Pangya 4koma #248

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On Japan it’s not “Skullfini” (or Skelfini www) it’s “Horror Dolf[ini]”.


7 thoughts on “Pangya 4koma #248”

  1. Suggestion to Ntreev / Gamepot:

    Please add pantsu self design system. People may draw naughty things though. nihihi

  2. The special product of JP Pangya = Panties Watching 🙂

    I’m so tired with everyday’s overtime work~~~~
    Don’t say complaints!

    Hey look, UEDA CEO is working hardly too.

    (SLIDE! SLIDE!) ⇒ His mouse is slided up.

    OHHHHHH!!!!! I could watch panties~~~~~~!!!!!!!
    …..How old UEDA now…..?
    …..He is 30’s……

    ***The way to watch panties on JP Pangya***
    1.Go into a fitting room
    2.Grasp your character
    3.Vigorously slide your mouse to upper
    4.You can watch panties with right under angle XD

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