Otome Game Review: School Wars

Ichijou Shiori’s father is died in a car accident and her mother is sick and hospitalized. Being tight on funds, Shiori was rejected from her high school because she couldn’t afford to pay for it. However luck came her way and she got a scholarship to Seiron Academy and became the chairman of the public morals committee in her 3rd year. On top of this her mother was allowed to transfer to a fancy hospital for better treatment. Unfortunately there’s a catch which is to take military training and uphold the peace now that Seiron Academy and the wealthy Suzushiro Academy have merged. The students  are at war with each other ever since 3 years earlier, Suzushiro burned down one of Seiron’s school buildings and now it’s happened again. The student council president lures her into finding out the criminal behind it and desperate for money she agrees. However, she quickly learns the best way to win is to SLEEP with the enemy (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Too bad for Shiori, she’s spent so much of her life trying to survive, that she’s a tad behind in the romance department.

hisa00Tsukamoto Hisamitsu – Hisamitsu is in the public morals committee with Shiori and a 2nd year making him her kouhai. He joined the committee mostly because his fascination with Shiori and to look good for his family. He was pressured to go to this academy because his family always praises how great his brother is. He’s very strict on himself but never brags about his hard work, despite Shiori knowing how much work he does. One of Hisamitsu’s skills is cooking which makes him the perfect husband for Shiori. She can’t cook at all and when he sees her always eating cafeteria food, he offers to make her a bento. (*´ェ`*)ポッ Shiori always just sees him as her assistant but she starts to see different when she catches him tutoring a girl in his class. At the school festival they announce a war game which they say Shiori MUST participate in. Student council pres Ouji tells Hisamitsu to dress for the festival in a suit and wear contacts. Shiori then starts to realize what a sexy beast he really is and that he’s not just her cute kouhai. He pushes her against the wall, but before he can say anything the war game begins. Somewhere during the game, someone uses real bullets instead of rubber ones. After the game, she finds Hisamitsu in a classroom with Ouji and sees a laser target on him so she tackles him like GET DOWN BRO! and hes like!? Ouji tells her that the guy who was aiming for them has been caught. He then asks how long Shiori & Hisamitsu are gonna ichaicha and before she can get off he grabs her and pulls her back down trying to prolong the time she’s on top (・ω<). Hisamitsu gives Shiori a memory card with a text file where he tells her how he’s thankful to work for her in the morals committee. He then tells her the following day that he’s got stuff going on at home and won’t be able to make bentos for her for a while. After a while he asks that Shiori look at him as a man not just a cute kouhai. Hisamitsu then gets closer to a panicking Shiori and hugs her but since she’s a love noob she has no idea what to do or how to react. He says “you let a guy like this get close to you” but then he lets her go and apologizes saying he’s just plain ol in love with her (*´ω`*). He then leaves her alone in the office room to think about her feelings and his confession.

A few days later, Hisamitsu apologizes for his sudden confession and she’s like what you regret liking me now? She then tells him she was happy to hear his feelings and apologizes herself from running away from him. Shiori then admits that shisa01he also loves him and to prove her feelings she reaches up and kisses him. (♡´౪`♡) Sadly they can’t jump into being raburabu immediately because they are both busy looking for the evidence of who set their school on fire. Shiori then sneaks into Suzushiro’s principal’s office to try and dig up any evidence which she manages to and safely escapes thanks to Daigo’s help there. Several days later Shiori invites Hisamitsu over her house to go over the evidence she grabbed. After a while Shiori gets tired and falls asleep until Hisamitsu awakens her. He then tells her by falling asleep like that in front of him, he won’t be able to resist ravaging her. (〃▽〃)ポッ He then tells her that while she was sleeping he secretly kissed her hehe. He then starts heavily making out with her getting all hot & bothered but then COCKBLOCKS HIMSELF and is like ILL STOP HERE TODAY U SHOULD PRAISE MY RESISTANCE POWERS. Meanwhile Shiori’s like oh my god why are you stopping nooooo. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ In the Best End, they bring proof to Ouji telling him they think the Suzushiro principal and his posse are responsible for the fire. He reviews all the documents and case is closed. A few days later Shiori comes over Hisamitsu’s place and he teaches her how to cook. After they have dinner they finally go alllll way way oooohh yeaaaaa (◉◞౪◟◉ ) (Though they talked too much cause Hisamitsu is a gentleman waifu.) Not enough love end: Hisamitsu says he just wants to rely on Shiori as a senpai in the public morals committee and says one day she’ll change her mind and fall for him. Good End: Shiori denies her feelings for Hisamitsu but he pushes her against the wall one day in their office room and kisses her. She’s like oh god this feels good but before they can continue Natsue walks in and they instantly fly away from each other. Shiori then tells Hisamitsu never to do this again xDDD Senpai End: Hisamitsu gives up his feelings for Shiori realizing she only sees him as kouhai. Hisamitsu was so cute. Even though Hino used his deep voice here the guy was such an adorable kuudere (*´▽`*)萌えぇ. Also by being able to cook he’s the perfect husbando ;).

 misa01Misaki Shinya – Shinya is your typical rich boy with his rich boy problems. Also not only is he rich, but he’s also a lady killer so needless to say he has a mob of bitchy fangirls. He asks Shiori on a date but she has no interest him. She goes because her friends OK for her but afterwards it causes shinya’s bitchy mob to attack her. Fortunately Shiori can kick some serious ass and she shoots them down with her gun after 1 of them shoots first. Shinya complains that Shiori won’t fall in love with him so he then grabs and kisses her cause he’s tired of beating around the bush. Too bad for him Shiori’s like ACCESS DENIED and punches him in the stomach knocking him out xD He ends up having to stay home from school to recover lmao. Shiori comes to visit him to see how he’s doing but he’s just clacking away at his pc. He does apologize for what he did and shows her that he’s good at strategic planning which is why he’s being forced to be the next heir after his father. He then goes to show her his injury from the punch but lies and instead hugs her. Shiori just lets it go as a “sign of making up” and well she slowly starts falling for him. She does some info digging on him and finds out his mother passed away when he was little and his dad’s been in & out of marriages being a rich douche. On top of this Shinya is in charge of a hospital and he wants doctors to work there who sincerely care about patients, not just those who easily prescribe medicine just to make commission from the pharmaceutical companies. So then the fangirl bitches get the MEN to shoot at Shiori in revenge instead =_= Shinya gets pissed when he hears this and uses his money to “take care they never attack her again” but then he gets jelly that they got to grab her but he never did. He then gives her a ride home from the hospital and starts sliding his hands into her shirt and kissing her. Shiori can no longer resist and him and they make out until his driver cockblocks them. At school festival there’s a murder mystery event which involves dressing up for a ball. During the ball there’s a “kiss time” when the lights all go out and Shinya takes the opportunity to make out with her. Shiori of course can’t resist lmao. He then tells her to ditch the stupid event and go screw at his house instead. Shiori realizes that he’s probably not in love with her but she loves it SOO much she doesn’t care (omg this route :lol:) He screws her SO HARD she can’t walk the next morning so he carries her to the bathroom in a t owel. (/ω\)イヤン

Shiori is afraid to “clear up” what her relationship is with Shinya because then he might dump her or tell her straight up she’s just his sex toy. When she talks to him he tells her about his family and how he barely ever interacts with his father. misa02 He tells Shiori he feels better talking out his feelings to someone for once. Since Shinya is being blamed for the fire incident Shiori sneaks into Suzushiro to get the evidence. Shinya comes over her house the next day pissed that she snuck into Suzushiro and got help from another guy! He’s pissed that she doesn’t rely on him for help and thinks she hates him and that she only pretended to hang out with him because he can control things like her scholarship or her mother’s hospital bills with his money. He then goes “what can I do to make you take me seriously and not have this half assed relationship.” Of course Shiori is like YAY I’M NOT JUST HIS SEX TOY! He prpr’s her neck and is like Y U NOT RESIST and she’s like “why would I resist the sexy beast I’m in love with” hehe. (♡´౪`♡) Shiori then JUMPS ON TOP OF HIM AND STARTS MAKING OUT WITH HIM YEAA BEST HEROINE www. They both confess that they love each other and probably screw on her living room rug. Best End: Shiori helps prove Shinya’s innocence and then he gives her a pair ring as a gift. He then asks if they can “start fresh” so they go from hugging, to kissing, to LOVIN’ ALL NIGHT~. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Shiori requests that when she wakes up, he is there by her side since last time he left her alone in the morning. He agrees and asks that if he wakes up before her, that he can kiss his sleepy beauty. Bawww how precious. (*´ω`*) Friend End: Shiori rejects Shinya at the school festival and he apologizes for groping her too much. He asks if they can still be friends and Shiori agrees. Good End: Shiori confesses that she loves Shinya and he’s like (∩∀`*)キャッ and says he loves her too as they kiss in an empty classroom. He also promises that he’ll tell all his fangirls to fuck off and he will only ever talk sweet words to Shiori. Farewell End: Shiori asks to forget they ever screwed that night of the school festival and he tells in that case they should forget they were ever friends. Shiori is upset but agrees and Shinya thanks her for everything as he walks away. (´;ω;`) Shinya was a difficult character to like for me because the whole time he just spewed manwhore vibes. His ending was kinda sweet but it felt like a long journey getting there and by then I think it was a bit too late to change my mind. He’s not a BAD character but he felt so passive a lot that I just didn’t really come to like him.

masa00Hisa Masafumi – Masafumi is an idol from Suzushiro and a huge douchebag. Or maybe I should say he’s your typical celebrity diva? He throws out all the gifts from any fangirls and any guys who say he’s only popular because of looks get a gun to their face. The reason Masafumi’s so bitchy though is because he constantly gets negative letters and even death threats because he’s a secret child of a celebrity. When he first meets Shiori he calls her a stalker but lol look who’s talking. He pretends to be nice to her, lures her into an empty classroom, pins her down, opens her shirt, licks her boobs and takes pics while doing it. He then threatens to spread them all over and ruin the public morals committee leader’s reputation but I’m like thinking….WHAT ABOUT YOUR IDOL REPUTATION? Seriously I think this is more of a problem for him as an idol than for her as some unknown commoner. Yet for reasons unknown to me, Shiori agrees to be his slave to keep the photos hidden from public eye. ( ´_ゝ`) He then forces Shiori to be like Sherlock & Watson with him as they search for the criminal of the fire incident (though she was kinda self-starter in other routs for this so I don’t get why here she’s being a lazyass.) When he gets a fever, he passes out in his room and hearing this from Ouji, Shiori goes to check upon him. He’s barely able to move and tells her to gtfo. Since Shiori was used to taking care of her sick mother, she decides to take care of him anyway. She helps him change into some pajamas and wants to call the hospital but he tells her not to because he has idol work the following day & can’t get hospitalized. He wakes up feeling better the next day but when she tries to make him food, it tastes gross cause lol as we learned in Hisamitsu’s route, Shiori can’t cook. Masafumi asks why Shiori always listens to him and why she helped him when he was sick. She’s like uhm what a stupid thing to ask you still have the photo. So then he’s all like how’s this and kisses her. Masafumi is so happy to hear that he stole her first kiss and is interested in taking her “other” firsts lol. For the school festival, Masafumi is involved in an event where he’s a prince up in a tower and the students have to compete to “rescue him.” The prize is a date with him for a day so the girls compete for that while the guys compete for the ticket to “sell later” since he’s an idol.

masa01Masafumi has no intention to take anyone’s shit so he threatens that Shiori better win or he’ll spread her photo around ww. In fact he wants her to win so badly, he even JOINS her on this RPG quest together while wearing a hood to hide himself! After they reach the end he gets a bit too much into his role and tells her to kiss the prince and they make out in front of all the raging jealous fangirls. After the festival they come over his apartment and as a thanks for freeing him from the date thing he tells her she can ask him for one thing. Instead of asking to get her photo files back she asks about the movie his mother was in. He tells her about it and finishes with telling Shiori that his mother has passed away. Masafumi then leans down and kisses Shiori, but instead of some forced kiss like before, it’s more gentle and Shiori’s like OOOOHYEAAAAA.( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ To lure in the paparazzi/person who’s been sending him death threats he has Shiori dress up in some fancy dress as he takes her to some building pretending to get randy with her. They catch them and afterwards they get home and he’s like “wanna continue where we started” and tells her he’ll forget about the photo. Shiori then confesses that she loves him and he admits that he’s fallen for her as well. After this Shiori sneaks into the principal’s office to get evidence for the school burning incident. Masafumi gets all jelly that she had Daigo help her and says it’s time to “punish” her lol. Best End: A few days pass and they’re both busy to see each other until one day he calls her to come to his place in the middle of the night. He tells her he finally finished his movie shooting and he wants a “reward” cause he’s tired lol what a brat!!! He then takes her to his bedroom for some sexy time while telling her how much he loves her. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン He asks her to tell him if she loves him and of course Shiori says she does…but then he’s like TROLOLOL U FELL FOR MY ACT. He then tells her he’ll make sure she learns about what his true feelings are as they do the mattress mambo. The next day they watch his movie and he says the same lines to her. He lets her drink out of the cup used in his mother’s movie and then informs her that he had erased the scandalous photos of her way back before the school festival xDDD.

masa02For the fire incident, Masafumi then uses his acting skills and idol status to get cameras focused on the proof of the Suzushiro principal causing the the whole thing. (Though it’s all cause Shiori found the evidence lolol.) A few days later Shiori goes to watch his interview live on TV where he signs a DVD for her of his movie. Afterwards they meet up and he STILL has that randy photo but he says it’s for his eyes only as a “memory” to look at when he’s ronery~ on location (Fap material). Some days later Ouji Kaicho then informs Shiori that Masafumi is actually his cousin! No wonder the trolling runs in the family! In the end Masafumi takes Shiori to an empty class room, locks the door and proceeds to humping because he knows she’s a huge do-M or something lol. Supporting the Dream End: Masafumi accepts an acting job overseas and Shiori says she’ll cheer him on from Japan. He tells her he’s erased all of her photos and any other data associated with it. Idol Lover End: Shiori’s mad at Masafumi because he hasn’t given her much attention due to his idol work but he changes her mood instantly with his kiss (✧≖‿ゝ≖).Good End: Masafumi’s jeep on location gets a flat tire so he ends up being stuck and not coming home for a while. Shiori gets lonely and he asks her what she wants when he finally comes back so she requests lots of kissing. There was no CG it was kinda lame compared to the other endings. Maaaannn Masafumi I just wanna kick you in the head :lol:. I hate how Shiori was reduced to this weird do-M character and like I said earlier, why doesn’t she think that the photo is worse for HIM than for HER. There’s no way he would have spread it for his own sake. So while I didn’t really like Masafumi, as a QR heroine I felt like Shiori could have handled him better. She felt like every other do-M heroine I’ve come to deal with and it was a bit disappointing. I know QR often has these douchey characters but they only become likeable to me based on how the heroine handles them (like Blood & Alice).  I guess after Ui was such a huge bitch in Hyakki, Quin Rose decided to tone it down 100x and this is what happens.

daigo01Kurobe Daigo – Daigo is a gachimuchi student from Suzushiro who wants to keep peace and often breaks up any fights that go on. A lot of students don’t mess with him because he’s like the “boss” of Suzushiro. Seeing him break up a fight, Shiori instantly starts falling for the big guy XD. He claims that he hates women but it’s not that he hates them, its that he’s afraid he’ll “break them” with his big gachimuchi hands! Deep down inside he’s like a gentle bear because he goes as far as to rescue a kitten but asks Shiori’s assistance cause the kitten is afraid of him. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Shiori dresses up in a fancy suit and sneaks into Suzushiro to try to get info on on Daigo and he catches her saying her suit skirt is too short, the harlot! She goes to the nurse’s office to sew a button on and then realizes her pantsu are on backwards. Shiori then goes to change them but at the same time Daigo comes in with a student to heal his wounds. He opens the curtains where Shiori is and sees her half naked. He’s so shocked he turns to stone. After realizing what’s going on, Daigo shuts the curtain and runs out in embarrassment apologizing to her afterwards asking her to punch him for his sin. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Rumor breaks out that Daigo is the one who set the fire to the school building, and even the jerk principal blames him. Shiori bursts in trying to break everything up but afterwards Daigo tells her not to get involved with him for her own good. He says he’ll clear up the rumor about himself on his own but Shiori’s like NOPE. He gets pissy and leaves the classroom first and when Shiori follows after, she trips going down the stairs. Fortunately Daigo breaks her fall as she gracefully lands on top of him and so do her lips on his xDDD. She jokingly goes TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and LOL HE TAKES HER SERIOUSLY going “oh I guess I have to..”. Shiori tries to get him to not be afraid of “crushing” girls so she has him take her hand “carefully and slowly” going “come on i don’t bite.” When he does he blushes like a tomato. After he realizes that Shiori’s not a frail little girl, he apologizes and says he’s a lot more comfortable with being around her. Some time later, Shiori gets Daigo to volunteer with her at a fair where he dresses up in a giant bear suit while she’s some forest girl. The kids ask if they’re in love and to play along Shiori hugs Daigo-bear and says yes.

daigo02Daigo’s like (〃▽〃)ポッ and says she’s being a hussy but she’s like who cares they’re just kids XD. Afterwards he tells her that while it wasn’t physically straining, it was definitely mentally straining for him x3. It’s around this time that Shiori realizes she’s fallen for the big guy, and I guess Daigo feels similar since he asks her to be his master while he makes a contract to be her bodyguard. Turns out Shiori’s trainer was actually Daigo’s uncle. He tells Shiori that he made a “contract” like Daigo did with his current wife when he was in high school too :D. Apparently being a body guard to a “master” is a thing that’s done in Daigo’s family but he’s hated having to do it all this time…until Shiori (*´ω`*). She keeps asking him why in the hopes that he’ll say it’s because he likes her but he just says he felt like it. As he starts spending more time with her to protect her, a lot of students start gawking on why a Suzushiro student is in the Seiron building. His fanboys rage at Shiori saying she DECEIVED him into becoming her SERVANT! 😆 Daigo asks if Shiori likes the old him, or the new him and she pets his head saying she likes him the way he is now. ε-(*´∀`|萌| The following day a bunch of guys tell Shiori that Daigo’s been arrested and accused of being the guy who caused the fire. Shiori runs to the Suzushiro principal raging at him to rescue Daigo and after he babbles that she shouldn’t worry about him, she’s like DEAL WITH IT SON. Suddenly he grabs Shiori and starts making out with her and gives her a hickey. When he comes to his senses he’s like OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE A DONE (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン and runs away xDDD wtf Daigo plz. Also Ouji totally saw the whole thing and makes fun of Shiori immediately after :lol:. The next day Daigo seems bummed that Shiori rescued him and she gets really pissed and starts bitching to him about the kiss. She also bitches that he could have made a contract with anyone and that the kiss is just a “proof of his loyalty.” Instead of getting angry and telling her his feelings, Daigo just stays silent like a dog who’s being yelled at with its tail between his legs. Shiori realizes what an awful thing she’s done so she tells him she’s gonna go cool off and she runs off to rage at herself and punch a wall /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Just then this dude Nishizawa confesses to her that he’s in love with her and he hates Daigo because he knows Shiori loves him instead. Just then Daigo shows up and grabs Shiori telling Nishizawa to GTFO. After this Shiori tells Daigo that if he’s worried about makin’ love to her it ain’t no thang cause HER BODY IS READY BRO.

daigo03She confesses that she loves him and apologizes for being a jerk to him earlier. Daigo is so happy he grabs her face, confirms that they will now be lovers and starts making out with her. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ One night Daigo comes over Shiori’s house to discuss their plan to unravel the truth about the fire incident. Once they are finished, he’s about to go home but Shiori’s like NOPE U STAY HERE. He tries to find ways to leave but not only does she order him to stay, she ORDERS him to sleep in bed with her. (Mostly cause she’s cold and lonely.) Daigo unwillingly agrees but faces the wall the whole time as Shiori attempts to get him to give her some “attention”. She gives up and turns around but I guess it was enough to light a fire under his ass ans he turns around and grabs her. He tells her that “she needs to learn a lesson” as he slides his hands up her shirt…though they don’t go all the way. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン The next day Shiori meets with the Suzushiro principal and shoves the truth in his face accusing him of being the one behind the fire incident. The principal runs off leaving his body guard to shoot at Shiori but Daigo saves her and knocks the gun out of the guy’s hands pinning him down. Best End: Shiori & Daiogo tell Daigo’s uncle what happened and then the uncle acts like a wingman and runs off to his wife’s house leaving Daigo & Shiori alone in the dojo. Shiori then tells Daigo that she wants him to be randy with her because if he’s “too careful” then she feels lonely and inadequate for him. Daigo’s like don’t worry I’m over my no-touching thing and he takes her to a room in the dojo that he used to use when he trained there. They jump on the bed and finally go ALLL the way….and holy shit is this really Cero D? More like Cero Z! イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! Master & Bodyguard End: Shiori never confesses her feelings to Daigo and never finds out why he made her his master so they continue their master & bodyguard relationship. Good End: Nishizawa tells Shiori if she gets tired of Daigo to come to him. Shiori then asks if Daigo likes her and he 壁ドン’s her and kisses her saying “you get my feelings now?” Shiori jokingly says she’s been bitten by a dog XD. Gah I am the last person to like the GachiMuchi type but DAIGO IS SO (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q. It kinda reminds me of the sports guy from Hotokenser. I guess I have a thing for the big gentle teddy bear characters (beauty & the beast phenomena?? ww) Daigo was such a pure hearted prince under that gachimuchi shell and holy shit he had the randiest ending in the game ((〃/⊥\〃))いやーん.

kyohei02Miyakomaru Kyohei – Kyohei is an informant and many people will sell their souls to get information from him. Luckily the only thing Shiori has to give him is a kiss! He tells her it’s because he likes her but Shiori just shrugs it off thinking he’s just trolling. LOL MAN WERE BOTH ME AND SHIORI IN FOR A RIDE. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Their give & take relationship continues with him asking for randy stuff each time especially kissing. He tells her she should be happy he ONLY asks her for a kiss while others do crazy things to get info from him. He starts making out with her behind a locked door but then some the other public moral committee dudes try to come in and are shocked the door is locked. Kyohei tells her to stay quiet but then he PROCEEDS TO KISS HER NECK ヽ(;´////`)ノヤメテー Another time his price is to go on a date with her. They go to a flower garden where they make some flowers and Kyohei says how Shiori has beautiful hands. He then makes her a flower ring and slips it on her finger (apparently he makes his own accessories). Shiori puts a wreath on his head and it gets stuck in his hair lmao. After a while Shiori asks how long they are gonna continue this weird relationship and he’s like “do you not like it?” but she admits it’s not so bad :P. She tells him to leave her alone cause she’s busy and he actually does saying to call him when she needs info. After he leaves she finds herself feeling lonely but not sure why and after this she can’t stop thinking about him. Tired of worrying about this in her head, Shiori decides to try and clear up their relationship and tells him they should stop this half assed kissing/info bs. He’s like “but you see I’m in love with you that’s why” ( ≖‿≖). He then says he thought she knew this which is why she let him kiss her all this time. Shiori’s like “but you said if I kissed you’d give me info!” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Shiori tells him that if she were to fall in love with him and he suddenly changed his mind and dumped her, she’d never recover XD. To this he just smiles and goes “what a cute confession” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ He proclaims that from now on they’ll be lovers. (*´ω`*)

kyohei01Kyohei suggests the best way to get evidence for the fire is to just break into Suzushiro! Shiori breaks into the principal’s office to get the info as usual with Daigo’s help. She meets him at a family restaurant to discuss plans because she figures he won’t try to get randy with her in a public place. He complains that she blames him for it but she never once resisted! XD After they go through all their paperwork, he takes her hand and some loli next to them starts gawking. Shiori gets embarrassed and starts kicking him but he refuses to let go unless she lets him sit next to her. Best End: They bring the evidence about the fire incident to the student council pres and Kyohei tells Ouji to allow Shiori and the public morals committee to get off handling the case. He tells Ouji to handle catching of the criminal by the student council, in exchange for giving him any information he wants. He then tells her to give him a “payment” for what he did and Shiori “agrees” to hide her shyness about them screwing (♡´౪`♡). As he starts kissing her, he almost says he loves her but then stops and says the rest will cost a fee. Shiori grabs him and kisses him going “ok fee paid keep goin son”. He’s so surprised that she just pwned his ass and tells he he loves her as they proceed to hump~. Trust End: Shiori tells Kyohei that she trusts him to a degree but he’s like “lol whatever I know your weak point ;)”. Their “kiss as payment” relationship continues since she never finds out his true feelings. Good End: Kyohei and Shiori become lovers and he can’t get his paws off her :lol:. Just then then Natsue and Mei walk into the public morals room seeing Kyohei in the process of grabbing Shiori’s boobies and they’re like (;゚д゚)ェ…Kyohei smiles going “oops sorry for interrupting, we’ll continue this later” and leaves the room. xDDD Kyohei’s route felt a bit short to me but at the same time I felt it had better artwork than the other characters in the game. For the most part I thought he was just trolling and I really couldn’t take him seriously. I’m sure if I were to replay his route once more, I’d realize that everything he does is because he actually loves Shiori and not because he’s just messing around with her. Also Tachibana is good at dem kissing scenes (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.

itsu01Ujiie Itsuki – Itsuki is the reason I bought this game. Basically if you take Jesus from Tokyo Yamanote Boys and cross it over with Haru from Tonari no Kaibutsukun, you have Itsuki. The whole story actually reminds me of Sana & Hayama from Kodomo no Omocha though (great manga btw.) Being a 2nd year, Itsuki is Shiori’s Kouhai but he’s from Suzushiro. He’s pretty much a lone wolf and their first meeting consists of Shiori attacking him with her gun and jumping on top of him just to get him to even have a conversation with her. Due to him being blamed for the fire incident 3 years prior, he’s almost never at school and his records make him out to be this delinquent who is like a ghost student. Since someone takes attention in him for once, the only way Itsuki knows how to respond is to give Shiori attention back though his “love letters” consist of things like mail bombs :lol:. During one of the times she meets with him (and by meet I mean fight), she gets her clothes so ripped up her underwear is visible. Being somewhat of a gentleman, Itsuki actually gives her his jacket to cover up to wear home. She thanks him and to get him to talk more with her about the fire incident, Shiori asks him to meet her out on the weekend so she can return the jacket to him. They meet at a park and go to a restaurant (after he agrees cause she said she’d pay for him ww). Sadly she’s so broke she ends up not eating herself to be able to pay for his food. He asks her why she wants to know about this but she admits that it’s because she needs money that Ouji promised to give her. She begs Itsuki to help her because she’s desperate. Just then a loli approaches their table and Itsuki actually acts nice to her, surprising Shiori. A few days later some Seiron students cause an explosion and to try and blame Suzushiro for it, they steal Itsuki’s pendant to lure him in on the scene of the crime. The pendant is very important to him and knowing this Shiori decides to get it back on her own. She gets it back warning the Seiron students to never do this again though she gets injured in several parts of her body. At the school festival, Itsuki tells Shiori he knows she got the pendant back for him because he beat up the guys who stole it and Shiori feels like her efforts were in vain XD. He asks her why she did this and she says because she knew it was an important pendant to him. Worried about her injuries he’s like “STRIP UR CLOTHES I NEED TO SEE THEM” without realizing what he’s actually asking a GIRL to do.

itsu02Shiori tries to fend him off but it doesn’t work as he tries to lift up her shirt. He says that she’s the one who got injured for him so he has the right to see how badly”. 😆 He tells her she goes to a military school and shouldn’t care so much about this kind of thing…just then a random girl sees this, says sorry and runs off lmao. Shiori gives in and agrees to show him her injuries to which he says she shoulda done a better job of defending herself and then rages that if he knew about them earlier, he woulda fuckin killed the guys he only “beat up.” The school festival event is a battle royale to obtain the golden key in pairs. Itsuki tells her to pair up with him since she’s prolly forced to do the event anyway. Shiori’s like wut I can’t believe you want to participate. Thanks to Itsuki’s mad skills to tell the difference between stainless steel & silver they get ahead. He goes as far as jumping into a pool of oil to find one of the hints for the keys. After he gets out he slips and falls on top of her all covered in oil (◉◞౪◟◉ ). He tells her now its like the opposite when she’s always on top him. They decide they both need a shower and Itsuki beats up any guys who try to come into the pool area so that they don’t see her showering XDD They get the last keys and then Ouji pops out of nowhere congratulating them on winning. At the evening dance and festivities, Shiori and Itsuki spend time together talking on the roof. He also thanks her for getting him the pendant back. He opens it and shows her inside is a baby picture of him which has an inscription in English that says “Itsuki my angel.” He says he has no idea who his parents are, doesn’t know where he was born or when even his birthday is. Before hew knew it, he was in an orphanage. Shiori then realizes that she’s in love with him and he then tells her to call him by his first name….as he moves his face closer to hers and gives her a light kiss. (*´ω`*) A few days later some random 2nd year student confesses his undying love to Shiori. Shiori rejects him but he keeps saying that she should date him since she’s single anyway. Before Shiori can tell the guy to buzz off Itsuki shows up grabbing her going “what you got a problem with mah woman?” I ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ed but afterwards he said it was the easiest way to make the kouhai “get away” and then demands she give him a thanks. After they walk home they act like a bakapple and pet each others heads when he finds out that she’s finding out this whole fire criminal incident for him. As he walks her back home, before she goes through the gate he grabs her and hugs her from behind. Eventually he lets go and tells her goodbye as he leaves. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪

itsu03Shiori doesn’t see Itsuki for a while and she runs into him going home one night. He tells her he’s had issues with his house but he wanted to see her. Shiori’s so surprised she drops her groceries xD..but then invites him over for dinner. He quickly realizes how Shiori sucks at cooking so he tells her to just take care of the dishes while he does all the cooking xD. As they talk she keeps looking at the clock wondering if he’ll catch the last train. He notices this and is like you want me to go that badly but she’s like no the opposite…He then asks what if I said I didn’t want to leave? Shiori then lets him spend the night as they confess their love and hump in her bedroom (though she was so nervous she started talking about lion habits of eating their pray until he shoved a towel into her mouth xDDD). As a last resort they decide to sneak into Suzushiro’s principal’s office to steal the evidence for the fire incident. After they get it they hide in a locker together so nobody catches but Itsuki starts groping her thigh out of jealousy because Daigo had helped her inside the room xDDD. A few days later Itsuki gets called into the principal’s office and Shiori has a bad feeling he’s gonna get blamed for the fire. Shiori rages and marches into the principal’s office shoving the evidence that the Suzushiro principal did it. Suddenly during the whole incident, this grandpa who Shiori met at the hospital, who filled her mother’s room with flowers, walks in. Turns out he’s the board chairman and Itsuki’s guardian, saying he treats Itsuki like his own grandson. He’s also the proof that Itsuki didn’t cause the fire because the day of the fire, Itsuki and gramps were out together. Best End/Truth End: Ouji tells Shiori that the blacklist of names she found are people who are bound to become “big” by the time they graduate. In otherwords rather than a black list it’s more like the “golden egg” list (✧≖‿ゝ≖). That’s why all the guys in this game as well as Shiori were on it. They get together at Itsuki’s place for Christmas, and his apartment barely has anything in it except like…a bed. Before they get to humping Shiori asks why Itsuki set the fire 3 years before that. Itsuki tells her how in middle school he was adopted by the grandpa board chairman. He then went to Suzushiro where he met Daigo and the two became friends. Daigo’s friends weren’t too happy about this because by then Itsuki was infamous for always getting into fights. Ever since becoming friends with Daigo though, Itsuki got into less fights since the two would hang out a lot.

itsu04One of the guys in Daigo’s circle named Takarada kept trying to invite Itsuki do hang out with them but Itsuki kept saying no because he knew the other guys hated him. A few days later Itsuki finds Takarada all beat up and asks him what it’s about but he lies saying he just got hurt during gym class. Itsuki shrugs it off until one night he runs into a more beat up Takarada who’s got an explosive substance and a lighter in his hands. He cries saying Itsuki doesn’t understand his feelings and the guys starts a massive fire. Turns out Takarada was a target of some guys who hated Daigo and would constantly beat him up. And when they found the fire since Takarada was too terrified to speak properly and in tears so Itsuki just took the blame since it was easier in his mind and he didn’t give a crap about having a criminal record. (´・ω・`;A) After the incident Takarada moved with his family to Hokkaido and he sent a new years card to Itsuki. After this story Itsuki tells Shiori how when he was a shota he wished for Santa to bring him a person he can love and trust all for himself. Now that he has Shiori he feels like his wish came true and hearing this Shiori starts crying out of happiness. (ノ´∀`*)ノ They forget about their Xmas dinner as they make love for the rest of the night. BAWW ITSUKI YOU MOECAKEEEEE 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工. More than Friends; Not Quite Lovers End: Ouji tells Shiori she can drop out of fire criminal case. A week later Itsuki catches Shiori after school finding out that she decided to give up the money and drop out of the fire case. She tells him screw it, the student council can handle it, as she drags him off to treat her to lunch. Shiori figures their weird relationship is ok like this..for the time being. Good End: Itsuki comes over Shiori’s place for Christmas dinner, and for some reason Japan thinks you’re supposed to eat turkey for Christmas :lol:. Shiori asks him to spend the night and he’s like “I thought you’d never ask!” Seito Kaichou End: Shiori doesn’t participate in the school festival event and Natsue agrees to help her by having her disguise ….as some dominatrix (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ.

itsu05Unfortunately Ouji finds her and he’s not pleased that she isn’t participating in his event. He tells her to participate in the event now as STAFF in that S&M Queen outfit as he drags her away www. He then tells Shiori that Itsuki will be cleared of the fire incident blame. He even tells her if she drops from the case he will still help her with her mother’s hospital bill. Fuukiinchou End: While Shiori’s gathering evidence she gets caught by one of Suzushiro’s teachers. She lies saying she had an appointment and to make sure, the teacher calls up but her public morals committee members manage to intercept the phone call and lie allowing her to escape safely. Shiori realizes what great subordinates she has despite them all being really mad at her for doing this xD. Since I did Itsuki’s route immediately after Kyohei’s, it felt odd seeing him be so ROUGHT. In Kyohei’s he had some friend events where he was pretty chill, so seeing him be this rough guy from the start was almost awkward? Though I wouldn’t recommend playing Itsuki before Kyohei since the spoiler about the grandpa is revealed in Itsuki’s route but in Kyohei’s he just says “you’ll find out later.” Also since the “truth” end is in Itsuki’s route he’s best saved for last. Anyway….モエ――――o((*`Д´*))o――――!!!!!! I think Quin Rose should just obligatory cast Namikawa Daisuke in all their games. He was great in Oumagatoki and he was great here and all the characters they write for him are so cuteeeee shdkjsgldj. :;。+゚+。キュ━(*´=`*)━ン。+.。゚:;。+ Itsuki’s best ending was so adorable but one thing that remains a mystery to me is the deal with his grandpa and why he knows things like dance parties and wearing fancy suits. Also the whole time I kept thinking he might have been related to Shinya but turns out the two had nothing to do with each other. Since Itsuki’s locket is in English I was also curious about if his parents were from a foreign country? Anyway a lot of stuff I really would have liked to see more development on. Also it made me kinda sad that most of Shiori’s efforts were in vain cause Itsuki pretty much handled himself. Well I guess not totally in vain because they definitely pierced his heart. (*´ω`*)

final thoughts

Ouji my prince why you have no route! щ(ಥДಥщ)
Ouji my prince why you have no route! щ(ಥДಥщ)

Despite the game being “short” as some people have said, I actually enjoyed it. There were a few things I wanted more development on, rather than just a few subtle hints but I guess that would be something I’d catch in the replay. Unfortunately all the military stuff pretty much flew over my head as that (and any kind of Asian history) is not an area I specialize in. When they started discussing various ways of creating bombs in the lab and discussing their battle strategies I just sat there like (´☣౪☣)…. Despite all that though, I can say the stories were put together fairly well. All the characters definitely had distinctive personalities and backstories and unlike Hyakki, they wrapped up pretty decently. With Hyakki I always felt like I wanted “more” but here I was pretty much satisfied in everybody’s ending.  MY ONLY REGRET IS WHERE IS MY OUJI ROUTE WHY HE HAS NO ROUTE щ(ಥДಥщ). He had a brief side ending but I guess I don’t really count that. Oh for once in a long time, there wasn’t an ending with any of the female cast. In fact the female cast barely played any kind of significant role this time around? I mean you had the 2 friends in Shiori’s class and the 2 girls in the public morals committee but none of them really felt like they were “close” friends of Shiori’s? I think she only really went for love advice to them in a few scenes. Though honestly I am glad. I’d rather they not have these weird ass psuedo one sided yuri routes because it’s a waste of time anyway (like why bother if you’re gonna half ass it? Seriously way to ruin the cute nekomata character for me in Hyakki QR… (ಠ_ಠ)). My character ranking is is Itsuki > Daigo > Hisamitsu > Kyohei > Shinya > Masafumi. Sorry Masa, you may have had some sexy prpr but you were still a jerkass 90% of the time :lol:. On the topic of prpr, WHOAA THIS GAME WAS PRETTY RANDY MAN. Compared to this Hyakki could pretty much be Cero C!! XDDD Daigo’s route was the randiest omg dat ending. Also the best ear porn definitely came from Hisamitsu & Kyohei cause Hino & Tachibana have R-18 game experience if you know what I mean (✧≖‿ゝ≖). As a heroine, Shiori is rather different from the Quin Rose heroines I’ve run into. She kicks ass, yes, however the moment a hot guy lays a finger on her (literally) ALL RESISTANCE JUST FLEW OUT THE WINDOW. This became a huge problem for me in Shinya’s route cause it pretty much made her look like a ho who’s totally ok for a 1 night stand. Not exactly something I want to see from the leader of the public MORALS committee (or maybe that was QR’s ironic intentions.) Though because she wasn’t as bitchy as QR’s usual heroine, she didn’t piss me off during the romantic scenes and ruin the mood by saying shit like “god this is so sappy” which a lot of QR heroines are known to do. ( ´_ゝ`) Overall though, I definitely enjoyed the game and I highly recommend it!

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  1. I haven’t finished this game (due to finals I barely started it) but from what I did see from Ouji any route for him would probably end pretty much like Edvard’s since they seemed to have pretty similar personalities, I will probably change my mind on it when I’m done playing the game.

    I will follow the order you recomend save for Daigo and Hisamitsu (since he is pretty much the whole reason I got the game in the first place I would like to save him for later as much as I can),but since Itsuki seems like the main guy I’m saving him for last.

    Good thing hearing Hisa is actually a Jerk most of the time since I’m starting with him.

    Glad to see you think the game is good, I can’t wait to finish it, and then I will read the whole review XD

    1. I still would have wanted a route for him ;_; I actually came to like him a lot lol. For play order you can probably play in the same order that I did though for Hisamitsu, Masafumi & Shinya you can play in any order you want. Enjoy the game 😀


    Can’t comment more otherwise since I haven’t finished the thing yet, too busy with Koishiba and Real Books ™, but damn Ouji would make an Interesting Husbando. Maybe they’re saving that for a mney grubbing fandisc, lol. That and your review makes me feel better for QR’s writing team in general and maybe 0ji, since it eoes seem to have actual Plot Mystery.

    Also why force me to play Hisamitsu and Daigo early QR whyyyyyyyyyyy I like to save the cute and/or megane ones for later. D:

    1. pft screw Koishiba plays this instead <●><●>

      I don’t know if they will do a fandisk tbh. It seems like they only ever do “sequels” or FDs to their series that have subtitles (~wonderful wonder world~, ~kaidan romance~ etc.) Peter Pan, Grimm, School Wars are like their 1 shots that we never hear from again.

      Well Daigo was the 4th guy I played so it’s not like I played him early. Hisamitsu’s route was kinda empty and by the time I go to Itsuki I almost forgot he existed cause he barely even showed up 😦

      1. Hey, I like Koishiba! It really isn’t your kind of game (in fact, I’m sure you’d hate it) but I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It reminds me somewhat of Persona, and that’s discounting the copycat interface. 😛

        So they still have trouble tying their routes together. Well, that isn’t exactly new tbh, but that’s part of the reason I do my own orders with these things—most of their games lately tend to have their non-major dudes be somewhat 空気, even in the good games, so in the case that the guy is up my alley I usually like to reserve him for later. Blame Hiiro for giving me the habit.

        Also, AraLost got a sequel after god knows how many years, so never say never! XD

        1. im glad you know i’d hate it. even I think I’d hate it and I haven’t even tried it yet. I really love the artwork though むむむ(´ε`;)ウーン…

          I can’t explain the reasoning behind arabians lost sequel BUT the fact that they keep shoving their shovelware kaidan romance/halloween wedding before it really pisses me off and makes it even more obvious how shovelwary those series are sigh =_=;.

      2. Well, it’d be pretty pointless to read a review site without knowing their taste in games. XD

        Think of it as they’re getting their A Team to spend as much time as they need on AraDoubt and getting their B and C Teams to work on shovelware to keep the budget flowing! That way, you’d be less pissed off.

  3. thank u for the review 。(⌒∇⌒。) (。⌒∇⌒)。
    i’m looking forward to it a lot and really glad the plot this time’s good
    now wait for Alice’s release as well as Christmas ^^

  4. 待ってました!I’vent started this yet as Ive been busy with work and stuff but based on your final thoughts I can safely do this game with fair expectations. No yanderes in this game?

    And R-18 experience definitely an Asset LOL

    1. Haha technically not R-18 since no actual genitals are showing but they go as close as they can (/ω\)イヤン

      Nope no yanderes which is kinda surprising lol. Just do-S and a bunch of moecakes 😉

  5. So… is this game considered the most perverted non R-18 otome in the history?BECAUSE I WANT.

    Hnnggh too bad though, I gotta wait for exam to end first. T__T

    On an unrelated note, I do wonder will QR make R-18 games? Like once in two years or so?Because I see they’re more than capable to do that. xD

    1. I don’t know if I want them to make R-18 games….I don’t know who their art director is but they direct all their artists to draw really derpy angles. I wouldn’t want to see derpy R-18 CGs tbh xDDDD

      I got QR’s official doujins for their games in my last post and I look at them and wonder “why do their artists draw so well but the in game CGs look so stiff and derpy”…so yea clearly someone is directing them in the wrong direction :S Until they get this part figured out I think I prefer their randyness to be as much as Cero D XD

  6. I really freeeeecking need a walkthrough for this game… siiiggh…
    Anyway I didn’t imagine that this kinda game could be for PsP,.. I mean… some situations are so… ❤ xDD.


  7. Hi Hinano,

    I’m leaving a comment here because I can’t find any other way of contacting you. I found your post on Otome games for women and really liked it, blogged it on Tumblr, and wanted to join in the conversation but couldn’t find a “leave a reply” box on that page. Have you locked the comments there? I think it’s a fascinating conversation to have and it’s a pity if we can’t continue with it.

    Cheers, Angela

    1. I have it set to close comments after a certain amount of time due to constantly getting spam on older posts.
      Sorry I will not be reopening the comments on that post especially because it attracted too many idiots & trolls.

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