Poupee Valentine’s Day

Well since Valentine’s Day is around the corner as usual Poupee Girl’s got their event going. I’m kinda meh about most of the dresses although the heart bags & candies are a nice collectors item. If you buy some Vday stuff you’ll get dogs and cats having tea at your table 😆  I have to admit it’s a little more creative than last year’s background.

6 thoughts on “Poupee Valentine’s Day

  1. Iam so happy about the event and I want every single item! *____* They are pure love.
    And the background, too.

  2. Even the jewel dresses aren’t as nice as I expected them to be. I think Katharine is trying to get us fat and give us diabetes with all this sugary food/clothing. XD

  3. Well the poupee anniversary event is around the corner so I’m glad I’m not blowing all my money on the valentine’s day crap

  4. When is the anniversary? I cannot find a date.
    Hopefully not next week.

    I forgot to mention: Your dress, in this picture, is lovely!

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