Aisp@ce Water Shooting

Well it certainly seems promising but I really don’t get it and it’s really buggy. I had taken more videos but I had trouble with WMM and Adobe Premiere regarding sound so I just gave up and only uploaded the one video where I successfully completed a mission. I guess wearing the rental cosplay helps you but the targetting system is really weird. I’m clicking on & on and nothing happens. Additionally if you lose “HP” your charadoll also loses her clothes…I’m not sure how this is a demotivator to perverted otaku 😆 Too bad for you I couldn’t upload the video of my Ruriko losing her clothes lol, but if you so want to see it, why not try it out yourself?  😛 At least now there’s something to do in aisp@ce except empty your wallets. Hopefully they’ll fix all the bugs so my doll’s body doesn’t run away from her head again lol.


Pangya 4koma #228

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Ugh I wrote “Megurine LukE” instead of Megurine LuKA -_-; What happens when I scanlate like 20 comics in a row ==;;

Reorganization @_@;

Nice bug. :lol:
Nice bug. 😆

It has come to my attention that I’m playing too many games *_*;; Need to reorganize myself a little here. Let’s go down the list of what my current/future plans are for these games (and this blog.)

aisp@ce – Recently they released the water shooting game but I think in order to have any decent shooting power you gotta buy the super expensive nicopoint cosplay. As of October, it’s been 1 year since I began aisp@ce and well it’s pretty much boring. You just buy cash items and chat and that’s about it. The water shooting was supposed to add some spice to the game and I could have sworn they wanted to add a new island but when I logged on the shooting didn’t even work and 1 year later, no new island. I’m thinking around November or so I’ll finally uninstall this thing. Continue reading Reorganization @_@;

Party Castle now in Open Beta!

omg my photo is featured on the front page 😯

As of today Party Castle is now available in open beta! That means anyone can sign up and play.  😀 If you join please add me as a friend! Judging from the banner below the Halloween event it looks like there’s gonna be piapro collaboration events as well. I’ve gotten a little bored with PTC lately but hopefully more events will encourage me to make something new ^^.