Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -SWEET JELLY BEANS-

This is the “introduction” fandisk to the 3 TYB fandisks coming this year. The guys are split up into 3 teams: Fresh Ginger, Pure Raspberry and Black Vanilla. This time the first 3 days all 9 of them go on a date with Chihiro and then based on which “team” she choses, she gets to do the activities with the 3 guys from that team. In the end she can pick 1 guy from the winning team. Additionally this disk adds a complete route for our favorite Mr. Vaccine, Kyohei.

Fresh Ginger

They go to amusement park, haunted house, and then they have a competition on who picks the best outfit for Chihiro to wear. Fresh Ginger’s outfit is the “Gal Style”.  For the final part of Day 3 they all go riding the ferris wheel in Odaiba.

Misaki Kotarou – After the competition she ends up hanging out with him for a bit saying she’ll go on a date with him on day 4. He confesses his love and then goes home. Later that night  they have a phone conversation together over the phone. I somehow stupidly took his hand at the end when I wasn’t supposed to so I never unlocked part 2 of his special voices but I was too annoyed to go back and redo everything and I’m not really a huge fan of Kotaro enough to bother lol.

Moroboshi Tetsu – After the group dates on day 3 end they go to the ferris wheel together, like in Kotaro’s route. That night he walks her home and they eat some dango together as he says he wants to go to a festival with her and have her wear a yukata. She pokes his prehensile hair antenna and he starts blushing saying she needs to stop or he won’t be able to control himself. (*´꒳`*) They take a walk by the riverside and then he says he wants to be by her side even after TYB ends. He tells her even if she picks someone else he’ll come and steal her away xD. After the credits he gives Chihiro a call on his cellphone while blushing like a dork.

Kirishima Iori – After they go on the ferris wheel they go back to Shibuya to hang out. He then takes her to the monjayaki restaurant he works. Since it’s empty they have the whole placel to themselves and so he makes some special monjayaki just for her. Then they go to his secret spot in the park afterwards where he hugs her from behind saying that he doesn’t want to let her go.  Also he says that sometimes he just wants to be on his own and not be surrounded by all his gyaru-o friends in Shibuya. He gives her a call afterwards and says he wants to be with her more and asks her to choose him for TYB.

Pure Raspberry

All they do is argue with Jesus about what he wants to do and how he keeps hitting on Chihiro lol. First they go to an outdoor cafe. When Jesus starts hitting on Chihiro, Ayumu starts raging and punches a wall and Jesus immediately stops and is so shocked he asks if Ayumu’s a hentai. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵  At the amusement park they go to the mirror house where they of course get split up and lost lol. So then Fresh Ginger team grabs her asking if she wants to change to them but Chihiro refuses and then Jesus & Ayumyu show up raging so Ginger runs away. They then head off to Odaiba where they have her try various outfits for the outfit competition.

Momose Ayumu – They go on the ferris wheel after the group date as usual and then afterwards take a walk in Sugamo and as usual he calls her on the phone afterwards. Lol meh sorry guys I feel like a broken record repeating the same crap they say in every ending. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Kujou Takumi – Takumi is such a drag that after the mirror house he starts babbling about Japanese history shit and both Ayumu and Jesus fall asleep with Chihiro trying her best to stay awake. And then Takumi joins the loser train when he falls asleep in the ferris wheel after the group date lol. Afterwards he walks her home and they play with some stray baby nuko. He then asks her to marry him rofl sigh of course you would Takumi ( ´_ゝ`). He gives her a phone call afterwards as usual.

Rudou Jesus – Jesus was tsundere as usual lmfao and the dog followed them all the way to Odaiba. As usual he gets into a fight with the dog because he goes all deredere when Chihiro pets it lol. When they go to the ferris wheel he’s all like “we’re alone, in an enclosed space, a long time from the ground…” Before he can ravage her though she distracts him by talking about his dog XD. After the ferris wheel ride, he takes her to his private bar, Vanquish, in Roppongi. They watch a movie together and he places her right between his legs and hugs her from behind. He falls asleep and after the movie ends he says he doesn’t wanna let her go home. He then says he’ll only let her go if she picks him the next day. (♡´౪`♡)  He calls her afterwards being his tsundere self as usual.

Black Vanilla

This team is a bunch of haraguros who seem like they’re innocent on the outside but down inside….ドS!! They go to the art museum as Yuuto and Lucy pretty much tell Hammer to STFU most of the time. Afterwards they go to the pool where you can see Yuuto’s golden thong and Hammer’s mankini. Lucy’s a party pooper so he sits on the edge of the pool with Chihiro. As with the first game, it lets you poke their crotches in the CG xDDD. So then Jesus comes and grabs Chihiro saying if they want to take her away they have to get through him first. Sadly we never see the rest of this and then they immediately all go to the haunted house. They take a jet to Odaiba where poor Hammer’s thrown off for hugging Chihiro 人生オワタ\(^o^)/.

Lucy – As usual after the group date they go on the ferris wheel. Afterwards they go to Akihabara where he says he wants her to dress up as a maid and call him master lol. He also takes her to his Akiba stage thing where he sings for her as they both drown in a shower of black petals. After she goes home he gives her a call on the streets of Akiba.

Ninomiya Yuuto – Well what can I say besides I couldn’t take my eyes off Yuuto’s solid gold thong. (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟) On the helicopter ride after kicking Hammer off the plane, he also then locks up Lucy in the cockpit lmfao xD. He then bitches about how everything’s too cheap in the ferris wheel and that they need a fucking brass band with italian cussions in it. He then has dinner or whatever with her in his douchey restaurant and gives her a call but I zoned out cause anything Yuuto has to say goes into 1 ear & out the other ( ´_ゝ`).

Hamada Shinnosuke – Hammer took Chihiro on the water slide and was so happy he could die so Lucy told him to go die XD. In the Ferris wheel he gets so nervous he freaks out saying that he expects Jesus or Tetsu or Lucy to punch him at any moment he gets close to her. He then babbles about locking her up sigh and then they go to his hotel afterwards. He then says he’s gonna bury her in a 100 roses but she’s like zomg stop it lol. After it’s time for her to go home, he then does his sexy voice saying he knows she’ll pick him cause he really loves her. Afterwards he calls her from his rose petal bath… ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ


Kyohei/Vaccine – Chihiro runs into him while he’s in the process of changing from human to Mr. Vaccine. So then on day 2 that bitch Marin attacks her (despite having no voice) again but then as usual she like blows up from Chihiro’s virus. So then Kyohei shows up and finishes her off haha >: D. Sadly he then tries to kill Chihiro until the TYB guys show up to save her. Kyohei runs off chased by Jesus & Iori while the other guys comfort her. On day 4 Kyohei shows up and is able to control his mind enough to tell Chihiro not to fall in love with anyone at TYB because he doesn’t want to kill her. Towns people mob her telling her to stop killing them and before she can get lynchmobbed Yuuto rescues her in his limo and takes her to his place with the other TYB guys – except Jesus – waiting for her there. Chihiro passes out so Yuuto leads the meeting on how to get this whole situation resolved, starting with the President. They hack Woodlink’s server, which Hammer apparently has done before in order to get some extra pics of Chihiro from the servers xDDD. In the meantime Iori, Tetsu & Kotaro get in a brawl in Shibuya in regards to some idiots threatening to kill Chihiro. At the same time a bunch of people think Jesus = murderer guy and start attacking him so Ayumu & Takumi go to Roppongi & help him out x3. While Chichiro’s out cold, she’s able to communicate with Kyohei in her subsconcious. After she wakes up Yuuto and co. give her the breakdown of Creeping 6 and the vaccine business. So then Jesus also reminds us of Kyohei’s past in case we didn’t play Dark Cherry disk! (Wtf is the point of this honestly….) Then Iori gives us the breakdown about his sister’s accident from Super Mint. ( ´_ゝ`) So then Jesus is like “we gotta kill Chihiro or we’re ALL GONNA DIE”.

Everyone tells him that there’s gotta be a way out without having her die so they go see the president who says there’s no way to turn Kyohei back to normal. Just then Kyohei shows up and goes to kill Chihiro but the President protects her and gets stabbed instead. So then basically all the TYB guys end up battling with Killer Kyohei while telling Chihiro to GTFO. Violence doesn’t seem to work so Iori comes bitching at him to turn back to normal saying he’s the kid who he ran into at the hospital and that he wants Kyohei to see his sister. Kyohei returns to normal for a bit and before he turns back to the crazy murderer, he tells Chihiro that the blood from his heart will cure her virus. He asks her to kill him before he turns back and then disappears. Chihiro admits that she loves Kyohei and they come up with a way to cancel out the virus between the 2 of them. In the meantime all the TYB guys confess their love to Chihiro while they help her escape out of Woodlink’s lab. Jesus finally takes her to the abandoned building where that chemical accident happened years ago and Kyohei shows up there threatening to kill Chihiro as usual. In the sad ending, Chihiro decides to “end it all” and runs into Kyohei’s sword stabbing herself and dying. Kyohei returns to his normal self and then stabs himself so they could be together forever in the afterlife. In the love ending, Chihiro says she wants to save Kyohei so at the final battle her voice reaches him. She then says that she loves him and kisses him which causes the virus & vaccine to cancel each other out. In the epilogue, everything is back to normal, TYB and Woodlink are gone and it’s as if they “never existed at all.” Meanwhile Kyohei & Chihiro enjoy their new raburabu life together. Daww Kyohei ended up being cute and I really did like him in the end which is rare for me as I usually hate Morikawa’s characters lol.

President – On Day 3, Chihiro picks the President to escort her home instead of any of the TYB mans. They go to the game center where he beats her at the arcade and as a prize requests to take purikura with her xD. After they go to a bar where he has a drink and hits on her, he sends his purikura to all the TYB guys to add some fuel to the fire. 😆 Ah I was kind of hoping President’s route would be longer like Kyohei’s but I guess not which was rather disappointing since he was pretty hot >_>.

I have mixed feelings about this fandisk but I can’t really offer much suggestions to REJET other than “why didn’t you just do this in the original games” because the obvious answer “derp we wanted to milk you fangirls lawl.” There’s no individual affection meters so I couldn’t tell if I got someone’s max affection unless I carefully paid attention where I had to hold or not hold their hands. For some reason none of the side characters were voiced this time around, despite most of the lines being recyled from previous games…why not just use the same voice files then? TYB blogs were gone, the cute animations of the chibi characters going all over the Tokyo map were removed as well. The JUMP feature is buggy as hell and it has cut scenario I did not see to the point that I couldn’t figure out why the hell I was missing one of Takumi’s CGs. When I switched to “skip” instead of Jump, bam I realized I missed his ENTIRE ENDING Scene because of this. Why do you even create such a command if it skips whatever it feels like? Rejet advertised the game on their twitter as the “7 days of destiny” but in actuality, only Kyohei got a 7 day scenario. Everyone else got a 3 day scenario and the individual routes were more like an “evening” than a “day” -_-;. In Kyohei’s route the constant change of POV between the guys was really confusing especially when you had to pick choices FOR them…what the crap lol. Alright let’s face it, Kyohei’s route was good, it answered all the questions, it was sweet (and bitter) and I have no problems with it. However it’s clear that this was the main target of the game and it was clear everything else was just massive filler. I feel like all those group scenes could have just been saved for the upcoming FDs instead and stuff like the president/Kyohei should have been stuffed  either into Dark Cherry or just dissipated among the upcoming FDs in some way. It’s really obvious they just wanted to make some fast cash by throwing everyone in like a giant bowl of nabe and letting the chaos ensue. I did enjoy it for the most part, but it also left me disappointed because then I wanted to see MORE but of course the obvious response to that desire is “lol buy the upcoming FDs for like $100 each.” ( ´_ゝ`) I guess if you’re a general TYB fan it’s worth a look, but don’t get your hopes up for anyone but Kyohei, which I also recommend leaving for last, as he is the ultimate route in this game. Here’s hoping the upcoming FDs will be good – イエスきゅん愛してるうぅん!(◉◞౪◟◉ )


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  1. I dont think you can buy it anywhere anymore because it’s pretty much sold out of stock everywhere as far as I know. I think Stellaworth may still have some copies but you’ll need a 3rd party to buy it for you (Like Yokatta for example).

  2. really awesome review!, if you don’t mind me asking, since you wrote a review i guess that means you played the game, do you know where to buy it, like what website it is? please let me know soon ^_^

  3. Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I do remember I bought some game called like that 2 weeks(?) ago and I haven’t touched it since then *shouts to herself for being a busybody*

  4. Lmao, I don’t even know why this game never appeals to me. Maybe I’m too occupied with my own list here or I’m getting tired of maeda’s art because I see it EVERYDAY that my drawings are starting to look like his’ Dx

    ….Though me wants to play kyohei’s route :L Since I think I’ll love his everything xDD

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