Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia ~The Story of the Arcana Family~

The only daughter of a mafia leader, Felicita, lives her average life on a small island getting to boss around a bunch of Italian guidos. Daddy plans to retire soon and so he wants to pick his replacement ASAP. He decides to hold a competition and the winner will not only get his place, but will get to marry Felicita! He picks his best 7 men who all have the special Tarot card powers to compete for her hand in marriage. However he has made a clear rule that when she marries she can never leave the house. Being a strong willed heroine, Feli’s not about sit back and be some frumpy housewife so she decides to train her Tarot powers as well and fight in the competition. Unlike her suitors though, she’s holds the power of 2 cards, one of which allows her to read people’s minds.

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