Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~In Autumn~

And so we’re back with the fall season game. Just as the others it features Tsukiko and her 3 eligible bachelors – in this case, her teachers. As expected one of the main “plotlines” of the game is just that – she’s a student, they’re teachers, IT’S A FORBIDDEN RELATIONSHIP! The thing is it doesn’t feel that bad to me because 2 of them are younger than me and one of them is the same age as my husband xDDD. There’s a couple weird things though. Suzuya and Kanata are still around to “look out” after Tsukiko in text form but they never have any dialogue on or off screen (although they do appear in one of the CGs.) The other thing is that Tsukiko mentions how Yoh went back to France but she also said this in the Summer game and boom he’s there in the background of Cgs in both this and the summer game. Talk about inconsistency lol. While it appears that Tsukiko continues her archery club activities, only the teacher in charge is ever mentioned (obviously since he’s one of the main characters) but the 3 summer boys do appear in one of the CGs. (Homare senpai (´;ω;`)) Anyway spoilers & stuff after the jump!

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Too bad when Max & Arin get all ichaicha, it has to be blown to pieces. 😆