Poupee Valentines 2009


Well Valentine’s Day has come to Poupee Girl and as always Katherine is after everyone’s wallets 😆 Fortunately, only one set of dresses was actually compelling enough for me to buy it. The rest were just meh and so I only spent about 220 ribbons on everything. There might be more coming, and hopefully they’ll be cuter than the selection she currently has available.
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7 thoughts on “Poupee Valentines 2009

  1. It’s like its legal theft, and this time its with 69 different items! It’s a shame I spent most my saved money on the maid dress and chocolates, or I would buy a new dress (-_-|||

  2. I haven’t bought anything since I’m waiting for the limited items, but I’m sure I’m going to be left with 10 ribbons.
    And apparently this month there’s an anniversary event or something so expect even more overpriced stuff. -_-”

  3. kuniko> Yea I am SOO picky when any of her released items. I look at it and go “do i REALLY want this?” and i also be liek “hm do I have shoes SIMILAR to this so i dont have to waste 80 ribbons?”

    Scheris> haha oh great. i love poupee girl and all but sorry its still an avatar service to me, and I don’t intend to spend real money on it >_>

  4. Ugh yeah, this Valentines shit is going to rape my ribbons hard. 69 items?? It’d be better if Katherine posted them all at once instead of little by little because it would be easier to pick and choose. When you don’t know what’s coming next you splurge on what’s best in the current set. That crafty bitch.

    And yeh, I do the same thing as you, with real purchases as well as poupee girl! It’s the filter! “do i have something similar to this?” “how many outfits will this go with?” “can i wear it to work as well?” K maybe not that last one so much on pupe haha. Whatever, I’m mostly stoked about what Barami’s chocolate is gonna turn into on White Day

  5. yeah, i’m going to have to start watching how much I spend at Catherines or I’ll end up broke everytime the good stuff comes out (like i did at new years >_<)

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