Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -04. Seijurou-

This is the 4th Shinobazu 7 CD/game for Fujimaru Seijurou. Seijuro is the strict student council president and also the son of a yakuza family. He’s been very aloof after Nanako’s family incident, but that’s because he’s secretly been trying to search and avenge her family’s killer.

sei01 Sei-chan seems like he’s pretty strict and he was really annoying in Taiga’s CD but he really does care about Nanako. He has a bodyguard working for him named Segashira who seems like a nice guy and is very sincere to Nanako as well. One day Nanako gets home finding her house has been ransacked but the only things stolen are photos of her missing brother Subaru. Apparently while her parents died, her brother’s body was never found. Sei decides to let Nanako stay at his house for a while but as she stays there, constant attacks keep coming after him. He just says that it’s not her fault and that since he’s in a yakuza, this is a common thing.  Then some titwhore appears (and like she needs a bra seriously) attacking Sei but Sei’s like pro with guns so he manages to fend her off. In fact she keeps coming after Nanako and it’s all apparently because of Subaru WARREN. He was like I’m just bein a weeaboo comin’ to Japan to look at shit and I guess this lady came along. She looks/sounds like his sister in the first game and I never really did catch on why the hell she was around in the first place. Anyway so then Seichan proposes marriage to Nanako and she’s like “wait…you mean you actually loved me? That’s why you’re proposing right??” (ಠ_ಠ) Nanako says she doesn’t mind but it’s still a rather odd relationship to be “engaged” but they still never admit to each other that they are in love. When Nanako asks Seichan why he’s spent 10 years investigating her family incident and he says it’s because the Shinobazu7 were his first group of friends.

sei02The incident broke them apart and the killer is still running free so he wanted revenge. At the school festival Seichan breaks the news that Segashira is actually Nanako’s missing brother Subaru. He’s been this massive badass mafia man and he started turning Seijuro’s members against him to test him if he was good enough to protect his imouto-chan.  Subarunii then tells Nanako he stole the photos because it was evidence of him “existing” and since he’s such a badass he must wipe all traces of himself. After this Subarunii tells Seijuro to take care of Nanako and he disappears into the sunset~. Nanako’s like WRYYYYY do you do this noooooo etc. Best End: Sei admits that Subaru was his hero and he wanted to be like him but now he’s gonna move on. He tells Nanako he loves her and they make out on his nice boat.  Everyone then show Seichan his photo holding Nanako’s hand and smiling breaking his “tough seito kaicho” image. Good End: Nanako moves in with Seijuro because they’re engaged but they’re not yet ready to marry so they run off on a date to the amusement park to get away from all the wedding planning. It actually sounds cuter that it is because Nanako was like “we haven’t admitted out love to each other but someday we will” uh okay you do that. Bad End: Seijuro joins Subaru-nii and they both become anonymous badasses as their existance is wiped like the MIB :lol:. Nanako’s like NOoo why did you pick my brother over mee noooo ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ….lol yea I don’t know.

final thoughts

Well I’m pretty disappointed here like I was in Taiga’s disk. The focus was too much on Nanako’s past and on her brother. I think the story was interesting but at a point it got confusing and when it finally resolved, BAM it ended. Where’s my romance? It’s really weird how Subaru and Miki get to screw her, but Taiga and Seijuro are busy with their manly friendships or whatever the crap. I guess I’m sounding like a broken record saying this but it wouldn’t be as terrible if it was all in 1 game but as a stand alone game it’s pretty disappointing.  So far it’s been good bad every other disk which only means Genki’s will be great and Taku’s (my favorite) will be awful. I’m not sure if either are worth buying at this point because now I’m pretty paranoid. I mean who casts Toriumi Kousuke in a dummy head mic game and doesn’t have him doing any prpr?? Blasphemy!


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  1. Lmfao yeah I mean for only one character per CD I guess they have to be short, there’s only so much you can do with one chara per disc haha and gg nii-san, way to pop in then disappear `-` Yeah hopefully they’ll break their trend and make the last few discs really good or something xD

  2. I mean most of these shinobazu games are pretty short to begin with but yea it was just plot plot mafia yakuza crap then bam it’s over. The fact that she finally meets her brother and bam he vanishes. Yea the bad end was totally ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ xDD The last 2 chars are my fav so I will cry if either one is bad T_T

  3. And here I was getting ready for a nice long review about this game and then I click read more and BAM the review is over with LOL WHERE WAS THE ROMANCE/SUBSTANCE IN THIS GAME ?_? I don’t even understand what’s going on anymore lmfao and the bad end was like the bromance/BL end between Seijuro and Subaru lol
    Ahh unfortunate but I guess I saw it coming lol hopefully the last two discs won’t be as disappointing as this one was!! A girl can hope, right? ;A; lol

  4. WEll Miki’s was good so was Subaru’s but Taiga & Seijuro…blah lol.
    Yea if they ruin Taku I’ma be upset but I also like Genki so I have hope his will be decent XD

    I wanted my Toriumi fanservice!! ;_____;
    I’m still with Miki’s disc, but I don’t know if I should keep playing this, I’m a poor gal, you know.
    Anyway, Taku is also my #1 and I would be VERY upset if they ruined it, I mean, c’mon, Tatsu can do plenty of… eerm.. gorgeous things with his tongue (?)

    I still look forward to your next reviews, let’s hope we’re wrong!! *0*

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