Otome Game Review: Burning Passion Superpower Club -Trigger Kiss-

It’s year 2085, and  our heroine Sendou Futaba has just transferred to Akizuki high school. On her first day though, she’s tricked into joining the superpower club. The club leader, Azuma, desperate to bring the club back to life, is given an ultimatum by the principal: win this year’s national championship or the club will be shut down forever! The club has been suspended due to an assault incident at a competition 2 years ago and with all the other members leaving, they are in dire need of recruits. Due to a personal incident in the past, Futaba just wanted to hide her superpowers and attend school like an average student….unlike her mother who is one of the most powerful superpower users in the world. Angry that she was fooled to join the club, Futaba wants to ragequit but they beg her to stick around for at least the preliminary round. It’s not until then, that she’s forced to reveal her embarrassing power: Trigger Kiss – a power which allows Futaba to power up her allies by kissing them. (*´∀`)

azuma01Kanzaki Azuma – Azuma is Mr. Youthful burnin passion, just think of Gai-sensei from Naruto :lol:. His adored senpai left the will for him to continue and lead the superpower club after the senpai got arrested for assault 2 years earlier. His goal is to live as “youthfully” as possible and everything pretty much revolves around that. He’s kind of dumb and has a 1 track mind really but that’s also part of his charm.  He’ also a cheapass and his ideal date is taking Futaba to some old timey ramen stand xDD. One thing that Azuma and Futaba have in common  is basically having a “trauma” in the past regards to their powers. With Futaba, she first found out she has the superpowers when she kissed her dog at 3 years old. When she got older she had a dream of being a great superpower user like her mom. When she became 10 she realized her power wasn’t getting any stronger or progressing so some time later she was kicked out of the elite course and lost friends. Then when she turned 12 a lot of people knew her powers were weakening and started saying how they are disappointed because of how famous her mother was. So then during their exams, her power went out of control and injured her partner to point that that girl lost her powers completely. Needless to say they both failed their exams to the elite superpower school but Futaba’s only friend broke off their friendship. Futaba decided the hell with being like her mom and just attended regular middle school and stopped caring about her powers. With Azuma, 2 years ago before their yearly competition, Azuma saw a rival team messing with their uniforms to make it so that they’d have a handicap. Azuma chased one of them down with Yamato’s help but when Yamato caught him, the dude pulled out a knife. Before he could stab Yamato, Azuma punched the guy in the face using his superpowers. The guy managed to wrangle free and escape, but punching a plain person outside the arena is considered assault.

azuma02They ended up winning the competition, but of course that student complained that he was assaulted by Akazuki contestants. That student also made up a story saying that he was randomly assaulted out of nowhere.  To make things worse, he was also a son of one of the heads of the competition. The leader of the club, and Azuma’s senpai at the time, Seiji, believed Azuma and decided as the club leader, to take responsibility for what happened. A few days later, Seiji got arrested and the superpower club was shut down. Before being taken away, Seiji asked Azuma to figure out a way to bring the club back to life with his youthful ways. And so whenever the incidents are brought back up both get all bummed out, but Azuma is a sweetheart and comforts her saying that if it wasn’t for her, they woulda never even made it past the preliminary rounds.  And so the final opponents are Azuma’s former freshman year superpower clubmate who transferred schools Kouga, and his former Seiji senpai’s little bro, Tenchi…who’s seething mad once he found out that his brother took the blame for Azuma 2 years ago. And so the battle gets tough with both Futaba, Yamato and Azuma being on their last health bar going against Tenchi. Futaba arrives and her final burst of power for Azuma is through a kiss…on the lips (*´ω`*).  And so Azuma defeats Tenchi because Futaba’s kiss made his power level over 9000. After that they’re busy with interviews and all sorts of TV shoots. Tenchi also transferred to Akizuki and joined the club because he remembered that’s what his brother really wanted him to do. Since Azuma and Yamato have to study for their final senior exams, they retire and assign Futaba to be the next club leader. Before they have their “retirement party”, everyone goes to buy food & drinks leaving Futaba alone with Azuma. He babbles some youth shit then asks her to go out with him and she’s like “About time brah, wtf were you doing the past month since I made out with you at the competition!?” ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  They kiss – but then of course idiot Azuma ruins it by asking her if she had gyoza for lunch プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵….earning a punch from Futaba making him say “I love you” instead X’DDD.

banri02Yamada Banri – Banri was supposed to be a freshman at Akizuki but he got the flu immediately after they discovered he had superpowers. He wanted to join the club but because he was hospitalized for a while he couldn’t come to school. His first meeting with Futaba is walking in on her changing, but her reaction as usual is “back away little boy” lol. She sees him as a little brother and he totally knows his place, so he often does stuff like cleaning the club room or taking care of laundry for the uniforms. He used to be on the baseball team in middle school so he often bosses his kouhais around (and becomes like a demon coach  to them lol.) they tease him about going out with Futaba and he just rages making them buy drinks and run laps. Futaba thinks he’s the most adorable thing ever and loves teasing him and it works EVERY TIME. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) His power ends up being laser beams but he has trouble controlling it so Futaba & Mikado help train him..by having him not burn a pic of Futaba in her gym uniform xDDD. They lose the battle against Souya but end up going to the next block anyway after both Futaba and Banri cry a river. Later in one of the further matches, they discover that Banri’s powers are not only laser beams but also the ability to control light to create illusions. Unfortunately, having 2 powers can take a toll on someone’s life and that’s what one of the researchers who does some testing on Banri discovers. The researcher tells Banri that until that power completely disappears he’s not allowed to use his powers. The other guys tell Banri not to participate in the competition because by the time his power disappears, the competition will be over…and they don’t believe that he will “not” use it if they let him fight.

banri01Feeling useless, Banri runs into Souya who tells him there is a way to have both powers, but he must risk and be prepared to die. Futaba tries to stop him but dat shota’s determined and he decides to train with Souya’s team mate Kojurou to try to use both powers. Unfortunately as expected, his lasers go out of control so Futaba hugs him and kisses his hand so that both powers can equally balance each other out. He calms down and ends up falling asleep in her lap. When he wakes up he realizes that he can now safely control both powers without shortening his lifespan. So anyway the final battle is against Souya and co but Souya just wants to have his fun going against a rookie that he trained into a pro. He beats the crap out of poor Mikado and then has an exciting battle with Banri. Sadly, in my eyes it wasn’t as exciting as the final battle in Azuma’s route and Banri only got a kiss on the forehead, what a ripoff! After Banri defeats Souya, he goes to confess to Futaba but Souya cockblocks with “you’re going to train overseas shota-kun!” And so a year later when Futaba’s the superpower club leader, Banri returns from his trip to America. He uses his power to create an illusion of the training room they used during the competition (and while doing it he messed up and we saw random backgrounds from Binary Star and Re;ViceD xDDD). He then tells Futaba he loves her and she’s like “hmm idk little boy I’ve been getting popular since you left” and while he’s too shocked for words, she grabs and kisses him. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Fuck yea you go Futaba XD. Well if you like the try-hard shota characters Banri was definitely it, and he’d always be the one telling the other guys not to do bad things…like peek on Futaba in the bath. Sadly, his pleas usually fell on deaf ears lol.

mika01Koga Mikado – It’s really annoying that in this game there’s a “Koga Mikado” and an “Ichijou Koga” ugh Otomate please! Anyway, Mikado is probably the most “otomeish” route in the game and he ended up being my favorite character. He’s really nice to everyone so a lot of girls misunderstand and think that they are dating him. He also works at the flower shop to try to make money for his 貧乏生活. Mikado was in the Superpower Club in middle school but during one of the competitions, there was some superpower user who was having a spat with the police. One of the policemen was gonna get hurt when Mikado saw it on his way to the competition, so he decided to try to help. Due to this he was involved in an explosion and was hospitalized. He was pronounced braindead in a coma for a while, but then had a miraculous recovery. Unfortunately his superpower levels dropped and despite rehabilitation, he was never able to fully get them back. Because of this he decided to drop out of the competition because if he can’t fully use his powers he felt there was no point. He then transferred out of Hakuroin and this made Souya really upset because they were supposed to be on the same team together. Futaba and Banri find out that he has powers and convince him to join the team after Banri wins in a battle against him. So even though he’s “nice” to all the girls, the only one he actively hits on is Futaba. (*´∀`)むふ♪ Futaba just thinks he’s a pervert and messing around so 99% of the time, his feelings for her get kicked into a black hole lol.  After the battle with Miyako though, things go downhill and he starts to feel sick and lose his superpowers…just like he did back during the incident in middle school.

mika02He asks Asuka for help because she’s in the medical track and he doesn’t want any of his team mates to know or worry about him. He goes and buys an expensive dress for Futaba claiming that he went with Asuka because he was embarrassed to go shopping for women’s clothes alone…however it’s obviously a cover up for the fact that she helped him get better.  During practice that day though, he starts to get sick, claims it’s a cold and instead has Azuma and Yamato battle the next round while he rests. Futaba, Asuka and Banri make him some okayu and Asuka mentions that he may seem like a flirt but he’s only ever really hit on Futaba lol. While Asuka and Banri clean up the mess in the kitchen, Futaba goes to Mikado to give him the okayu. While there she tells him he shouldstop saying stuff that would  make people misunderstand his feelings..but he says he really does love her..ever since they brought him into the club. Futaba then says she believes that he really loves her and he says he’s glad he made it in time….before falling into another coma. After he wakes up, he finally reveals that his superpowers are slowly disappearing from him. On top of this he has moments where he becomes completely “braindead” just like he did a few minutes earlier. And this is all because of his injury from 2 years ago. The only way to save his life is to completely shut down his superpower abilities. The time limit for this is the end of the competition so he was hoping to at least participate in that and then retire.  To make him feel better, Futaba puts on the dress he bought for her and asks him to go on a date with her. She puts up with all his requests and finally asks him to fight along with her and Banri at the final match. He refuses because it’s hard for him to constantly feel his superpowers vanishing within.

mika03Azuma and co. show up and tell him to go out with a bang in the final round. Futaba tells him that he’s like a  total loser right now but if he wins the championship he’ll have a chance to take her on more dates (・ω<)♡.  She then gives him a hug tells him one more time she hates him until he wins, and he’s like alright guurl you got me I’ll go lol.  The day before the match he asks Futaba to cut his hair. He says he was growing it out to be able to discharge his electricity better but since his power is no longer that strong…he no longer needs it. He figured he’d ask Futaba to do the honor and so she chops his long locks off.  And so he goes all out on his battle against Sou and with the help of Banri’s lighting and Futaba’s kiss (that she sneaks in (*´ェ`*)キュン♡) he wins the battle and officially retires his powers. In the end, 1 year later, he’s now the Superpower Club coach while Futaba’s the leader. He still has a bit of power left but not enough to be in competitions so he helps plan matches to hopefully bypass using Futaba’s powers cause he don’t want no other dudes being kissed by her xDDD. Unfortunately because she’s not been deredere enough, he spent the last few months only focusing on the club and not their relationship which makes Futaba so pissed off she rages saying she’s not getting enough of him! He’s like YAHOO FINALLY DERE and ends up smooching with her in her room.  (Also there was a Natsuzora no Monologue movie reference in here xDDD) Mother of god Mikado is so freaking adorable ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。

yamato01Subaru Yamato – I had really high expectations for Yamato’s route because hello tsundere…but unfortunately he was tsun like 95% of the time and there wasn’t enough dere to make me enjoy him :(. Yamato is the sub leader of the club, the brains of the club, has a very sharp tongue and isn’t afraid to say what he means, even if it burns xD. SO PRETTY MUCH I FELT LIKE I WAS BASICALLY DATING MYSELF LOL. Seriously most of the time I was just like…oh god Yamato are you me..oh god Yamato no. But just like with Banri, it was an amazing route for Futaba and she really shined here – also the comedy was gold lol. But yea this is an otome game, as much as I love gags and lols, I wanna see more than just shoed in romance at the end. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Yamato’s  always been kind of a loner spending time studying and playing video games. He didn’t wanna deal with anyone’s stupid shit or get into trouble and have to deal with it later. Due to this Azuma is pretty much his only friend, and he never cared about girls since he was busy focusing on training his superpowers. When he was younger he was asked to use his powers to play a prank on the principal but he refused. Instead some other kid who hated the principal joined in and he and that kid, Ichijo Koga, became childhood friends. They eventually were in the Superpower Club at Akizuki along with Azuma – until the assault incident when Koga transferred schools.  Suddenly after one of the matches, Azuma is ordered to quit for the rest of the competition because his powers are very unstable.

yamato02Not knowing what to do (because apparently in this route Mikado and Banri are useless sacks of potatoes) Futaba decides to contact her mom to help find some kind of hospital that will take Azuma in and get him fixed up ASAP. Despite being in a fight with her mom, Futaba’s mom agrees to help.   Turns out that 2 of Koga’s team mates messed around with Azuma and drugged him causing his powers to go out of control. When Koga finds this out he rages because if this is discovered, they will be disqualified and since Azuma’s headed to the UN group R8 for checkup, it’s bound to happen. Koga tells the 2 idiots that if they lose the tournament, he will kill them.  Meanwhile Yamato gets really antsy when he, Futaba and Mikado nearly lose their next match. He starts nitpicking at every possible thing that goes wrong, and despite Futaba yelling back at him it only makes things worse. The next day Azuma calls in and says he’s getting better and that he’ll be back soon. It’s then revealed that 2 years ago after the incident, Koga asked Yamato to transfer schools with him..and Yamato was going to…until one rainy night when Azuma chased after the 2 of them begging them to stay at Akizuki and that he can’t run the club alone. Koga was like bitch pleeze but Yamato felt guilty since Azuma saved him from being stabbed..and decided to remain with Azuma.  Futaba finds Yamato with  Koga and tells him to get away because he might have drugged Azuma. Koga’s like lol you got me, but I also have proof that Azuma is the true guy who assaulted someone 2 years ago! The reason is because the guy he assaulted is the one from our school, since lol it’s the same butthole who poisoned Azuma! (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

yamato03The guy attempted to screw up with Akizuki’s uniforms to get them disqualified but with no luck he left the locker room…and ran into Azuma. But since Azuma knocked his lights out, mission accomplished because Akizuki got disqualified from the competition. And so for 2 years basically Azuma and Yamato joined random clubs (like art club), did part time jobs to save up money for uniforms…all to revive their club back for their final year of high school. Futaba slaps some sense (literally) into Yamato and tells him to stop wallowing in his own pity and be proud of the club and friends that he has. YOU GO GUURL god I love this heroine ( ≖‿≖)! And so Yamato finally mellows out and they win their next match with the team being on the same wavelength once more. The final match against Koga’s team Azuma is late because his flight is cancelled due to a snow storm (I FEEL YOUR PAIN AZUMA). In the meantime, Yamato and Futaba waste time but he arrives just at the right moment and he’s stronger than ever! While he deals with the other 2 team mates, Yamato runs to face off against Koga and as usual thanks to Futaba’s kiss on the lips, his power level is over 9000 and he claims victory. And so after the match he visits Koga in the hospital and says that he’s glad he didn’t join him 2 years ago cause he woulda never met the love of his life otherwise. Futaba overhears this and then is all like oh god I’m sorry I stole your first kiss and you have someone you already like! Yamato’s like dafuq guurl it’s you that I like! Before Futaba can respond, Azuma comes to cockblock about some celebration party..but after he runs off, Futaba grabs Yamato and kisses him saying that this is her answer. She tells him that he’s really just do-M for her teasing, but he smacks her head and says from now on he’s switching his tsukkomis from Azuma to her (which made me lol when she’s like “is this domestic violence?!” ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ ) So yea lots of lols, not enough romantic build up…and sadly in regards to that this route was probably the worst offender lol.

other01Souya & Iwao – I don’t really know what the point of this really was? Well I could kinda see the route for Souya since he was involved heavily in some of the stories but wtf Iwao? The guy who gets defeated in the first battle and we never give a fuck about him again. I mean yea his route was cute and he’s like a delinquent dork but I would have rather had a decent route for just Souya instead :/. So basically Futaba & co lose their match against Souya but for whatever reason they aren’t magically set to go to the next round (like in Mikado/Banri’s routes.) The club is disbanded and Futaba just spends her summer doing homework and being in the art club.  At the end of the summer the superpower competition picks 5 random people to do an “exhibition match” at the end of the summer and those 5 random people just so happen to be Iwao, Souya, Miyako, Futaba and Sekino (lol that dude from the agricultural school who got his ass handed to him in like 2 seconds. The poor guy’s so insignificant the official site doesn’t even list his voice actor :lol:) They gotta decide who the 3 will be that will “battle” but since Futaba is a support role, she’s told to pick someone to be her “partner.” Miyako is annoying, and Sekino is insignificant so basically you’re set to choose between either Souya or Iwao. By defeating Miyako – Futaba, Souya & Iwao end up on the team together.

other02Mutsu Iwao – When they get to the beach, while they’re chit chatting, some hooligans get pissed off at them ichaichaing. One of them grabs Futaba’s hand so Iwao scares him off…but in the meantime he starts turning red because Futaba’s boobs are rubbing against his arm when she was scared and latched on to it. xDDD The dude is like this huge badass delinquent but when it comes to the ladies he’s all ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪  At night they shoot some fireworks (and Souya goes nuts shooting them at  poor Iwao to “train” him :lol:). It then turns out that the team they’re battling against is Koga’s, and for some reason in this route Futaba realizes that it’s her old friend Kokage who failed the exam with her when they were 12. This makes Futaba really nervous but Souya and Iwao comfort her and tell her to do her best. Her Akizuki mans also come to cheer her on as well. (*´ω`*) So while Koga is battling against Iwao, Kokage has a catch up talk with Futaba and tells her that for a while she couldn’t use her power…but thanks to that accident, she finally managed to use it – the power of “extreme strength”. Despite defeating Koga, unfortunately Iwao loses because he can’t properly face off against a girl 😆 This leaves only Futaba and Kokage and Futaba wins with her new attack power which turns everything she touches into steel (or something). And so for the winter competition, Futaba, along with Banri, joins Iwao’s team since their school’s club is dead. They face off against Hakuroin, and even though Souya is gone, Mikado is now there instead. Iwao babbles that he’ll protect Futaba and that she can rely on him as a teammate.

other03Katsuragi Souya – Souya’s route pretty much follows the same path as Iwao’s. On the beach though, he asks Futaba to braid his hair cause it’s like shampoo commercial super long hair and is dragging on the ground when he sits. He defeats both Tenchi and by cloning Futaba, they both defeat Kokage. In the ending, he tricks Futaba into transferring to Hakuroin just like Yamato did – by having her sign an unknown document that she doesn’t bother to read xDDD. Kojurou and Asuka tell Futaba that she’s now on his bandwagon and there’s no turning back 😆 There’s a normal end as well but nothing really happens, it doesn’t give you any trophies and it was nothing more than a waste of time becuase..LO AND BEHOLD I DISCOVERED A GAME FREEZE BUG LOL. Basically if you wanna lock and freeze your game, just go to index and start with chapter 4. When it asks you to raise affection pick Yamato. Then keep picking choices that don’t raise his affection. You will magically raise affection on Miyako which will unlock her system voice, but will then freeze your game \( ^o^)/. I emailed Otomate about this but if you just start from the beginning, you can bypass this bug…but since nothing actually happens, it’s not worth wasting time.



Well that was a funny game. More funny than romantic, but well it was a fun ride so I guess I ain’t gonna hate. I panicked at first because I thought the game wasn’t fully voiced, but turns out they just don’t voice the guys’ inner thoughts. Still “unusual” for a game, but once I digested this fact, it didn’t really bother me as much? Just like the last 2 Otomate games, if you leave Futaba’s name default, the guys will say it out loud. I really love this, makes the heroine feel like her own person and I hope they keep it up. The affection in this game is probably the easiest one I’ve ever done. Instead of text choices you pick “moods” like “bubbles or stars” or “anger” or “blushing face”. With easy affection markers and quick save/load I actually finished every route without using a guide at all! I did miss a couple small trophies though so I had to refer to a guide to fully complete them but yeah! Easy as pie system! Compared to this, GHP was so rage inducing with Shinnosuke’s route but this was amazingly easy. Let’s talk about Futaba though. FUTABA IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST HEROINE OF 2014. I probably sound like a broken record after Re;ViceD and Binary Star but oh my god I just LOVE Futaba lmao. Seriously half the time the “expressions” and “reactions” that I’d pick would be the ones that raise affection. IN OTHER WORDS ALL THE GUYS WERE TOTALLY DO-M TO HER BULLYING. BEST GAME EVER xDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! Okay well she’s not a bully but she doesn’t take their BS and totally calls them out on it. Because of this I laughed so much my neighbor probably thinks I’m insane ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ. Some examples below:

While I really do wish there was more romance, I really do love “comedy” style games too (like ye’ olde Takuyo) so I didn’t mind the gags at all. Probably the “worst” part of the game was sitting through some of the battles, especially if you were skipping. I wish that if you had already “seen” a battle there was an option to “skip battle” so you didn’t have to sit there waiting for the skip (which was a bit slow due to it being text bubbles rather than just a text box.) Also a lot of the battles were very shounen manga style where you have a text dump of detailed descriptions of how someone is doing their attack and a lot of it pretty much flew over my head lol. It reminded me of Flame of Recca where they’d be battling, and then one of the dudes would be standing there describing in detail every move/planned attack that went on. Basically the whole game pretty much felt like a shounen manga, which is why it was more gags/battle than romance and even the game layout (which was very similar to Arcana Famiglia) as well. What I’m hoping is, they’d consider doing a fandisk, which would finally “feel like an otome game” and have it mostly focus on romance rather than on battles. They can have a battle or 2, it’s cool, but please don’t suddenly shove the fact that “oh yea umm I like you” right before the route ends. Mikado’s route (and maybe a bit in Azuma’s) felt like the only true “otome” route where there was possible romantic development along the way. Banri and Yamato were a bit disappointing in the romance department so despite the official blog recommendation, I personally feel the best play order is Azuma→Yamato→Banri→Mikado→Iwao→Souya. There were also easter eggs and references to ReViceD, Binary Star, Natsuzora no Monologue, and a reference to Wand of Fortune in the preorder drama CD XD.  Overall it’s a fun game, I love characters, and even if lacking in the romance department, the humor was comedy gold and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. Oh and for anyone wondering about the kiss system, there’s no difference between doing that or using your finger…but just for the hell of it, I did try it a few times…after which I immediately sprayed my screen with windex. ┗(^o^ )┓三


And now I’m off to Japan where Vongfong-senpai is awaiting my arrival 人生オワタ\(^o^)/



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  1. You’re very welcome!

    I know some people who deal with this kind of guys because aaaw backgrounds/pooor thing etc ಠ_ಠ. But for me, it’s a no waaay too, and I find this unpleasant when the bishie is shouting/abusive/(yandere) to you; it ruins the whole route in my opinion because it’s always at the point of no return.

    Oh please, don’t be worry/sorry for your reviews and take your time. Those who love to read you don’t mind to wait 1 week or 1 month (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*!
    (And to be honest, I think you’re fast because I receive some games at the same time as you, and when I return to your blog and saw the review I’m just like: “Oh god, and I’m here, finishing the prologue…” XD).

  2. thank you for reading 😀
    glad you agree with me on most of my inclinations (though honestly I’m pretty simple since to me abusive dudes = die in a fire XDDD)
    sorry for the lack of posts I’ll try to get my next review up hopefully this week!

  3. Ohai here ⁽⁽⁕◟(.öˬö.)◞⁕⁾⁾,
    I’m just another shy fan of your blog who wants to warmly thank you for your awesome reviews! I’m a beginner in japanese -although I greatly improved lately- who enjoy play otome games too; and your reviews was/are sincerely helpful for me to understand some subtleties of a game. Further, I love your lively personnality, I laugh so much when I read you and I almost always have the same opinion of a route/game hehe (*´ェ`*).

    Have a nice day/night ✩~
    (And forgive my poor english ;; )
    *Go back flirting with Subaru*.

  4. Don’t know how I feel about this one, considering I am a pc pusher, I’m probably looking in the wrong section.

  5. Hi, I love your site and your reviews, makes me always chuckle and smile:)
    I have one question.. are You going to play Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival if it’s out?

  6. I didn’t actually use a walkthrough for this game sorry!
    Normally I just search the name of the game + 攻略 and it comes up
    But yea for this game I just used quick load & save and if the “affection up” icon came up I just kept going etc.
    Somehow this pretty much unlocked everything for me lol

  7. Great review!
    Just a question, I’ve been trying to find a walkthrough for this game without success, do you know where to find one? And where do you usually find your walkthroughs?
    Anyways, thanks for always writing such great and funny reviews!

  8. Great Review as always
    We need more Heroine like this in other otome games
    Gag is fine
    battles are cool
    but i find the characters not dere enough but the whole thing was not bad

  9. yea since its the same team there’s definitely a few GHP easter eggs in there 😛
    Meanwhile, my Vita library exploded and I’m having trouble finding space on my bookshelf ._.

  10. Make sure you also get Binary Star!! That was pretty good too!
    And yea if you’re more on plot than romance than both TK and Binary Star will probably be up your alley
    I’m more a romance person but after seeing terribly shoed-in romance like in that shitty library game, I’d rather take a decent plot over that any day

  11. Haha I did too and I was scared at first but then after finishing it I was like yep, this was good XD
    I’m working on my video compilation of all the video clips I shot in Japan! Will be up soon hopefully!

  12. Thanks for the review! I’d guessed that this would be more comedy vs. romance and I love comedy lol so that’s great. Personally I do think that they would create a FD for this (since the characters look fun), but perhaps not as fast as they did for GHP. Anyway, take care and have fun in Japan!


    also I read the title of this game as if it were in all caps. seriously, that title tho lol intense xD

    hope you have fun in Japan! Post pictures!!!!!!!!! ;v; so I can live vicariously through you while I try to figure my life out LOL

  14. Oh god.

    I’ve been playing and enjoying Re:Vice[d] or however you spell that thing, but this wasn’t on my list at all. And it looks like it’s great! I’m always in the market for funny games. Especially funny games that aren’t THAT heavy on the romantic side (I’m odd, I know).

    Thanks for the review, putting in an order naw.

  15. SO glad to see a heroine that’s kickass! OMG those screencaps haha Thanks for this! C:glad to know we’re finally getting heroines that are more than a blank slate/doormat! Also you said the guys were Do-M to her but why do I think that makes for a more fun game? XD haha Anyway thanks for an awesome review 😀

  16. Oh I’m glad lots of otome games in vita now good. *sigh* I’m still saving for Senjou no Waltz and Reines first also Norn9 Last Era ;w;

  17. Otomate seems to be dishing out some great stuff on the Vita, I’m glad that you enjoyed this (and the couple of games previously)! Hopefully they keep this up. 😀

  18. This otoge sounds similar to GHP, what with the jokes and gags. Love their expressions, too! Maybe i’ll consider getting it if i see it selling for half-price in shops. =3

    My Vita’s library is really pitiful right now, especially considering how many games i have for my PSP. I was planning on getting Norn9: Last Era but i think the release date’s been pushed back..?

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