Poupee Valentine 2011

Meh the ribbon section this year is kinda disappointing. I thought last year’s stuff was a lot better.  Hell I even think the 2009 stuff was better. I think Katherine doesn’t realize sometimes LESS is MORE ( ´_ゝ`).  Apparently there will be some limited chocolates that I guess turn into white day related stuff on 3/14. I always seem to miss those limiteds though but I guess I’ll try to buy at least 1.


5 thoughts on “Poupee Valentine 2011”

  1. So glad we got that second wave of ribbon dresses. The first ones made me go like… why the heck did I even bother saving ribbons for this? lol

  2. I honestly believe that with every coming year, Kath adds more frills. Thank god the jewel section has ugly items with the exception of the umbrellas (but we already have like a million of them anyway).

  3. That dress in the ribbon section is hideous. I wonder what the staff were thinking when they designed this year’s Valentine stuff lol. The shoes are cute though. ❤

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