Pangya 4koma #176

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Sorry Dolfini, no muscle man gachimuchi suit for you. 😆


Cut-In System

What is this, Mortal Kombat? XD
What is this, Mortal Kombat? XD

I think Pangya Japan is getting the cut-in system this week, or possibly next week. Either way 4gamer has posted a movie showing an example of what it looks like. I don’t really get it other than being some kind of visual eye candy when you hit a power shot or get a HIO or whatnot. I guess this also is what they mean when you can design your “own cutins” and then sell them for people to purchase. I’m guessing these cut-ins are permanent just like with the title system which is why the original 4gamer post listed things such as “HIO” to cost 35,000 pang. Obviously the cut-in above was designed by NyaNya, but there’s a lot of really talented Pangya fanartists who can create cut-ins and sell them in the shops. I’m actually looking forward to this – I just hope that the cut-in blanks aren’t going to be cookie items like with self design. I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being the case though.