Bright Shadow Open Beta First Night

The above is just a brief video I took inside the cave. I had recorded one for Thunder Field but it kept screwing up in premiere so I tossed it 😕 So far things have been okay. Anyone who accidentally k/sed would always appologize (in English.) I didn’t see any of THAT foreign language spam either. A lot of people complained of lag but I really think it has to do with your video card. I have a 500mb GeForce9800GT and I’ve had pretty much 0 lag. The game ran as it always had. JP kept getting disconnected near the end of the night though, not sure why. 😦 I hope this doesn’t become a major issue and I start losing people again. I went into the seal tower and did a solo quest but I’d really like to do some party quests as well T_T;

The Nyatan (Meowtan lolol) hats and shoes and stuff are all still there so you can grab one before they (maybe?) go away. They are permanent skins and they give additional stats on top of your normal armor. The lottery guy is still there too. He gives 7 day items but they’re still pretty decent items considering you can do his lottery on a daily basis. Today I got some slutty shirt that reveals breasts but hey it gives me (somehow) more defense. Oh well isn’t that how it always is? 😆

Additionally Gamepot has said that anyone who was either a) in a GM guild (I was in GM Lime fanclub) or b) submitted at least one bug report will be receiving closed beta prizes. Also I turned level 12 before 9PM EST so I should be getting the pumpkin pet. Finally all CB testers will be getting $5 in Gamepot cash (to use on mounts like I mentioned!!) All in all so far the game is looking promising, and I’m enjoying it a lot more than Pangya’s fucktarded box grindfest.

What did everyone else who played think?


6 thoughts on “Bright Shadow Open Beta First Night”

  1. Hinano> Nope, even with my (extremely) slow Internet over Wi-Fi, I didn’t get a lag or getting booted out AT ALL. Guess my graphics card can handle it – I’m on level 11 now, still on Noob Island. Loving this game. xD

  2. Haven’t got the chance to try it out yet, and I believe I sign up for beta as well, but from the video it looks pretty interesting to try out!

  3. kevinay> yea let me know how you do, JP kept getting booted out

    John> I mean give it a shot…its a typical MMORPG, but there’s a lot that we never tried out in the Japan version that I’d like to try out in this one.

    Gooey> haha yea i think it was probably the wifi XD

  4. the video card on the main comp sucks balls like I said a while back, but when I played it on the laptop there was minimal lag (the lag was probably because of the internet connection since its wireless lol.)

    It was fun roaming around with you. 8D

  5. Mm, I’ll try it out. My 512 MB GeForce 9400M and GeForce 9600M can probably handle it, but my Internet connection is so slow and unstable! I’m worried I might be disconnected many times later on but I’ll still try it out later on. =D

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