FFXIV: All Saint’s Wake 2019

It’s Halloween in Eorzea! Warning for image heavy post!

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Poupee Girl Halloween 2011

This year it’s rather interesting because the background is interactive.

You can click various objects and they will do various things 😀 I spent a lot this time since I liked the Halloween items and I really loved the maid outfit. Additionally if you don’t wear the Halloween bracelet the background looks like a creepy room:

Very nice this year, Kath gets brownie points from me.

Halloween 2010
Halloween 2009

Poupee Girl Halloween 2010

Man you know you’ve been on poupee for a while when this is your 3rd Halloween XD I like this year’s background it’s quite…colorful! The ribbon lantern is really cool and I love the cute little ghosts poking out of the door & window x3 For your reference here’s 2008 and 2009 Halloweens.

BS Halloween event outfit skins are permanent? O_O

I asked on the BS forum if the outfits were 7 day expirations (which seemed like it since they were event items) and someone confirmed that they do not have an expiration date. Holy cow! 😯 For those curious I found on the Japanese BS Wiki the images of the outfits:

malefemaleskeletonsAs you can see the female and male outfits. They come with gloves, top, bottom, shoes, bagpack and a skull mask. The mask is facking hideous so I won’t waste my time trying to get it. Additionally to the outfits you can also get skins for your weapon:

weaponsYou can turn your weapon either into a pumpkin sword or a broom. I like the broom myself…the pumpkins look like you’re about to have a pumpkin shishkabob 😆 You need 200 pieces of pumpkin candy PER PIECE of outfit. This event will end on November 11th. I’ll try to organize the dungeon runs daily if I can but remember the limit is 6 people so first come first serve sorry ><;. Hopefully when I hit 25 and make a guild it’ll be easier to organize these kind of parties (and you guys will stop getting guild spam invites lol.)

Bright Shadow Halloween Event

So the BS Halloween event involves you talking to the pumpkin shota:

halloweeneventbsWhen you and all of your party speaks to him once, the party leader will then teleport everyone to the instance dungeon where you fight monsters ranging from level 8-20something. THey were so damn large I couldn’t see their HP bars or levels 😕 We got our butts kicked multiple times between levels 13-16 but just like with the seal tower the exp was really nice. Continue reading “Bright Shadow Halloween Event”