The Top 10 Best Otome Game Systems I’ve Ever Played


Was thinking about the decade of otome games and realized I had written a post about the worst game systems I’ve sat through. Unfortunately I had not then written the complimentary BEST systems one so here we are! Generally my stance on systems is “if I can press auto-mode and read it like a book that’s all I need” but once in a while it’s nice to get something besides ye olde audio visual book and have some kind of fun interaction. Unfortunately most games turn into a grueling exercise with their systems but these 10 actually made me enjoy the game even more!


10. Real Rode

While at first all the RPG stuff was overwhelming, the ability to carry levels & stats over was such a savior. I got Nina to level 99 with all stats being 999 by the time I got to the final boss.

This game is one of a kind. An actual otome game with an actual RPG inside of it. Not an RPG With otome elements, not an otome game that takes place in an RPG universe. No, this is literally an RPG otome game. Unfortunately this may have put off a lot of players because the game never made it past its PSP port. That said it was still fun and when you get overpowered heroine its actually rather hilarious. I definitely miss it.


9. Drastic Killer

アッー!!! Well that was certainly a unique game! I’ve had to poke bishies in Death Connection & Tokyo Yamanote Boys but going as far as making them moan? This is a first! I thought the Love Steals were a lot of fun at first but I admit when I was doing “skip” runs they made my wrists hurt.

At the time I was recommended to play this game cause it was supposed to be really good….but after playing it I understood what they meant by “good”. The hilarious part of course is all the dudes were in this retro 80s bishounen art style so I think that only made me take it even less seriously. Unfortunately this game died along with its PS2 counterpart never to moan see the light of day again. Also it had a catchy af opening theme lol.


8. Death Connection

The poke-the-bishie scenes were my favorite. Who knew that other on a DS you could poke a half naked guy and then get bonus items for doing it! ( *´艸`)フフフ

Death Connection is like the better Piofiore. You still got the Italian Mafia bit but with enough fantasy elements and a cool spin on life vs death. That said, seeing this poor church raised girl suddenly end up in situations where she gets the urge to poke half naked dudes was funny as fck. 😂😂😂

Fuck it I Loved the gardening LOL

7. Koibana Days

Even though I spent more time watering and planting and cutting, the scene rewards were totally worth it. It didn’t feel as painful because then I’d have some fun email convo or some really adorable school festival event to look forward to.

Ok I’m sure you’re thinking I’m high for including this in best and not worst list but damn I actually ended up liking the gardening. Yea it was kinda tedious but it was nice seeing flowers growing (and nothing I love more than synthetic progression lol). I think without the gardening bit the game might have been TOO generic/boring school game so once you get the hang of the gardening part it honestly wasn’t that bad. At least it was straight forward unlike some….Le Combat.

Time to pet floofy animals

6. Beastmaster & Prince

The cutest part was probably the entire mofumofu system. I’d say Lucia’s mofumofu was the hardest but on the other hand why in the world would you pet a duck anyway? 😆 I think the easiest mofumofu for me was probably Silvio and Erik but I’m not sure if I ever really got the hang of the whole thing to be honest. It seemed like petting on the head was the most effective rather than doing belly or butt or something.

I don’t even wanna go into how shit the Beasts & princess mofu system was, because the ORIGINAL Moujuutsukai was the BEST. It was kinda like a mix of death connection & drastic killer but at least at the moment the guys were animals so it was less on the lewd scale. 😂😂 Their voices remained the same during the petting though so maybe not. 🤔


5.  Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen!

The 3D chibis were really cute and DOKYUN MODE IS SO FUNNY ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ It reminds me of Drastic Killer’s Love Steal except instead of moaning the guys go DOKYUUUNNNN!!!! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Continuing the moaning dude tradition, they decided to done it down and make it funny instead. Honestly it worked because it was so weird and out of place so you can hear your favorite seiyuus making these goofy DOKYU~~N voices several times per route. 😂😂


4. Trigger Kiss

Oh and for anyone wondering about the kiss system, there’s no difference between doing that or using your finger…but just for the hell of it, I did try it a few times…after which I immediately sprayed my screen with windex. ┗(^o^ )┓三

Otomate was trying something new with their PS Vita releases and to attract a certain audience they told people that you should “kiss” your screen because Vita had touch screen features. Honestly you didn’t have to, but I did like the novelty/concept 😂😂 TK is still one of my favorite games on the Vita, too bad it was never a huge hit with anyone else and I will never see a fandisk as long as I live. 😭


3. Shinobi Koi Utsutsu

Kaede is excited to start her first day, but on her first day, she accidentally sets off an illusion jutsu that makes guys fall head over heels for her! Coined as MeroMero Jutsu, Kaede charms any guy within the vicinity of her charm AOE!

Basically the system let you have these “trainings” with the guy where you had to say all sorts of naughty things to him and when he replied back Kaede had to make sure her jutsu didn’t go off in his face by “putting up with the embarrassment”. Needless to say, I wanted to know literally the responses to like every single choice, even if it was wrong because they were all really great ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) so I probably took longer with this game than I should have 😂

ぬふふ( ´థ౪థ)

2. Kenka Bancho Otome

Hinako was a great heroine, literally kicked people’s asses. My favorite quote from her was “I didn’t come here to be protected. I came here to fight with you.” FUCK. YEA.

Yea you ever wanted an otome game where you could literally fight your way to the top and beat up anyone who stands in your way!? This is it. And hey it’s an otome game! Not some random RPG or fighting game. What a concept! Too bad after the first FD the 2nd game was kind of a flop. Still the first game was definitely a memorable one for me.

1. KLAP! -Kind Love & Punish-

The principal makes a deal to give her a good reference to a human school if she works at their school for 1 year. The scope of her job is….to whip her students into shape. (◉◞౪◟◉`)ノ~~✧

Need I say more? 😂😂😂



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  1. huh interesting o.o I’ll take a look into it, problem is a lot of them are on vita/psp which I have buried deep in my closet now xD

  2. Yes, it’s all there. Simplified RPG system. And in each new game in the series, they are trying to add something new, to diversify and improve the system. In recent games and remakes after the first walkthrough you can skip all the battles that you’ve already done, and just enjoy the story. You’ll keep all your levels and stats in other walkthroughs. And in the end, you have a overpowered heroine who easily finishes off the final unique boss of the route. As RPG fan I really enjoy this series. Unlike other otome series from Koei, HaruToki’s system is pretty easy, especially if you are familliar with RPG.

  3. thanks!
    hahaha i see that your top systems are mostly funny amusing ones lol! which made them memorable huuuh! i only know three of the games, and another one by name, lolol! beastmaster and prince petting…the most recent pokemon system, anyone? also, listen, birds are nice to touch too! #justiceforbirdpets kinda curious about death connection, hm, i might just read about it… and for kenka banchou otome, oh yeah, let’s fight!! gogogo!

  4. “This game is one of a kind. An actual otome game with an actual RPG inside of it.”
    I see… so you never played Harukanaru Toki no Naka De series, it seems. All of them are “an RPG With otome elements, not an otome game that takes place in an RPG universe… literally an RPG otome game”

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