FFFFFFFUUUUU I want those 3 days of my life back Gamepot.

broomThis is a nice broom right? Kinda cute & all. It would be nicer if….I could use it other than just standing there with it hmm? That’s right, this broom doesn’t SKIN OVER my sword it completely replaces it. In addition it only gives melee attack +24. Great. My sword gives attack +192 btw. What the fuck did I waste all that time for getting the fucking candy, dying and having to undo my death penalty for again? Gamepot also didn’t fucking specify anywhere what the outfits look like and what the stats are and what they do. One of my friends informed me all the skull skins that are ugly as shit give 0 stats as well so completely a waste of time. Thank god I didn’t even bother going for those yet since now I’ve saved myself a weekend of grinding -_-;

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