Otome Game Review: Vitamin X Detective B6

This time the story puts our Vitamin X cast into an alternate universe where Minami Yuri is the Chief of her detective agency and the B6 are her employees! They get people asking them to solve cases such as finding a cat or seeing if someone’s husband is cheating on his wife. The T6 have taken random jobs around town (such as bartender or barber) but they do help out with various cases along the way. Ultimately it all boils down to a pair of art thieves and something fishy going on with the Mayor in town.

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Ice Inferno Grindfest

Well I almost flipped a desk with this event but I KEPT GOING ALL FOR


Just kidding 😆

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Otome Game Review: Hakuoki Yuugiroku

Whew 2 reviews in 1 day! So while I was busy with TYB on my PC, I needed something to occupy my commute and since the US release of Hakuoki is upon us, I decided to play Hakuoki Yuugiroku. The story is one day Hijikata and Chizuru overhear Itou saying he lost something and so when they split up to look for it, Chizuru is lucky enough to find it. However when she opens up the mystery box, suddenly everyone goes into chibi mode and now Chizuru (and your dude of choice) have to figure out a way to return back to normal. The challenge is, you must successfully pass a bunch of mini games to get to the bottom of things!

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