Tinierme Thanksgiving & VK Gacha

Eh it’s been a while so I guess I’ll update this blog with something lol.

Tinierme’s newest gacha is more visual kei stuff. Bleh lol. As if we didn’t have enough of those in the shop. I tried for the hell of it, surprisingly I didn’t get duplicates for a while and was able to get a single copy of a lot of items actually! Once I got my first duplicate I stopped though. Trading is so annoying and I don’t particularly care for this line of stuff anyway.

The 2nd event is of course to celebrate thanksgiving (I’m going to Turkey Day part deux tomorrow 😆 )so if you earn 60 coins (spam comments, make friends etc) in a day, go into selfy town (in the most left map thing) and talk to this maid npc. She will give you a turkey to stick on your head:

It will look something like this. Yay now my character is a visual kei dinner. 😀


Poupee Girl makes you sparkly!

I’m glad I somehow had 200 ribbons left so I could get the body sparkles & the face sparkles really. The eye makeup and lipstick look identical to stuff that I already have, it’s kinda pointless. On the other hand I sparkle now! (人´∀`*).。:*+゜゜+*:.。.*:+☆ Definitely a limited item worth the purchase. I dunno what the deal with the background wallpaper is though. I guess to promote Shiseido’s new product line.

TinierMe adds OldMaid (ババ抜き)

Ah it’s a cute game I guess. It’s certainly better than the stupid fishing. You can exchange for items as usual if you win enough medals. On my first game I came in 2nd so that’s not too bad I guess xD. I don’t particularly want any of the current items that are available so I probably won’t be playing too much of this. I don’t really do much on tinier me these days. I used to login, comment on peoples diaries, write my own entries but now…meh…lol.

Party Time (´・ω・`)人(´・ω・`)

hinanobdayJust in time this year I picked up cake hats for all my Pangya characters 😀 Thanks everyone who already wished me a happy bday on twitter. Going to see Katori Shingo from SMAP performing in NYC today. (o・ω・o)ノ