie)
    Ji Fa = Kihatsu (a.k.a. why is the first king of the Zhou Dynasty SO ADORBS?)
    Huang Tianhua = Kou Tenka, son of a major ally to the upstart Zhou Dynasty
    Nuwa/Nugua = Joka, a pretty cool goddess/immortal: slew a black dragon, repaired the heavens after the Great Flood in myth, made humanity out of yellow clay; in the novel, she got pissed off when the king of the Shang wrote skeezy poems to her in her temple, then actually sent three female spirits to bug him literally to death

    Jiang Ziya/Taigong Wang = Taikoubou, resident badass strategist; supposed to be an old dude, though… :/ <–GGE-con?
    (Su) Daji = (So) Dakki, the most infamous fox spirit/concubine
    King Zhou = Chuuou, last king of the Shang Dynasty, supposedly a huge jerk
    Wen Zhong = Bunchuu (I think, dunno this guy)
    Yuding-zhenren = Gyokutei-shinjin (not sure if Yuding is one word or a family name then a common one; zhenren is a Daoist title in this case, literally meaning "true or perfected person," and here it refers to a high-ranking transcendent)

    Xuanzang = Genjou, who is based on a real Buddhist monk whose journey to India got gussied up in the novel
    Guan Yu = Kan'u, the GOD OF WAR and also the Lord of the Beautiful Beard (no seriously), also based on a real general
    Lu Bu = Ryofu, jerkass warlord

  13. Sorry you’re calling everyone by their Chinese names so I have no idea who you are talking about 😆 I only know the Japanese pronunciation /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

    Thanks for the Chinese mythology tips, I never read any of that stuff so I had no idea.

    I guess when Otomate follows a source material there’s little room for them to make a mary sue. Though recently they opened up a museum and the motto says that their games are meant for the player to PROJECT themselves into the heroine. Therefore if its an original heroine = projectable mary sue.

  14. I’m actually in the process of playing this game myself, though I’ve only just finished Ji Fa’s route and started on Huang Tianhua so I can’t say much. (Yes, I am sloooooow. Haven’t even finished Jyuuzaengi yet, even though I only have one and a half more routes…) I’m enjoying it quite a bit, though, so I’m glad to see you liked it. In fact, one of the reasons is that I like Yang Zhan as a heroine; she’s not quite as badass as some heroines (Guan Yu from Jyuuzaengi, Nozomi from Haruka 3), but is much more wary in general than most other naive heroines (one of my few complaints about Jyuuzaengi, where Guan Yu would switch from total badass to idjit without warning). She also didn’t monologue me to death nearly as much as Alice did. (I actually couldn’t get into the Alice series at all after the intro to Heart. I know she gets way better, but ye gods that was too much of a slog for terribad art and an overdone setting. -_-;)

    I agree that Ji Fa was moemoe adorable, even though his story felt a bit lackluster; his chibi image with the frog where he screams like a princess is priceless. I liked Nuwa a lot in this route as well, as she turned out to be a total sis. I didn’t read the bits I haven’t played yet, but I was really pleasantly surprised that she was supportive and not “lol evil hag” like Lu Bu. (Also she and Fuxi are totally half-snake bro/sis-cons in Chinese myth canon so there’s that.)

    I am a bit weirded out about something though: all the Chinese-novel-based games coming out of Otomate (and RED) apparently have awesome heroines (haven’t played S.Y.K but Xuanzang sounds pretty cool). Anyone who’s read these novels knows that at least two and probably all three are incredibly sexist. (I only have experience with Three Kingdoms and Journey, though I know enough Chinese mythology to get through L.G.S without reading the Fengshen Yanyi.) Meanwhile, Otomate’s games with modern settings get lame heroines and yandere “heroes.” What the hell.

    (Whoops sorry for the text dump.)

  15. Yes the OP /Ed play in every chapter but fortunately unlike the SYK FD it doesn’t crash your PSP. You can just hit start to skip it.

    I’m pretty picky with BGMs myself but I do admit they have some pretty good ones. For BWS though I’d give the credit to Rejet.

  16. Mattemashita! I’ve played S.Y.K, so when L.G.S came out I got really curious about it. I’m glad this one had a good plot and you enjoyed it 😀

    I guess the Shinsetsu series sure have challenging vocabularies… Back then I always had to be connected to internet to look up for words, or even encyclopedia to grasp wat characters in Renshouden was talking about @@ Oh btw, in L.G.S, does the OP Song plays every chapter like in S.Y.K (that it gets annoying, and even crash the PSP)?

    Seems like Otomate’s been improving music department of their games. Genroh, HnK 4, BWS LH, and Toki no Kizuna also have BGMs that hooked me the first time I listened to the samples in their official website. Aye, I’m blissful <– BGM lover

  17. I love Gyokutei’s CGs but his voice is so GGElike and he’s rather creepy….such a waste! 残念なイケメン

    Hey you gotta admit for being a dude, Dakki is pretty fab :D. I gotta check out the HE manga, I think there’s probably scan online somewhere. I barely even remember wtf the anime was about but now that I know the story somewhat maybe it would make more sense if I rewatched it I dunno XD

  18. But since Genjou was a girl in the otomate version they couldn’t go gay for her so they just got butthurt 😆

    But yea I can see the difference in stories, SYK did feel a lot lighter to me but I liked the LGS cast a lot more. I hope you check out both games (if you haven’t played SYK yet). I think this is one of otomate’s better told stories and you might find it even more interesting than me knowing the original source material.

    As for me I’m slightly more interested in checking out the houshin engi manga now

  19. I didn’t really feel it was that long (then again after hiiro no kakera and alice series nothing feels long anymore.)

    I’m no sure where you are getting this obsession Yousen has with Gyokutei. I didn’t feel like that at all outside of his route? I just thought she admired him as a teacher but in his route he was more obsessed with killing her than anything else. To me Dakki is the OTP cause he’s the one who saved her from being pummelled by humans so while in her mind Gyokutei might have been her savior…..in the end it’s all thanks to Dakki. Once I did Dakki’s route my outlook changed completely.

    Why do I like Kihatsu? Cause he’s adorable. Sure his story wasn’t that exciting but he was a cute moecake (*´▽`*)

    HNK4 can suck it lmao I’m done with you hiiro. In my mind, HNK4 was the one that took place in the future!!

    And as far as Peter Pan – if you saw my anniversary post, someone did win a prize for me to review it so it definitely is on my play list (just too many new releases)

  20. halfbaked kizuna lmaooo
    I just ignore anything hiiro/hakuoki now though I still have that crappy hiiro3 FD burning a hole in my back.
    Thanks for commenting 😉

  21. Hello Hinano ^^ I’m 1 from your silent readers.
    Love your review. Tai kou bou and Dakki ❤ , I kinda want to replaying their route again.
    This series really needs more attention than that halfbaked kizuna and kakera. Otomate if u can make sth good why u didn't make it. =__=

    If I'm not wrong, L.G.S stand for Lie, God , Soul
    Sorry for my bad eng.

  22. Oh, yeah! And Hana awase))) I read, that you think it looks creepy. I thought so too, but the game is better then I thought. And the card game there is interesting and funny to play)

  23. ご苦労様!L.G.S. was a good game, but loooong. Also the Chinese terms were such a pain. Took some time to memorize all.
    L.G.S. stands for Lie.God.Soul. like the key words for the game.
    I reaaaaally reaaaally liked Dakki (Suwabe~), but I don’t think that Dakki and Yousen are the otp( Yousen is head over heels with sensei. It looked like she loves Gyoukutei moar then anyone else. And she is acting weird in sensei’s story, being crazy in love. Though Dakki’s story was the best written and it’s plot strongly connected to the main line of the Houshin plan, I do not feel the same as in Gyokutei story where Yousen was obsessed with her teacher. I do not liked Gyoukutei and wished that Dakki was a main guy, but Yousen DO love her teacher…
    Can not understand why you liked Kihatsu. His story has some hillarious moments, but overall it was really boring to me. Well. Different people different opinion)
    This year otomate made some crappy fandisks, but I don’t think all the games were this bad. Juuza Engi (also it was a collobaration) was a really great game! Also they do a huge work on remaking Armen Noir. HnK4 was a decent game too, yet I don’t like the heroine… well.

    As I know, you are onto QuinRose games now? Why don’t you try Peter Pan? It’s a nice and funny game, straight visual novel) All characters are likeable and there is great cast!

  24. Saiyuki : the ancient Chinese historical literature where everyone (villains included—no, villains ESPECIALLY) is pretty much gay for Genjou Sanzou, who has to fight really hard to remain sane and reach his destination in the meantime.

    Houshinengi : the ancient Chinese historical literature where everyone are celibate ascetics who whack people’s heads in the name of good/overthrowing the previous dude sitting on the throne while being all stoic ascetics.

    I think that explains Genjou and Yousen’s differences, right there. Note : I read the entirety of Saiyuki as a kid, though not Houshinengi. The translation from Chinese, I mean. Pretty surprised but happy to hear that Otomate adapted it well! This writing team seems to have something going for it. I haven’t played it yet because lol taxes and work, but will be putting this on my backlog after reading this review.

  25. Yes! Was waiting for this. So Dakki is not a sexi woman anymore, Youzen is a chick now, and Taikoubou is not riding a hippo?

    Ive not made my way through this game yet, but I was looking forward to Gyokutei. I kinda liked his design, but his just a weird mofo?. At least Taikoubou has some promises. Im not fond of Dakki’s design but it turns out to be the best route?

    Houshin Engi Anime sucked except for the opening & ending songs. The manga was pretty good actually, and I just remembered it was one of the first few mangas that I bought years ago. I dont have them anymore since I sold them off to bookoff 😦 Kinda miss them now

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