Lime Odyssey Alpha Test Impressions

Well even though I signed up for this almost a year ago, I guess they finally accepted me into the alpha test. Although a bit too late…

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Otome Game Review: Koi Machi ~Kare wa Osananajimi~

The story is about our heroine who’s got childhood friends that she’s very close but then starts to grow apart with as they grow up. The story starts in the middle school arc and goes all the way to the adulthood arc as she experiences the pains & relationships of growing up!

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Poupee 5th Anniversary

Man you know you’ve been playing this game long when you’ve been through practically every anniversary event…

Decided to change my hair back to something I used years ago while we’re on the topic of anniversaries. The ribbon section is hideous as usual but I did like the tight small dresses this time around. The check dresses are okay as well but everything else is just meh! The next big thing will probably a graduation event so I guess I’ll probably save up until then.

4th Anniversary