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Quin Rose AGF Anthologies

I would normally post this on my FC2 blog but their image uploader sucks harder than my Dyson vacuum so gonna post here instead =D.
With proxy fees and shipping I pretty much paid about $36 per book. The books are pretty big but still it’s very expensive, so I’ll just give my impressions after the jump.

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Otome Game Review: Hyakki Yakou ~Kaidan Romance~

And so this is the next game in Quin Rose’s Kaidan Romance series. The game is pretty much similar to Oumagatoki in setting but takes place at a school a few miles away with a different cast. This time our heroine is Tatsuta Ui who is the daughter and heir of a very powerful dragon youkai family. Unfortunately her parents wanted a male heir so now to them she’s just a baby maker until they find an appropriate suitor. Due to this Ui’s been pressured to act like the “proper daughter” being miss perfect, getting good grades and acting like a “princess”. Her parents married for political reasons and most of the time her father ignores her existence so she wasn’t exactly raised with a loving family. This has caused her to basically develop a fake personality but deep down inside she just wants to be a badass. On top of this, she broke a rule by taking a human and turning him into a zombie. For this she has received punishment which causes her to to suffer fevers, on top of the fact that she can’t control her strong fire ability. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Hyakki Yakou ~Kaidan Romance~