Pangya 4koma #243

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Uh…Bright Shadow open beta on the 26th?

bsobNoticed this on the popup when you load the front page. The CB ends today although I haven’t played it much knowing that there’d be a reset anyway. (I mean what’s the point of leveling up when you don’t really get rewards anyway.) I think all CB testers automatically get $5 or something for participating in CB whether you’re level 5 or level 40 so I didn’t bother. It seems like similarly to the JP version, the quests are completely pointless, the seal tower quests give you the best levels and unless you have mounts, have fun walking through the massive fields. I played BS JP with quests up until level 33 or so but I don’t think I’m gonna wanna do them again since the rewards are pretty crappy.

It was like that with RO too though. No one ever did quests cause you’d level faster in the pyramid or payon dungeons with a party then go collecting items. I think the quests just give you something to do if you’re bored of just grinding the same monsters over and over. Additionally I’m generally shocked that anyone even reached level 40 in a week. I didn’t even reach level 40 playing for 3 weeks in Japan BS ^^; Eh I dunno is anyone gonna play this next week? It was fun for the first 3 hours but I dunno I think the novelty has wore off for me. If it ends up being JP and I again, then I’m quitting because at that rate we might as well be playing on the Japanese servers again.