Otome Game Review: Moujuutsukai to Oujisama

The story takes place in some European-escue country with our heroine Tiana. Tiana wants to be a pro beast-master like her mother but her mom and dad are always out somewhere so she sadly has to spend most of her time living and training on her own. She has a whistle that she uses to tame most animals so when a tiger gets lose in town she’s able to make it fall asleep with a blow of her whistle. One day while on her way home she runs into some man selling animals for “dinner”. The cage of animals contains a lion, a duck, a wolf and a rabbit – not exactly a 3 course meal here 😆 The animals look sick and tired and she feels sorry for them so she trades her treasured brooch for them. She figured they would be a great way to practice taming some beasts! XD When she gets home she realizes the animals are very tame and it’s almost like they understand everything she is telling them – then finally the lion speaks human language. Tiana is shocked but then finds out that they were originally humans who got cursed and turned into animals. They ask for her cooperation to help them turn back to human and so her adventures begin!

Matheus – Matheus is a sexy beast, pun intended. The only problem is Midorikawa’s voice grates my brain lol. He CAN sound normal but I guess they want him to use his stupid nasaly voice in every otome game or anime role ever. So it’s like I look at Matheus and I’m like damn that’s some fine piece of man meat but then he start’s talking and I’m like ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン yudodis.jpg Anyway Matheus is our happy lion friend and he hates vegetables and men. Yes he has some man hatin’ disease that if a guy so much as shakes his hand, he breaks out in sweat and is on the verge of vomiting 😆 When all the animals start to chillax in her house, she goes to the local medicine shop and inquires about any medicines made by a witch that could turn animals into humans. The shop keeper (who looks like a cat with that hair of his) tells her that they have a “witch’s apprentice” who makes medicine here and this can be arranged. Next day she picks up the medicine which works but only for about 15 minutes and then all the guys turn back into animals again. Turns out that they are also all brothers – same father but different moms, and they are all princes of the royal family. They got into a ship accident and the country proclaimed them as dead but they ended up turning into furry animals instead. They end up going back to the medicine shop and asking for a better medicine and they are able to obtain one that lasts longer and more of it by making a ton of money doing animal tricks XDDD.

Something seems suspicious so they go back to the medicine shop to talk to the witch there and they find out that the witch apprentice Gerda and the shopkeeper cat boy Silvio were the ones behind their murder attempt. They were supposed to put them asleep and kill them but Silvio gave them the wrong medicine and instead cursed them and turned them into animals. Silvio and Gerda run away and we don’t see them again for a while. In the meantime for reasons unknown to me all the guys have this massive supply of meds to keep them in human form and so we get a bunch of scenes where Tiana shows your dude of choice around town. Matheus being the narcissistic pretty boy and fangirl magnet of course has a fangirl mob chase them down while they are walking around. They pick roses, end up acting in some play as replacements and then he makes her let him feed her some cheese or something XD. He also tells her the brooch she traded in to buy the 4 of them is actually a treasure of the royal family and he isn’t sure how her mother got a hold of it. When they get back he returns to his lion form and he randomly attacks her. She immediately uses her whistle to put him to sleep. He later tells her that he knows she wants to become a great beast master like her mom so he wants to help her practice by having her always be ready to tame those animals! One night there’s a fangirl mob outside Tiana’s house again and when Matheus comes out to tell them to stfu and gtfo, Gerda appears and she grabs Tiana and sticks a cursed crystal inside her chest.

This crystal is a curse that will basically take her life in due time. They threaten Matheus that if he wants to lift the curse, he must kill his brothers by the next night. Of course Matheus doesn’t do this. They stage a fake death and when Silvio and Gerda figure out that they’re b/sing it, Tiana uses her flute and calls upon a ton of mice that scare the crap out of Gerda XD. They are finally threatened enough to spill the beans. Gerda explains that she was a disciple of the “Last Witch” and that witch got captured and the only way to free her was to do as the Renard people said – which was to kill the 4 princes. Gerda also admits she cannot dispel curses so the only way to dispel the curse of Tiana and our furry friends is to rescue the last witch so she can do it. So now the battle begins and since the kingdom finds out the 4 princes are alive they raid the town. Bernd, a long time servant of the Fasan kingdom, ends up fighting Matheus and betraying him (also cutting his awfully long hair – at least he did something useful 😆 ) Tiana finds them and she runs and puts her body over Matheus saying she doesn’t want him to be hurt anymore. Before Bernd kills them, she uses her whistle and calls upon that tiger that she stopped in the beginning of the game. The tiger chases Bernd away and Tiana, along with her childhood friend (and Matheus’ former classmate) Klaus, takes Matheus to Gerda’s medicine shop where they tend to his wounds. There the medicine he uses runs out and he turns back into a lion which freaks Klaus out lol.

In the meantime Tiana uses a bird messenger to send a message to Alfred, who’s hanging out at Renard with Gerda & Co. Alfred returns and is glad that Matheus is feeling better since he heard that he got injured. They go to the castle and they run into Alfred’s younger brother, Dirk. Being a shota, he is of course the last boss and he kidnapped the Last Witch and used her power to give up his right eye for the power of some kind of massive dragon. Matheus and Tiana get thrown into the dungeon but then are rescued by Klaus who apparently has connections with the guards there. Alfred is held hostage because Dirk is pissed off at Matheus that he hogged his oniichan too long 😆 By now Tiana’s curse has gotten stronger and she passes out. When she wakes up she realizes that one more black out and she’s done for. Matheus kisses her and says he will go fight Bernt/Dirk but he wants her to stay back because she’s too weak. He tells her he loves her and goes off. Klaus says that he has a medicine that Matheus left behind which will allow her to live regardless for 24 hours but then she will instantly die. He tells her that her last moments should be with Matheus and not himself. She thanks him, takes the medicine and goes to Matheus. Shit hits the fan when Dirk lets the dragon take over so now we got this godzilla hovering over the entire town (  Д ) ゚ ゚. While Matheus fights Bernt, Bernt says he’s suffered under Matheus’ father (the King who is now dead) for so long and now it’s his time for sweet revenge. (Well honestly I can’t say I don’t know how this guy feels 🙄 ) When Matheus runs into Tiana he’s happy she came because he secretly wanted to spend his last moments with her since he figured he’d die here anyway.

Suddenly Lucia runs up to them yelling that it’s not time to give up yet. He tosses her a whistle, but it’s not her whistle, it’s her mom’s. Apparently Tiana’s mom was friends with the Last Witch and went to Renard to save her but failed to do so, which is why she gave that whistle to Lucia to pass on. She uses it to tame the godzilla above and then Matheus defeats Bernd and tells him that he will become the king that Bernd wanted him to be – not the tyrant like his father. Just in time Gerda and Silvio arrive with the medicine because they were able to rescue the last witch during the dragon battle. They give the medicine to Tiana so she doesn’t die as well as to all the princes so they stop turning into animals. So now Matheus becomes the next king but he actually didn’t take the medicine and he runs secretly to Tiana in the garden one day and turns back into a lion. He says that he knows that she likes it when he’s a lion and until she’s ready, he won’t take the medicine just yet. (*´ω`*) He does complain that he wishes she would glomp him when he’s a human, and not a lion XDXD. Just then he turns back into a human and asks her to marry him because if she doesn’t he’s gonna have all these hoes running into his room non stop 😆 She agrees and they get married some time later. During the wedding ceremony he gives her the brooch back that he had Gerta get back for him…and they live happily ever after! Well I was able to stomach Midorikawa but mostly because Matheus is so freaking hot (*´д`*)ハァハァ. I personally think he shoulda been voiced by Namikawa Daisuke or Sugita Tomokazu instead!!

Alfred – Alfred’s our wolfy and since I like Toriumi Kosuke a lot more than Midorikawa this route was quite enjoyable .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。. Alfred is the kinniku baka kind of character and even in wolf form he will attempt to keep his body in shape by doing pushups lol. Instead of fangirls running after him like with Matheus, he has gachimuchi mans running after him asking him to battle with them. Matheus is pretty bro to Alfred and during the carnival tells him to take Tiana out while the rest of them go do their own thang. When Alfred was a prince at the castle, his main duties was training & watching over the guards there so a lot of the guards know and look up to him. At one point while Tiana is showing him around town, his medicine runs out and he turns back into a wolf. They’re in the forest and 3 other wolves smell him and want to attack Tiana. She uses her whistle and puts all 4 of them, including Alfred, asleep. When he wakes up he offers for her to practice on his wolf form to train to be a beast master (which mostly involves him waking up and falling asleep multiple times 😆 ) As they are walking home one day it begins to rain and they hide under a roof. Alfred holds her close to him to make sure she doesn’t get wet – and when they get home Lucia totally “makes up” that scenario and Alfred gets pissed off going “WERE YOU GUYS WATCHING US HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS HAPPENED!?!” All the brothers are like “I feel bad for you Tiana” ( ´_ゝ`).

Tiana also dresses Alfred up in girly wolf clothes which make both Lucia and Erik roll on the floor laughing プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Anyway after the fangirl mob, Tiana getting cursed incident, this time she calls upon the 3 wolves that attacked her earlier and uses them to cough out the information from Gerda and Silvio. The big problem in Alfred’s story is his emobitch younger brother Dirk, which as mentioned in the above route hates Matheus and thinks that Alfred should be the next heir to the throne. In fact Dirk and Alfred’s mother also wanted him to be king especially after their older brother Abel was killed. Basically Alfred is a Matheus fanboy. Ever since he was young he pledged his loyalty to him so one day when Abel wanted to fight Matheus, who refused, Abel went and attacked him with his sword. Alfred got in the way to protect him and because of that he lost his left eye. At the same time though, he accidentally stabbed Abel and killed him. Alfred’s family doesn’t blame him for the incident but instead blame Matheus and they want to get rid of him once and for all. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Hannes has been spreading bullshit all over the place and now all the 3 kingdoms are at war with each other and basically want to kill each other, so that way they can all merge into 1 giant empire. At the same time is when Bernd slashed Matheus (and cut his stupid hair). Alfred and Tiana run back to the castle and following Matheus trail of blood they find him rescued by Klaus. He’s not dead but that’s thanks to Klaus tending to him (which was hard cause Matheus was like NOO DONT TOUCH ME YOU MAN!)

So right about now Dirk got enough sand in his mangina to make a deal with the dragon and he starts playing Godzilla all over town. Tiana’s curse is getting worse and she passes out. When she wakes up eh finds herself glomped by Alfred who is so happy that she’s awake that he completely forgets that Matheus and Klaus are cockblocking them \( ^o^)/ . Once Dirk officially starts breathing fire everywhere, Alfred tells her that he has to go fight him even though Tiana begs him not to go. He then grabs and kisses her saying that he knew he shouldn’t have but he has fallen in love with her. He then goes to fight the dragon and suddenly Tiana gets a message from Gerda that her curse lifting medicine is ready cause they rescued the last witch. Tiana says she can’t come pick it up now because she doesn’t want to leave Alfred on his own. Gerda informs her that her whistle can actually tame dragons – so Tiana runs to Alfred and starts blowing it and giving Dirk a major headache 😆 Dirk is defeated and while he bitches about shit again, Alfred hugs him and tells him to stop being a fucking brat (shoulda slapped him instead.) Tiana’s curse is at its last stage and she finally loses consciousness and tells Alfred she loves him before she completely blacks out. Thankfully Gerda and co. arrived just in time to lift her curse and she wakes up a couple days later greeted by a happy Alfred. While he is making breakfast for her, he gives her the roses that only bloom when 2people are in love and they bloom while he asks her to marry him. He says while she passed out Matheus told him to stop dicking around and make her happy 😆 So bro man. She of course agrees and then all the brothers come out of hiding going “WHEW THANK GOD we were worried you’d fail oniichan!” (*’∀’*)ウフフフ♪ And so I guess they live happily ever after – too bad no wedding CG (´・ω:;.:…

Lucia – Lucia honestly feels like the true OTP of this game. Sure they throw Matheus on the cover of everything and portray him as the main guy, but he doesn’t have a childhood promise like Lucia did! Also Shimono Hiro >>> impenetrable wall >> Midorikawa ( ´_ゝ`). Lucia’s animal is the duck, and since Lucia is a massive tsundere we now have a tsundere duck. 😆 His way of making money for the curse lifting medicine was for Tiana to jump on stage and reveal that the “prince” was a trap XDXD. Impractical but it worked! His brothers always pick on him and use him as the “tester” for each time they got the transformation medicine. When he was a kid, he and Kurt (who is also a prince of another country as well as Lucia’s cousin) drew on the walls of the castle and were spanked till their butts were red by Kurt’s grandpa. One day while they are out they rest in the flower field and while she is sleeping she has a familiar feeling and she hears Lucia saying “I can’t believe you forgot already..” She’s not sure what he’s talking about but that night she finds her old diary from when she was little and it she used to play with a young boy and practice taming some cats. Apparently the boy also wanted to play the violin like her father and they had made a promise together to someday enter and win the annual beast-taming competition. The boy then had to move to another country and Tiana lost touch with him – but now she wondered what he looked like – maybe he’d even be hot プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

The night of the carnival Lucia tells her that he wanted to enter the beast master competition with her because it was that night as well. His brothers set him on a lock down at home because he came home late – cause he was trying to get their entry in. Tiana said thanks but…before she could finish Lucia got really upset saying “oh yea I know I’m not a wolf or a lion like my brothers, I’m just a stupid duck, like you’d ever win with that.” He tells her to gtfo of his room and then he uses a hidden stash of medicine he had to turn himself back into a human and he runs off with Kurt to chase some warthogs out of frustration or something XD. They go looking for Lucia thinking something might have happened to him and find him all beat up being brought back to town by Kurt. Tiana is so happy Lucia is ok that she glomps him while he’s resting in bed. That’s when she realizes that he was her chubby childhood friend that she made the promise with. Lucia tells her that he did his best to stop eating sweets and he exercised, even though he hated it – just so that when he would meet her again he’d be an ikemen ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ . So then during the Gerda/Silvio scene this time they bring an actual rabbit, lion, duck and wolf and trick them while the real princes come out and threaten them with swords. When they split up to find the last witch, Tiana obviously goes with Lucia & co. this time while Matheus and Alfred stay behind. There’s a brief flashback to the incident 20 years ago where the dragon from the powers of the last witch destroyed half the country and also killed Gerda’s parents. Gerda knew this but she comforted a crying witch and then became her disciple.

They decide to rest for the night and they use one of Kurt’s tents in the forest. While huddled together by the fire Lucia tells Tiana that he will promise her here once again he will make her into a great beast master so she can surpass her parents. They use a sleep potion Gerda made to put all the guards to sleep while they look for the witch. Unfortunately while they are split up, Hannes captures Gerda, Silvio and Erik because he was following them the entire time. Turns out the witch isn’t there anymore and so Lucia & Tiana run off so that they are not caught and let Klaus know via the mirror that Matheus is in danger and Bernd is a traitor. Suddenly a bunch of guards come out searching for the 2 of them and Lucia tells her he will act as a decoy and in the meantime Tiana should escape. He kisses her and says that he’s always loved her since he was little then he comes out. Hannes knows that Tiana is still hiding in the bushes and he punches Lucia to make her come out. Tiana keeps her promise with Lucia and stays hidden but suddenly some knives come flying from the sky. Kurt to the rescue! Kurt’s like a dog and he followed Lucia & Co. via their foot prints and smell and apparently he’s also pretty damn strong 😆 He tells Lucia & Tiana to run away while he pretty much solo beats down Hannes and his entire army lol. While they are hiding in some supply room, Tiana finds some writing on the floor that looks similar to the kind of writing her mother uses. Turns out it was words written by the last witch thanking her parents because it was her parents who sealed the power of the dragon 20 years ago – which is why in the previous routes her mom mentioned the witch was a “friend” of hers.

Kurt finds them after beating down Hannes’ guys and then they get a message via mirror from Alfred. Turns out Kurt’s grandpa got killed. Kurt is upset and is in the mood to kick some more asses so he tells Lucia and Tiana to run back to Alfred while he goes and rescues Gerda, Silvio & Erik. Tiana uses her beast mastery and gets a bunch of nukos to distract the soldiers while she and Lucia escape. When they are in the forest, Lucia asks if he can kiss her again because the other time he did it was rushed and half assed. He also says that she’s his first kiss and he wants it to be done properly. Sadly before they can finish this lovely scene, Erik cockblocks them because Kurt has already rescued all of them /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Gerda bitches that while they were captured these two were busy being ichaicha with each other. xD By now Tiana’s curse gets stronger and she passes out. When she wakes up Lucia is in tears but she decides to go stop the dragon with him rather than search for the witch with Gerda. Lucia fights Bernd and then together with Tiana they blow the whistle to stop the Dirk-zilla. Alfred then shows up to stop Bernd from doing anymore damage and then Tiana passes out again from the curse. Lucia cries and yells that he’s loved her forever but as usual Gerda comes back in time with the curse lifting medicine. She wakes up at Lucia’s castle and reads a letter from her mom cheering her and Lucia on while her dad says he DOES NOT APPROVE! 😆 Like the other 2 guys Lucia waits to take the curse lifting medicine because he knows she likes his duck form. This is further proven when she kisses his beak and he rages that she’s a hentai xDDD. While Tiana recovered Lucia kicked everyone out that tried to enter her room. After she heals she and Lucia both leave the castle and they enter and win the beast mastery competition like her parents with Lucia playing the violin and she taming dem animals. They decide they will go all over the world and be the best team ever! Daww Lucia is totally the OTP man! He was so adorable gah I can’t wait for the fandisk (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ

Erik – It’s bunday! Also shotaday. Erik always carries a stuffed frog on his back that is very important to him and when it gets torn apart or something he immediately cries. He can play piano, and violin and he has a talent for carving things out of wood as well as drawing/painting. Well damn dude share the wealth! ( ´_ゝ`) He’s a strict vegetarian and he and Matheus always argue about how one should eat meat while the other should add some vegetables to his diet. XD Erik is the only male that Matheus allows to touch him and one day Matheus jokes that maybe Erik is really a girl which seems to hurt Erik’s feelings. When Erik and Tiana go visiting the town during carnival day they go to the place with the roses that bloom based on lovers’ feelings. He gives her a rose but of course it doesn’t bloom since Tiana only sees him as this happy shota friend rather than a lover (and well I honestly don’t blame her…(ಠ_ಠ)). Matheus sees them and tells Erik to grow the fuck up and stop being a little brat. On their way home they run into Silvio. They fight and while Erik protects Tiana his frog gets torn apart and some kind of a silver bottle flies out of it and some of the contents land on Erik. Instantly he goes from shota → hot manly shota! (  Д ) ゚ ゚……..|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Erik tells her not to ask him about this and not to tell anyone about what happened. That night Tiana talks to Lucia and he tells her he knows the dilly-o with Erik and says that Erik’s “innocent shota” persona is just a facade.

Turns out Erik’s mom wanted a daughter and not a son because she didn’t want her child to be involved in the prince battles for the throne. She just wanted to live peacefully and so when she had a son she feared every day that he might get killed in the battles for the throne since in the past prior princes would fight to death to claim it. (Sigh royalty 🙄 ) Erik said that he doesn’t want to keep lying to himself and especially not to Tiana anymore and says he wants to be more mature for her. During the Gerda/Silvio incident, even though everyone comes up with a plan, Erik goes into yandere mode and ends up capturing both Gerda and Silvio single handedly 😯 He threatens to cut Gerda’s throat if she doesn’t heal Tiana. Anyway after the long chat they split up in the usual groups and Gerda and Silvio are scared shitless of the not-so innocent shota XDXD. Erik later explains to Tiana that he put the personality changing curse on himself at the age of 7 so he would always be like a “doll” to his mother and his mother wouldn’t need to worry. At one point he was so used to being in that form that he forgot who he really was and forgot that the frog contained the medicine to change him back to his real self. It wasn’t until Silvio attacked them that one day that he remembered. He decided during their travels to Bernard kingdom that this will be the last time he ever becomes a shota and he emptied out the contents of the personality changing medicine.

When they are at Bernard, Erik and Tiana stumble upon the dead body of the emperor and Hannes puts the blame on them and throws them into a cell. Using her l33t beast mastery powers, Tiana gets some mice to bring them the keys to the cell and they escape. They go looking for the others and find that Hannes has captured them. Erik then uses the medicine to turn people into animals and turns all the soldiers into animals, including Hannes who fittingly turns into a fox. m9(^ω^)ぷぎゃ! Erik then uses the same medicine to turn Hannes back into a human as he prepares to slice his neck off and kill him. Tiana stops Erik so he doesn’t become a cold blooded murder (like his personality actually is huhu). They return to where Matheus & Alfred are to stop Dirkzilla. On the way there Erik kisses Tiana saying he’s tired of holding back (damn horny bunneh.) Anyway the last witch was rescued by Tiana’s parents and then Bernd caught them and destroyed her whistle – but Tiana’s whistle was just as good! So as usual she stops Dirkzilla → passes out from curse → Erik cries bloody murder → Gerda & co. bring her the medicine and save her → she falls asleep cause Gerda put a bit too much sleep potion in there → she wakes up in the castle with Erik hogging her all to himself and raging at Lucia for interrupting their lovelove session \( ^o^)/ Since Erik is still younger than her and still in school (I think he’s 15?) he has to continue attending the academy but he promises to write her letters every day until he graduates. And so 3 years pass and Erik and Tiana are reunited again but Erik had a major growth spurt and he looks incredibly hot now (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. Erik still thinks he should be king instead of Matheus but he isn’t gonna force him out of his seat unless Matheus screws up. Additionally now that Erik’s his real self he’s actually quite a lot like Matheus in the whole “phermone” department (the omake 4koma proves this xDDD).

Klaus – Sadly as much as they could have done more with this route they chose not to. Klaus is the childhood friend but unlike Lucia besides being the “childhood friend that always liked her” there’s nothing else to him. It was cute when they accidentally turned him into a mouse but otherwise his plot was pretty much copy pasta from Matheus. The difference being that it wasn’t as involved and for some reason Matheus didn’t get his hair chopped off this time – how disappointing. 😆 He’s also Lotte’s non blood related brother and Lotte knows that he’s always looked at Tiana as a “woman” not as a “sister” like he did with Lotte. Sadly that’s all there is to this route. He doesn’t use the medicine like the other guys so he can turn back into a mouse so that Tiana can enjoy her mouse petting fetishes プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ A shame they coulda given him a lot more character development but even his ending had copy-pasta dialogue from all the 4 princes. Maybe he’ll get something better in the fandisk…

Silvio – Silvio’s story was really short just like with Klaus but he did have some nice character development and HIS DAMN ENDING MADE ME CRY A RIVER (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Anyway Silvio tells her that he’s in love with her right off the bat which is a little off putting at first but he’s too adorable so we’ll roll with it. I guess he’s so in love with her to the point that he prevents Gerda from placing a curse on Tiana and instead asks for the princes to cooperate with them to rescue the last witch. They head to Renard but are stopped by Hannes who orders his guards to kill them but they manage to escape. Tiana defeats the dragon as usual but Silvio is badly hurt from when they were trying to rescue the witch. This time it’s not Dirk inside the dragon but rather the witch’s powers just going berserk like they did 20 years ago. Silvio then seems like he’s dying and he takes her hand saying he’s loved her ever since she used to train with him when she was little. Yep apparently Silvio was that cat that she practiced on (and appearing in all those CGs xDD) when she was little! He turns back into a cat – turns out that’s actually his true form. He was a cat cursed with the same spell as the princes but it had the opposite effect and turned him human. Anyway Gerda gives him the medicine to turn him back into a cat permanently and he takes it knowing that there’s nothing he can do for Tiana since he’s just a cat after all. Tiana cries and hugs his cat form and then Silvio leaves with Gerda and the last witch. After Tiana says goodbye to the 4 princes she heads back home and passes by the medicine shop. She notices it’s still open and goes in to take a peek – only to be glomped by a human form Silvio. Turns out Gerda forced him to go work at the medicine shop and make money so that they could afford to pay for the last witch’s living expenses /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Y U TROLL ME SO BADLY OTOMATE TAT! Fucking cried for no reason lmfao (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

So I guess if Fruits Basket were ever to be made into an otome game it would pretty much be this. There’s just so many wonderful things I can say about this game. The guys were hot, the art was beautiful, the CGs and the sprites were both well drawn and consistent. The music, while nothing particularly caught my ear, was still very fitting to the atmosphere. I think the same team did this game as Arcobaleno because a lot of things “felt” similar. The cutest part was probably the entire mofumofu system. I’d say Lucia’s mofumofu was the hardest but on the other hand why in the world would you pet a duck anyway? 😆 I think the easiest mofumofu for me was probably Silvio and Erik but I’m not sure if I ever really got the hang of the whole thing to be honest. It seemed like petting on the head was the most effective rather than doing belly or butt or something (lol duck butt 😆 ) The story was well written and while a lot of stuff felt like repeats at least the characterization made up for it and we sort of got to see the “different point of views” of the story. Like I mentioned earlier, the weakest route was definitely Klaus. I mean yea sure the story is the same over all the routes but heck Silvio’s route was short and his damn route made me cry a river! I barely moved a muscle on my face with Klaus and I was really hoping for something good with him. I guess Lucia upstaged him in the childhood friend department so they just kinda shoved him in there as the “serious caring guy” but he had megane! Coulda done something with that I swear 😆 Overall definitely recommend this game. This is definitely one of Otomate’s best. Very much excited for the fandisk coming next month (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ

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  1. Loved your review as always x3 I also think this game is one of Otome’s best and I’m happy I could play it with my old geezer ps2 ;w;

    I felt as you with Silvio’s route (trolled) but I decided not to tell you so as not to spoil anything haha 8D

  2. haha yea I appreciate keeping the spoilers to yourself xDDD But thank you for hanging out with me even though you’ve already played the game (*´ω`*) Maybe we’ll fangirl over Silvio again during the fandisk release ;D

  3. ths for the review, and i was wondering if you have the sequel – 猛獣使いと王子様 ~Snow Bride~?

    and hope to see the next review soon

  4. Gawd, I always love reading your review *lol* ❤

    I think, with Otomate games, you know that they're good/popular if they get a fandisc or sequel… Hakuoki, Hiiro no Kakera, Wand of Fortune and this one… but this logic is flawed since Will o Wisp got a fandisc *scratches head*

  5. Yo, did you have a guide for this? Because I’m getting the game soon and I was wondering if you could linketh me to one?

  6. scarlet> I followed the guide from otome.girly.jp 🙂

    sharakael> I think Hakuoki is overrated anyway. I mean its a decent story and all but a lot of the old timey stuff just bored me to tears. This is also why I can’t bring myself to play Reimeiroku – maybe later in the year..

    Fumiko> that’s the fandisk, it comes out at the end of February so it’s not out yet 😛

  7. The art looks gorgeous! Seeing beautiful art like that makes me regret not learning how to draw properly. XD

    How does a wolf do push up??? XD And Toriumi Kosuke! ❤ Instant liking for Alfred~ 8D I was re-watching Ouran a few weeks back and hearing him voicing the newspaper club president just made me lol. XD;;;

    Sorry for the excessive laughter in this comment. XDDD

  8. lol I’m already crying tears of blood looking at all the art in this game cause my art blows goat in comparison 😐

    Toriumi’s like in the last 5 games I played lmfao. HES EVERYWHERE MAN

  9. Wow you sure do play games so fast! Thanks for the review! It made me want to play this game now. I think I’ll be playing this one in the near future!

  10. Hello! i watched your stream when you were on Erik’s route! XD. Love the detailed review! I’ll be looking forward to your next one~ =3


    Wait, before I get into anything, is this for the Playstation 2? And are you playing is on the PS2, or are you playing it emu-version? I feel like this is for the PS2, right…? Snow Bride? Or is that the fan disk? Am I completely out of my mind?


    I am totally going to get this. This is like, dream come true. I love animals, and this game looks great!! Tsundere duck = win and bunny = supreme god. 😛 I really like bunnies.

    Figures the shota would be the bunny boy xD LOL

    I definitely think I am going to play this!!

  12. Yep this is for the PS2.
    Snow Bride is the fandisk that comes out in February.
    The shota has a few surprises under his sleeve but if you like petting fuzzy animals I recommend!
    Some of my broadcasts for this game should still be up on Justin.TV so you can have a preview (or watch the whole thing if you’re so inclined xD)

  13. Lucia~Lucia~ The best the best the best. The omakes are also really nice, though a bit on the short side.

    Erik scares the hell out of me too so I can understand Gerda’s feelings. He doesn’t even seem shota anymore.

  14. All right, good to know that this is for the PS2 lol. I am totally going to get this. 😛 Your review has solidified my need to buy it. (Actually, your review made me aware that this game existed. xD)

  15. Ah I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Midorikawa’s voice didn’t really fit the character ^^’ I kept seeing Yoh before me instead of Matheus XD
    I would have loved Matheus more with a Suwabe Junichi kind of voice xD

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