Bright Shadow Open Beta First Night

The above is just a brief video I took inside the cave. I had recorded one for Thunder Field but it kept screwing up in premiere so I tossed it 😕 So far things have been okay. Anyone who accidentally k/sed would always appologize (in English.) I didn’t see any of THAT foreign language spam either. A lot of people complained of lag but I really think it has to do with your video card. I have a 500mb GeForce9800GT and I’ve had pretty much 0 lag. The game ran as it always had. JP kept getting disconnected near the end of the night though, not sure why. 😦 I hope this doesn’t become a major issue and I start losing people again. I went into the seal tower and did a solo quest but I’d really like to do some party quests as well T_T;

The Nyatan (Meowtan lolol) hats and shoes and stuff are all still there so you can grab one before they (maybe?) go away. They are permanent skins and they give additional stats on top of your normal armor. The lottery guy is still there too. He gives 7 day items but they’re still pretty decent items considering you can do his lottery on a daily basis. Today I got some slutty shirt that reveals breasts but hey it gives me (somehow) more defense. Oh well isn’t that how it always is? 😆

Additionally Gamepot has said that anyone who was either a) in a GM guild (I was in GM Lime fanclub) or b) submitted at least one bug report will be receiving closed beta prizes. Also I turned level 12 before 9PM EST so I should be getting the pumpkin pet. Finally all CB testers will be getting $5 in Gamepot cash (to use on mounts like I mentioned!!) All in all so far the game is looking promising, and I’m enjoying it a lot more than Pangya’s fucktarded box grindfest.

What did everyone else who played think?


Uninstalling Aisp@ce.

The thing behind me is one of the reasons for quitting.
The thing behind me is one of the reasons for my quitting.

I couldn’t bring myself to do it but basically this week I’m hitting my 1 year anniversary..and I look back at the absolutely nothing that I’ve done with that game. The water shooting wasn’t enough to keep me around but the fact that their Halloween event once again falls during time when I’m sleeping or working….yea I’ve had enough ^^;. I think the initial concept was good but they can only really keep hard core otaku who love looking up 3D animu girls pantsu and will spend thousands of dollars to do so. Sorry, not my kind of bandwagon. 😕

Some notes before the BS Open Beta

bsSo looks like Bright Shadow’s official site has been opened on Saturday (??) There’s no longer the empty teaser page and they now have a better loading forum (although still primitive without any avatars and such.) They already give people the option to buy their cash currency. At the moment the prices are $5=500 pts, $10=1000 pts etc. I’m not really sure how much stuff is supposed to cost though. I’m pretty sure all closed beta testers will receive $5 in gamepot cash. All I can say is….if there’s a mount in the shop or gacha that’s what you use your money for. Forget stupid vanity clothes, pets, weapons whatever. All you ever need in this game is a freaking mount otherwise it’ll take you forever to get from place to place as there are not really any save points or teleporters. Continue reading Some notes before the BS Open Beta