No sense in leveling up seriously…


Well there you have it GM confirmation that yes indeed everything will be wiped after closed beta. That’s too bad cause I really wanted that nuko skin. I guess it was really too good to be true and all those items are gonna be cash items only… 😐 There’s some event going on where they want people to level up and the guild with the highest level will win some crappy fireworks in the open beta. Useless. I got spam invited into a guild twice so I clicked yes just so the invites would stop coming. I really have no intention to level up and then have to do it all over again once Open Beta begins. By the way the closed beta ends next Wednesday  and I pretty much reported all the bugs I ran in. Besides, next week is Pangya JP’s Halloween event and I really need to collect pang for Erika’s umbrella. I don’t have time to uselessly level up and then have my week of effort go down the toilet ^^;.

I did take a few videos of my bright shadow adventures (and by adventures I mean running around 2 towns) but I don’t think they’re really worth posting. Maybe I’ll make a compilation of them later or something, too tired right now ~_~;. I think I’m playing/participating in too many online games these days ^^;.


Pangya 4koma #222

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TinierMe’s Halloween Gacha :x

myitchOkay so TinierMe’s gacha is out. It’s not so bad though. It only costs 25 coins to play and I think these items are tradeable (giftable). While we’re on the topic of trading I got some dupes:

wolfears witchhat

If anyone’s interested in trading for either of those let me know. I already have the blue and pink witch hats and the orange and black ears as well so I don’t need those. We can trade for different items as well I don’t care. Poke me on my profile, I think I made a journal entry. XD There’s also some treasure hunt event where you can go around the tinierme town and find treasures that will either give you items or chibi-coins. Sounds kinda fun to me so I’ll try it after work.