Otome Game Review: S.Y.K. ~Shinsetsu Saiyuki~

Since Otomate decided to do a game based off Houshin Engi, I figured now would be a good time to get this out of my backlog. This is basically Otomate’s spin on a Journey to the West.  Since this is the Japanese version though, it’s actually quite similar to this, but instead Genjou Sanzou this time is our HEROINE,  who gathers her group of good looking idiots to go on an epic adventure to Tenjiku to save the world!

OTHER ends: I did the “other” endings first to get them out of the way and to do 1 run first. End 1 , Gokuryu blows the entire village up to kill the youkai. End 2, Goku refuses to come along with Genjou and goes off somewhere. End 3 everyone gets piss drunk and Goujou ends up reaping havoc in town…and getting jailed. Due to him being jailed they cannot continue their journey the end. 😆 In ending 4, Genjou gets captured by Ranfan and locked up in a jail cell. Finally after arguing for days like idiots, her  stooges come to save her. If she doesn’t ask her stooges to “rescue” her ..she dies. In ending 5, they finally get to Tenjiku but apparently Genjou’s not properly trained so they can’t open the doors. In ending 6 they’re able to open it and save the world I guess. Time passes and Genjou’s back to working at the temple as a teacher while her band of stooges go their separate ways. In ending 24(?), Genjou ends up in heaven with Yousen scolding her for ignoring people’s cries for help and just following Goku around. \( ^o^)/  Actually I might have lost track of the endings since they were randomly numbered so pardon me if the numbering is off!

Gojou – Well as seen from the general route, Gojou is the serious type guy. He’s actually TOO serious so the moment he gets drunk, he’s so serious he becomes an idiot :lol:. The reason his left eye is red is because of a sin he committed in the past. Gojou is also really bad with women and he gets defeated if any of them use their “sexuality” as a weapon. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for Genjou, she’s always in rags so I guess he doesn’t consider her too much of a “woman” and this is never an issue. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ During a rainy night Genjou & Gojou take cover in a temple where she falls asleep with him patting her head. The next day all the guys rage at them for spending time “alone” together while they searched for them in the pouring rain xD. When they all go to the desert in ending 14 if you fall for the mirage the story ends. If you manage to overcome it, Gojou tells everyone that it’s an oasis and everyone goes over there to rest for the night and finally get some water. While they’re chatting it up alone together, they both slip and fall into the lake where they continue apologizing over and over to each other…until they realize what position they are in. (♡´౪`♡) Anyway they finally arrive at Tenjiku but Gojou starts babbling about how he’s useless and that he only came along out of guilt of his past sins. Genjou tells him to stop being a whiny bitch and he’s like (;゚д゚)ェ… and decides to put his whining aside and move on xD.

Awesome heroine is awesome. When they get to the room with the Kyoten, Genjous has dejavu feeling like she’s taken it before but as far as she knows this is the first time she’s ever been here…which is because she’s a reincarnation of some dude from 500 years ago that was on the same mission. Suddenly Gojou realizes there’s tears coming from his red eye and says that it’s his “sister” crying because he’s finally atoned for his sins. When Gojou was 12, he caught some deadly illness and was just waiting for the end on his deathbed. So then Kanon showed up and told him that if he wants to live, Kanon can make this wish come true. Gojou begged him saying he doesn’t want to die. So then shota god Kanon shows up again, and tells Gojou that he needs to kill Genjou and use her soul to revive the Kyoten in order to save the world! Genjou tells him that she doesn’t blame him for anything and that sometimes it’s necessary to die. If you have no parting words, you’ll head towards bad ending #15 where Gojou stabs and kills Genjou. If your parting words are that Gojou is a strong person, instead of killing Genjou, he instead cuts his long hair off and says that in order for him to be happy, he wants to protect her. Kanon’s like “Wtf man your decision’s gonna destroy the world!” but Gojou says that he’ll save the world without sacrificing anybody.

They run out of the temple and back to where Hakkaku & co. are battling. After they do their otomate hit & run strategy, they take rest at a nearby town where Gojou tells Genjou what happened in his past. Turns out that night when he wished to live, instead his sister went out and never returned, taking his death fate upon herself. Despite not directly killing her, he’s felt guilt ever since. He then confesses to Genjou that he loves her and doesn’t want to be without her. Genjou realizes that she feels the same way and starts crying as Gojou hugs her. The next day they return to Tenjiku  where Kanon, in his non shota form, is waiting for them and he’s got sand in his mangina. He wants Genjou dead as usual, because everything pisses him off and he’s still seeking revenge on Genjou from her previous life. Also instead of “saving” the world, he just wants to destroy it (  ゚,_ゝ゚). He then strolls off telling Kisa to kill both Gojou & Genjou and Kisa agrees telling them both it’s not that he wants to kill them but he just wants the Kyoten. After getting tired of defeating Kisa’s non stop demon army, Gojou begs him not to kill Genjou. Genjou then stops being a wallflower and releases the Kyoten and then Kisa  decides that he won’t listen to what PMS-shota has to say. Being slapped in the face with a loss, Kannon rages and then Yousen comes down and tells him to calm his tits. Additionally then Genjou uses the Kyoten to seal Kannon’s soul and instead bring out Shakanyorai (??) who looks like Kanon but has blonde hair.

Shaka thanks her for everything and says that their journey has now come to an end. Yousen then trolls everyone by saying “lawl I was watching you guys the whole time but I was waiting till the last moment to make a grand appearance” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Afterwards, Genjou & Gojou return to town (where the other dudes have all but dropped off the face of the game) and say goodbye and give their thanks to Yousen.  When they return to everyone,  Gojou tells  Hakkai that if he lays a finger on Genjou that he’ll kill him :lol:. Goku says he has to return to heaven but doesn’t want to so he’ll keep running away. Hakkai intends to return to to his homeland and Gyokuryu says that he’ll travel around a bit more on his own to learn new things. They  decide to have 1 last evening together and go drinking. While everyone else is passed out from alcohol, Genjou goes outside to get some fresh air and Gojou follows her. He then asks her if she wants to live together with him and then he takes her around the corner and they make out (/ρ\)いやーん….until Hakkai shows up in a HAY GAIZ WHATS GOIN ON fashion :lol:. In the epilogue, Genjou is living together with Gojou and making him love waifu bentos. She then asks Gojou to stop calling her “Genjou-SAMA” because it’s not as intimate and Gojou blushes like a little girl sand says he’ll need to practice it first. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌   After they take a walk in the evening together, Genjou hugs him and he finally says her name without the sama. (๑→ܫ←๑) I did Gojou first because based on my adventures in the general route I loved him the most. He’s such an adorable dork and that proved to be sweet and romantic near the end…though it’s a pity that he really needs alcohol to “unwind” his tensions :lol:.

Hakkai – Hakkai is the manwhore of the group who always refers to Genjous as “Hime-san”. All he wants to do is hit on da ladies  everytime they go to a new town and that includes married nurse ladies when he’s in jured 😆 He’s also always hitting on Genjou but since Genjou’s not a dumb heroine,  most of the time she just rolls her eyes & ignores him. He does ask her a serious question one night, why does she as Genjou not as Sanzou Hoshi want to save the world and she responds by saying she wants to protect all the kids at the orphanage she worked at. Hakkai then says that he kinda misses his family back at his hometown and says he wants to do his best for them as well. That’s when Genjou realizes that he acts like an idiot only as a coverup. When they return to Hakkai’s town in chapter 7 and Genjou is worried about her appearance not being feminine enough….Hakkai gets the drift and decides to go clothes shopping with her. ( ≖‿≖) She ends up not bying the cute dress he picks out for her but says she’ll think about it after their journey ends. When a few days later Genjou gets sick, Hakkai comes over to her bed and pats her on the head telling her not to overwork herself. (*´꒳`*) They eventually make their way to Tenjiku as always and when they go inside, Nataku shows up and starts attacking Hakkai saying that “he doesn’t need him as a pawn anymore.”

And so in ending 11 which is a bad end, Hakkai and Genjou both get stabbed & killed by  Nataku. That’s what happens when you  don’t stalk Hakkai in chapter 8 :lol:. So yea if you go stalking him, he reveals that he has like 12 siblings and he used to sew clothes for his little sisters. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 When they get to Tenjiku, before she can take the Kyoten, Hakkai hugs her saying that he wishes she never came here. Suddenly she blacks out and wakes up alone in a small room. Suddenly Hakkai shows up with his hair down and in some kind of robe outfit telling her to eat up because she’ll be staying here for a while. So yea pretty much lock up time while Hakkai has his inner battle between loyalty to the bad guys or his love for Genjou. He then claims that because Genjou is the Sanzou Houshi, she will “save the world” but it will not “save his homeland.” So then he like drugs her up so she can’t move and he carries her to the basement of some tower to perform the Kyoten ceremony. Gdi is this Toma or some shit? Man I guess I never realized how many “locking you up” games Otomate really had until Amnesia made it blatantly obvious. While carrying her down, Genjou starts crying and finally when he gets down to where the ceremony will be he finds out that they plan to pretty much exchange her life for “reviving” their country.

Hakkai’s like OH SHIT THAT AINT WHAT I WAS TOLD and starts trying to protest but ends up being held back while they tie Genjou to the alter. Fortunately Otomate’s deus ex machina character Yousen comes down and gives Hakkai a chance to grab Genjou and run for it. They get to a village and hide in between buildings where Hakkai kisses her and passes a medicine to remove the paralyzation that she had on her. He then says that even if she wasn’t paralyzed, he would have kissed her anyway and Genjou realizes then that she loves him since he gave up his country all for her. Hakkai then tells her he loves her as well and they end up making out some more. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ GDI I was just hating on this guy but 萌━━━━ハァ(* ´Д`)ハァ━━━━ぇ↑↑ So then they escape into the forest  where they get all ichaicha in front of the campfire as they spend the night together…until Genjou wakes up the next morning only to find out that Hakkai is gone. Gojou and co. show up telling them that he left and told them to “take care of the rest” so he obviously went back to his country to try and convince his dad to make deals with the demon. The demon of course being Kisa’s younger brother Nataku, who apparently got exhiled from the heavens and is now seeking revenge on Youzen. Sadly what he realizes is that if he tries to kill Youzen, his BL sidekick and older brother Kisa will come after his life as well.

So anyway Genjou & her friends all go to Gandalla to save Hakkai who’s been imprisoned by his own father. They then go and try to stop Nataku who then goes bat sheit and turns into a fugly demon dude. Fortunately as usual Youzen comes down and saves everyone but not before Nataku gets a chance to come after Genjou. Hakkai gets in the way and get stabbed so Genjou uses her magical priestly powers (and  the Kyoten) to bring him back to life and that’s when Hakkai goes & stabs Nataku to “free” him from the demonic rage. Kisa then bawws over his otoutokun and Youzen says he’ll forgive him and let him back into heavens eventually but Nataku bitches saying that he’ll continue trying to kill him. Youzen just responds with “lol try it if you can trollface.jpg”. And so since the journey is over everyone goes their separate  ways except for Genjou who is held back by Hakkai who announces that she’s going to be his waifu 😆 Genjou’s like ( ・`ω・´)ナン…ダト!? but agrees since immediately he asks her to marry him xD. And so in the epilogue the two of them spend a raburabu morning rolling around in bed together until they go to announce the “engagement of the 6th prince of Gandalla”.  Hmm so I think in the end I hated Hakkai less despite that one locking up thing that really put a damper on things. At least he did manage to redeem himself to me and I have to admit I always like the charaou characters so it was really difficult for me to hate him in the first place. (´・ω・`)

Gyokuryu – Gyoku is a water spirit and he sees Genjou as his “master” from day one clinging on to her like a little puppy. Anyone who gets near her faces his rage and his rage means blowing up an entire town :lol:. Typically he’s a man of few words and he gets along better with baby nukos than people. Because of something that happened in the past, Gyokuryu has a fire trauma and he’s afraid of even small fireworks. So then Genjou starts get all upset saying that Gyoku’s obsessed with her former life self and that he only cares about the past rather than the present. Apparently in the past his “master” died and so now that his master’s been reborn again, he’s determined to “protect her” this time. Genjou gives him a hug saying that she’s happy he’s all willing to be her meat shield but she doesn’t want him hurting others for her sake. So then because of this crap Gyokuryu ends up fighting a bunch of youkais and getting hurt himself so that he doesn’t “kill others”. Sigh. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) So then Ara Tits Desuwa & her brother show up and despite Gyoku warning everyone, they all fell for it and  so Genjou gets kidnapped and taken to Tenjiku, forced to open the gate for them. Fortunately Gyoku kicks everyone’s asses and comes to save Genjou. The two of them then head for the Kyoten and when they get there, Kougaiji comes to cockblock them. In addition his lackeys Aratits Desuwa & her bro show up and stab poor Gyokuryu. Fortunately Kinkaku & Ginkaku decide to like betray their master and they allow Gyoku & Genjou escape, at the same time as  Gojou & Hakkai show up to add reinforcements.

After they’re resting in town, Gyoku tells  Genjou that the reason he’s immortal is because of the Kyoten’s powers from before. He also then tells Genjou that he likes her for who she is right now, and doesn’t compare her with his “master” from 500 years ago. After they return to Tenjiku they also rescue Kinkaku & Ginkaku and offer to even save Ranfan. So then they get to the Kyoten room thing and Ginkaku sets the room on fire and starts wangsting about his duties and Ranfan and Kougaiji and sheit. ( ´_ゝ`) Gyoku decides to grow a pair and use his water powers to try and put the fire out. In the meantime Goku & Youzen are running around hell trying to find where Ranfan has been captured. So then Kougaiji shows up and farts out his flame throwers until Genjou finally uses her priestly powers and thanks to the Kyoten, kicks everybody’s asses. Just then Gojou, Hakkai & Miss Aratits show up as reinforcement to finish the guy off. Gyokuryu gets hurt really badly and then his “immortanlity” seal disappears. He’s on the verge of death but Shaka comes down and tells Genjou that she can save his life by limiting Gyoku’s life to be as long as her own. And so some moments later, Gyoku wakes up and finds Genjou who’s like “Congrats dude you’re a mortal human now!” (*^ω^)ノ∠※PAN!オメデトクラッカー♪ Gyoku is so happy he cries and says he loves her and will be with her forever and ever~. In the epilogue, the two of them are travelling together helping random people out while they continue their platonic relationship (oh yay cause lap naps are so randy!) Wow yea this was a huge disappointment. The route just kept dragging on and nothing concrete actually happening….which is a shame because I feel they could have done so much with this type of character personality. Oh well this must have been one of those “we don’t give a crap about him just moe over his stereotype” Otomate stories….

Goku – Originally known as Seiten Taisei, Genjou gave him the name Goku. Goku is the 500 year old sennin who was banished from the heavens and sealed up in the mountains. Genjou found him and broke his seal first and he wanted to run away at first but she zapped him in place ;D. Most of the time all Goku wants to do is sleep around like a bear and he always complains that everything is so mendokusai. Despite this, he really cares about Genjou and when they’re in town and she looks at some jewelry, he later goes & buys her the one she was glaring at but didn’t buy. (*´ω`*) He of course pretends that he bought it by “mistake” to hide his embarrassment. This is even more clear when Youzen pretends to hit on her and asks if she has any feelings for Goku. He notices that Goku’s watching them so he pretends to kiss her until Goku shows up and grabs his woman away. ( ≖‿≖)うふふ When they get to Tenjiku and grab the Kyoten, suddenly Goku starts having seizures and just then the douchebag Kougaiji shows up  and sets the place on fire rendering Gyokuryu useless. Once everyone is down, including even Goku who gets badly injured, Genjou has her 500 year flashback and and uses her spell to attack Kougaiji. Suddenly after doing this, Goku’s outfit turns white and his hair turns black and his seizures get strong to the point where everything flashes to white and Genjou has yet another flashback to her former life self, Konzenshi’s ,and Goku’s past. It’s revealed Goku was the lord of the underworld who wanted to take revenge on the heavens.

She started having a chat with him and also gave him the name Goku. Turns out that the demon lord had consumed Seiten Taisei’s soul in a battle of heaven vs hell. And so he was banished to earth because he couldn’t go back to either heaven or hell and he’s been stuck in limbo. He asks Konzenshi to kill him to put him in peace but instead she goes to where the present time Tenjiku is and seals the Kyoten there so that she could take care of this uh…problem in her next life. Youzen gets pissed off that the demon lord pretty much took over Seiten Taisei’s body and as a punishment, he decides to seal the demon lord’s memory and replace it with happy memories from Seiten Taisei instead. This way, if the seal ever breaks, he will feel horror & despair of losing everything precious to him because all of it was fake. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Genjou’s in a genjitsu (haha I’m so funny :roll:) until she realizes that it’s all a dream when Goku says “Let’s not go to Tenjiku!” lol. She snaps out of it to find  Goku in his demon lord form and then Youzen comes down to saying that he implanted Seiten Taisei’s memories inside of Goku. He then says that he hates him for like over 500 years and all he did was wait for Goku to recall his memories so he could kill him and take his revenge for his bff.

He also makes fun of Goku saying that despite having fake memories, he still managed to fall in love with Konzenshi once more – through her reincarnation as Genjou. He also adds that because Konzenshi was in love with the demon lord and didn’t kill him, a lot of people died 500 years ago. Genjou then tells Youzen to stfu and that while she may be Konzenshi’s reincarnation, she’s not her but that she’s Genjou m9( ゚д゚)ビシッ!! So then Youzen decides to be an asshole and decides he will first kill Genjou in front of Goku, to make him suffer even more pain, before killing him too.  He then pulls an “otomate hit & run” and says he wants Genjou & Goku to become “even closer” so that when he comes back to kill them, it’ll be even more painful. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ While they’re resting at the nearest town, Goku tells Genjou to run somewhere far away while he goes to face Youzen alone. They go chat in the woods where Goku starts moping about how he’s the demon lord and that she should hate him and that her feelings for him are just Konzenshi’s feelings. Genjou slaps him and tells him to stfu and that she loves him as herself not as Konzenshi. Finally Goku’s like (〃ノωノ) and stops beating around the bush and says “alright if you say so” and grabs and kisses her. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪

They both decide to band together and try to do what they couldn’t 500 years ago. Meanwhile back at the heavenly ranch, Kisa tries to convince Youzen to stop being a dickwad and he comes to Goku & co for help to stop him. Suddenly the Tenjiku gang all came back (despite dropping off the face of the earth for the past 2 hours of gameplay) and they’re awwwright with Goku being a former demon lord :lol:. So anyway they go back to Tenjiku where Youzen plays soccer with Goku’s head until Goku’s like “……..screw this shit I quit ww.” He then beats up Youzen and unleashes his demon powers thanks to Shaka and Kisa removing the seal on them. Afterwards Shaka comes down says that they don’t want Youzen quitting his job up in heaven so instead they will seal his powers so he can’t go PMS raging anymore. And so Shaka takes away Goku’s powers since Goku doesn’t care about being heavenly or demonly being and just wants to exist as “Goku”.  Afterwards they meet up with the gang (who I forgot about again….) and they all say goodbye as the others go their separate ways. Since Goku’s become human, he goes back to the orphanage with Genjou and she tells him if he don’t work he don’t eat! 😆 And so in the epilogue, they’re at the orphanage living together and getting cockblocked by all the kids there. \( ^o^)/ Oh man Goku HNNGGGGG |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  welp favorite character hands down! The moment he begins blushing and getting all dere dere …萌━━━━ハァ(* ´Д`)ハァ━━━━ぇ↑↑  Or maybe I am just biased to Suwabe… xD. It was obvious he’s the main dude the story line is centered around so his route wrapped up a lot of things nicely (and at least this time Youzen wasn’t Mr. Deus Ex Machina.)

Ranfan (Suou) – So Ranfan is the neighborhood okama who is also working for the underworld with his Team Rocket band of  Kinkaku and Ginkaku trying to capture  pikachu Genjou. They pretty much fail miserably the whole game until his route where suddenly Genjou becomes a bumbling idiot who continues thinking he’s a WOMAN and they both end up in a dark cave. Ranfan then puts a sleeping powder in some “medicine” he gives to Genjou and DESPITE HER BEING REALLY SUSPICIOUS OF HIM SHE DRINKS THE DAMN THING ANYWAY. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Needless to say, she gets knocked out cold and so he takes her to the underworld and throws her in a prison cell where he returns to his non trap outfit. SUDDENLY GENJOU IS LIKE SO DUMB SHE CAN’T EVEN TELL THAT HE AND RANFAN ARE THE SAME PERSON. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ Suou’s like “umm hello are you stupid I’m the same guy sigh.” Since Enmaou’s been gone and killed by the heavens, Gyumaou’s taken over (I call him the cow king cause seriously…牛 xD.) They’re butthurt that the heavens did their job for them for 500 years ago and now they want to flex their muscles and show them who’s boss!!!1one 🙄 Suou is the reincarnation of the fake Sanzou Houshi and so he has the symbol on his hand as well which is why he was abducted by the underworld when he was a child.

He used to be part of a travelling acting troop and so since he loved acting as a child, that’s why he was able to get into the act of being a woman xD. He was brought up by Kinkaku & Ginkaku so they’re almost like parents to him (even though most of the time they feel like he’s the one taking care of them.) He hated the underworld at first, but grew to like it and wants to protect it so that’s why he wants the Kyoten. After Suou and his Team Rocket bring Genjou to Tenjiku, our 4 MAIN HEROES SHOW UP TO SAVE HER. Seriously they just dropped off the face of the game until now! Suou threatens to kill her if they try to take her away but he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to kill her and he only wants the Kyoten.  Unfortunately things don’t go just as keikaku and obviously the Cow King is like “screw your peaceful underworld I WANT POWER CAUSE IM AN EVIL DEMONIC KING HAW HAW HAW!” And so he throws the poor guy in jail while Kinkaku & Ginkaku decide to let Genjou escape since things didn’t go as expected. Genjou’s already fallen in love with Suou so she says she wants to rescue him first. They manage to fight of Nataku and rescue Suou and take rest in a cave above ground. This gives Suou and Genjou a chance to pretty much get “closer” until Kin & Gin cockblock. (。≖ˇωˇ≖。 ) When Suou recovers from his injuries and they keep travelling he stops and tells Genjou to go home alone while he attempts to go back to the underworld to recover the Kyoten.

She’s like “uh how about no” and grabs her man and kisses him イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! Man Kondo you kill me. (*´д`*)ハァハァ  In the meantime Kin & Gin were like (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟)●REC in the bushes :lol:. So then OUR 4 SAIYUKI GUYS SHOW UP ONCE MORE (they once again dropped off the face of the game) demanding that Suou let Genjou go. Genjou’s like “wait gaiz we’re like lovers now don’t  attack!” And so they all go back to hell to fight Mr. Cow until Shaka shows up and tells everybody to chill dafuq out. Afterwards Kin & Gin return to the underworld and then SUOU’S Like I GOTTA GO BACK TO SORRY GENCHAN BYE. Genjou’s left alone to cry and have sleepless nights for 3 months and just when Gojou-tan is about to GO FOR THE REBOUND, Suou shows up and claims his woman in an inn later that day (/ρ\)いやーん. Alright I sorta derailed there but it was kinda like “why do you need to go back to hell you’re a HUMAN I don’t care that you spent a lot of your youth there you weren’t BORN there damn”. Also apparently Suou becomes a substitute demon lord and underworld ambassador. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Otomate logic. Alright well the balls plot & characters dropping left & right aside, I liked Suou a lot but now that I think about it I think it’s just my Kondo Takashi bias GOING STRONG HERE. (*´д`*)ハァハァ

That was shorter than I expected! Well I also got kind of lazy and skipped a lot of the omakes in the bonus track. No offense to the bonus track but I didn’t find it all the interesting. I liked the character profiles part but putting CGs after a massive text dump? Lol Otomate you’re so funny, not. ( ´_ゝ`) Didn’t help that the text was on this busy background and it was pretty much unreadable to the point that even if I wanted to read it, it hurt my eyes. I did like the 4koma omakes and the bonus pics and cute little romantic words? scene. It makes me realize though, I should have played the PS2 version. I have no idea what “new” parts were added but I certainly didn’t feel like anything “new” was added. If it’s something in the omakes, then lol whatever. I would have dropped those to see larger full size CGs any day. In some Otomate ports when the CGs are cropped to PSP format it’s not as bad but I felt like a lot of important details got cut off so that’s why I used the full CGs in my post. Goku, Gojou & Ranfan were my favorites! I don’t hate Hakkai but he had uh his little issue and well Gyokuryu bored me to tears so I’m really confused as to why the hell he won the character poll. I guess people love to stare at moeblob shotas for 6 hours while absolutely nothing happens. ┐(‘~`;)┌  Grumblings aside, I think the game is fairly enjoyable and rather funny! The story was pretty nice and I liked the music s a lot. Be warned though this one has Otomate’s common “the ending is resolved with some deus ex machina coming down and solving everything!”. I think my favorite part of the game is Genjou. She is the most kickass heroine I’ve seen from Otomate in a LONG TIME. Like holy crap man she told it like it is and she whipped her boys in line and when push came to shove she kicked butt. Yes there were moments when she did cry but for the most part she was probably the most sane one of the group. If you’re looking for  a game with a great heroine then this is definitely it.  My only final grumble is the fact that characters would drop off the face of the earth without warning and then randomly come back. Like I’d see someone disappear during a battle then I’d forget about them until suddenly in the ending HAY GUYZ WHAT DID I MISS!? comes back. (ಠ_ಠ) So yea that was weird but yea I think this game is still worth playing and I plan to tackle the fandisk next!

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  1. Oh, I like the art on this, I might give this a try. Too bad about Gyoku not being too good, I was interested in a romance with a water spirit. And I don’t think I’ll be able to take Goku seriously despite him being the main dude, because all I can think about is Son Goku from DB. Although that might be amusing too.

    Also, on other news, I might not play BWS for PC anymore. They revealed a scene where the heroine gets punished with a branding iron and that she’ll be branded again if she moves…..rejet I know you said dark, but WTH are you thinking? And I have a feeling that this is not a bad ending because the game begins with her being suspected of being a witch, so that might happen right after she gets captured.

    1. lol yea I saw the BWS thing…not surprised in the least bit. glad I decided to avoid it like the plague!

      As far as Goku, Suwabe does such a different personality for him I couldn’t think of it at all. actually for me I kept thinking about Saiyuki reloaded or whatever where Goku was a shota lol but yea the chars here are like completely different.

      1. I’m actually kind of a little disappointed that Goku won’t remind me of Son Goku. Son Goku would at least make me laugh. *sigh* So many disappointing games and now a seemingly larger number of horrifying games (I really hope Diabolik Lovers doesn’t get a game), I just want a new otome game that will make me laugh.

        I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the FD though. Otomate hasn’t been on a good trend with them lately, as you personally know. And on other news, Passion Pink has been delayed again. Yep, that game is becoming the otome world’s version of Duke Nukem Forever, I’m calling it.

        1. uummm I hate to break your heart but Diabolik Lovers already has a game in the works 😆 XD

          SYK was a pretty good and funny game and well I liked Goku a lot so you should really give it a chance before you form an opinion ^^; I think the charming characters (even Gyokuryu) are a good part of the game even if not all the routes are that great. Yea I know about Passion Pink – good thing I never really jumped on the BroCon bandwagon so I couldn’t care less to be honest lol

  2. Aww I still like gokuryuu a lot though. Hes a moe blob of adorableness!! I heard about bws being effed up which sux because I was looking forward to it

      1. I’d imagine the FD will have more romance period since Otomate FDs tend to focus on just that. Well I hope anyway since his route made me fall asleep xD

  3. SYK’s art is really pretty ^_^ I agree with Gyokuryu, his route in is rather boring, but you should try the FD, it is better ^_^ But I tend to skip the text a lot lol, this game has a lot of text and kanji (* ̄m ̄)

    Lazy and insomnia Goku is my fave too (≧∇≦)/

    1. haha I try to read everything in case I don’t miss out on any plot details! only games I ever force skip are R-18 ones where it’s some raep scene or something (ಠ_ಠ).
      Playing the FD now x3

  4. WOW, I really like the art in this game ♥_♥ Combine that with badass heroine, I’d definitely play it if I could, I love strong heroines ♥ But I don’t have neither a PS2 or a PSP 😦 I don’t any otomate game will ever get a PC port so I guess I just content myself watching the CGs and stalking your reviews. T___T

    1. well time to invest in a PSP for sure. PS2 is kinda dead now but most otome games are UMD/PSP now it’ll be worth the buy!

      1. Hmm, time to study more so I can get straight As this time around and get my parents to cough up some money for a PSP as they promised. But to do that I’ll have to halt my current otome gaming marathon….choices, choices…

  5. I really loved Goku’s route, he is one of my favorite Suwabe characters (●≧3≦)and cutest NEET ever. ❤ I think Otomate actually put effort into this one unlike most of the games they are pooping out these days :S the humour was good too! His route in the fandisk was really nice ;D

    1. yea his FD route was so adorable (I finished it a few days ago) x3 yea its amazing how much better this game is compared to all the crap Otomate’s been releasing recently :S

  6. “Since Otomate decided to do a game based off Houshin Engi, I figured now would be a good time to get this out of my backlog.”

    My English is not good enough… so I want to ask, Do you mean that this game is based of Houshin Engi or there will be another game?…

      1. Mother of God *_____* if there will be Outenkun(at least someone who looks like him)… DO WANT!

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