Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia ~The Story of the Arcana Family~

The only daughter of a mafia leader, Felicita, lives her average life on a small island getting to boss around a bunch of Italian guidos. Daddy plans to retire soon and so he wants to pick his replacement ASAP. He decides to hold a competition and the winner will not only get his place, but will get to marry Felicita! He picks his best 7 men who all have the special Tarot card powers to compete for her hand in marriage. However he has made a clear rule that when she marries she can never leave the house. Being a strong willed heroine, Feli’s not about sit back and be some frumpy housewife so she decides to train her Tarot powers as well and fight in the competition. Unlike her suitors though, she’s holds the power of 2 cards, one of which allows her to read people’s minds.

Liberta – Liberta’s your typical shounen manga hero who just wants to do adventures things, be like favorite masked superhero and have no experience/lots of awkwardness with girls. He has a hobby of collecting masks because he was saved by a masked man when he was a shota. Because he’s the typical shounen hero he does a lot of clumsy stupid stuff and always gets yelled at by Nova for being a careless idiot. In the past, Dante met with Liberta when he was forced to use his tarot powers but he couldn’t do it. His powers then went out of control and Dante was able to then seal his memories & power and took  him on adventures on his nice boat. Also because Liberta’s a stupid brat he wished that Dante would go bald and so accidentally burned off all of his hair….making Dante a fugly bald ossan the rest of his life.  One day when a fire happens in town, Liberta remembered the incident and so Dante’s seal had dissolved. He then starts emoing about his past until Felicita comes and tells him to stop being a pansy. He listens to her but before they can return back to the island a sea storm happens and Felicita is thrown off board. Liberta jumps in after her rescuing her and taking her to a nearby abandoned cave. She almost dies of hypothermia until he grows a pair and manages to use his firepower to create a fire to warm her up. So like I was really starting to like Liberta and things were going JUST PEACHY until suddenly the game started its WHEEL OF TROLLING and announced that Liberta is actually Mondo’s grandson making Felicita his FUCKING AUNT. OH MY GOD WHY DO YOU DO THIS. And the best part? NOBODY CARES. Seriously the bigger issue is “oh no Mondo is my grandpa” then “oh no I’m falling in love with MY FUCKING AUNT.” ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Blah so anyway in Ending 1, Liberta fights Mondo in the final competition and defeats him but super woman Felicita defeats him in the end! He then asks her to travel the world together on a nice boat. In Ending 2 he babbles about how he’ll get strong for Feli as he hugs her by the shore. In Ending 3, Felicita loses the duel and Liberta tells her that she’s now free to do as  she pleases without being forced into marriage because he wants to win her feelings on his own accord. Oh well that’s no problem Liberta since she obviously has no problem with incest, as neither does anyone else in this game!

Dante – I’m writing this as I finished the route and I’m pretty much like ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ right now. I followed the fucking guide and sat through this stupid boring ass route for 2 days only to then accidentally SAVE OVER MY SAVE SLOT for loading to get the 2nd ending. So yea I basically got his 2nd ending where he’s a fucking pedophile that he is getting all deredere over Felicita. Despite loading my save the first time, following the god damn guide I still get ending 2, then save over my slot for ending 1. And you know what it’s all because this route was fucking pointless and stupid. Most of Dante’s story overlaps with Liberta and then it adds detail about some retard named Claude who wants to take the Tarot powers out of the island and spread them to the world. We also glance into the past where Dante found the experimental lab where they were trying to inject the powers into the children that was run by Jolie & Feli’s daddy. So then when he tried to like go against them suddenly he got the Tarot power of the “Emperor” and daddys like “NOW YOU’RE ONE OF US BROOO” and so he ended up staying with the Arcana family for shits & giggles. When Feli finds this out she’s like “ain’t no thang bro” and then I guess she develops some daddy complex with him too or maybe she’s got a thing for guys 20+ years older than her just like her mom. Blah I don’t even care, thanks to me not doing ending 1 I can’t even get the “Family” ending in this game but well at this point my patience with this game has run past its expiration date and frankly I just don’t give a damn. They should have just added Dante’s story as part of someone else’s story here & there, there didn’t need to be a route for him. If they wanted a route for him so fucking badly, they could have not made him old, bald & having the same voice as the rapist husband from Gin no Kanmuri, Ao no Namida ((╬ಠ益ಠ)).

Nova – I wanted to like Nova, I really did. He’s a scorpio, and he’s all mature for a shota despite being only 15. However things QUICKLY went downhill the moment the game TROLLED ME AGAIN by 1. making him a massive milf-loving creeper and 2. Felicita’s first cousin! Yay more incest~! So he’s got more family drama to bring in because his father, who is Mondo’s brother, was soo angry that he was never chosen by the Tarocco to get the special powers. So in order get back into the Arcana family, he basically raised Nova to be a proper man to marry Felicita. When they were playing as kids, Nova accidentally hurt Feli and so his parents like beat him raging that now Mondo would never consider him as a fiance! How scandalous! ( ´_ゝ`) Nova received the tarot powers since he was born because his mom made the contract while she was pregnant with him. It’s nice to know the kid HAD A CHOICE /SARCASM.  When he found out about his parents’ plans he got pissed cause he liked Mondo & Sumire and so he raged and his powers went out of control – and that ended up having his parents be in eternal slumber for like 10 years. Mondo’s like “yo shota heres a ring when youre older propose to my daughter yay incest” but Nova was like noo I’m unworthy wahh and gave the ring back. So then thanks to Feli’s help he used his powers to get his parents to wake up and when they wake up they were a lot less annoying, probably because in their minds they saw him and Feli and went “計画通り。( ・´益・`)”. In Ending 1 he defeats Sumire and then gets his butt kicked by Feli as usual. He then confesses that he loves her and swears his loyalty to her, as he kisses her on the cheek. In Ending 2, Feli tells everyone that she loves Nova and Sumire tells Nova to confess too. He confesses saying he’ll become stronger for her and puts a ring on her finger that Mondo had given him years ago.  Bleh I wanted to like Nova but yea…way to ruin yet another character!

Debito – I was ready to throw my PSP out the window with this game at this point. FORTUNATELY DEBITO SAVED THIS GAME FOR ME! Yes Debito’s got the best fucking route in the whole game and thanks to him I was able to PLOW FORWARD! (`・ω・´)キリッ Debito’s in charge of the island casino as well as the money for the family. His nickname for Felicita is “bambina” which is baby in Italian. He loves women and money so he feels like a sleezebag at first, but it’s really a coverup for the sweetheart underneath. He’s the youngest of the childhood friend trio with Pace and Luca, but he doesn’t let that stop him from hitting on Feli every single time he sees her. (♡´౪`♡) He fucking hates Jolly because of all the experiments that were ran on him and how the Arcana power was forced on him. He has PTSD and the Arcana powers always tire him out forcing him to constantly take afternoon naps. His  sleeping does improve when he starts using Feli as his body pillow though 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 . So he tries to kill Jolly but fails and so Jolly destroys the amethys in his eye leaving him a vegetable. Because Luca was Jolly’s disciple, he managed to use alchemy to create an alternative and bring Debito back to normal. In the final competition, Debito defeats Jolly and then is defeated by Feli in Ending 1. That doesn’t stop him from having his way with her on the couch as he becomes her 2nd in command. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ In Ending 2, he becomes Feli’s manbitch, but she’s not complaining as they cuddle together in her new office. In Ending 3, Feli loses the final duel but he steals her away with a raging Luca running after them. Daww I just loved Debito….seriously he’s so randy but so hot especially when he would take his eyepatch off and his hair would be all the way down instead of slicked back like a guido lol.

Pace – Pronounced as “pah-cheh” is also known as Lasagna Brain by me. Seriously all this guy ever wants to do is eat lasagna. When he goes around town patrolling, it ends up being him and his bros going to every restaurant in town and ordering like 40 plates per person of food while leaving a bunch of IOU’s to the owners. Finally Felicita gets pissed at their crap and makes Pace go around and pay all his food debt leaving him completely broke forced to cut down on his massive meals. The reason he eats like a pig though is because all of that food energy is needed to sustain his tarot card powers which involve physical strength. Unfortunately with that physical strength he has to pay a price and that he can only live until the age of 30. If that wasn’t bad enough to live with, he’s got this family drama going on where he’s the son of the King but his brother and him had 2 different mothers and Pace was born first. Pace’s mom didn’t wanna get involved with his brother Albert’s bitchass mom so she left the kingdom and lived quietly alone with  Pace and eventually adopted Luca and Debito and they all lived together.  So once Feli hears about all of this, Pace confesses to her that he loves her and that he’s entering the duel despite knowing that he may not live too long. One day when they go fixing the church rubble, it tumbles over Feli and the kids that are there. Because Pace’s powers have been weakening lately, he has trouble lifting up all the rubble even though normally it would be a piece of cake. However when he thinks about his love for her, suddenly they come back and he manages to rescue everyone ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Before the final duel they take a walk in the forest and he once again says he loves her and kisses her on the forehead saying he wants to be together with her and not die. (๑→ܫ←๑)  At the final battle Jolly says Pace was just his lab rat and Pace gets pissed off and beats him up. He says he doesn’t know how long he’ll live but he made a promise with Felicita to win. In Ending 1, she defeats him and they get all ichaicha in her room as he pins her down on the bed and kisses her. In Ending 2, they make a giant lasagna thing to eat for everyone at the church. They start getting all ichaicha and kissing in front of everyone as Luca cries a river and Debito gives them a thumbs up 😆 Daww well aside from all the LETS EAT crap, Pace really was a sweetheart. You’d never be able to tell unless you do his route so I’m glad that he had more depth than meets the eye.

Luca – Ahhh I was really excited for Luca, but sadly Luca falls into that Ojousama we mustn’t syndrome so while I loved him as a character I felt like I wanted a bit MORE from his route. Luca uses alchemy and knives as his weapons and due to this he spends like most of his days cooped up in his meth lab.  He’s raised Felicita since she was pretty much a baby as he’s 13 years older than her and he’s had his tarot powers since he was 3 years old. So ONCE AGAIN here comes the WHEEL OF TROLLING and DROPS THE BOMB ON US revealing that LUCA IS ACTUALLY JOLLY’S SON!  ヽ(・´ω`・)ノ ワッケ!!(ノ・´ω`・)ノ ワッカ!! ヽ(・´ω`・)ノラン!!  Alright I realize I’m on Luca’s route right now, but the idea of then doing his DAD who is possibly in his mid 40s IS SO REVOLTING I wished Luca’s route would never end. (◞‸◟ㆀ)ショボン Also because Jolly then used HIS SON in a lot of his stupid experiments, Luca has become immune to a lot of things like poison – which is why he’s able to rescue Felicita when the bad guys use a sleeping gas. He reveals to Feli that 13 years ago the the Judgement Card made Sumire go into a coma so then 3 year old Felicita inherited the Wheel of Fortune card power and her power went out of control. Luca was able to stop it and then soon after Sumire woke up. After this Mondo  ordered Luca to be by Feli’s side to make sure her powers don’t go out of control again. This is when Feli realizes that  Luca’s been by her side because he was ordered to rather than on his free will, and then realizes that she’s in love with him. Luca warns her that if she were to use the Wheel of Fortune powers again she would lose all her memories but then fucking JOLLY comes along and is like IF U DON’T USE IT DADDY WILL DIE. Not wanting daddy to die, she of courses uses her powers and drops unconscious. Luca is like OJOUSAAAMMAA and then he uses his powers (which is so hot cause his seal is on his tongue so he gets to basically lick her back (*´д`*)ハァハァ ) and brings her back to normal. At the final battle Luca tells Jolly that thanks to Dante & Mondo he was able to feel what it’s like to have a father, unlike Jolly who only gave a shit about the tarot powers. In Ending 1, after Feli defeats Luca, they become lovers as she becomes the top of the family. As always Luca babbles about how he wants to be by her side all the time and how he loves her, and to shut him up Feli kisses him (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ In Ending 2, after Feli defeats him he lies in her lap and says he loves her, and she says she loves him too. Everyone congratulates them except Jolly who tells them to get a room, stfu GGE. In Ending 3, Feli loses and continues holding her current position and daddy continues being at the top while Luca continues being her butler. Everyone is like “Why aren’t you guys more raburabu!?”  Tired of waiting to get married, she tells Jolly she’ll make his son happy lolol. Daww Luca was the most precious baby ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆. I really wished there was more romance in his route cause there was SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Seriously they should have just gotten rid of routes for Dante & Jolly and just focused on Luca and Debito. ( ´_ゝ`)

Jolly – YA KNOW KINDA HARD TO TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY WHEN HE’S LIKE A MIDDLE AGED MAN WHO COULD BE THE HEROINES FATHER AND ALREADY HAS A 29 YEAR OLD KID. (ಠ_ಠ) Jolly’s done a lotta hard livin’ in his life to the point that it’s made him so crazy he gets Octopus Rage and attacks people over it. He’s the family “advisor” but he spends all day in his meth lab like a hikki with his homonculus Elmo, who btw was the one that shot Debi-tan in the eye so he’s already on my shit list. He’s a fucking chain smoker but oh he plays the cello in his free time! So like nothing’s fucking happening in this route but suddenly Felicita falls in love with him for no apparent reason even though hes been a dick this whole time. Turns out Mondo had found Jolly living with the corpse of his dead grandpa with no food or water. He asked Jolly to come with him back to island. This is why Jolly thinks of Mondo as his savior and so in return he wants to save Mondo’s life by asking Feli to use her powers. This of course works, so then one night Feli goes into daddy’s room at night, uses her powers & passes out. Dad wakes up & calls everyone over and everyone’s like WTF HAPPENED except Jolly knows everything cause hes a douche. She wakes up and has lost all her memories and is like a walking vegetable only following Luca around. Jolly then magically uses his tarot powers and brings her back to normal. Wow man if it was that easy, why the fuck didn’t they just do that in the first place! Whatever man in Ending 1 they end up making out in some randy pose. For fuck’s sake if you’re gonna put in kiss sound effects into the scenario I want that shit for Pace, Debito and Luca. WHAT IS THIS YUSA MAKEOUT BIAS ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ In Ending 2, Luca catches Jolly & Feli making out in the hallway and starts crying calling him an erojiji. How horrible it must be get NTRed by your fucking DAD. To make things worse, Jolly tells Luca to start calling Feli as “mother” cause soon he will be marrying her EW. UGH FUCKING PEDOBEAR UGH UGH /vomiting forever. ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン God that is so disgusting but the funniest part is when the mom finds out Feli loves Jolly her response isn’t “Oh wow you guys have a huge age gap” but “Oh wow he’s actually kind of immature!” Fucking middle aged man having a midlife crisis, wanting young women and cars and shit. As usual, Yusa Kouji was like super genki in his seiyuu talk like “lol yay I just finished voicing this pedo bear how ya’ll doing!? ^_^”

The best characters of the game.

I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE. I realize a lot of my otome friends really liked it and gave it positive reviews but I just cannot feel the same way. First of all the system is horrible because of the way the saves are set up. It makes you save your final save after each ending in the same slot and tells you to LOAD that save but yet I was still able to load other saves with no problems?? Also at some point the game switches from “japanese controls” to “controls of your PSP region” so if you have an American PSP and you did not switch the controls to Japanese (i.e. X = cancel, O = ok) then you may accidentally OVERWRITE a save even if you didn’t mean to. This didn’t happen to me because my controls were switched to Japanese BUT I DID accidentally save over one of my loads because I thought I was in the load screen and not the save screen. ( ಠ益ಠ ) Looking into the characters thoughts is an interesting concept but most of the time the thoughts are something I really dgaf about to be honest. I looked into the thoughts of Liberta a lot cause a lot of his thoughts were really cute but most other characters really bored me and characters like Dante & Jolly I didn’t even look into their thoughts unless the game forced me to. A lot of the scenes were incredibly short and I felt like I spent more time waiting for the “Day/Night” loading animations to go by so that I could move on to something else. The heroine felt pretty awesome but SHE HAD NO LINES. Yes this game is exactly like Amnesia where you’ll have guys “talking to themselves” except when once in a while the heroine will go “un!” or “uun..” or “gasp”.  With Amnesia I didn’t care cause she was a dead fish most of the time, but Felicita had a pretty bad ass personality. This is SUCH A WASTE OF POTENTIAL. They could have given her some HILARIOUS DIALOGUE and made this game a lot better than it is but nope. System crap aside, what the fuck is up with trolling the players. This is possibly the worst trolling I’ve experienced since Pandora & Armen Noir. I don’t remember Italian Mafias being full of incest and pedophilia but apparently Japan thinks they are. (ಠ_ಠ) Pace, Dante & Luca were the only acceptable characters and while I liked Nova & Liberta at first, the plot spoilers ruined them for me. Dante & Jolly are just disgusting GGEs  and well I was so fucking pissed off at this game I never even bothered doing the Normal & Family endings – in which Feli pretty much becomes the head of the family with all the guys lining up at her door for marriage proposals. I usually try my best to complete a game but my patience with this game just ran thin. I was told it was going to be quick but it didn’t feel any quicker than most of the other games I’ve been playing lately and the progressive trolling just made it drag like an eternity. Overall I am just completely disappointed and I don’t think I even want to bother with the upcoming fandisk unless somehow they magically add the romance that lacked in this game (and in that case I’d only bother with Luca, Debito & Pace anyway.) At the end of the day the biggest mystery to me is, why the fuck’s this getting an anime? Oh yes JC Staff will get to do what they do best – animate scenes of fighting and tits.( ゚∀゚)

Arcana familia / La storia della Arcana Famiglia Regular Edition / Game


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  1. I was thinking about getting the game because I picked up the anime, but after reading this… I’m not sure any more.
    Debito is my favorite, so if I do play, he’s probably the only route I’ll take.

  2. Thank you!! Really…just read the comment. You’re really kind!!

    And sorry again…really 😥

  3. Don’t know why but my comment was partially cut xD.
    Well I was thanking you and telling that you’re a great help because you help me to understand some parts od the plot of games that I play and I can’t understand because of my low level of japanese. And also that is funny to read your reviews : 3.
    Oh, and if you could tell me wich firmware do you have please… I don’t know wich one should I put…
    I’m reeeeally sorry for all the trouble…really gomen ne for being such a pain…TT___TT

  4. yes I do own a PSP. if you’re having freezing problems, you may need to update your firmware, that usually is the issue with my friends who have older PSPs than I do (I have a psp3k)

  5. Hello! I always read your blog and I really love it!
    But I have a question… Do you own a psp? Because no matter how many iso’s of this game I try to play…it always froze at the credits at the beginning…

    Well maybe you bought the original…well, even so I wanted to ask. Just in case :3


  6. yea I loved those two but I guess the massive amount of incest/pedophilia (as well as the crappy time lag system) really put a damper on things for me (゚ロ゚;)

  7. lol oh I’m surprised since a few others have already reviews this game before me 😆
    Yea I dont understand how he looks so young but is so OLD hahaha…he’s even older than baldy… (;☉_☉)

  8. OMG. This is the first review I read for Arcana Famiglia and… omg. The screens for Jolly make him look like some 20 year old but … he’s fucking in his 40s!? O_O AWWWW DA FUCK GROSS YOOO MAN. Anyways, love your review as always! They’re so hilarious! XD

  9. Well, I was thinking of moving boobs in space courtesy to Gundam Seed/Destiny, but true, Gonzo did a number of Chrono Crusade’s ladies as well.
    …can’t they focus on the males and Felicita? It should be about them and Mafia…*sighs* a girl an dream, right?

  10. are you thinking of GONZO rather than Gainax? lol they’re a lot more prominent for their boobage…at least as far as I recall lol. The mom doesn’t have much screentime in the routes themselves but I imagine the anime will give her a more prominent role, especially since Inoue Kikuko voices her

  11. …uh, does the mom have much of screentime? ._.
    Panties…are okay, compared to…gainaxing, bobbing boobs. Actually, I prefer neither, but….argh damnit.At least…it isn’t Gainax?

  12. I felt sorry for Luca too I was like NOOO LUCA BBY I STILL LOVE YOU щ(ಥДಥщ) Lol I’m sure he will be too xDDD Yea childhood friend trio is like the best part of the whole game, everything else can just be wiped from my mind. Also I LOl’ed in the seiyuu talk Nakamura’s like “only remember Luca, the hell with the other characters” ( ゚ェ゚)・;’.、ゴフッ

  13. LOL I wouldn’t hold your breath on the “not too many boobies” part seeing how the mom’s like “ara tits desuwa” and Felicita’s prominent attack is her roundhouse kick so I imagine pantsu hoihoi

  14. Artwork I had no issue with, it feels very “comic style” which I thought was pretty cool. Luca is actually a sweetheart, and I thought his route was cute albeit lacking a bit. Shota woulda been ok if he wasn’t her…first cousin lol. I don’t mind mafia based games but this game fails in the otome department.

  15. oh what’s the deal with Lucian Bees? for me though, since my PSP has CFW on it I’ve gone in and manually switched the controls to be “native Japanese” so HOPEFULLY I shouldn’t run into this problem. Again the issue with this game was that because the rout was so boring -> i didn’t pay attention -> i facked up and overwrote my save rather than because the controls switched. Some of my friends with US controls though DID run into this problem but thanks for the warning x3

  16. oh I’m glad to hear someone else had to suffer my horrible fate 😆 I wasn’t paying attention to their routes either which is why I accidentally overwrote my save in the first place!! lol I’m glad to see someone else shares my opinion ;A;

  17. lol well you can give it a shot but if you just play the childhood friends trio I think you’ll find the game more enjoyable lol

  18. I’m really glad you like the childhood friend trio, they are my favorite characters too. ❤ and LMAO JOLLY I guess he does have a midlife crisis, I felt so sorry for Luca when he watched them make out.

    I listened to the capitolo drama cd, and yeah it wasn't really what I pictured Felicita's voice to be (it sounded a bit too cute)? If the anime will be full of boobs and thighs I'm sure Debito will be pleased. XDD

  19. Naaaaaaaaah, damnit, it’s too bad that there is a potentially awesome lead character and everything else is stupid. If only the other characters were fine or interesting, then I would overlook bad system or boring story. Alas. Let’s see how the anime will make Felicita. (And hopefully not too many boobies.)

  20. hmm, another mafia based game? And also Nakamura…It reminds me of one game…xD But, that game was better, I suppose=.=
    Dante =.=
    I’ve found out that Nakamura voiced Luca, not the worst chara, but still…I liked Jolly (is he a guy with sunglasses in OP? he was quite sexy), but after OP and your review it seems that the most interesting character here is shouta (for me). wow.
    btw, art work is…kinda strange.

  21. Ahem, also you might consider saving your patience about the saving bug if you are to play Lucian Bees Supernova(PSP) That shiet almost made me throw my psp when I can’t get out of the saving options… (o・`Д´・o) It didn’t help that sometimes it works fine and just when I get used to the controls, it changes to the american way then jp way like a retarded shiet….

  22. Erm… considering that in most cases, we share the same likings and stuff… I don’t think I’ll be touching this game within a 40m distance. –Well, I wasn’t even a fan of the art in the first place nor was interested at it at all(if I was, I’ve been one of the people who buys this ASAP). And given that I’d ever throw some money for this, it might be for Debito only (´、ゝ`) since I’m a huge fan of eye-patched senioritos (♥>△<♥)

  23. Hi, this is my first time leaving a comment.
    I couldn’t just help myself from laughing when I was reading your review. I was also nodding at most of the things you said since I played the game as well. I made the same mistake of overwriting one of my save data and had to go through the agony of basically going over the whole route again…-_-

    I totally agree that they should have just took out Dante and Jolly’s route. Most of the time, I wasn’t even paying attention to their routes. I feel that they should have focused more on Pace, Luca, and Debito since their routes were the most enjoyable to me. The others I was mostly like huh and whaaat…because of the whole incest and GGE thing … o_o

  24. This is probably the first review I’ve read that do not recommend this game. ^^;;;
    I’m planning to play this before the airing of the anime. Now I’m having second thoughts.^^;;

  25. I never think of myself as a 16 year old either but when I step back for a moment as I write my notes/review I’m like……..ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー
    I really do wish she had lines I think what she has to say will be awesome. I guess we’ll have to see what JC Staff gives her although I’m really not pleased with Noto Mamiko as the seiyuu pick :s

  26. I – I can’t think right now, I’m laughing way too hard at your comments on Jolly and Yusa. wwwww Let me just stand over there until I calm down. Um it might be a. While. You know I’m biased towards him but everything you say is just… true. lmao.

    I wasn’t grossed out by his pedobear factor though (albeit a little weirded out by the okaasama thing ;;), I think Felicita not having any actual lines helped. ww I don’t think at any point in the game I actually thought of myself as a sixteen year old so the difference didn’t feel that big.

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