Poupee Halloween 2009

halloweenpoupeeFinally Katherine released her Halloween event. Eh I can’t say I’m too thrilled because I have some Halloween stuff from last year and one of the dresses looked almost identical to what I purchased the year before. I ended up spending 500 ribbons but it wasn’t because I bought a lot but because everything was like 80 ribbons and up -_-;  Oh well doesn’t matter since at the rate the ribbon events go, I won’t be spending any until Christmas probably anyway and I still have xmas stuff from last year as well.

I find it extremely funny that the tinker bell outfit is in the jewel section while the evil queen from snow white is in the ribbon section. I can see what Katherine thinks of ribbon users  now… 😆 Additionally these were my Halloween outfits from 2008:


2 thoughts on “Poupee Halloween 2009

  1. I love halloween! but there are to less costumes this year at poupee T__T
    That´s disappointing. I still have some from last year. (like vampire- and devildress)
    But the tinkerbell dress is so win! I absolutely love it.

    Do you think there will be halloween candy bonbon for the shellspring this year?

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