Tinierme Thanksgiving & VK Gacha

Eh it’s been a while so I guess I’ll update this blog with something lol.

Tinierme’s newest gacha is more visual kei stuff. Bleh lol. As if we didn’t have enough of those in the shop. I tried for the hell of it, surprisingly I didn’t get duplicates for a while and was able to get a single copy of a lot of items actually! Once I got my first duplicate I stopped though. Trading is so annoying and I don’t particularly care for this line of stuff anyway.

The 2nd event is of course to celebrate thanksgiving (I’m going to Turkey Day part deux tomorrow 😆 )so if you earn 60 coins (spam comments, make friends etc) in a day, go into selfy town (in the most left map thing) and talk to this maid npc. She will give you a turkey to stick on your head:

It will look something like this. Yay now my character is a visual kei dinner. 😀


Poupee Girl makes you sparkly!

I’m glad I somehow had 200 ribbons left so I could get the body sparkles & the face sparkles really. The eye makeup and lipstick look identical to stuff that I already have, it’s kinda pointless. On the other hand I sparkle now! (人´∀`*).。:*+゜゜+*:.。.*:+☆ Definitely a limited item worth the purchase. I dunno what the deal with the background wallpaper is though. I guess to promote Shiseido’s new product line.

TinierMe adds OldMaid (ババ抜き)

Ah it’s a cute game I guess. It’s certainly better than the stupid fishing. You can exchange for items as usual if you win enough medals. On my first game I came in 2nd so that’s not too bad I guess xD. I don’t particularly want any of the current items that are available so I probably won’t be playing too much of this. I don’t really do much on tinier me these days. I used to login, comment on peoples diaries, write my own entries but now…meh…lol.

MMO Game & Company Report Cards!

Need to chanel your rage at an MMO game or company somewhere? Well /gg FTW! has opened up a game and company ratings section on their site. That’s right, now you can take all that rage away from the company’s forums (where it will be deleted and you will be banned anyway) and instead out to the public eye!

I’ve already made an account and I’m making my way flaming shit left & right =DD. /gg ftw indeed!

The end of foreign MMO blogging?

I’ve been thinking for a while but I think I may stop blogging about foreign mmos on this blog. (Foreign of course being Japanese since that’s the only “foreign” language I currently know.) There’s a Japanese game that’s going into closed beta soon that I’ve been looking forward to since back in spring of this year. Recently they opened up an event where if you submit a “fansite”, you could get closed beta keys. What did I do? I submitted my Japanese blog instead.  Why would they want a foreigner blogging about their game if it’s targetted towards a Japanese audience? Additionally wordpress doesn’t allow me to use any kind of javascript so I can’t even post their nifty widgets in my sidebar.

I also thought back to the days of Prius Online. I introduced the game here and then 2 weeks later there’s foreigner bannings and IP blocks because some idiots decided to make it known loud & clear that they couldn’t speak a word of Japanese. So with that, I had to end up quitting myself (before I got caught under the ban hammer and because of the massive lag – possibly due to foreign IP throttling).

I know sites like MMOsite or whatever or ONRPG forums often have these threads where people talk about logging on to the game and how to register and etc. but I definitely got a good amount of hits for prius especially the post abou the IP blocking. Obviously non-english fans want to play, which is fine, but they then also expect the Japanese to serve their lack of Japanese knowledge. It’s kinda like how when on PangyaBR all of us got annoyed at the Brazilians who don’t speak English, but I’m sure the Japanese on these MMOs feel the same way when we come running to them going “HALP I DON’T UNDERSTAND – MONEY PLZ”. In any case, I no longer want to be responsible for creating some kind of assistance for these kind of people to get on these games and ruin them for me.

It’s happened with so many games that I’ve played before that I think it’s about time I put a stop to it. I’m still going to blog about any English mmos that I play (if I have the patience to deal with shitty US MMO companies) but I think my foreign MMO blogging ends here. Again I apologize to my friends who are actually completely innocent of this kind of behavior and who actually do follow rules and play nice. Unfortunately I don’t want to keep passwording this entire blog just to avoid the rifraf that may come here via google trying to find ways to ruin the gaming experience.

In the end, this blog may just end up being an otome game only blog xD At least it will be if GamepotUSA doesn’t stop sucking and actually gives Bright Shadow the updates it needs 🙄 I know this decision makes me seem obnoxious, and you’re free to think that but this is my decision and I will stand by it. Thank you for reading.