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FFXIV: All Saint’s Wake 2019

It’s Halloween in Eorzea! Warning for image heavy post!

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Poupee Girl Halloween 2011

This year it’s rather interesting because the background is interactive.

You can click various objects and they will do various things 😀 I spent a lot this time since I liked the Halloween items and I really loved the maid outfit. Additionally if you don’t wear the Halloween bracelet the background looks like a creepy room:

Very nice this year, Kath gets brownie points from me.

Halloween 2010
Halloween 2009

Poupee Girl Halloween 2010

Man you know you’ve been on poupee for a while when this is your 3rd Halloween XD I like this year’s background it’s quite…colorful! The ribbon lantern is really cool and I love the cute little ghosts poking out of the door & window x3 For your reference here’s 2008 and 2009 Halloweens.

BS Halloween event outfit skins are permanent? O_O

I asked on the BS forum if the outfits were 7 day expirations (which seemed like it since they were event items) and someone confirmed that they do not have an expiration date. Holy cow! 😯 For those curious I found on the Japanese BS Wiki the images of the outfits:

malefemaleskeletonsAs you can see the female and male outfits. They come with gloves, top, bottom, shoes, bagpack and a skull mask. The mask is facking hideous so I won’t waste my time trying to get it. Additionally to the outfits you can also get skins for your weapon:

weaponsYou can turn your weapon either into a pumpkin sword or a broom. I like the broom myself…the pumpkins look like you’re about to have a pumpkin shishkabob 😆 You need 200 pieces of pumpkin candy PER PIECE of outfit. This event will end on November 11th. I’ll try to organize the dungeon runs daily if I can but remember the limit is 6 people so first come first serve sorry ><;. Hopefully when I hit 25 and make a guild it’ll be easier to organize these kind of parties (and you guys will stop getting guild spam invites lol.)