Pangya 4koma #247

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pangya4koma247Next time you see someone with that title, you can think of Max. 😆 Anyway this is the last scheduled comic update. From now on I’ll be scanlating as they come, assuming that I find them funny and/or I can actually read them. I hope you’ve enjoyed the comics thus far, thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

7 thoughts on “Pangya 4koma #247

  1. omg… finally a kaz comic… XDDD <3333 he's been so rejected from pangya T_T no halloween costume for him _ _;;;;;;

    lol and HAWT…

  2. His past conviction 🙂

    It seems Max have got a butterfly feather.
    Oh here comes him when we’re talking about…

    ”Choooh” excellent——!!!!!!!
    * ”Choooh” is means ‘So’ & ‘Butterfly’ with same accent 🙂

    If it is possible….
    I wanna be caged like for insects…

    (Pang—-! Pang—–!)
    ….o..oh…it isn’t problem……

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