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Quin Rose AGF Anthologies

I would normally post this on my FC2 blog but their image uploader sucks harder than my Dyson vacuum so gonna post here instead =D.
With proxy fees and shipping I pretty much paid about $36 per book. The books are pretty big but still it’s very expensive, so I’ll just give my impressions after the jump.

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Otome Game Review: Grimm the Bounty Hunter

Lisa Bernet is a bounty hunter who decided to become one so she could follow in the footsteps of her badass mother. She took strict training under Bremen March but despite him saying “bounty hunters aren’t saviors”, Lisa can’t help but try and rescue those in need. She has ridiculous strength, and can lift up trees and heavy boulders if need be to save someone.  She goes to the bar to pick up bounties from the organization called Grimm, and most of the WANTED list consists of Grimm Brothers characters :lol:. It’s up to Lisa to capture them and get rich quick,  but she may have a little problem when she starts fraternizing with her targets.

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