Otome Game Review: Kenka Bancho Otome

Nakayama Hinako has lived her entire life at an orphanage, learning combat arts for fun (and self defense.) On her first day of high school, she bumps into her long lost twin brother Hikaru. Of course this is all just as keikaku by Hikaru because as it turns out, the two of them are children of a yakuza family. Hikaru’s father wants him to beat up all the 1st and 2nd year students and become the “bancho” of the school in order to show the pride of the Onigashima family. Unfortunately Hikaru would rather cross dress like a girl, eat ice cream and go shopping. Luckily for him, Hinako can actually kick ass so he blackmails her by pretending to “bump” into her and get hurt. He claims that if she doesn’t crossdress as a boy and go to the Shishiku boys school in his place, he will force her to pay his medical fees. 😂 Hinako doesn’t wanna get the stink eye from the Yakuza and she’s happy she found some form of family so she agrees. She ends up (being forced) to move in to a small apartment with her brother and his manservant Sakaguchi who takes care of the twins meals & transportation (though mostly Hikaru’s.) It doesn’t take long, but Hinako ends up kicking ass of the strongest guys at the school, and gaining a ton of fanboys as she becomes the bancho of Shishiku high. How long will she be able to keep her identity a secret?

banchos037Kira Rintaro – Rintaro is the childhood friend who was at the orphanage with Hinako. He protected her and got her interested in combat arts. They lost touch once he left and he immediately thought it was her when he first meets her at Shishiku.  He came to the orphanage because of abusive parents and he sat alone and didn’t talk to anyone…until he opened his heart to Hinako. Currently he has a part time waiter job at  cafe in order to afford living alone. Rintaro figures that since Hinako reminds him of “the girl at the orphanage” to talk about his past.  He says that right before he left the orphanage, the girl told him “to live a happy life”. His original mom ignored him while his dad beat him.  After his mother got divorced and remarried,  she readopted him again. Unfortunately his mom seems to be a wife beater magnet so his new dad beat him too… (ㅍ_ㅍ) So in the end he took part time jobs to move out and live on his own but broke his promise of “living a happy life” so he could never face the girl again. Hinako tells him that his life now is probably fine. He’s like yah you’re right and decides he’s gonna go back to the orphanage to find out Hinako’s whereabouts…😁 lmfao. When he goes to the orphanage the sensei there refuses to give him info on Hinako cause Hinako begged sensei to keep her whereabouts a secret.  After this Rintaro gets really depressed and it breaks Hinako’s heart seeing him like that. He then stops coming to school for a week, so worried Hinako decides to visit him at home. Turns out he’s been sick and so she tells him to next time rely on her to help him out. Suddenly Rintaro’s step brother  (from his dad’s side) named Nozomi bursts in telling him that if his mom comes here to get back home.  After he storms out, Rintaro explains to Hinako that his mom constantly fights with his dad, runs away and returns x days later. It’s happened so frequently that the police don’t even answer requests to find her anymore. (  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  ) Hikaru tells Hinako to make a free email address to contact Rintaro so that way they can talk without him finding out where she is. This works and Rintaro is much happier now.

banchos035A couple days later Hinako gets together with Yuuta and co to plan a surprise birthday party for Rintaro. Hinako sends him a message from “herself” wishing him a happy birthday and he’s so happy he emails her back saying he wants to meet up.  She just lies and says she lives in Hokkaido so she can’t.  A few weeks later Hinako runs into Nozomi  who’s getting beat up in the park.  He says he doesn’t need help but she beats up the durds anyway. She finds out later that Rintaro visited home to check on his brother since despite Nozomu hating him,  he still worries about his younger step bro. On Christmas,  Nozomu asks Hinako to help him  beat up some dudes and is impressed by how strong she is. He wants to get strong so he can fight back against his dad ( cause his dad no longer lays a hand on Rintaro knowing he’ll get his ass handed to him. ) It’s honestly kinda sad that everything revolves about the dad being an abusive fuck but reporting him to the cops and arresting him for battery is somehow not an option.(۳˚Д˚)۳ That night they bring Nozomi to Rintaro’s house for Xmas dinner with the 3 of them and he’s a turbo tsundere – complaining while stuffing his face.  😂 When Nozomi finds out that Hinako is “Onigashima Hikaru” he immediately leaves raging that he plans to go to a rival school to Shishiku so he feels shitty getting help from the bancho of the rival school. Love End: Hinako accidentally blurbs out the thing about being in Hokkaido which she wouldn’t know because Rintaro never told “Hikaru” this.  He then beats her in a fight demanding she tell him the truth. Hinako admits she’s the Hinako from the orphanage and he immediately hugs her. He tells her she doesn’t need to fight anymore and that he wants to protect her. She explains her situation & asks him to keep it a secret. The two of them then decide to come to their old orphanage Suzukaze Xmas party together. Afterwards he tells Hinako that when he first came to the orphanage someone made fun of him and Rintaro nearly beat the shit out of him. That’s when Hinako stepped in and made him realize he doesn’t wanna be am abusive ass like his dad.  So that’s why she’s his “savior” cause she taught him the importance of protecting his loved ones. After new years Rintaro gets further upset about Hinako being at this school and says if her brother kicks her out for leaving, she can come live with him instead. He’s also so in love with her that he’s tired of being her “oniichan” 😁. So then the happy times get halted with family drama again.  Apparently Rintaro’s mom borrowed money from the yakuza and put it in the name of Nozomi’s dad before going mia. So now they want the money back,  and since they don’t have that money the shitlord dad forced Nozomi to work for the yakuza instead.  😑

banchos031The yakuza is the same Urashima group that caused problems in the other routes. When the yakuza complain that Nozomi is kinda worthless the shitlord dad just tells them to give him more work and he can quit going to school. Meanwhile Sakaguchi and Hikaru have found where Rintaro’s mom is hiding. Rintaro hears this and is like umm I don’t wanna get involved in this shit, and not with bitch mom who caused this whole thing to begin with. Meanwhile the yakuza tell Nozomi to to bring “Onigashima Hikaru” to use as hostage to get money from Onigashima family.  They tell Nozomi if he doesn’t do it, they’d kill his dad ( but tbh they’d be doing him a favor lolololol). As they capture Hinako, Nozomi runs away and tells Rintaro what happened. Rintaro runs to tell everything to Hikaru and he’s mad but decides to come up with a plan first. So they rescue Hinako and the dad, but the shitlord dad just calls Hinako his “money”.  Hinako feels bad hitting that asshole so instead Rintaro comes in and beats up the dad instead telling him to pay off his own debt. Rintaro has Nozomi move in with him while his mom moved to the countryside and is working on divorcing the wifebeater. Hinako and Rintaro then confess their feelings to each other but Hikaru is still mad from before so he decides to test Rintaro.  He has himself & Hinako wear their correct clothes to see if he can tell who the real Hinako is. Rintaro can see through this immediately and he’s happy to see Hinako dressed as a girl 😂. When Hikaru runs off raging,  Rintaro takes the opportunity to kiss his cute girlfriend. Friend end: Rintaro is depressed when Hinako denies being his childhood friend.  It gets worse when she stops replying to his emails and now he has step bro drama to deal with. So now Totomaru and co decide to be his best buds to help cheer him up. Also the romance part is replaced with some stupid drama about how the 2nd years think Rintaro is a pansy ass and they need a new “strongest fighter” for their year…so naturally they all start fighting and warn Hinako that they will be coming after her to claim that spot. In the meantime the yakuza story continues and Nozomi continues to whine that oniichan won’t notice him. So then in order to put an end to the 2nd year rivalry, Yuuta challenges Hinako to a battle but midway it’s a trap to make Rintaro fight him instead. After this they go to Rintaro’s dad’s house, beat up the yakuza & the dad and tell him to fuck off. The dad then starts the process to divorce his mom and Nozomi moves into Rintaro’s apartment. Rintaro then sends a lengthy mail to “Hinako” telling her that if she ever needs help to not hesitate to ask him. He also thanks her for changing him from “hurting” people to “protecting” them that time at the orphanage. He also says he’s gonna stop bugging her so he can “move on” from his past. Nozomi then starts his new high school life at Shishiku and everyone decides to protect him in case people target him for being Rintaro’s brother. This ending made me kinda sad…because of how much Rintaro cared about Hinako even though she’s right in front of him. (´・ω・`) Also generally I was upset at how much the drama butted its ugly head in for most of Rintaro’s route because I wanted more cute childhood friend love times.

banchos029Minowa Totomaru – Totomaru is the loveable baka who’s a total bro for all his friends. In many routes he comes through to help everyone despite always acting like an idiot. Seems like he has a crush on Hinako from the start because she looks like a girl to him no matter what. Hinako is his type as far as looks go so he wanted to hit on Hikaru in drag,  but Hikaru just rages at anyone other than Yuuta 😂. So in actuality Hinako is his type inside and out which is why he’s constantly fidgety around her. They go to the class trip together to Kyoto where they have to spend 1 night. Because they get in a fight saving some girl they’re forced to sit on their knees all night as punishment. The other students join them cause if their leader Hinako is there 😂. Sensei realizes they’re being loud so he tells them all to go back to their rooms. When they return to Shishiku, they find out that the Ushimata school guys  attacked Konparu. They figure it must be related to the fight in Kyoto. Meanwhile the Ushimata attacks continue on Shishiku students so they’re worried about their school festival. They of course come to get their asses owned at the festival and it turns into a full blown out yakuza war 😅 The only way to stop it is to stop their leader Sakuragi (who looks like a Jojo reject). Totomaru and Hinako get into a fight cause of her getting upset that he thinks of her as manly and not feminine  (but duh she has to act like a guy. ) She knows it’s her fault but Totomaru is so upset he keeps avoiding her. When they finally make up and apologize, the Ushimata guys surround them.  (눈_눈) Love End: Hinako ends up getting stabbed and when Totomaru goes to remove her shirt to stop the bleeding he finds out that she’s a girl. (*゚ロ゚*) He takes her home and after she wakes up, she admits to why she was posing as her brother. Totomaru tells her that she’s still his bro no matter what.  \( *´ω`* )/

banchos074Hinako’s recovery will take 3 weeks and age asks Totomaru not to tell anyone about the stabbing or it will add fuel to the fire. While she’s recovering, she finds out that Totomaru has been going around beating the Ushimata guys for info on their leader.  She wants him to stop going alone so she beats some sense into him,  literally telling him to rely on his friends. And so Sakuragi challenges Totomaru and Hinako to a fight. Totomaru defeats Tatsuo, but then Sakuragi whines that he wishes Totomaru had come to Ushimata instead of Shishiku. Tatsuo bitches about how Totomaru isn’t his friend and how he constantly lived in his shadow being told how shitty he is in comparison. Just then a bunch of Ushimata guys come to lynch mob Totomaru and Hinako. Fortunately Totomaru figured this would happen and he had his friends on standby as backup 😈. And so Hinako beats down Sakuragi and the Shishiku guys go to a restaurant to celebrate their victory( and also Xmas eve lol.) After they leave,  Totomaru gives Hinako a Christmas present – the hair pin she looked at in the mall ( and they got into a fight over it.) After new years, Totomaru’s dad confronts Hinako saying he wants to send his son to study overseas. Totomaru refused so the dad asks Hinako to find out the reason, and says Shishiku is just a crappy yankee school. He asks Hinako to convince Totomaru to agree to study abroad to better improve his education. Totomaru of course refuses when Hinako talks to him. As Valentine’s day approaches all the lonely guys decide to give chocolate to the manliest man lol. Hinako decides to give chocolate to Totomaru and ends up making 本命 thanks to Hikaru pushing her on. Meanwhile Hinako gets a ton of chocolate from all her fan boys at the school. 😂 She gives Totomaru her chocolates and tells him her feelings and he says he wants to be with her more and not go abroad.

banchos098Unfortunately the next day Totomaru reveals that his studies abroad have been decided and he won’t be going to Shishiku anymore. Turns out it’s cause Totomaru’s dad hired a detective to dig up evidence on Hikaru to get her expelled from the school for violence against his son. Totomaru rages saying all of her fights were in self defense but dad’s like lol whatever idgaf son you’re going abroad. So then on Totomaru’s last day Hinako brings everyone to the gym and reveals she’s Hinako. She says now that Onigashima Hikaru is not at the school the dad’s evidence won’t work to turn him in. All the guys accept Hinako as their leader and are all ぶひぶひ over their first female bancho 😂. They also rage at Totomaru’s dad for forcing his son to go abroad. The dad gives in but tells Totomaru he has to get his grades up. Unfortunately after this Hinako is sent to a girl’s school and all her yankee fan boys cry and start beating each other up to decide who’s the new bancho. Hinako comes to Shishiku later to visit Totomaru and she’s wearing her girls school uniform and the hairpin he gave her. He then lifts her up and repeats over & over how much he loves her until he kisses her. (*´ε`*) Friend end: This time Totomaru gets stabbed instead of Hinako.  After he recovers, Hinako decides to face Sakuragi on her own but of course he tries to lynch mob her. Fortunately her friends come to the rescue and beat everyone up. As it turns out, Sakuragi is of course doing all of this in order to get into the Urashima yakuza group (who’s been terrorizing everyone in the entire game). So after that’s resolved comes the dad and study abroad drama. The ending is hilarious when all the guys at the school put wigs on and look like Hikaru and say that the footage they got on camera is all of them so the dad can’t pinpoint the blame on one person. 😂 They convince the dad to give up and allow Totomaru to stay at Shishiku. In the epilogue Hinako and Totomaru fist bump with their lucky shrine charms (for battle victory) in hand. Totomaru was actually really cute but once again, the dad drama feels like it took away time that could have been spent on their dorky puppy love lol.

banchos104Konparu Takayuki – It’s weird I pretty much refer to everyone by their first name in this game but I don’t recall anyone ever calling Konparu by his first name…so Konparu just sticks in my head. Konparu is the kuudere dude who doesn’t really care to fight but if you dare touch anyone in his family he’ll get pissed. He has 4 younger siblings who at first assume that Hinako is a girl and she gets terrified that they figure out her secret. XD He also often trains in the morning and during the sports festival all the dudes dress him (and Hinako) in cheerleader outfits 😂 His father died in a car accident 3 years earlier so he’s felt like he has to support his family by working various part time jobs when he can. His dream is to be a boxing champion though but between going to school & taking care of his family he doesn’t have much time so he tries to do some training/sparring when he can. One day he gets news that his brother Minoru got hit by a car and there’s a very high medical bill. Because of this Konparu starts skipping class to do more part time work to raise money. His new secret job is doing some underground fight club to earn monetary prizes to pay for Minoru’s treatment. Everyone decides to help him earn money by working in a cross dress cafe (though only the twins dress in uniforms cause the other guys look awful in them 😂). The other guys just help with cooking and cleaning. Poor Hinako even has to deal with crazy female stalkers 😧.  As expected, once they finish,  Konparu refuses the money saying he’ll earn it himself. Hinako then beats the money into him forcing him to take it. 😂

banchos105Love End: Hinako ends up celebrating Christmas with Konparu‘s family but then he tells her to stay at his place cause it’s late.  She hesitates but agrees and since he sleeps with his siblings in their room she figures it’s safe to take her boob flattener off. However Konparu ends up coming back to sleep with her in the living room to thank her for everything and cause his siblings roll around too much. The next morning though she trips and falls and lands her braless chest right against him. σ( ̄∇ ̄;) He’s so shocked he says nothing and goes on his morning run. After this he stops talking to Hinako and she gets really upset. Eventually they talk, she explains her situation and he forgives her saying no matter her true gender he’ll still be her friend.  He asks her to help him with his training and says he’s changed his mind about girls being “weak and crybabies”. After this things are a bit awkward between them as every little thing makes him blush around her. Unfortunately things get bad when the shady hospital Minoru  is at keeps delaying his surgery and refuses to return the money if they want to go to a different hospital. So now Konparu considers returning to the underground fight club to try to make money to get his brother the surgery asap. Only Totomaru thinks something is fishy & when they talk to Minoru it seems like he was set up for a blackmail by some yakuza who run this hospital. The whole thing is odd since the police weren’t at all involved, the surgery costs too much and he’s been hospitalized way too long. While Totomaru does more digging, Konparu agrees to do 1 boxing match at that underground club for some quick cash. He was told to lose on purpose but because he promised to win, he decided to kick the opponent’s ass.

banchos041They run out from the fight arena, and after he reveals the truth to Hinako he also tells confesses his feelings of love for her. (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡ Hinako confesses that she likes him too but their moment is interrupted when Totomaru calls them to tell them about the hospital. Turns out the owner of the underground fight club is the same yakuza who owns the hospital – from the Urashima group. He would force people into fighting for him by blackmailing them with those kind of accidents. They force Konparu into fighting again in agreement to spare his friends and family.  ( •́ㅿ•̀ ) So while Konparu beats up dudes in the ring,  Hinako beats up all the yakuza guards outside the ring lol. The owner comes out with a stun gun and a knife and attacks Hinako. Konparu gets stabbed in the shoulder protecting her and pins the owner to the ground. Just then Hinako’s yakuza family and all her friends come to save them.  Totomaru also says they took Minoru out of the hospital and brought him home. After this the fighting ring is dissolved and Konparu is hospitalized for a month. Minoru is ready to be released as well because a real doctor told him his leg healed. After he gets out of the hospital, Konparu once again confesses to Hinako on the roof asking her to be his girlfriend (then pushing her down to the ground and kissing her \( *´ω`* )/). Friend end: Konparu never finds out that Hinako is a girl and all the guys go to the shrine for new years as best Bros and then come visit Konparu‘s house. After this Hinako trains fighting with Konparu while Totomaru throws exam questions at him. In the final fighting ring thing,  they force Konparu to fight against Hinako to the death.  She can’t bear to choke him and as the audience boos, their friends come in to help and stop everything. The owner,  this time with a gun tries to escape but he can’t aim for shit do Konparu catches up to him & beats him up. And so some time later, Konparu gets to enter the rookie boxing tournament. I expected the cute love comedy stuff to be in Totomaru’s route, but turns out Konparu got the winning prize here!

banchos113Mirako Yuuta – Yuuta is the snotty 2nd year idol and the strongest in the class aside from Rintaro. He and  Rintaro are pretty good friends but  Yuuta rarely goes to school because he’s busy with his idol work. He pretty much thinks Hinako is a girl until they get the real Hikaru to strip and prove otherwise. Hikaru is also a huge fan boy of Yuuta, but despite Hikaru dressing in drag, Yuuta only has eyes for Hinako. He’s has trust issues with friends so he didn’t trust anyone,  not even his group members so he went solo. During his first solo concert,  a bunch of dudes attacked him so Hinako and co beat them up so he could continue his concert. Yuuta’s agency producer then asks Hinako to join Yuuta in an idol unit together.  😁 Hinako hesitates because she doesn’t want him to half ass his idol career along with school.  Yuuta also then realizes what a good friend Hinako is after she gives him photos from their summer trip where he’s naturally smiling.  This is why he wants to do a unit with her – as he feels it will really help him improve as an individual. After thinking about it, Hinako agrees because of her desire to help him. When Hikaru hears about this he’s like yaaayyyy!! 😂😂😂 Unfortunately the producer made plans that are beyond what Yuuta agreed upon. Yuuta rages at the producer for making Hinako dance and sing unprepared in front of a live audience and made plans for them to do a concert 3 months later. After a terrible live TV performance, Yuuta almost beats the producer’s face for intentionally making Hinako look bad, but Hinako holds him back. She vows to practice to improve by the time their concert comes.

banchos055Meanwhile back at the ranch, Yuuta’s former band member is pissed that Yuuta is doing well and wants to bring him down. Yuuta in the meantime is grappling with whether or not he’s turned gay for Hinako since he feels nothing for Hikaru in drag. 😂 Love End: Yuuta walks in on Hinako changing after practice and she reveals the truth to him. He’s not mad at all,  in fact he’s actually really happy that Hinako is really a girl.  (∗ˊᵕ`∗) While walking with her home,  they run into his old band member who begs Yuuta to return to their group. Yuuta refuses and a few days later the producer says he wants Yuuta and Hinako to go shirtless for the fans and they both freak out. Yuuta again tries to refuse but the producer threatens to drop him altogether. As  usual it’s time for the real Hikaru to come help and he’s more than willing. 😂 After the shoot Yuuta takes Hinako (dressed as a girl) on a Xmas date ( even though his fans see and get mad lol??) They go to the amusement park and when Hinako gets home Hikaru rages but cheers her on.  At the new year location shooting they end up having to share a room and that’s when Yuuta confesses his feelings to Hinako. A few days later he goes back to his band and tells them he is willing to try to reunite with them one more time. However it’s all a trap as one of the former members has made an agreement with some yakuza dude from the Urashima group to destroy Yuuta at his performance with Hinako – in exchange for a solo debut. To make things worse, his former band member catches him lying in Hinako’s lap after rehearsal and decides to use it as blackmail material. They hire a bunch of gang dudes to beat up Hinako but of course she kicks their ass. For Valentine’s day she gives Yuuta chocolate and after he hugs her she realizes that she’s in love with him. Just then she overhears Yuuta’s former band guy Tatezato saying he got pics of her and Yuuta hugging to spread to the tabloids.  She beats him up and just then Yuuta comes into the room.

banchos057Tatezato first acts like a victim but Yuuta trusts his bae so he makes the guy spill the beans about the debut and the photos. Yuuta then hugs Tatezato to be like what’s wrong with fellow group member hugs?  😂😂😂 He then tells Tatezato to gather the other members to talk things out ( and then punches him in the face). The yakuza that Tatezato was involved with is fucking pissed and decides to sabotage the concert himself. The yakuza from the UR STAR agency abducts Hinako before the concert and tells Yuuta to come to them alone. He comes and rescues Hinako,  gets her to finally confess that she loves him and sneaks in a brief kiss before they gotta fight the angry yakuza mob.  Fortunately Totomaru & friends come as backup so Hinako and Yuuta can run back for their concert. And so Hinako’s brief idol career ends and Yuuta reunites with his band. He then returns to attending school so he can spend more time with Hinako but his days off are non stop idol work.  After he comes back to school he takes her to the rooftop to make out. (*´ε`*)チゥ Friend end: All the guys do the photo shoot together and then hang out on Christmas together. This time Tatezato blackmails Yuuta by getting pics of him beating up some delinquents who attack some lady. This is printed in the papers and so everyone decides to find out who did this.  They find that the delinquents and the woman were all in cahoots together to set it up. Yuuta then confronts them but before they fight again,  Totomaru & co come to fight instead so they’re not at risk of being photographed again.  Instead Yuuta & Hinako chase the woman who acted victim and demand she tell them who she’s working for. She then tells them Tatezato’s name and Yuuta confronts him on his bullshit. Tatezato then bitches that he just wanted senpai to notice him.  ʅ( ´_ゝ`)ʃ This time also Tatezato gets captured by UR star instead of Hinako and Yuuta asks everyone to help rescue him. And so after beating up the yakuza,  Yuuta returns to sing on stage. When I started the game I thought Yuuta was such an obnoxious little shit lmao….but he grew on me so much. In fact aside from Konparu’s route, he feels like a huge bro in all the other routes, particularly Rintaro’s so without contest he ended up being my favorite guy in the game.

banchos089Onigashima Hoou – I was first worried this was gonna be some kind of incest route but well thank god turns out it wasn’t. 😂  In the past, Hikaru talked all sorts of shit to Hoou so now that Hinako is nice to him and calls him niisan he’s all buhibuhi brocon. 😂 He’s like a “brother” to Hikaru (and Hinako) but he was adopted by their father Isamu after a Yakuza war from 15 years earlier. Because of the Urashima group causing trouble,  Hikaru is forced to return home and Hinako returns to her original plan of attending the girl high school. Hikaru returns to the boys school and rages at everyone because of how disgusted he is being there. 😂😂😂 Hinako meanwhile stays at the apartment alone since Sakaguchi isn’t there to cook for her. A week later Hikaru rages and runs back to the apartment but Sakaguchi brings him back immediately lol. When Hinako returns to Shishiku for the school festival all the guys are so happy saying that “the other Hikaru” used them as slaves to buy girl shit and made Totomaru his slave. 😂😂😂 As expected Hinako wins the fighting tournament,  defeats Hoou & becomes the new legendary bancho. Because he loses, Hoou reveals that he’s not actually the son of Hikaru’s dad so there’s no blood relation. He was the son of someone who protected Hikaru’s uncle from being stabbed, Kaizu Shinya. Hoou then says that Hikaru is the only one who can be the next Onigashima leader and Hoou vows to protect that leader. Hinako gets jealous and upset because of how much Hoou cares about Hikaru. When Hinako tells Hikaru he flips his shit raging that he refuses to be a yakuza leader. (¯∇¯٥) Hikaru asks Hinako to talk to Hoou and tell him to be leader instead. She does,  but Hoou refuses to back down saying Hikaru is the appropriate leader. After Hikaru is attacked by Urashima group on the way to school,  Hinako switches places with him and lives at the Onigashima house for a bit. Hoou says he has plans to leave this town once Hikaru becomes leader. Love end: On the day of Hoou’s birthday celebration, Hinako gets sick so he takes her back to Hikaru’s room to rest.

banchos102Figuring he’ll take off the school uniform to allow breathing better, he finds out she’s a girl. He takes her back to their secret apartment and rages both at Hikaru and Sakaguchi for going along with it. Hikaru tells the truth but asks Hoou to keep it a secret from the dad cause who knows what will happen if it’s revealed that he had another child. Hikaru is taken back home and Hinako continues to live alone in the apartment. Hoou visits her on Christmas eve, says he’s still trying to find info on her and gives her a present. She gives him gloves and a scarf as a belated birthday present too. A couple days later Hoou asks Hikaru’s dad if Hikaru ever had a sister and he confesses that he did…but they literally threw her into the orphanage because they don’t “need women in a yakuza family” 😑. (This is of course a blanket statement he gives anyone who doesn’t know the truth.)  Hikaru also reveals that he found Hinako from an interview in a magazine about her winning a karate competition. So then Urashima starts attacking the Onigashima house directly and at one point they also find out about Hikaru having a twin sister. Turns out that 15 years ago Hikaru’s uncle Kenji (the dad’s brother) lost the battle to be leader of the Onigashima group…and he’s buttmad and wants revenge! 😂 He even joined the Urashima group so he can destroy the Onigashima! He tries to kidnap Hinako but she beats down his durds until Hoou comes running to help her. Before they can fight, the police comes so Kenji leaves, and then Hoou takes Hinako to the Onigashima house now that she’s targeted. When the dad sees Hinako he’s actually so happy to see his daughter again he starts crying. He reveals that when the twins were born,  he sent the mother & daughter to the countryside so they wouldn’t get involved in the yakuza war going on.  He kept Hikaru with him figuring Kenji would attack his son..but Kenji instead went after the mother & daughter. He held them hostage and told Isamu to give his life if he wants them spared. When Isamu went to do this,  Hoou’s real father protected him and got stabbed to death instead.

banchos063Kenji was then captured but Hinako & her mom went mia. Isamu tried to find them but had no leads and Hinako says she was just picked up at the orphanage as a baby.  After this Isamu distanced himself from Hikaru afraid that it would put him in danger again. He then hugs the twins and tells them to live here as a family from now on. Hoou tells Hinako to forget about him, and hugs her goodbye saying he’s gonna leave so there’s no more battle for the leader position. He then goes to the Urashima group alone to try to stop them. When everyone hears of this Hinako runs to fight with him,  and in the meantime Hikaru brings the cops in. Afterwards,  Hoou goes to Isamu and requests permission to date her. (∗ˊᵕ`∗) The dad agrees but only if they get married will he accept Hoou as his “son” 😂😂😂. Hikaru & Sakaguchi shit bricks seeing them in traditional wedding attire. 😂😂😂 Dad also tells them no babies until she graduates high school 😂. In the epilogue Hoou babbles how he’s jealous of her going to see her male friends at Shishiku and they continue their married life happily ever after. Also he looked so hot with his hair down I wish he always has it like that! I’m a bit sad though that  basically once you get into Hoou’s romantic route, you pretty much cut contact with the rest of the guys in the game. As much as I like Hoou niisan, it still makes me a bit sad. There’s no “Yakuza family” ending like in Jingi Naki Otome to bring everyone together either so I felt a little disappointed finishing the game this way. They could have easily put this as a “friend” end but instead Hoou only had a love end and a crappy bad end. Actually all the bad ends in this game are just a couple sentences about what happens to Hinako and then it abruptly ends so I didn’t bother doing a write up on any of them. It becomes a nuissance more than anything when you’re trying to complete all the endings for the platinum trophy.  Also wtf even happened to Hinako and Hikaru’s mother??? I guess we’ll never know.


Well that was a fun game! It was so fun I couldn’t put it down and I marathoned it and finished it in about 4 days. If you liked Trigger Kiss, the game is very similar in that it’s a lot of fun and gags with a bit of romance at the end.  I thought that punching dudes would be the big thing about the game with some light story but the story ended up being more involved than I expected. This way it had a pretty decent balance of fun system, comedy, romance and pretty good writing. Of course I’m not 100% satisfied and I totally would love a fandisk focusing more on the romance aspects with some love comedy in the mix.  I have a couple personal tips about the system of the game:

  • Don’t overdo the fighting. If your blue meter is too high, I had a game glitch where by the time I got to the 二学期 the meter refused to turn pink in Hoou’s route. I had to end up starting over, using quick load & quick save to try to make sure I only got conversations that raised the otome up choice. (The conversations are random so if you are following a guide you may not get them in the order the guide person wrote it.)
  • When you do the battles against your guys (not random durds), try to get the “love” option on the left. If you get the word phrase right the dudes blush like dorks XD


  • If you aren’t good at the fighting game, every battle (except a rare few) give you the option to “pretend you won” anyway lol.
  • Prioritize the red exclamation marks. Those are story battles that must be completed before a certain date and if they aren’t you will get a bad end for that month. There are required story battles in April, May, June & July. The yellow exclamation marks are character stories and ones that don’t have any face icon next to them are usually side durd stories that MAY be in the scene gallery which you need to complete for the trophy. I suggest doing all of those when you are doing Hoou’s route or when you go to get the 2nd July bad end.
  • Try to keep your love/fighting meter half/half as far as you can so you can have a closer save when you go back to do the friendship ending.

I think that’s about it for the tips. Anyway not much to say here because well for once, I actually enjoyed the game. Yea some routes could have used a little more romance, but it’s hard to expect that from a game that focuses on fighting. Hinako was a great heroine, literally kicked people’s asses. My favorite quote from her was “I didn’t come here to be protected. I came here to fight with you.” FUCK. YEA. I actually really wanted her to beat Hikaru’s face in for being a snotty little shit 😂😂😂 and I want a fandisk where we can get a route for Sakaguchi because he’s just such an adorable ossan. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I filled out Spikechun’s survey requestin an FD and also more importantly, asking them to make the game playable on PS Vita TV!! Come on! What gives! It was so annoying constantly having to plug my Vita into a charger because of how long I’d be playing this. I really missed being rolled out on my bed with my otome on my big HD TV and not having to worry about recharging. That said at least they took care of the screen dimming issue most otome games have but a “skip to next choice” feature would have been nice. Also would have been nice to skip all the “Story” battles that you do against the random durds…it was kind of annoying having to do each red-quest marker battle 5 times (sometimes 6 for me because of that meter glitch) while playing the game. Anyway I totally recommend this game to everyone and I’m glad that my mediocre/kusoge streak has finally been broken! For play order I recommend Rintaro -> Totomaru -> Konparu -> Yuuta -> Hoou which is basically from least to most “romantic” to me (but you can play in any order as long as Hoou is last.)

Omake – What I wanted Rintaro’s route to be like 😂:


53 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Kenka Bancho Otome

  1. This seems to be a great otome, every review I saw so far was positive.
    Hope Spike Chunsoft will localize it since a lot of people have been asking for it and if it ever has a FD a route with Sakaguchi and Nozomi would be nice.

  2. Thanks for playing another game and I’m really glad the kusoge streak is over.

    This game was in my interest list, so I might add it to my to buy now. Reviews for this seem to be pretty good overall, but that’s one pain in the butt glitch you cam across.

    1. Yea the glitch was weird but seems like it can be avoided if you just don’t overspam the fights (meaning only focus on fighting the durds for the story missions and basically only talk with your guys instead of fighting them)

  3. I just got the game today and seeing your positive review made me so happy that I bought it because the story is really interesting and the heroine looks pretty badass so yay!! And also Hosoyan is in it, sometimes I bought otome games just for the sake of seiyuus. But yay I can enjoy playing it later >w< And thank you for the little tip m(_ _)m

    Also just a bit random, but I hope it's okay that I mention your blog in a video that I made talking about otome games O.O

    1. As long as your video isn’t being used for any kind of class presentation it’s fine xD I don’t feel like my blog is appropriate for an educational environment, if you know what I mean. _(:3 ⌒゙)_

      Enjoy Kenka bancho! Unfortunately Hosoyan’s route wasn’t as good as I had hoped lol but maybe you’ll enjoy it more than me.

  4. Wow, I can tell you enjoyed this game because you played through it insanely fast! I vouched to start Period:Cube first from my May order so I’m glad to know that if that game doesn’t turn out to be as good (or at least decent) as I hope then I can enjoy Kenka Bancho when I get to it! Thanks for the tips and play order rec.

    1. also helps that I’ve been unsubbed from ffxiv for the past 2.5 weeks so I stopped wasting time there and 本気出した(`・ω・´)

  5. “Anyway not much to say here because well for once, I actually enjoyed the game. ”
    *Cue Angelic singing.
    And a badass heroine? Her name is pretty similar to yours lol so I couldn’t help but read “Hinano” throughout your review. I’m so glad to see this game was just as funny, badass, and cute as I was hoping it to be.
    What do you think the chances of an English localization are so far?
    I’d like to give this a go but tbh I’m worried about Yakuza slang. This might sound weird rofl but I really like the whole Yakuza accent. It’s so damn sexy. But I can’t understand half of it 😛
    Thanks as always and ugh I want this game. I hope your next slew of otoge are decent or at least not kusoge.

    1. Haha I was thinking about that too but that’s ok, I don’t mind being associated with a butt kicking heroine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      I dunno about English localization but since Spikechun mentioned it on their twitter maybe slightly higher? I made sure to mention this in their survey for kenka bancho since I think this would be a great title to localize as it has the “friend/bro” ends for all those naysayers who are like “blah blah I don’t wanna date dudes” etc.

      The only hard part regarding the yakuza talk is during the fights where you gotta say a fighting phrase like 寝言を寝るから言うんだな! or something. Most of the time I had no idea what the phrases meant as well but as long as you are good at the button game it doesn’t matter if you start with full HP or not. Also most of the time it gives you the option to “just win anyway” even if you suck at it xD

      1. Aw yeah. We need more badass heroines, srsly. Is it too much to ask?
        Well I hope we get one but if not it’s good to see the Japanese isn’t too out there rofl.
        And ooo winning by losing? Don’t mind at all 😉

  6. Congrats on breaking the kusoge streak! 🎆🎇🎉🎊
    May you be blessed with your next game to be good too!ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
    Now I’m really interested/want to play the game, I’m going to believe in Spike Chunsoft and wait to see what they’ll do. They’ve got to know we’re thirsty for this if they see how well received, hyped and rated it is (✪㉨✪)

    1. Thank you! About time to be honest ಠ_ಠ

      Yea you can wait to see if they decide to localize it but honestly since the gimmick is just fighting and beating people up, it might be ok to just play it in Japanese. The story details might get someone confused but you can always refer to my review for the spoilers 🙂

      1. You really were in a cycle of bad luck, so yay for KB breaking it~ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
        I’m going to wait to see if they make an announcement that they’re bringing it or not, and if not, I will definitely refer to your review for all the spoilery goods! (☆^O^☆)
        The fighting and beating people up sound like fun, pity about that bug. I hope they notice it and fix it with a patch soon! (>y<)

  7. yay! awsome job as always (*≧ω≦)ノ Glad Kenka managed to break your kusoge streak! XD hooray for badass heroine!! (and her name really does sound like yours 😀 )
    thank you for the review and the tips XD my games will arrive mid June (I ship them to my dad’s place in HK cause custom tax in the Philippines charge more than what you bought =_=)
    Been drooling on screencaps for Kenka for a while now….and bugging my dad to come home so I can get the games XD

  8. Hello Hinano !

    Glad you enjoyed the game and broke your kusoge streak XD

    I didn’t plan on buying Kenka Banchou for the moment, but once again, reading your review made me really interested in the game and I’m at a loss not knowing how to handle my backlog + all the games coming out as I’m too busy preparing for my exams since these past weeks 😂 I feel like this is gonna be a busy summer… (=‾ω‾=)~

    I haven’t played Trigger Kiss yet either but I’ll definitely check these two games out since it seems like you really enjoyed both of these and I really like when they include some comedy in otoges ! (That blushing Konparu tho ლ(*´ڡ`*ლ))

    Anyway, thanks for the review, it was really nice reading through it (as always :)), and I hope you’ll enjoy Shirayuki too !


    1. Well if your backlog includes reine des fleurs or KamiAso Infinite, something I assure you that you aren’t missing out. 😂

      Shirayuki’s been pretty interesting so far, finally getting to the thick of the plot now lol

  9. ooh I’ve been excited to see your review on this game since I saw you tweeting about c:

    I’m happy that you’ve finally broken your crappy game streak! The combat system looks interesting and seems to work kind of like a rhythm game?? The guys look pretty cute too, which is a great bonus to a good story * w*

    As always, thanks for your entertaining and informational reviews! I hope to pick it up eventually and am excited for your CollarxMalice review since I’ve been stalking info on that game for a while now haha

    1. me too! the system is KIND of like a rhythm game but theres no rhythm. like theres a bgm but the buttons are pretty random. you just have to match them up to the circle on the screen rather than to a beat.

      I ordered CM but I’m a bit behind on my backlog so hopefully I can get to it in time.

  10. Glad you finally broke the kusoge streak! Unfortunately, I hate otoge so it looks like this isn’t one for me. 😦 (I know it isn’t one, technically, but the principle seems similar.) At least there are enough other interesting releases this spring-summer.

      1. yea I got you. it’s not a music game. there’s music that plays but it doesn’t match the beat at all. it’s just there as bgm and you press the keys as they reach the bottom as you see them…rather than to a beat. think of it almost like whack a mole? lol honestly since there’s so many bad games lately it would be a shame if you dismissed this one over a pretty simple button pressing system 😛

        1. Yeah, sadly I suck at precise button smashing so I think I’ll save my money on this one for now, particularly since it looks like you can’t save the results for replay.

  11. Gaaaaah thank you for the review! I want to play this so bad lol. Srsly what could be better than my two favorites. kenka bancho + otome = awesomeness. XDD

      1. lol me too. half because my guy shakes his head every time I say “kenka bancho otome”. X’D if I had it in the house I’d die laughing

    1. Sorry typo I meant can’t wait /o\. It’s been a long time since I play otome again hope this game can motivate me again 😉

  12. Hmmmm, an otoge with a bad ass mc and a feature that keeps the screen from dimming(and I assume turning off) during skip mode? SOLD

    Too bad I’m poor right now XD

    I didn’t read the character routes because I wanna play this, but glancing at it, it seems like hanakimi on steroids

    1. Haha yea I thought of Hanakimi when I played this too XD It’s a lot of fun and lots of laughs so I hope you get a chance to play it!

  13. Ohh, I was waiting anxiously for this review! Sounds like a great game, and a heroine that beats up people? YES PLEASE. Hoping so hard that Spike Chunsoft localizes it ;_;

    1. By the way, here’s the first episode of Kenka Bancho Radio, hosted by Totomaru and Konparu’s seiyuus (KENN and Aoi Shouta respectively), for anyone interested: (do lower your volume before playing)

      1. oh thanks for the link! 😀 And hopefully spikechun will localize it, I think it would be a great game for all audiences!

  14. I want to play Hoou route first but I can’t seem to get into his route lol. I think I end up in Common route and game end in July XD, somewhere after the battle during concert. Is his route only unlock once all other routes complete?

      1. Ok I see. Thanks. For the other 4, does the ending I got matter? Each character seems to have two different ending (friend / love).

          1. I only went to the love route on the other four, and yes Houou route unlock. For the final picture where everyone do the ‘peace sign’. Did you get that after you complete everyone (all routes / including bad ends)?

  15. I have seen all the other four guys in shorts during their summer break, but where is Houou in shorts? The game website shows an image of him in shorts so I somewhat expect to see some sort of event but nope lol. Really hope they do a FD for this game, it was so funny and sad…Houou route to me seems like a true ending for the game…

  16. Haha, so I made a good choice putting this in my to buy list instead of Period Cube. I knew kicking asses would be fun xD and damn, those neat sprites. Love the artwork. It’s so anime-ish! 😍 I only read your summary, because I’ll play it once I have enough money to spend on it. wwww But nice to hear that you had lots of fun with it!!!

  17. hey hinano!! I really enjoy your reviews and I’m so in love with this game that i want to buy it, but the problem is I can’t read Japanese but i can understand it when they speak, so far I have been trying to play otome games where the heroine speaks too but i really like this game and I will try to learn reading at the same time, do you think I can buy it ? like will the fighting be problematic for me?

    1. the fighting games are basically like music games, you just match the symbol to the key so that wouldn’t be an issue at all. that said if you can’t read Japanese at ALL you might struggle with picking choices that raise affection (although you could always quicksave/load until you get a choice that raises it). i think spikechun has some demo videos of the game play on their site so I suggest checking them out to see how difficult it might be for you

  18. So Rintaro’s route is the least romantic? Y_Y I’m disapointed, I want more hosoyan’s love phrases xD

  19. Thanks for the review! I’m actually a lurker here but just commented now because this game pushed all the right buttons for me. I keep pushing the time to buy a psvita because of the pile of games I haven’t played yet in psp (I just started playing otome games 2 years ago) but because of this I finally bought a psvita. Glad to know the game was worth it!

    1. Great enjoy! A lot of old PSP have been ported to Vita so my psp backlog is actually pretty small at this point lol

  20. I’ve been trying to get back into Otome games so badly but they always seem to be idoly or too high a yandere count for my liking! Thank you so much for your review. I’m planning to nab it the moment pay day comes.
    Would you have any advice for guides if one gets stuck?

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