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Otome Game Review: School Wars ~Sotsugyou Sensen~

This took way longer than it should have because my otome gaming motivation got run over by a steamroller called FFXIV 😆 Didn’t help that this game is just really really mediocre and I really wanna punch myself for wasting time with any Quin Rose fandisks ( ´_ゝ`).  Anyway the story takes place after Shiori graduates and now she has a month before she starts college. Unfortunately the school gets slammed with an investigation and instead of spending her spring break having fun, she has to spend her spring break making sure nothing weird happens so that their school isn’t shut down.  Also to add salt to the wound, aside from Itsuki and Shinya, all the relationship statuses with the rest have been reset. The only real new route here is the student council pres, Naezono Ouji.

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Otome Game Review: School Wars

Ichijou Shiori’s father is died in a car accident and her mother is sick and hospitalized. Being tight on funds, Shiori was rejected from her high school because she couldn’t afford to pay for it. However luck came her way and she got a scholarship to Seiron Academy and became the chairman of the public morals committee in her 3rd year. On top of this her mother was allowed to transfer to a fancy hospital for better treatment. Unfortunately there’s a catch which is to take military training and uphold the peace now that Seiron Academy and the wealthy Suzushiro Academy have merged. The students  are at war with each other ever since 3 years earlier, Suzushiro burned down one of Seiron’s school buildings and now it’s happened again. The student council president lures her into finding out the criminal behind it and desperate for money she agrees. However, she quickly learns the best way to win is to SLEEP with the enemy (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Too bad for Shiori, she’s spent so much of her life trying to survive, that she’s a tad behind in the romance department. Continue reading Otome Game Review: School Wars