Poupee Valentine’s Day 2012

Wow I’m amazed at how HIDEOUS everything is this year. This is probably the worst Valentine’s Day event since I’ve been on Poupee these last 4 years my god. ( ´_ゝ`) I literally bought NOTHING this year. Does Katherine think that putting a shit ton of textures on a dress makes it look cute?!? Sigh well my 11k ribbons are safe until further notice… (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

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3 thoughts on “Poupee Valentine’s Day 2012

  1. It seems that you’re almost always disappointed with the valentine’s event. I want to see the fug, but I have no interest in getting an account since the poupee’s eyes creep me out. Oh well, at least there’s no outfits in there that make you look like a vegetable I hope. But a giant Candy heart, now there’s something that may happen someday if you stick around.

    1. you don’t need an account to see the fug lol pretty sure you can see the shop without logging in (at least I’ve been able to before)

      I’m still hoping she’ll release some kind of additional limited items that don’t look like crap but yea unlikely I guess lol

      1. No, it seems I am not able to access the shop. If I go to the site directly all it lets me do is register. If I go to the site through your page, the second I click anything in there redirects me to the register page.

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