Otome Game Review: Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~

Our heroine Alice Liddell finds herself falling down as usual with Peter holding her in his arms. She tries to ask him wtf’s going on but he magically vanishes without saying a word and dumps her into the country of Diamonds. The country of Diamonds major areas are the Castle of Diamonds, The Hatter Mansion, The Train Station and the Graveyard & Art Museum (which are right next to each other.) Alice is now in a new country but unlike her previous move from Heart to Clover, nobody here remembers who she is – except for Nightmare. Suddenly characters like Nightmare and Ace are shotas, Dee & Dum are only in adult form and Vivaldi, Gowland and Pierce are missing in action. Additionally the castle of Diamonds is run by the queen of Diamonds, Crysta Snowpigeon and the new prime minister is now a black rabbit named Sidney Black. Over at the art museum & cemetery area is another mafia with a leader by the name of Jericho Bermuda who is a dodo bird. Alice has to figure out what the hell is going on and at the same time try to convince everyone to like her again. Unfortunately unlike the country of hearts, everyone’s feelings towards her are as cold as a frozen diamond.

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Ameba Mobile Game Review: Himitsu Kareshi -Idol Hitotsu Yane no Shita-


Hikari just got laid off work, bummed out and depressed she wanders around until she bumps into some hot dude. Turns out he’s a popular idol and since she recognizes him, he grabs her and brings her to his apartment. Apparently he shares it with 3 others idol room mates and their apartment care taker has recently quit. He offers, or rather shoves, the new care taker job on to Hikari whether she likes it or not. And so, Hikari’s adventures of living with idols begins.

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Otome Game News 12/2012

I’ve been keeping my updates in google docs so I can just copy pasta right into wordpress! ←lazy bum
amneAmnesia is being ported to Iphone & Android. Oh well I think it’s better than porting Hiiro or Hakuoki so yea more power to that!

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*<(。´∀`)ノ【∮*+゜*。Merry Xmas。* ゚+*∮】


Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get to spend it with someone lovely (♡ ≖‿ゝ≖).