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Quin Rose AGF Anthologies

I would normally post this on my FC2 blog but their image uploader sucks harder than my Dyson vacuum so gonna post here instead =D.
With proxy fees and shipping I pretty much paid about $36 per book. The books are pretty big but still it’s very expensive, so I’ll just give my impressions after the jump.

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Otome Game Review: Oumagatoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Suzue Shizuka seems like your average high school girl….except that she’s the descendant of a great water spiritShe has no family so she spends most of her time floating around the school pool even though she hates swimming and water. Because of her blood, she has a ton of power inside of her and unless she lets loose by getting into fights with other spirits at the school, she comes down with a fever and her powers go out of control. Typically she and her good friend Hisoka run around causing trouble and annoying the student council president and teachers. The school they attend is an average school with humans attending the day classes. At night however, it’s the “Witching Hour” where all the spirits come out and “play school” despite some of them being over thousands of years old.

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