Otome Game Review: Hakuoki Yuugiroku

Whew 2 reviews in 1 day! So while I was busy with TYB on my PC, I needed something to occupy my commute and since the US release of Hakuoki is upon us, I decided to play Hakuoki Yuugiroku. The story is one day Hijikata and Chizuru overhear Itou saying he lost something and so when they split up to look for it, Chizuru is lucky enough to find it. However when she opens up the mystery box, suddenly everyone goes into chibi mode and now Chizuru (and your dude of choice) have to figure out a way to return back to normal. The challenge is, you must successfully pass a bunch of mini games to get to the bottom of things!

Hijikata Toshizo – Hijikata’s only concern is that the haikus he was writing are MIA. First thing he does is come after Souji raging that he took them, and after successfully recovering them, they move on to Sannan’s room. After that they beat up some zombies wandering the town at night and then take a break with Kondo-san for some tea. Kondo mentions maybe someone wanted Hijikata to “take a break from his work” which is why this happened. Suddenly everything flashes to white and turns out the whole thing was just a dream Chizuru had when Yamazaki wakes her up. She then goes out to town with Hijikata and they stop by to look at the cherry blossoms together while he tells her one of his haikus. Daww derederekata was so adorable this time especially in chibi form I was 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌  all over the place.

Okita Souji – In Souji’s route, Chizuru decides to see what’s happening by asking Kondo-san for advice and ultimately runs into Souji. He then gives her a taste of the nasty shit he has to eat because he’s sick, and I guess this causes her to pass out and have the dream of chibis again. In the dream she goes first to Yamazaki who’s pissed off at Souji for placing traps everywhere for Hijikata (even though Souji acts like he didn’t do it but バレバレだっつのಠ_ಠ). After defeating Yamazaki, they move on to where Kondo-san is and he feels bad for Hijikata getting caught in Souji’s traps so he locks up Souji & Chizuru in a cage. They manage to escape and then run into Chizuru’s yandere brother Kaoru who demands she return with him. In order to get her to go, he shoves some water into her that makes her say the opposite of what she thinks. After Souji manages to get a brainwashed Chizuru to stay by his side, Kaoru leaves upon hearing Hijikata come raging at Souji. Souji points out that Chizuru said “she hates him” which is actually the opposite of what she really thinks meaning that….before he can finish Hijikata comes raging at Souji for putting up all those stupid traps. Afterwards Chizuru wakes up with Souji mysteriously in her room and then he demands that she make him some Sakura mochi or he’ll kill her. 🙄 God he’s so irritating I had so much trouble doing his mini games because I think I secretly wanted him to lose >_>.

Saito Hajime – It’s amazing how well the personalities of the characters shine in this game when the focus isn’t on “plot”. Saito’s a massive dork as usual and falls for a trap Chikage sets for him thinking that it’s a letter from Hijikata. He decides to do as it says and then has to gather fruits for Heisuke, help Sano in town find some criminal and then has to fight Chikage at the end. In the end Chikage keeps making fun of him and calling him names but because Chizuru cheers him on apparently it gives him a self esteem boost to defeat the guy :lol:. So then Senhime shows up and tells Chikage he owes them a ton of money for all the crap he set up and so not being able to pay it, he runs off. Aftewards they run into a raging Hijikata who chases after a trolling Souji as they help chase him while holding hands (๑´ლ`๑)♡. After Chizuru is awakened by Saito, everything is back to normal, and some days later they’re walking through the cherry blossom trees together. Saito stops and pulls a few blossoms out of Chizuru’s hair ^ω^.  Realizing what he just did he blushes like a tomato and then tells her they need to go report to Hijikata. Saito was a boring dude most of the time but all his clumsy moments were really cute as usual.

Todou Heisuke – Chizuru goes to patroll together with Heisuke and then he gets yelled at for skipping cooking duties – even though it’s all Shinpachi & Sano’s fault for running off to get drunk. He’s then forced to wash everyone’s dirty laundry & Chizuru offers to help hang it up to dry. They end up cooking and getting all ichaicha together but then Heisuke ends up “trying” too much and eating most of the food. (๑´ლ`๑)♡ Afterwards they end up near Sannan who’s high on his vampire medicine and they have to sneak past him without getting caught. (This mini game was actually pretty hard lol.) After that they finally find Sano & Shinpachi who are piss drunk and demand they listen to Sano’s scar story. Not able to beat them up while drunk, Heisuke also gets his sword cut in half by Shinpachi. Weaponless and out of ideas, Heisuke grabs Chizuru and  they run from the 2 drunken idiots lol. (Which btw was also pretty difficult xDDD.) After they makea clean escape Hijikata catches Heisuke raging at him for eating all of the food for the Shinsengumi’s dinner and makes him clean the dojo along with Chizuru. Afterwards Heisuke asks her to go out with him as a thanks for helping him get that dog off him earlier on. Instead of going on his desired date though they end up watching some freak show and the dog that bugged him earlier, jumps and slobbers all over him once more 😆 Daww Hei-chan had a lot of really cute moments, I think this game made me like him a bit more (^ω^).

Harada Sanosuke – After chasing a bunch of cats around the food pantry and teaching Saito how to do the half naked dance, Sano & Chizuru end up in Hijikata’s room. As usual he’s working his butt off on all his paperwork so in order to get him to take a break, they decide to get him drunk lol. This does seem to work and then Sano gets drunk with Chizuru and not too soon later, she wakes up from her chibi land dream. Afterwards he takes her out to town and treats her to some tea & mochi and gives her a pair of hinamatsuri dolls. D’aww Sano is such a gentleman haha I really do like him a lot, one of the few Yusa characters that doesn’t grate my nerves.

Kazama Chikage – Chizuru has a dream in the morning that she’s marrying Chikage and he wants her to have 10 of his babies 😆 xDDD After she opens the box & goes into chibi mode Chikage shows up saying that she should just be his waifu and drags her through the doors of mini games /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. They run into Shiranui and Chizuru begs him to save her so he has a duel with Chikage of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Despite winning, Chikage still beats him down and they move on to the next room where Amagiri is. He’s pissed off that Chikage’s been dumping all his work on him while he goes prancing around the Shinsengumi & Chizuru. In this mini game you have to get Amagiri to yell at Chikage and call him a useless bum to get him to be a better demon leader lol. After being defeated Chikage just says Chizuru is an Edo woman and she’s just being tsundere so Amagiri leaves “the two youngins alone to do their thang” xDDD.  They go to the next room where they run into Senhime who wants to save Chizuru from Chikage, but he tells Chizuru to battle in his place. They have some kind of a fan throwing battle and Chizuru is so focused on it that she wins accidentally meaning that she has to marry Chikage xDDD. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ When they arrive in the next room, the Shinsengumi are having a feast because they received wedding reception invitations from Shiranui lmfao. xDDD So then Chizuru wakes up from her dream, and when she goes outside, she runs into Chikage. They have a peaceful chat by the evening cherry blossoms but then the Shinsengumi dudes show up raging (´・ω・`;A)Sigh way to ruin things honestly lol. Chikage’s like “whatever I’ll be back later” and runs off.

Other End – If you give the box to Itou-san instead of opening it, Itou tells her that the Uchide’s mallet inside of it can grant any wish. Afterwards they all go to watch the cherry blossoms together which they had secretly planned behind Hijikata’s back knowing he’d say no if they told him.

Daww that was a short, but really cute game! All the chibi graphics were just adorable I wanted to take them all home with me. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌  Some mini games were easy as pie and some required me to redo several times before I successfully completed them but overall it was a great game to pass time while I played another game on my PC. Whether or not you’ve played Hakuoki before this won’t really matter as all the spoilers are fairly minimal so you can enjoy this game before or after any of the other Hakuoki games. Definitely a recommend especially for any Hakuoki fans!


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  1. lol yea Chikage is my favorite too along with Hijikata. All my friends love Souji but I dunno he just annoys me 😆 Reimeiroku’s taking me a while since its all story story story but it’s nice to relate to a male character once in a while than a doormat female x3

  2. Kazama is soo dreamy *_* I’d be his wifey in a heartbeat! LOL. Although Saito and Okita are the most popular characters I can’t help but swoon over Kazama, Sano and Hijikata! Having said that the chibi characters are adorable and the mini games seem fun!

    I haven’t picked this up yet to be honest as I’m busy playing with Hakuoki in english at the moment. Can’t wait for your review on reimeiroku though! =)

  3. daww this is so cute. Glad you enjoyed it because I did 😀
    Heisuke had the most adorkable moment in the game everr \o\ /o/

    I still don’t understand whats the point of having rock paper scissors with Shiranui xDDD

    that was random cute gamee ❤

  4. aww Sano’s route was really cute, he even had a mini game where you got to chase kitties around so you should play it. Heisuke had some tough mini games but he had really adorable chibi scenes so definitely play him as well (๑→ܫ←๑)

  5. I played it once it same out but left 2 characters in it. I think it’s Sano and Heisuke..?

    The minigames are all fun. I didn’t think it’ll be that fun in the first place, although some were too easy to complete. I like how it also have normal CG too despite having all of chibi CGs in all. Thank you for your review. (^-^*)/

  6. lmfao I laughed a lot when I saw it. It was like lol wut. I don’t like Itou either but it fits that flaming rainbow image of his that I got when I first played Hakuoki 😆 Honestly I think Chikage’s attempts to make Chizuru his waifu so she can bear him 100 babies was the most memorable part of the whole game x3

  7. When I played this(2 years ago, I think), I really laughed a lot especially at hijikata and okita’s scene.. I might be weird but I feel like that bonus CG with Itou was *kinda creepy though. Not to mention I really hated him in the original game too as well. =”=

  8. It’s true, it’s very short but the mini games are replayable over & over in the omake and everything is really cute so I think it’s worth the purchase

  9. LOL Souji XD Always having a grudge on Hijikata as usual. Most other people say it’s not worth buying because it’s so short.. nice to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing~

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