BS Halloween event outfit skins are permanent? O_O

I asked on the BS forum if the outfits were 7 day expirations (which seemed like it since they were event items) and someone confirmed that they do not have an expiration date. Holy cow! 😯 For those curious I found on the Japanese BS Wiki the images of the outfits:

malefemaleskeletonsAs you can see the female and male outfits. They come with gloves, top, bottom, shoes, bagpack and a skull mask. The mask is facking hideous so I won’t waste my time trying to get it. Additionally to the outfits you can also get skins for your weapon:

weaponsYou can turn your weapon either into a pumpkin sword or a broom. I like the broom myself…the pumpkins look like you’re about to have a pumpkin shishkabob 😆 You need 200 pieces of pumpkin candy PER PIECE of outfit. This event will end on November 11th. I’ll try to organize the dungeon runs daily if I can but remember the limit is 6 people so first come first serve sorry ><;. Hopefully when I hit 25 and make a guild it’ll be easier to organize these kind of parties (and you guys will stop getting guild spam invites lol.)


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  1. you know what I did – I just logged out before the grandma bosses (thats where I pretty much die) and then I didn’t get a death penalty and. When I logged back in I was back in town and had all my pumpkin seeds. Basically that run gave me 90 seeds so I’d need to basically run it 3 times per item – but I’m trying to get the broom first which requires 500.

  2. P.S. I just took a quick look at the other GamePot USA game, MIR II, which does have an auto-run and a click `n hold to walk function… Doesn`t look like it`d be any fun though, BS looks way better. Talk about irony…

  3. I did some “research” into what exactly made me hate this game`s controls before uninstalling it for real. You see, I like how the game looks, the graphics are smooth `n good and you can create some cute looking loli characters in this game lol.

    I just started to get a bit of a hang of moving about with a better camera angle, until I found out you have to do the camera manually too T_T

    Like, when I click somewhere on the minimap to the left, my char. will go to the left, but the camera `ll still `look` forward (thus not seeing where ur actually going) until you manually adjust it. Why isn`t there an option to keep the camera behind ur char.? I realize that`d suck in dungeons, but outside it won`t.

    Oh well, in the end this game`s just not for me I guess, if it weren`t for the movement/camera controls I might have actually gotten into this for a while.

    That said, I wish you guys alot of luck and fun with this game, which, by the looks of things, you`ll definitely have.

    >@ Ham

    If you really like doing nothing, maybe you should try IdleQuest ( Quote from the site:

    “#IdleQuest is just what it sounds like: an IRC RPG in which the players idle. In addition to merely gaining levels, players can find items and battle other players. However, this is all done for you; you just idle.”

    If you decide to play, keep an eye out for my “Azunyan the Lolicon” lolz

  4. That I don’t really know since I ran out of time, instead of being killed. I did pack a bunch of potions just in case.

  5. I like the broom so I’m probably gonna get that and while the outfit is fugly if it gives good stats I’m getting it too.
    You do get candy faster is you solo it, I got like 180 in one go. =3

  6. Kacey> i dont care so much for the title but I do care about getting that outfit. at the rate I’m getting the pumpkin candy I may end up doing it 30+ times anyway lol. Maybe if I leveled up and was able to solo it I’d get the candy faster XD;;

    Gooey> Pumpkin shishkabob 😆

  7. I just started playing Bright Shadow yesterday, and so far it’s very fun. ^_^ By the way, getting the whole outft and completing the quest 30 and 50 times will get you titles, but I don’t think it’s worth it…

  8. I think I only want to see what the game is. I am not sure if I can play this game. Need some motivation for level up.

  9. no in RO if you were 10 levels apart you couldn’t party PERIOD. Here you can party with any level but pretty much no one will really get exp or something of the sort

  10. Actually I remember that in RO (at least in versions that I’ve played) there was a limitation of exp dependent of level, if your level difference compared to other party members was higher than 10 you didn’t get as much exp as they did.

  11. omg why do you level so slow 😯
    we’re all around level 18-19 already lol

    btw if your level is too low you won’t be able to party with us because you won’t get any exp. it’s some weird game thing where they don’t want anyone leeching off higher levels like in RO

  12. the only reason to get skins is for the extra stats. for example the cat hat and boots that I got from Meowgel give me additional HP and defense on top of what I’m currently wearing. If you care more about looks than stats then yea don’t bother. I’ll probably get the broom first as well cause it looks too funny. XD

  13. now that i know what the Halloween costumes look like, I’m so not going to spend my time on collecting them. i want a good-looking character. not an ugly skeleton.

    the 1 thing i love to have is 1 of those weapon covers. it just looks way too funny to hit an enemy with a broom.

    I’ll be on again tonight, so we can do a lot of Halloween dungeon tries.

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