Bright Shadow Halloween Event

So the BS Halloween event involves you talking to the pumpkin shota:

halloweeneventbsWhen you and all of your party speaks to him once, the party leader will then teleport everyone to the instance dungeon where you fight monsters ranging from level 8-20something. THey were so damn large I couldn’t see their HP bars or levels 😕 We got our butts kicked multiple times between levels 13-16 but just like with the seal tower the exp was really nice.

The death penalty sucks though so we decided to go level up in seal tower by spamming the Soul Eater quest over & over (since it’s the only one at the time that allowed 4-6 people.) We get like 1 and a half hour to finish the quest but we were able to complete it each time from 6-7 minutes. I took a little video as always 😉

Anyway Bright Shadow’s fun again. It’s funny cause all of us are warriors except JP who is a mage this time. I guess having a lot of attackers/meat tanks really helps speed up  the killing process 😀 Tip – if you’re warrior Str increases attack and Con increases max HP and HP recovery. For Mages, Wis does the MP recovery for you. Anyway inside the Halloween dungeon you collect pumpkin candy which for 200 pieces you can get a piece of equipment. I don’t know if the equipment is permanent…just like the pumpkin pet it may only be a 7 day skin…if so I don’t really think it’s worth it ^^; It’s a realy long dungeon and in the same amount of time you could do seal tower dungeon and get more exp (and green cards to then exchange for a mount tiger.) Anyway I had fun partying with you guys, this is what makes MMORPGs fun, not pointless grinding and long item collecting quests >_>.

I’ll be updating my BS screenshot album tonight since I took a few from today’s adventures ^.^

P.S. We could use a Shaman…lol.


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  1. The graphics look pretty intense.. hmm.. so you would have to join guilds or follow a group to go and level up when you battle and it is a free for all rumble?

  2. i will survive a little bit longer now, i have a complete new outfit + sword. although i don’t get how i could have a higher defense with an outfit which is more revealing than the one i used before.

    it was a lot of fun yesterday with all the group quests. i hope we can do a lot more of those quests this week.

  3. Bright Shadow looks interesting, and I’m getting bored with all the mmo’s i play. :/

    I also like playing healer! (basically all magic classes. xD) So maybe I’ll try it out and be the shaman you seem to desperately need lol. I wonder how 5 warriors would even survive well without a healer. x_x

  4. That`s just me I guess… I payed for WoW too, and sometimes I didn`t play it for 1-2 weeks lol. I just hate the thought of not being able to play a game when I actually feel like it.

    (I still have a 60-day WoW card lying around in case I wanna un-freeze my account. It had been frozen for 3 years until a few months ago when I suddenly felt like playing)

    What can I say, I guess “a monkey has a short attention span” rings very true for me. xD

    If I find a new game I usually play it somewhere between a week and a few months, then get bored, ditch it, only to usually pick it up for another few weeks months/years later…

    I remember when Auto Assault still existed (curse NCSoft for killing it) I had payed for 3 months and only played like, a day total or something. Altough AA was a special case, I did it too hoping they`d keep the server alive.
    If there`s MMO I`d love to play again it`d be Auto Assault, but I guess that will never happen… I have a collector`s edition sitting there on my shelf, which is now worth nothing T_T

  5. its strange that you hardly play pangya but you were so desperate to find a VPN before…and were paying for a VPN before…like if you don’t play it that much why waste so much money X_X;

  6. Probably because I hardly ever play Pangya 😉

    And yeah I`m a solo player mostly, I think I`ve been in a party in WoW about 3 times, and I played the game several months lol.

    I usually just chat with ppl in-game and mind my own business besides that.

  7. >izumi maybe it’s better for you that you don’t play this awesome game

    1. you only spend 1 hour at most at a game per day, unless it’s called wow or fallout 3.
    2. you’re not a team player
    3. the lvl gap between hinano and me compared to yours will always be big.

    i’m lvl 19 right now, lvl 20, here i come

  8. Lol, I think I`m too lazy for that…

    I`m used to games like Fallout `n WoW, just pressing the auto-run button `ll make ur char keep running forward until you tell it to do otherwise…

    Very convenient if you gotta walk a 15 minutes distance. All you use the mouse for is adjust the way ur going a bit so you keep on the path (with the mouse button continiously pressed).

    RO already ticked me off a bit because it didn`t have auto-run, but at least I could bear with it cuz I could at least keep the mouse button pressed… (still didn`t rlly like the fact I gotta move by mouse though)

    I remember someone inviting me to Rappelz, which has a similar movement system… Like here, I tried it for 15 minutes, then de-installed it cuz of the movement system.

    Dunno why, for some reason I just hate moving by mouse. (except in RTS games)

    Oh well, saves me the hd space and alot of time 😛

  9. DS> you need to get some new equipment or else you’re gonna keep dying lol.

    Izumi> most mouse click games work like that You just click far ahead where you are going (or click on the mini map that’s what I do) You don’t need to click like 5 inches away from your char every time, that’s obviously gonna be annoying lol. Maybe Asu can teach you he seems to have gotten the hang of it XD

    Asu> I had no idea your girl had twin tails! When you had the helmet on I thought she just had long hair…weird lol. And lol yea the sandwich was funny xD; I must have forgotten to take a screenshot of that or something.

  10. woot, i’m there. that quest was awesome. altough my attack was still sucky there. i still got the noob sword. but i got a better weapon now, so i can kill a lot more in the same time. i hope we will do this a lot more times, good exp and it’s fun to kick some umbras butt.

    but the most funniest thing would still be this moment. the sandwich Hinano:

    but i really like how they have drawn the characters. it’s already an old pic by now, but this is my character without a helm.

  11. Tried this game for about 5-10 minutes but I find the controls annoying as hell…

    At least in RO I can keep my left mouse button pressed and my char. will follow the mouse. Here it seems to require a click for every move…

    Is there any way to keep ur char. walking without having to click for every 5 inches I wanna move? If not, count me out on this one www.

    I`d hate to get RSI just cuz a game requires me to click 40 times a minute just cuz I wanna move about lol

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