Poupee Valentine’s Day 2012

Wow I’m amazed at how HIDEOUS everything is this year. This is probably the worst Valentine’s Day event since I’ve been on Poupee these last 4 years my god. ( ´_ゝ`) I literally bought NOTHING this year. Does Katherine think that putting a shit ton of textures on a dress makes it look cute?!? Sigh well my 11k ribbons are safe until further notice… (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Valentine’s Day 2011
Valentine’s Day 2010
Valentine’s Day 2009

Poupee Valentine 2011

Meh the ribbon section this year is kinda disappointing. I thought last year’s stuff was a lot better.  Hell I even think the 2009 stuff was better. I think Katherine doesn’t realize sometimes LESS is MORE ( ´_ゝ`).  Apparently there will be some limited chocolates that I guess turn into white day related stuff on 3/14. I always seem to miss those limiteds though but I guess I’ll try to buy at least 1.

Poupee Valentine’s Day

Well since Valentine’s Day is around the corner as usual Poupee Girl’s got their event going. I’m kinda meh about most of the dresses although the heart bags & candies are a nice collectors item. If you buy some Vday stuff you’ll get dogs and cats having tea at your table 😆  I have to admit it’s a little more creative than last year’s background.

Poupee Valentines 2009


Well Valentine’s Day has come to Poupee Girl and as always Katherine is after everyone’s wallets 😆 Fortunately, only one set of dresses was actually compelling enough for me to buy it. The rest were just meh and so I only spent about 220 ribbons on everything. There might be more coming, and hopefully they’ll be cuter than the selection she currently has available.
( ̄× ̄)