FFFFFFFUUUUU I want those 3 days of my life back Gamepot.

broomThis is a nice broom right? Kinda cute & all. It would be nicer if….I could use it other than just standing there with it hmm? That’s right, this broom doesn’t SKIN OVER my sword it completely replaces it. In addition it only gives melee attack +24. Great. My sword gives attack +192 btw. What the fuck did I waste all that time for getting the fucking candy, dying and having to undo my death penalty for again? Gamepot also didn’t fucking specify anywhere what the outfits look like and what the stats are and what they do. One of my friends informed me all the skull skins that are ugly as shit give 0 stats as well so completely a waste of time. Thank god I didn’t even bother going for those yet since now I’ve saved myself a weekend of grinding -_-;

Oh and if all this crap wasn’t bad enough…

ahuahuahuahuIt’s only a matter of time before the invasion is complete. Well I admit I was pretty much feeding the Brazilian trolls here, but after PangyaBR I pretty much fight fire with fire because they never listen to reason. The ones who listen to reason already know how to speak English and don’t annoy the shit out of everyone on a server that’s not based in their own country. Anyway this was a massive slap in the face for me today so I’m taking a break on BS until the next (hopefully less disappointing) event comes along or they finally add the 2nd class. Yea that’s right they haven’t added any of the other ingame content because the translations aren’t complete or some crap. 🙄 Whatever god -_-;

By the way I did make a guild finally so you can find people to speak English with! To join you can either poke me on twitter to logon and invite you, or the easier alternative is to go to one of the guild guys and search the guild list and join from there – and then I’ll log in and approve you. The guild name is “PANGYA” hurr yea I didn’t have too many characters to use so I just rolled with it. Thanks to chako for the suggestion ^_^.

Now that I’m taking a break from BS and Pangya maybe I can finally spend time catching up on my dramas and otome games…-_-;

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  1. that was truly a sad moment in my bright shadow experience, because i was standing right next to you when the whole issue with the Brazilian players occurred. those people seriously need help. what’s the point in destroying someone else’s fun and on top of that to scold people who aren’t Brazilian.

    the other issue, i really hope it’s some kind of bug, because what’s the point in collecting 500 candies and than give something which isn’t useful at all. that would completely destroy the purpose in playing the Halloween Dungeon.

    “FFFFFFFUUUUU I want those 3 days of my life back Gamepot.” i hope that’s not completely true. it was a lot of fun to do the party quests those 3 days with you and jpmeyer.

  2. Asu> It’s probably not a bug but rather ignorance on the part of Gamepot for not telling users that their halloween event items are useless waste of shit. Well I did have fun doing seal tower runs except the part where I ran out of money because I paid for all the quests. Next time I may request donations >_>

    kashichan> Thanks! I will check after work.

    Digi> There’s no option on boob size selections.

  3. Hinano> if that’s true, then we all can stop collecting pumpkin candies. why should we fight a dungeon with at least 2 rooms of unfair strong enemies with a high chance of dying to get something which is completely useless.

    the seal tower part, just collect some loot and you have the money back. the price for the quests that we have done till now are not that expensive. just make sure you finish the quest off course.

    but after doing some seal tower quests myself, i finally have a tiger’s seal mount. now i can reach my destination in +- half the time it was before.

  4. Man, I was playing Deep Inferno earlier in the week with some random guy who asked in the lobby if anybody would mind exp grinding with him (eh, I don’t care about the exp, I just wanted the strawberry boxes). He was Brazilian, but decent enough to speak English in public, and halfway decent English (not perfect, but I ruled it off as just netspeak or him being a young teenager or whatever), to where I didn’t know he was BR until 30 minutes later.

    After a few games (the 30 minutes later), this random guy joins the room. He misses Pangya and says “aff.” So the guy I was playing with the whole time asks him in Portuguese something about… Corinthians or whatever, lol. The guy who said aff didn’t respond. So the BR I was playing with the whole time asked where he was from and the guy, yes, the guy who said aff, said he was from USA. lol, so the first guy’s like, “But they don’t go ‘aff’ in US…” (I didn’t say anything, but I thought along the same lines, “then why are you saying ‘aff?'”

    The American dude said he just really likes the word, so that’s why he uses it. lol. So soon enough, we’re going to start confusing Americans for BRs since it seems some of us have taken up saying “aff” in every day life after it being spammed incessantly by the Brazilians playing around us.

  5. wow that sucks. I was only saying aff to make fun of the BRs in the chat. If we ever use aff its to be sarcastic etc not because we actually like the word. God that sucks. PangyaBR for real.

  6. but before you go on your BS vacation. shouldn’t you try to find all of the cat outfit parts? they give a good bonus and you can always use them. i already found 4/5 of them, only the cat shoes left for me at this moment.

  7. *update, i just found the shoes as well. took some time, but now i have the complete set. it was definitely worth the time to look for it.

  8. i know the places where you can find them

    Trial Land or whatever it’s called: cat hat
    Trial Cave: cat shoes
    Spiritual Land: cat gloves
    Thunder Grassland: cat skirt
    Saint Field: cat jacket

    i know on each stage 1 or 2 of it’s spawning points. but there’s a chance it’s somewhere else on the moment i guide you to the place.

  9. alright I’ll have to look around. I keep confusing Spiritual Land and Thunder Grassland. Spiritual Land is the one below Meteorpit right? Where’s Thunder Grassland? I know where Saint Field is

  10. Thx, the hold-left mouse button till an icon appears under ur char.

    Works like a charm, this way it`s even better then RO and/or keyboard controls, just move around moving the mouse without any clicking xD (well except if you wanna talk to an NPC or attack something ofc) . I like it. Now I`ll keep this game installed.

    For now I found new love in a game called “Perfect World” (free Chinese WoW-like clone) though so I won`t be playing it now, but I`ll definitely do so when I feel like playing an anime-ish type MMO.

    I know I`ll be too low levelled to play with you guys especially if I keep waiting now, but…

    The reason I never join guilds `n stuff is exactly that, you *have* keep up with the rest, which, to me, makes a game kinda like a second job > you have to do it, and otherwise you`ll be in trouble / get scolded whatever. I want to play a game because I want to not because I have to lol. But hey, to each his/her own.

    @ Hinano

    Asu was here yesterday IRL, heard you opened the guild in BS (and read it above in ur article too, but Asu told me first xD)

    Just wanted to say gratz on opening ur guild 😀

    I won`t join though cuz of the reasons stated above. But I wish you guys the best of luck, let`s hope it`ll become a big friendly guild without trolls.

    On a side note, sad to see that BR has invaded here already too… And kinda lame alot of the contents are missing due to Gamepot being slow @ the translations lol

  11. no offense but your reason is stupid. you’re assuming that I’m forcing everyone in the guild to level up which is completely not true. the only reason to have a guild is so that I don’t have to keep private messaging everyone when I want to organize a party. I can just ask in the guild “whos around level x and wants to do a party for quest y” or so you can keep in touch with guild members and ask questions when you are lost on a quest or aren’t sure where a certain npc is. by not being in a guild you’re only hurting yourself but asu tells me you like to solo and waste time figuring things out on your own so….do whatever you want. But please don’t suddenly assume that I force everyone in the guild to level up. I have a full time job and like 4 other games myself, why in the world would I force everyone to keep up if I can’t even keep up myself?

    Besides the game’s capped at level 40 for now anyway so not like you’d be too far behind until they open up the 2nd class (god knows when).

  12. I didn`t specifically mean you lol, but I remember someone getting scolded and screamed @ because he opted out of a raid cuz he went for dinner (in WoW). Just that that ur reaction in ur post

    “BS Halloween event outfit skins are permanent? O_O”

    omg why do you level so slow 😯
    we’re all around level 18-19 already lol

    made me think you were like that a bit…

    My bad, no hard feelings.

    m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ

  13. Hinano> There are BRs in this game too? I never met any for now, though. Mm, I played for like… 3 hours? And I got to level 17 already (or was it 16? can’t remember) and I’m not in Noob Island anymore. Oh, and sent an invite to join your guild. My IGN is Imoko, because I can never think of a name for games like this and 妹子 just came to my mind for whatever reason. >_>;

  14. Funny how a single sentence can create a misunderstanding… Especially on the net because you can`t hear the way someone says something.

    But yeah Asu `s right `bout the solo part, as I mentioned in one of my posts under “Bright Shadow Halloween Event” I have had WoW for `bout 5 years, and only been in a party 3 times or something. (In those 5 years I guess I`ve had an active account for `bout a year total, spread through those 5 years)

    I have a tendency to go constantly AFK, to grab a drink, roll me a good one, go to the toilet whatever. And I don`t really like to follow people somehow anyway.

    But I guess I`ll join your BS Pangya guild, just so we can keep in touch when I do play BS. You can always remove me later if the list becomes too long and you need space xD.

  15. definitly impossible to play in hot days @_@
    even my battery led was blinking after playing for like 40mins

    (blinking from the excessive heat)

    having a dell in a hot day makes impossible to play games T_T

  16. Awww you’re taking a break? Well I just started like two days ago. Lvl 16 shaman now. (kinda slow since I’ve been wasting time trying to be all perfectionist collecting cards but stopped that)

    I actually like Bright Shadow so i might stick with it for a while.

    Oh and I’m going to send a guild invite today if you don’t mind. ^_~

  17. alright I’ll check it when I login to get my daily lottery item. I’m taking a break because the level cap is 40 and I have no motivation to level up. The events they have are really pathetic and so are the rewards. A pet that does nothing but suck your SP, a 3 day mount, a 7 day etc. Not very motivating lol. I’ll come back if there’s a decent event but right now I’m focusing on Party Castle and Otome games

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