Otome Game Review: Koibana Days -pure flower garden-

So when I first read reviews/heard about the system in this game I was horrified. People claimed it was worse than Wand of Fortune, oh the travesty! Well turns out, it’s not a bad system after all, and now I’m a pro gardener and I fully completed the game. :mrgreen:  But more on that in my final thoughts! Our story takes place at Suzunomori Gakuen, a gardening boarding school where our heroine Misaki Hana enrolls. Her grandfather once graduated from this school and he won the flower show with his “legendary flower.” Now Hana is following in his footsteps, to grow the best flower that there ever was!

Gameplay Tips

This was only fun the first time around :lol:
Hana’s flowers bring all the boys to the yard.

So thanks to this blog which gave me great starting tips, as well as guides here and here to make my gameplay a little faster I made it through the game very easily! Now here are my tips for the game:

  • For the flower tests, get at least 6 out of 10 right or the guy will get upset. The more you get right, the more your stats will rise the more points you’ll get from your flowers. You can save/quicksave right before each test and the answers will be revealed the following day anyway. The good news is, there’s only one test in July and one in December.
  • You don’t have to water daily and at first I only watered when the ground looked “dry” however you will lose value in flowers, and they will take longer to grow, If you’re going for the “work now do nothing later” method, you want to try to water daily except when it’s raining.
  • Work Now, Slack Later: Work your ass off growing a shit ton of flowers from April – November. Try to grow at least 27 flowers from July – October and 50 flowers from October – November. Doing this, you will raise affection really fast and once it’s full you can just grow 6 flowers for the sake of “caring for your garden” and then do a 14 day skip. You can proceed with this 6 flower/14 day skip method the rest of the game and it won’t give you a game over.
  • In July you can buy a 9 tile watering can and in September you can buy a 25 tile one. That’s why you should work your ass off and grow the fuck out of your flowers from April – September so you can earn enough money. Pro tip: Growing expensive flowers not only earns more money but increases the dude’s affection faster than shitty cheap flowers.
  • Cut flowers 1-2 days after they bloom. You can always cut immediately but you will lose a little value. The down side is, waiting 1-2 days also starts to get bugs on your flowers so you’ll need to always be buying bug spray meh.
  • Contests are not necessary and you only earn 20k from them. I found that growing more flowers to earn money is more productive because it raises the dude’s affection at the same time. I cleared the game without entering a single contest.
  • Once you get the guy to 好き, make sure any emails you send him warrant a 3 flower affection response. If you get 3 flowers, there’s a high chance that he will call you about the email. Typically asking him stuff like “what do you think of me” or “can I come over your room” will usually warrant a phone call.
  • As the blog I linked to earlier mentioned, do guys in pairs.  The pairs are Tsukasa/Youta, Ritsuto/Eishi, Tsubaki/Kikunosuke, Chiaki/Chihiro. Start growing both of their flowers and keeping their affection fairly even until July 1st. From there, pick one guy to follow the rest of the game.
  • Emails and walking home events are important. I noticed this when doing the harem end that even if I grow like 200 flowers for this jerk, his affection didn’t budge until I sent him 1 email. You can probably skip emails towards the last 3 months if you’re bored of them, since by then your affection with the guy should be full anyway.

tsuka01Araragi Tsukasa – Known as the prince of orchids, Tsukasa is a flower growing perfectionist. He’s also a huge HUGE tsundere so starting the game with him was the best decision ever ( ఠ‿ఠ ). All his flowers are amazingly perfect and sell for lots of money but that’s his intention anyway. He doesn’t care about “growing with love” he just cares about how much bling he will make.  The reason is because his family is poor, his brother is trying to pay off tuition and his mother is sick. The rival agricultural school GGE  Tomozawa, takes advantage of this and tries to recruit Tsukasa to be a spy for him.  He tells Tsukasa that a) he stole Hana’s flower cause its the legendary flower b) if Tsukasa doesn’t become a spy for him he will take their house away cause he knows they are poor.  Hana can tell something’s up so she asks Tsukasa to spill the beans and she’ll hear him out. He then tells her the truth, that he was told to become a spy, kidnap Hana to bring to the agriculture school and  that his family was threatened. When Hana hears this, she offers to go voluntarily for the sake of his family. After a few days, Hana and Tsukasa talk to the school chairwomen desuwa ladies and they tell them that the legendary flower is only special to the person who grew it and the person they loved.

tsuka02When they tell this to the agriculture school chairman he rages and stomps all over the flower 😦 Fortunately his rage is caught on candid camera and the student council pres Ichigo & her dudes catch him red handed. He’s kicked out of his position and turns out he’s just butthurt that the boob sisters rejected his love confession ages ago so he’s been trying to beat them with his agriculture school all these years. Whoa you hear that? it’s the sound of a friendzoned butthurt GGE!  After this Tsukasa offers to give one of his orchids to Hana to continue growing together for the flower show saying that unlike his other flowers that he grew for money, this one he grew with love. (ノ´∀`*)ノ  In the end, Tsukasa and Hana win the flower show with their flower of love~ XD.  After their victory, Tsukasa takes her to the garden where he confesses that he loves her. After Hana tells him she loves him too they smooch and he thanks her for changing his outlook on how to grow flowers. (*´ω`*) In the epilogue Tsukasa comes over her house daily since they’re dating and they ichaicha and watch movies together. Before he leaves for the night he gives her a kiss saying next time it won’t end with just that (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Tsukasa was my favorite for a while until I did Tsubaki’s route but don’t worry Tsukasa bebe you’re still my no. 2 xD.

yota01Himukai Youta – Youta loves sun flowers and fireworks and because “hanabi” and “hana” sound similar, he enrolled in the gardening school. Youta dear…(;´∀`) Needless to say, his gardening freaking sucks and he gets terrible grades and always asks Hana to help look at his garden.  His mother is ill  but loves sunflowers so  that’s why it’s Youta’s fav flower too . He and his dad wanna grow big sunflowers for when she gets better. Turns out he’s the spy that the Tomazawa sent but he’s kinda dumb and was basically tricked. He thought that the agriculture school was gonna get shut down by the flower school so he wanted to “help out” but turns out it’s all part of ossan’s revenge plan. Not to soon later, the ossan steals Hana’s flower once more and when Youta demands he return the ossan just laughs at him and kicks him out of his office. Youta keeps demanding that Tomozawa return the flower he stole from Hana but he refuses and on top of it KIDNAPS HANA TOO. Youta then uses his fireworks to distract everyone and free Hana from Tomozawa’s underground dungeon. (Seriously  why is there an underground dungeon in an agricultural school o.O.)  They climb over the fence and Yota tells her to jump into his arms as he catches her (ノ´∀`*)ノ

yota02After this Youta apologizes to the Enjouji sisters for being a spy and says he’ll accept being expelled as a punishment. Since the sisters are nice ladies, they say they’ll let him stay and tell him to work hard together with Hana. Youta tells Hana that he doesn’t need to be a defender of justice and it’s enough for him to just protect Hana. ( ≖‿≖) On the day of the flower show, Youta’s mother collapses and is taken to the hospital and he thinks it’s a punishment for being a spy. He and Hana run to the hospital to see how she’s doing but she’s okay and tells Youta and Hana to do their best at the flower show.  Their sunflowers win the flower show and afterwards Youta confesses to Hana that he loves her. Hana confesses too and they smooch around some sunflowers together. In the epilogue, Youta and Hana go to a summer festival to watch fireworks together. He takes her to an isolated spot with the best view and she sees a firework go off that looks like a sunflower. It’s actually a firework that Youta made with his dad’s help and asked his dad to set off at the festival.  He then proposes to her asking if she will watch him make fireworks for her every year for the rest of their life and they kiss. Youta’s route was generally really sweet and he’s your typical “genki guy” though it was really cute seeing him be jealous of Hana and Tsukasa. He knows that Tsukasa’s flower growing skills are much better than his own but he still tries to use his charm to win Hana over. (๑→ܫ←๑)

tsuba01Saotome Tsubaki – TSUBAAAKIII is mai waifu. No really, the man can cook, clean, sew….what else do you want? He even carries around a little sewing kit with him for emergencies!! He even offered to clean and cook for you if you marry into his family! His mom and sisters already want you to marry him! He’ll even bake you cookies for Valentine’s Day!!!111one COME TO ME TSUBAKEEEHHH!!!!♥ Ahem. ( ఠ‿ఠ ) So anyway Tsubaki’s the student council VP, and he acts like he’s a tough guy but really he’s just a tsundere and when it comes to Hana he becomes quite the bumbling one.  Like when a drunk Hana starts getting grabby all over him during the grape festival he’s like (/ω\)イヤン. He often acts before he thinks, realizes what he’s done and then freaks out in embarrassment. For example during the rain storm, he found out that Hana cut her finger so he grabs her hand and starts licking the blood off….then realizes what he’s doing. (・∀・) The reason Tsubaki’s such a yamato nadeshiko is because his family is mostly women. Aside his mom, he also has an older sister and 2 younger loli twin sisters that he’s VERY protective of. The idea of them getting boyfriends sends him into a fit of rage! 😆 His older sister is getting married in a year so his plans are to make her a wedding bouquet. His specialty is flower arrangements so he teams up with Hana to make the boquet as well as use it as the entry to the flower show. So turns out this time Hana’s flower wasn’t stolen and Tsubaki wasted time looking for it with Ichigo & co. Seems like Makoto took it in to help heal it because it looked like it was wilting.

tsuba02After this, Ikuo, the VP student councils dude of the agricultural school, confesses  his love to Hana in front of everyone and asks her to go out with him. He also tells Tsubaki that if he’s gonna half ass his feelings for Hana then he should just back dafuq off. Tsubaki says nothing and just walks away pissed. A few days later Hana goes to reject Ikuo since she loves Tsubaki,  but before she does Tsubaki shows up and drags her behind some garden bush. He asks if she likes Ikuo and is gonna go out with him but Hana’s pissed and is like none of your business dude. He’s like yes it is my business then he grabs her neck and licks it xDDD YEA NICE CERO Bwww Realizing wtf he’s done they’re both kinda shocked but then she says she was gonna reject Ikuo anyway. After blushing like an idiot and feeling like an ass, Tsubaki offers to walk Hana back to her dorm room. A few days later Hana finally officially rejects Ikuo who says he expected it. He tells her if Tsubaki upsets her, he’ll be there for the rebound and then the poor guy goes off to cry. Fortunately Ichigo and Kurihara show up to provide him moral support. ;A; Tsubaki’s wedding bouquet for his sister’s wedding wins for best arrangement and Hana’s flower wins for best grown category.  Without waiting for the ceremonies to finish, Tsubaki and Hana grab the wedding bouquet and rush to where his sister’s getting married to pass it on to her.  After the wedding ceremony, Tsubaki tells Hana that one day he’ll make a bouquet for his bride…which will be her (ノ´∀`*)ノ.  They confess their love to each other and smooch outside the chapel. In the epilogue, a year later they visit the chapel and practice their kissing for their future wedding ceremony (✧≖‿ゝ≖). If it wasn’t obvious already, TsuNbaki is best boy. Seriously husbando material right there.

kiku01Takaoka Kikunosuke – Despite acting like a big ol’ manslut, Kiku’s actually a freshman and your kouhai. I do give props to Otomate for making a kouhai character that isn’t the stereotypical BOKU SHOTA (though there is one of those as well.) Kiku’s got a harem of fangirls and he acts like he loves da ladies so needless to say, angry jealous bitches are pretty much the thick of the plot here. He’s also the チャラ男 type character so because he’s always flirting with the heroine, neither she nor I could ever take him seriously. I mean why would I take you seriously when you act that way to anything with boobs? Not only does he attract ladies though, he attracts OLDER ladies and actually I think he just has a thing for  older woman so I guess cougar hunter-kun xD. He’s got some trauma about flower arranging because he’s got one of those super strict and traditional Japanese families and she’s shamed them for 1000 generations by not being able to arrange flowers properly! Instead he loves to arrange hair and would rather go play with some lady’s hair than arrange flowers. Fortunately Hana wants to help him with his problem and she does research on various flowers she can grow that Kiku can arrange to get over it. But yea as expected the bitches see Hana hanging out with Kiku a lot and decide to target bully her. They spread a rumor that Hana’s a big slut who screws a bunch of guys. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)  To make things worse, some rapist tricks her into going to the flower storage room saying that the rumor about her being “easy” is true. ( ಠ益ಠ ) Fortunately Kiku shows up and tells the rapist to fuck off before he punches his face in.  After the asshole leaves, Kiku hugs a crying Hana and says that the rumor and this event is all his fault.  After this he starts avoiding Hana to protect her from the dumb whores, and lies to her telling her that he was just playing around with her. (´;ω;`)  When Hana tries to approach him to talk things out, he continues to avoid her.

kiku02After a while, Kiku then comes to the conclusion if the bitches attack Hana he’ll just protect her plain & simple! He derps at himself and runs to Hana apologizing for avoiding her and she cries in his arms (*´ω`*). After this Kiku ignores the hoes and only hangs out with Hana which obviously only makes things worse! The bitches get pissed again and not only are they the ones who stole her flower show flower, they lock her in some abandoned warehouse behind the school along with it. The next day Kiku finds out that she’s MIA and he and Makoto split up to look for her.  Kiku then gets intercepted by the whores and he’s fucking pissed because he figures out they’re the ones who did this to her. They tell him where she is and when he finds her she’s sleeping inside the warehouse. He’s so happy he starts crying and lies down next to her hugging her from behind until she wakes up. ლ(இ e இ`。ლ) My babiessss…lol Hana seriously could you stop going to places alone when you’re called out. At least bring an ally! XD (Something similar happened in Tsukasa’s route and he yelled at her going “come on man you KNOW they’re calling you out, at least call me first!”) Eventually Hana admits to Kiku that she’s been working on learning about flower arrangements and so she’s been growing flowers for Kiku to arrange. Once he hears this he says he’ll break his cold streak and try arranging them once more. A few weeks later they both work on doing the arrangement for Hana’s flower show entry.  At the flower show, Kiku’s supposed to arrange her flowers but he goes MIA. Turns out he was just fashionably late putting on his fancy flower arranging kimono. They both win for growth & arrangement but ditch the awards so Kiku can do his love confession to Hana. He tells her that he’ll do his best to make his super traditional Japanesey family proud of him.  In the epilogue, they both complain how they get jelly of each other when the opposite genders hit on them. He then complains that he loves her more than she loves him cause he’s more affectionate to her. Hana’s like wtf man, and grabs and kisses him (✧≖‿ゝ≖). But like what happened to the bitches? And did his easy breezey Japanesey family ever forgive him?? Yea I think Kiku had a lot of interesting plot lines but they kinda got lost in the magical flowers of love. Also I really love Kiku with his hair down like he had it for Halloween, not a fan of his half ponytail thing.

eichi01Yurisawa Eishi – Don’t you hate it when your favorite voice actor voice your least favorite character? Well that’s what happened with Eishi here. It’s like they completely gave up on his route and just threw in whatever they felt like it. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to be tennen, haraguro or the princely character all at the same time. Also a lot of people mentioned that there was poor CG choice in the game – well most of it was in this route…cause really I’d rather see a CG of Hana and Eishi poking each other with chocolates than him giving flowers to some BBA. Eishi is the student council pres, but he just floats around like an amoeba while Tsubaki does all the dirty work. And I literally mean amoeba cause he just spends his entire day doing weird experiments in the flower lab. To be honest, I think he’s just in there getting high off a bong or something cause every time you see him he’s like うふふふふふふふ( ≖‿≖)….yea I know what you’re doing in there Ei-chan. For some reason though, his baked charm really catches Ichigo (or rather she thinks that he called her cute rather than her strawberry hanky that she dropped) so she becomes his stalker. Together she and Hana take secret phone pics of him and then swap them as they (*´д`*)ハァハァ  together over which ones are hotter. In December, Ichigo tells Hana she plans to confess her love to the ~prince of white lillies~ aka Eishi.  Hana cheers her on but afterwards starts to feel sadness and jealousy. At the Christmas ball Hana realizes she’s in love with Eishi and she can’t support Ichigo’s feelings for him anymore so she starts crying.  Eishi doesn’t know why she’s bawwing so he just kisses her on the forehead. In January, Ichigo goes to confess to Eishi and Hana tries to tell her she likes him too but holds back.  Ichigo goes and confesses to him but he’s busy with his lab experiments as usual and just says “yes” without knowing who or what he’s saying yes to 😆

eichi02Ichigo then tells Hana how she and Eishi have begun dating and Hana is devastated (ಥ_ಥ).  Eishi continues mentally blocking out Ichigo but Hana sees everything and the misunderstanding continues as she starts avoiding him.  Eishi notices this since in his vision he only sees Hana and he comes directly to her asking why she’s been avoiding him. After she tries to run away he comes after her, babbles some yandere locking up shit, and then Hana tells him about him dating Ichigo.  He’s like lol whut I’m not dating her  and tells Hana that he’ll talk to Ichigo to clear up the misunderstanding. When he talks to Ichigo, she says she knows that he’s in love with Hana and lets it go.  Hana goes Ichigo asking how she’s doing and Ichigo’s like I’m fine guurl, but after Hana leaves she’s sad. Her right hand man Takeshi blushes tho telling her that any guy who rejects her is dumb. Bawww Ichigo x Takeshi OTP!! Before the flower show Hana is worried that her flowers won’t be ready for the show because they haven’t bloomed and are still in blossom state. Eishi says that this is all just as keikaku and they will bloom just in time for the flower show.  At the flower show they’re still in blossom form so he uses his magic witchcraft to make them bloom. He then shoves a ring on Hana’s finger and asks her to go…out with him in front of everyone. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Yea I can tell the writers pretty much gave up on his route lol. As usual Hana wins the flower show and in the epilogue Makoto teases Hana for not having kissed Eishi yet (cause for some reason unlike the other guys, he never got an ending kiss CG lol.) Fortunately Eishi doesn’t get the full shaft and gets his kiss with Hana. Idk man it’s like they completely gave up on Eishi’s route. Most of his CGs were up close head shots, or were just poorly chosen for the scene. Also as much as I love Kakki’s voice I’d rather hear him voicing tsunderes or koakumas but this princely character thing just doesn’t work for me. Also what the hell happened to his brother? He seemed like he had some secret or something about him but we never find out anything….( ≖Д≖;).

ritsu01Sumidate RItsuto – Ritsuto is the tsundere shota and well a pretty stereotypical role but I still found him to be pretty cute. His character is pretty much exactly like Nova from Arcana Familia so if you liked Nova (and Yonaga Tsubasa), Ricchan is your man! The best part is Hana thinks Ricchan is adorable as all hell and will often tease him and then go |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  over his reactions xD. Ricchan’s an only child and his parents are overseas musicians. They wanted him to come along but he fell into a musical slump so he ran away to…grow flowers instead. He’s often found playing his violin for the flowers he grows and as most tortured musical geniuses, he’s not actually “bad”. He’ll play some violin piece and everyone will think it’s amazing but he’ll be in despair at how much he sucks! Ricchan also likes music games so I bet he secretly plays Project Diva in his spare time ;). One day Ritsuto goes visit Hana’s garden he gets enamored by her flowers so much he accidentally knocks the pot over and breaks it. He quickly grabs it so he can replace the flowers into a different pot and when Hana returns to her garden, she thinks that someone stole them. Ritsuto knows that she’s upset and looking for her flowers but he keeps it a secret. He then starts going in a downward spiral of depression because the flowers keep wilting and his music is still in a slump.  He doesn’t know who to go to for advice and like all Scorpios puts the entire burden on himself feeling like he has to do everything. NO BABY I’M HERE FOR YOU щ(ಥДಥщ)!! After ditching the Christmas party, he tries to confess about the flowers but gets cockblocked by Makoto and leaves. OMfg man we’ve been at this for a WHOLE MONTH Hana what are you doinnnnggggg ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻.

ritsu02Basically I had to ignore the poor child for like a month and a half until finally Ritsuto gives in and begs Tsukasa to help him revive the poor flowers.  Wow out of all the routes I’ve done this is the worst, I mean I thought the heroine of this game is great but it’s like she checked out her brain prior to entering this route. (ಠ_ಠ) After a while the flowers finally get better he takes them and brings them to Hana.  Hana’s like “oh okay it’s ok I forgive you”. Ritsuto then cries and hugs her saying she’s too nice. OMFG THIS SHOULDA BEEN DONE LIKE A MONTH AGO ( ̄Д ̄;)!! Fortunately once they are back to being friends again, they get all ichaicha raburabu and Kiku acts like a wingman leaving the 2 of them alone so Ricchan can hit dat sheit. Too bad Ricchan’s a tsundere shota so if anyone gonna be hitting anything it’s gotta be Hana initiating him into manhood :lol:.  In the ending Hana’s flower wins as usual and so Ritsuto takes her hand and walks her outside to the flower field where he confesses his love to her.  He thanks her for motivating him with both his flowers and his music. She then grabs her cute shota and gives him a kiss saying that she wants them both to support each other equally. In the epilogue, Hana wants more ichaicha time with Ritsuto and he babbles like an embarrassed tsundere as usual xD. She complains that he hasn’t kissed her since the flower show confession, so he grabs her and kisses her hiding their faces with a book xDD. (ノ´∀`*)ノ Cuties~~! Ritsuto was really cute and obviously I love dat tsundere but holy crap I just don’t understand what happened in his route. I feel like Hana tried so much harder in other routes but here it’s like “oh he’s avoiding me, oh well nothing I can do back to watering my non stolen flowers!”

chiaki01Suzumiya Chiaki – This game has not 1 but TWO childhood friends! They are the Suzumiya brothers, Chiaki and Chihiro but they’re like 13 years apart. Chihiro is 17 while Chiaki is 30. They were friends with Hana when she was a loli so it’s been a while but it’s a nice 10 year reunion for the 3 of them. (Though Chiaki is more like their childhood babysitter :lol:) Needless to say as all childhood friends ever, they both have a crush on Hana though Chiaki does a better job of hiding it since he’s the mature adult here.  Due to this, whenever he pats other students on the head or acts nice to them, Hana starts to get all jelly. Due to this, Hana decides it’s her turn to be the tsundere and all her responses and emails to him are SUPER TSUN and I’ve heard “Chiaki no baka!” at least 3 times if I recall correctly xD. Chiaki’s specialty is being a perverted ossan, tying cherry stems with his tongue and growing broccoli secretly in a garden behind the school. This secret garden also becomes a meeting place for him to flirt with Hana away from the eyes of all the other students. He constantly fights with Chihiro over Hana’s affection though Chihiro’s always beating him up cause Chiaki’s the do-M bro while Chihiro’s the do-S one lol. To be honest out of all the rival relationships in the game though, this felt like the most natural one to me and also the most hilarious one. Hana wants to know more about Chiaki’s past but neither he or Chihiro tell her anything. The principal sisters tell Hana that basically some biatch dumped him in the past so he’s been traumatized to ever love anyone again щ(ಥДಥщ). For Halloween he shaves his stubble and ties his hair back and is a super ikeman!! He puts a mask on and dances with Hana and asks “what if the person you love keeps running away from you as to not hurt your feelings?” ;__; Chiichan baby. So then in December the sexual tension goes up while they are jealous of each other regarding talking/hanging out with other guys/girls. Omfg would the 2 of you just fuck already, or at least kiss since this is Cero B xDDD Hana continues to get jelly of Chiaki and all the fangirls especially when they start calling him Chii-chan too. Seeing them call him that she runs out of the classroom crying.  After seeing her run out, Chiaki tells the girls to never call him that again.

chiaki02Hana then finally convinces Chihiro to tell her the truth about Chiaki and finds out that the dried suzuran he always looks at was given to him 10 years ago by Hana. (*´ω`*)  Hana gets more and more upset because she feels like she and Chiaki are drifting apart and Chihiro keeps telling her to forget about him..but she can’t cause she’s in love~.  When Chiaki sees Chihiro patting Hana’s head in the classroom, he gets jelly, walks in and takes her to his garden. He almost kisses her then stops himself, says everything his fault, apologizes and leaves. NOO BABY COME BACKKKK  щ(ಥДಥщ)!! Regarding the flower disappearance, in this route the Enjouji sisters took it from her to try and ship Chiaki with Hana but seems like their plan didn’t go just as keikaku so they return it back to her and apologize. To try and get Chiaki and  Hana to get along once again, Chihiro invites both of them on a “childhood friend date”.  He then acts like a wingman and prances off and tells Chiaki to be a MAN.  Unfortunately it ends with him telling Hana she can just push him away but she’s like “you’re the one pushing me away dude!!”  He makes it worse when on white day he tells Hana that he’ll “give her love advice” if she likes any other guy instead. (´・ω・`;)  Anyway Chiaki continues running away until the flower show day comes and on that day Hana talks about her flower and how it’s basically dedicated to Chiaki (without mentioning him directly.) Chiaki catches on though and realizes that he’s a dumbass for ignoring Hana’s feelings. After Hana’s flower wins first place, he takes her to his secret garden and she starts crying and going “WHY WON’T U LET ME LOVE YOU”. He then grabs her and tells her he loves her too but he didn’t wanna be this ossan to ruin her future. He tells her that he’ll give her a real kiss after she graduates and kisses her on the forehead instead. In the epilogue, Hana graduates from Suzunomori and on graduation day meets up with Chiaki at his secret garden. He congratulates her, gives her a flower headband that he made for her, and they smooch properly to make up for all the lost time (*´ω`*). Ok I admit the route was rather frustrating cause the whole time me and Hana are like WHY WONT U LOVE ME LOVE U but Chiak is such a sweetheart, if I didn’t have a ガチtsundere bias, he would be my number one for sure.

trap01Suzumiya Chihiro – I left Chihiro for last because he’s the cross dresser.  You’d think it would be some fun/interesting route but in fact you could just take the cross dresser part away and not much would have changed to be honest. If anything, this route reminded me a lot of Fuuto from Brothers Conflict because it’s basically like the bratty younger guy. Well technically he and Hana are the same age but since he acts like an immature little girl, not much of a difference. When he first met Hana at the ripe age of 6, his mom probably wanted a daughter after already having a son so she kept dressing Chihiro in girl outfits. Being a shota it was hard to tell at the time so Hana naturally thought that her childhood friend Chihiro is…a girl. They both read some book that said if you love someone, you’ll give them a suzuran (lily of the valley). So then Hana’s like oh ok I promise to grow you a suzuran one day and give it to you hehe. But look in the end, she gives the damn suzuran to Chiaki so CHIHIRO’S BEEN BUTTHURT ABOUT IT FOR 10 YEARS. And on top of this, he’s had to pretend to be a girl in front of Hana because it seems like everyone except for her knows that it’s a dude. At the Halloween dance though, he puts a mask on and asks Hana to dance with him as a man ;). She thinks that this mystery ikeman is dancing with her and he shows up in this form once again after the school festival beauty contest hugging her saying he’s always wanted to do this. Cause let’s face it, hugging her while he’s dressed as a girl doesn’t count because that makes him forever friendzoned! It’s pretty frustrating because basically Chihiro’s butthurt about Chiaki. and butthurt about the fact that Hana is friendzoning him since she thinks he’s a girl. Wow well you could solve one of your problems by coming out and telling her you’re a guy. He’s so pissed off about all of this that he goes and purposely steals and hides Hana’s flower show flowers. Sigh, how mature of you. He continues being an asshole and not telling Hana that he took her flowers even though she frantically looks for them in front of him.

trap02He gets more and more jealous saying Hana only gives a crap about her flowers and the flower show and not giving him attention, WAAAHH wahh wahhh me me me I’m so needy pay attention to me waaahh.  Since he doesn’t show up at the Christmas ball, Hana finds him in Chiaki’s secret garden. He starts crying and apologizing for stealing Hana’s flower and being a general brat. And so finally one day when Hana gets sick, she passes out during gym class and Chihiro carries her to her room. Somehow this finally triggers a thought in Hana’s head that there’s no way a GIRL like Chihiro could have carried her all the way home. (Out of all things honestly..) That’s when Chihiro finally admits to Hana that he’s a dude and his mom loved to dress him up in girly dresses when he was a shota. Hana then apologizes for making him suffer for her denseness and he apologizes for lying to her. After this Hana feels awkward as hell being around Chihiro cause all this time she was all kya just us girls but he wasn’t a girl and now she’s embarrassed beyond belief.  Eventually she remembers her promise with Chihiro about the suzurans but not the part about then gettimg married so he tells her he’ll tell her the other part when the time’s right. Yes all childhood friend promises must include marriage and must be kept 20 years later!!!11  Hana’s flower wins first prize as usual, and she takes it to give it to Chihiro, though for some reason all the guys in the game are like cheering her on lolol. Like wow nobody cared when she got with the other guys but here everyone’s like HELL YEA. When she finds Chihiro, he’s dressed as a guy and he asks Hana to go out with him and to be his future bride~. Hana gives him her suzuran and says it’s just for him so they both baww and promise to live happily ever after.  In the epilogue, Chihiro comes over her place in his boy clothes, and he wants some ACTION. Hana starts babbling cause she’s not used to him not being a girl, so he just grabs and kisses her anyway xDDD. Admittedly, Abe Atsushi sounds really hot when he’s not screaming falsetto into my ears. <●><●> Meh disappointed with Chihiro.

Harem End: Well it’s a super pure game so all this is is that Hana wins the flower show without having to rely on her ~feelings for some bishie~ to grow an award winning flower. In the end everyone’s like damn son she’s awesome without me now I really wanna hit dat. It wasn’t really worth it except to get the last CG which would then unlock the completion CG. Still it was interesting to grow like 100 flowers all at once. By the end, I had so much money my garden looked like chaos😂



Fuck the haters, this game is awesome!!! Eishi and trap aside, everyone else was absolutely adorable. Even Hana’s room mate Makoto is fuggin’ awesome. The email/phone system was very similar to Storm Lover 2nd but unlike that disappointment, the ones here were great. Even the responses that didn’t warrant affection were fun to see that I didn’t even care about using a guide sometimes just so I could quick save to see them all. Even though I spent more time watering and planting and cutting, the scene rewards were totally worth it. It didn’t feel as painful because then I’d have some fun email convo or some really adorable school festival event to look forward to. Even though the stories were mostly generic and simple, it was still a nice wave of ~AH, YOUTH!~. The game is totally a pure flower garden and I’d only question that one CG in Tsubaki’s route as “breaking the purity streak” but otherwise everything was like some fluffy shoujo manga. And I mean the Natsuki Takaya kind, rather than the Shinjo Mayu kind. The rival events were fun but the best one definitely goes to the nailpolish crew 😆 Favorite dude ranking: Tsubaki > Tsukasa > Chiaki > Ritsuto > Kikunosuke > Youta > Chihiro > Eishi. My only beef is you shouldn’t be FORCED to garden. Like yea I get that you need to garden to raise affection but once I got my dude, can I take a break please?? If you stopped gardening the guy would come raging at you for slacking off and I think if you keep it up the game will just end. Also the game spans an entire 365 days! You are literally playing 365 days of game. I don’t think I’ve played this much since like Last Escort series or something Σ(゚Д゚;)ギクッ.  Still once I got the hang of it, I was literally able to finish each character within a span of 5-6 hours. After all is said & done, this game ends up being my favorite June release because it made me smile, it made me |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  and it was a nice BREAKER from all the CRAP I have recently suffered through :roll:. Overall if you like Harvest Moon style games and enjoy the Storm Lover type interactions with the guys, then this is definitely the game for you. The gardening can be kinda fun since you can pretty much have fun with it and decorate it as much as you want (so those of you who like Tokimeki Restaurant this is probably very similar except with flowers instead of food.) And now here’s some random screenshots of my various gardening progresses xD


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  1. I know another game where the trap is named Chirhiro.
    Yeah he dies. Why? He decides he wants to become strong, so he gets beaten with a dumbbell. (Well hit in the head) However he still makes the most adorable AI (it even has an app in Japan)
    But this one trap, is nothing. At least this trap lives. I dunno I am rambling now.

  2. Thanks so much for the review! I’ve had my eye on this game for awhile, but the last otome game I bought was a failure so I didn’t have the guts to pre-order this one.

  3. YAY! Another game that I must buy and play added to my long list of most play games and must get consols! x3

  4. TSUBAKI MY WAIFU!!!! (ノ^o^)ノ *glomp*

    /(>w<)\ I……. have nothing to blame for that fail, except my idiocity.

  5. oh maybe the spam filter caught it? I’ve been getting hit with spam a lot this past week
    haha I guess nowdays I find terrible plots in a straight VN more painful than a stat raiser 😆
    Enjoy the flower mans!

  6. lol it’s strange I think I already posted my comment here but somehow it doesn’t show up. Anyway I’m planning to play this game so thank you so much for the tips ^-^/ It is very helpful and also the chibi sprite are so adorable also your garden looks so good xD

    “Well turns out, it’s not a bad system after all, and now I’m a pro gardener and I fully completed the game.” -> Lol because you are a pro with ‘painful’ system xDD

  7. Tsunderes, so many. Catch me I’m going to faint!

    Brooke-Chan collapses with a nosebleed.

  8. no I don’t but thank you for giving me a heads up. I guess I assumed that by saying no downloads of games here I assumed “Cg packs too” but I’ll add that to my FAQ.
    By the way during my anniversary I did have a CG pack give away for the winner last year so it does happen sometimes on this blog 😛

  9. Since it doesnt say in your FAQ I decided to ask :3 Do you send a CG pack if someone asks? Sorry if I seem rude >~<
    (Because the annoying thing is, for me, I cant read japanese ;-; silly uk)
    Anata Meiwaku wo kakete, moshi wake arimasen
    ^ I think thats right.

  10. yea sometimes games like this can be more fun since you’re not just reading a progressive text dump xD it can be a nice way to break up a stagnant otome game streak!

  11. My first thought was: Harvest Moon… LOL But since you enjoyed it so much, I guess, it’s pretty fun to play… wwww… Maybe I should buy it. xDDDD I like visual novels, but I got tired of reading so much Japanese on the PSP, that I lost my otome mood. ;w; I’m trying to finish Harukanaru 5, but playing it without guide is well.. hard. *A* I guess, I could need a change. xDDD

  12. haha yea I pretty much went through my slew of lewd jokes about “planting his seed” more than once while playing this 😆
    to be fair tho, this is like the purest otome game I’ve played in a long time lol

  13. Farmville meets eroge or the Ero-version of Harvest Moon.

    Also her grandfather’s “legendary flower” is none other than…

    Hana. 😛 (lame pun I know).

  14. yea you don’t really even need much Japanese skills here since it’s mostly gardening so it might be right up your alley! 😀

  15. thanks for stopping by the broadcast to enjoy the trappyness of the game ;D
    I kinda wished for more ichaicha too ;3; but I was still satisfied with what I got for the most part 😛

  16. it seems like it’s long but a lot of the time its like “oh I’m not gardening today, press x, go to next day” so you fly by a month in 30 minutes before you know it.

  17. haha yea see a lot of people play tokires but they won’t give this game a chance which just boggles my mind since the rewards here are better in my opinion!
    Storm Lover is a littl less “stressful” as far as length but there’s no reward for all the effort like this game so that one felt a lot less worth it to me 😦

  18. thanks for coming out of lurk mode ( ఠ‿ఠ )
    yea I found it refreshing too!! it’s been a while since I was moeee over like every character

    a blushing Tsukasa while saying baaka is (*´▽`*)萌え~~

    and no sorry I don’t have any plans to play/review OGA!

  19. Awesome!! =D
    Now I really want to play this game soon XDD
    Yeah, you’re garden looks amazing!! *^*

  20. Otsukaresama desu~!
    glad you enjoy it xD

    and here I retired for being a silent reader .

    when some ppl said koibana days was so boring , I find it was fun and refreshing xD

    my fav so far are Tsukasa and Ricchan …
    actually Tsundere is not my thingy … but, smirking Tsukasa while saying 「 ばーか 」or blushing ricchan … I just can’t dislike it ..

    and, just wondering ,,, will u play/review O*G*A too ??

  21. Your garden looks amazing o.o !!
    I’ve only played Youta’s route so far but youre right, this game is really adorable!
    Im also a fanatic tokimeki restaurant player, so I loved the system immediately xD.
    I did think the 365 days were a just a bit over the top, its nice to play this along with SL2; whenever I need a break from gardening Storm Lover 2nd suddenly looks a lot better xD

  22. glad to know this game is awesome! I like harvest moon but the 1 whole year thingy looks really bothersome. not to mention my snail speed orz

  23. So much tsundere in one game~ ❤
    I still wish there was more ichaicha action (*°∀°)=3

  24. Also, this really looks like a game that I would love to play ❤ I will buy this game to practice my japanese and have some fun with flowers once I get more money x3.

  25. I’m glad to read a post of a game that you like ^w^. It made me laugh and smile and……. can we share waifu Tsubaki? ;3

    What do you mean “pure game”? You made it unpure with the creation of the FUCK garden and the FAT garden xD

  26. Oh wow this game looks like so much fun!! I want to play it now so badly 😉 Thank you~

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