Pangya 4koma #165

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pangya4koma165In Japan the more chocolates a guy gets for Valentine’s day the more “wanted” he appears to be. In Max’s case, begging for them doesn’t really prove that. 😆


Play music in the woods with Poupee Girl

Where's Bambi?
Where's Bambi?

Ahh latest Poupee event is “fall”. The weird part is though instead of getting some kind of fall fashions, we get musical dresses. 😯 In addition to that there’s also musical instruments you can buy such as flutes, violins and saxophones. The background of MyHome changes to a fall themed forest full of furry creatures if you put on your musical-wear. I guess they like to listen to you playing your ronery violin in the middle of the woods. 😆 The stuff was expensive as shit. Just for the hat, dress and violin I blew like 500 ribbons ><; Also there were no matching shoes!! What gives Kath? 😐

An early Halloween Project

happyhalloweenFinished my Halloween dress for Alicia. She’s my “big boob” model while Erika is the more smaller chested model. Ironically enough though, I used Kooh’s Halloween dress as a model to make this one. I shoulda used Arin’s I guess? But I really liked Kooh’s design so I went with it. xDD I think it came out okay ^^ You can check out the parts in more detail at my showcase.

For those who gave me your emails for the invite codes – I should hopefully have them by tomorrow afternoon.