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Otome Game Review: Renai Bancho 2 -Midnight Lesson!!!-

So following the first game, we now have a different heroine (who I’ve named Hiro In because Mary Sue was last game 😆 ) that’s got love problems. Her friends tell her about the renai banchos but she’s already well aware of it because she’s heard of the “Legendary Angel!” aka the first game’s Mary Sue. One day a flying chibi girl named Katherine gives Hiro a rainbow handkerchief saying to throw it up near a tree in the courtyard, rather than off the school rooftop like before. As she walks around confused a bunch of random guys, who she thinks are transfer students, ask her about the handkerchief but she lies saying she doesn’t have it. When she gets home she runs into Koakuma Bancho who tells her to stop lying and that throwing the handkerchief during a full moon will make something good happen to her. She goes back to the school courtyard at night and throws the handkerchief and immediately gets 8 hot men at her service. As like with Mary Sue, Hiro can now pick one of them to be her boyfriend for a year to teach her the ways of love.

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Otome Game Review: Renai Bancho

Our nameless heroine (who once again I’ve defaulted to Mary Sue) finds herself in a predicament: she cannot properly fall in love! All her friends have boyfriends and she’s the only one left who is single. No matter what guys try hitting on her, she responds like a log and she feels like she’s just not meant for romance. Her friends tell her there’s a legend that if you go up to the highest part of the school building (aka the rooftop) and throw off a yellow handkerchief, Renai Bancho will come and solve all your romantic problems. Mary’s an insatiable ho, so she throws a rainbow handkerchief off and instead of 1, she gets 6 banchos + one in training, Yasu to help her get her love life back on track.

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