Otome Game Review: drastic Killer

The creators of the infamous bishie moan game Duel Love bring us this PS2 masterpiece! The game begins with some random voice asking you a survey which determines the heroine, Tachibana Toko’s character personality. Suddenly some dude with long hair takes her through a mirror to some kind of a grave. When she gets there she gets some new clothes and her hair grows longer. He then informs her that she’s a candidate for the position of queen and must marry one of the bishie princes of this world \( ^o^)/ . He also informs her that her real father is from this land of Inollad and that she’s got special powers sleeping inside of her. When they try to awaken her powers they fail and are returned back to earth, but not before blowing up the statue of the legendary goddess. The dude tells Toko that if she starts experiencing weird things or getting marks on her skin, to let him know immediately and he disappears. In order to get to the bottom of things, Toko must now sexually harass some hot mans to while trying to make it through high school!

Sakurai Aki – Aki acts pretty tsun oresama at first but he’s no match for our KOAKUMA Toko! 😆 Aki is the student body president and despite being Tooko’s senpai, she refuses to call him by anything other than his first name xD. After stalking him enough (and poking his naked body) he gets pissed and then says “fine from now on you’re my pet dog.” (乂∀・)┌┛)`д)・∵.コトワル! Aki doesn’t seem to get along with his brothers but when Toko tries to get the two of them to talk, Aki gets pissed and goes home. She drags him around on dates and always nags him to do stuff for her, but despite his constant 断る。 in the end he eventually agrees anyway 8D. At the school festival he makes himself comfortable in her lap as he takes a nap. Anyway near the end his relationship with Riku gets worse to the point where he gets pissed off and goes to punch him….until Toko gets in the way and takes the blow instead. The other brothers treat her wounds but when she walks home alone, she finds Aki standing in front of her house. He takes a walk with her to the beach where he asks if she’s hurt and Toko realizes it’s his way of apologizing so she tells him she’s ok. He then hugs her from behind babbling about how he just felt like hugging her. 😆 A few days later while she and Aki are out on a date, some kids run in front of incoming traffic and when Toko jumps to save them she gets hit…however she turns into her Inollad form and gets long hair & angel wings.

Suddenly Ren shows up telling Aki & Toko they must immediately return to Inollad because Toko’s awakened her powers. However Karura (Aki’s Inollad name) complains that if Toko is the queen candidate she’s a “half” and she’ll pollute the lineage with her “drity human blood!” STFU Aki. He then starts bitching to the king that he deserves to be next in line to be King over Asche  but his father, the king tells him that he needs to grow up and stop being a brat first. Turns out that Toko’s the reborn form of some strong Inollad goddess but Aki just tells her that once she “uses her powers” she will die anyway and he laughs like an asshole. Toko runs off crying but he grabs her and FINALLY apologizes. She says she wants to protect everyone and he asks if he’s in that “everyone” list. She says of course he is and as a reward Aki kisses her. He asks her to call him Karura but she says she’s too used to calling him Aki so he tells her she can call him whatever she wants (and it gives you the option to change his name so I changed it to Aki lol.) So then he has another spat with his brother and gets all jelly that Toko gets in the way of their fight again. He pushes her against the wall and kisses her but she’s like “ugh dude get that stick out of your butt already (  ゚,_ゝ゚)”.

So then some crazy dude named Hardef (sp?) shows up and tells Aki that if he gives him his body that he’ll be the KING OF THE WORLD! I guess he accepts it Hardef takes over his body and blows and burns and blows shit up. He goes to kill Toko but then the King runs and saves her taking the blow instead and gets hurt. щ(ಥДಥщ)  In the meantime, Hardef goes after his next target and takes over Arisa’s body, taking Toko hostage. Toko asks Aki to shoot her and Arisa but instead Aki blows himself up to separate Hardef out of Arisa’s body. Just then Toko uses her super powers and destroys him. Fortunately Aki doesn’t die and some time later he recovers, apologizing to his father for attacking him while under control. Aki then tells Toko to say goodbyes to her family & friends cause she’s gonna live with him from now on in Inollad. \( ^o^)/  He tells her he loves her and asks her to “run this country with him forever”.  In the epilogue Aki & Toko are King & Queen of Inollad watching the land from their castle. (๑→ܫ←๑) Well Aki took a WHILE before he got dere….too much Oresamaing going on. He did get cute in the end but it was rather short lived. Most of the time I just wanted to sekuhara him in revenge for his obnoxious attitude lol. The heroine handled herself pretty well around him though, major props.

Sakurai Sou – To get Sou go ahead over heals for you, you need to make sure you’re the purest of all prude shoujo manga heroines ever.  Sadly this makes her such a  sterotypical otome doormat I was disappointed compared to her butt kicking personality in the last route. Reason being is Sou is the man yamanto nadeshiko who’s the shy guy and often gets mistaken for a girl. (Doesn’t help that is Inollad outfit makes him look like Yuna from Final Fantasy 10..lol)  Aki acts like a major douchebag in this route and calls Sou a pansy and a girly man. One night when Toko & Sou are walking together 2 hooligans attack them but Sou beats the crap out of them and then goes “are you ok?” Lmfao :lol:.  Sadly things kinda go downhill when the guide I followed told me I could no longer sekuhara him, probably because I guess he’s so frail that he’d just die or something xDD. When Toko comes over his room one time, she decides she wants to play with his hair but she gives him such a womanly hair cut it makes him look like some Rose of Versailles reject :lol:.

So one day on their way home they suddenly run past a house on fire where a woman is screaming for help because her kid’s still inside the burning house. So I guess this is the flag for Toko to turn into her Inollad form and awaken her powers as she goes to save the kid. So then stuff is awkward between Sou (Rafaella) & Toko in Inollad because he had no idea that she was one of the queen candidates. He then tells her that he’s actually relieved she’s one of them because  if she was a human they would never be able to be together! He then tells Toko he loves her and she bawws. A few days later she returns back to earth and Sein & Mizera (who is like Sou’s servant) bed intrude into her room. They ask her to show them around earth and they go shopping to the mall where of course everyone gawks at their ridiculous trap outfits :lol:. They buy some normal outfits and look manly for once xDDD. A few days later, Sou invites Toko back to Inollad to attend a party for his mother’s  birthday. After that a few days later they go hanging out by the lake where she falls asleep in his lap. I mean he’s confessed his love to her but I feel like I’m drowning in random filler with no rhyme or reason. Where is her response to his confession? What is even going on ( ´_ゝ`)?

So then Mizera starts getting BL jealousy of Sou and Toko and betrays them…by getting his body taken over by Hardef again! So then out of jealousy Mizera starts blaming Toko for “destroying the barrier” but fortunately Sou believes in her…until he finds out that she’s the reincarnation of the godess Faltina! If she uses her magic powers then she will die and that’s where Sou starts getting all sad panda because he doesn’t want her to go byebye. Toko tells Sou to stop being a pansy and defeat Hardef cause they can do it, YES WE CAN! And so Sou goes to fight Mizera, who for a moment gets his self back and asks Sou to attack him without holding back. Fortunately Aki shows up as reinforcement to help finish off Hardef. Toko uses her powers but fortunately she doesn’t die and she wakes up to a crying Sou with sparkles in the background. The villagers then apologize for being assholes and thank Toko for saving them and Aki tells Mizera that he’ll leave his punishment for “later”. In the epilogue Sou gets manly and grabs Toko and makes out with her. Erm well I liked Sou’s Love Steals the most if anything but he was a bit too…plain I guess? XD Also being forced to gaman love steals near the end kinda killed the fun of the route for me…and then seeing him looking like a Final Fantasy reject the rest of the route was the ultimate K.O. Actually Koori informed me that Mizera is actually a girl pretending to be a guy cause she was in love with Sou. Uh I must have missed that detail somewhere along the way 😆

Sakurai Nagi – Nagi is a kuudere and unlike Aki, he’s actually rather adorable. ( ≖‿≖) Nagi’s kind of dumb in a way though because he feels that everything needs to go his way and if it doesn’t, he starts using his powers. For example when a cat keeps running away from him, he uses his wind powers to blow it to himself orz. So then all stupidity rolls down on me when Nagi falls in love with Toko and all she can do is flail her hands around and be like WHAT SHOULD I DO SOU-SAN HALP! (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Apparently because he likes her he gets really clingy with her and always wants to hang out with her. Oh noes this is such a tragedy and when  Nagi catches her hanging out with Sou he’s like “You said you had an interest in me but you LIED!” C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ! Then Toko has the stupid nerve to go back to Nagi and be like “uh can we still be friends”. WTF ( ಠ益ಠ ). IF this was a game from 2011-2012 you’d be in a cage WOMAN. Then Toko is a victim once more of Aki vs Riku stupid plot and gets hurt. So like the stupidity of this whole thing is that despite her not wanting Nagi stalking her, she instead then comes to stalk HIM. So its ok to stalk but not BE stalked. 😆 Well anyway she talks it out with Nagi and says that she don’t hate him, she was just being a moron and didn’t know what to do with all her FEELS.  So then they start hanging out again and one day when they’re at the library, Nagi sneaks a kiss on Toko. (♡´౪`♡) He does this again in front of some stupid bitch who asks if Toko is dating Nagi. xDDD So anyway as usual for plot reasons, Toko awakens her powers randomly in front of Nagi (although this time there wasn’t a massive tragedy required for it to occur) and is taken to Inollad.

When they get there Nagi gets all sad thinking Toko will leave him but she tells him she’s happy that they can still be together. He’s so happy to hear these words out of her that he glomps her getting all cuddly. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Turns  out that where Nagi’s home is in Inollad, some jerk’s been controlling things and ruining everything behind Nagi’s back. A lot of people who lived in that area have run away and when Nagi finds out he gets depressed. Well it’s partially Nagi’s fault for not bothering to look, but once he finds out how bad things have gotten he decides he wants to try to change everything. So then the queen starts bitching about how Toko’s the reincarnation of that goddess and how she’s not to be trusted. She says that Toko is using Nagi but Nagi tells her to STFU and rages destroying everything in his path! And so before Nagi blows everything up completely, Toko uses her powers to return him back to normal. After they both pass out & wake up, Nagi goes to the queen and apologizes for hurting her (though the bitch deserved it.) After they leave, Hardef strolls over and takes over the mom’s body and starts babbling how she wishes Nagi was never born. ( ´_ゝ`) Since that weakens Nagi’s body it gives the opportunity for Hardef to jump into HIM instead! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So then everyone teams up to find posessed Nagi and they defeat Hardef. Afterwards Nagi is upset that all the effort he put into restoring his land was pretty much wiped clean when he blew it up under Hardef’s control. However those still loyal to him encourage him to rebuild once more. In the epilogue, Nagi comes to see Toko at her high school graduation. Anyway Nagi was adorable. Like so adorable that when Toko became all dumb with his “I can stalk you but you can’t stalk me” bullshit I just wanted to flip a desk ( ಠ益ಠ ).

Satsuki Ren – Ren is the younger brother of the king, but he’s 25 so he takes care of all the brothers on earth. He’s best friends with Sein, who always acts like the 2 of them are BL lovers 😆 Not much really happens in this route except him being kinda like a butler to Toko. He’s actually Grude who was the one that originally first brought her to Inollad and informed her of her powers but he hides it on earth (and Toko doesn’t seem to notice.) She starts falling in love with Ren and both Ren & even Sein can tell but Ren being like every otome game butler ever, must SUPRESS HIS FEELINGS! When Toko comes over to his place and he plays the piano for her, she starts to really think that he’s like Grude. So yea then something crawls up Riku’s ass and DIES and he’s like “what are you and Ren dating or something? you like him don’t you?” He says he’ll “cheer her on” but he ends up being a stupid cockblocking turd popping up right when Ren and Toko are alone ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ). They finally do get a chance to meet alone and Ren hugs her from behind in order to show her his feelings. She notices the mark on his hand and tells him she knows who he really is but he tells her that it’s a different mark than the ones the princes have. A couple days later Riku invites Toko over to the Sakurai house when Ren is out. Before he can ask about Toko & Ren’s relationship, Ren returns home but he leaves immediately after and she thinks that Ren is avoiding her. She goes to see him at his place a few days later and  clings on to him asking why he’s avoiding her.

I guess this triggers something and she awakens her Inollad powers and so he takes her immediately there. When she asks him if he’s ok with her becoming a “queen to someone else” but he just brushes it off saying his duty is to serve the royal family, sigh. ( ´_ゝ`) Toko returns to earth and starts wangsting about Ren until Sein shows up asking her to go on a date with him. They go out to the beach where he tells her that Ren’s not a prince so if she picks him, she won’t become queen. He then acts like a bro and forces Ren to go and talk things over with Toko. Ren finally agrees and the two of them return to earth to talk so that they can avoid cockblocking. He tells Toko his sob story that he was an “unwanted twin” and so that’s why he was raised by Sein’s mother instead along with Sein like a brother. Turns out his twin brother is Riku but Ren’s adoptive Frandle father cast a spell on Ren to “age” so that they would never find out that he’s Riku’s brother. Poor Ren. щ(ಥДಥщ) Apparently twins are considered bad luck in this kingdom or some crap so he tells Toko to stay away from him for her own good.  He cries but Toko acts all manly and says she will never leave him and always be by his side. (*´꒳`*) Turns out the mark on Ren’s arm is the same as Riku and he tells the king about how he’s really Riku’s twin brother. Ren tells the king that the only reason he’s letting him know who he is, is becuase he wants to be together with Toko, who is a queen candidate. The idiot king thinks that Ren just wants Toko’s powers rather than because…he loves her. ( ´_ゝ`)

The king then rages at Sein’s mom saying she “betrayed the country” by raising Ren rather than killing him like they were supposed to. Sein attempts to tell the stupid jiji that there’s not freaking plot and she just didn’t want to kill a poor defenseless baby. Sadly the stupid jiji doesn’t listen and puts Sein & his mom under house arrests and treats Ren like a traitor =_=. When Toko hears of this she wants to go save him and with Sein’s help they get Ren out of the prison cell. Then Ren stays back  to fight Hadef, which has obviously taken over the King’s body while Sein helps Toko escape back to earth. So then Ren gets captured but Sein gets him out and in the meantime a bunch of hypnotized zombies on earth bring Toko back to Inollad. When she gets there Hardef then decides to jump out of King’s body into Ren’s instead. Fortunately Toko’s able to defeat him as usual and then the stupid King thanks everyone for saving their country and apologizes for being an asshat. He also says that he knew about Ren being adopted by Sein’s mom and he put two & two together in regards to Frandle’s spell and Ren’s age. While the King offers him to become one of the princes, Ren says he has no interest in being a prince after all this time. Toko then pipes in that she has no interest in being a queen candidate either and wants to resign her position. When they are on their way back to earth, Riku actually stops by and tells them good luck. They then meet up with Frandle in the forest where he tells Toko to take car of his “son”, but then he disappears because he was just a wandering spirit with unfinished business. (´;ω;`) In the epilogue Ren and Toko get married. (*´ω`*) Ah I enjoyed Ren’s route a lot, and not just because I’m biased to Suwabe. At first nothing was happening but once they went into plot-mode in Inollad that’s when things got interesting. I think this is probably my favorite story of the whole game.

Sakurai Riku – Well thanks to Ren’s route I just wanted to punch Riku in the face anytime he came on screen to be honest. (ﺧ益ﺨ) Fortunately in this route Toko was ass kicking enough that she doesn’t fall for too many of Riku’s stupid pranks. Sadly she does fall for it when he invites her to go to the movies and on their way there he goes “uh can I go home? I don’t feel like going anymore.” THEN DON’T INVITE ME IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU PRICK Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ. What’s even worse is you have to do this prick’s BAD END first to get his GOOD end! So it all starts during the school festival when someone messes up all the paintings & signs that they made, the day before the festival. They all end up going to the Sakurai house to work on redoing everything. So then his fake happy persona starts cracking and his yandere starts spilling out in front of Toko. On June 17th you go right into Riku’s bad end on the first run. Toko comes over the Sakurai place in order to try to get advice from Ren on her feelings for Riku but turns out everyone’s out of the house that day leaving Toko & Riku alone together. He then has her sit on his bed where he promptly grabs her and makes his way on to her lips. Being completely head over heels for Riku, Toko doesn’t care what happens and says she loves him as they continue making out. The next morning when Toko wakes up, she finds that her mirror entrance to Inollad has a giant crack in it. The next day I guess she forgets everything about Inollad and all the guys in it as she continues her school life. On my 2nd run, the differences start  when they’re at the beach and they notice a huge scar on Riku’s leg while he’s splashing in the water.

It happens at the exact same moment that Ren gets into an accident and injures his leg as well. When they reach the scene in the bedroom, Toko actually REJECTS him this time (woohoo!) telling him he doesn’t understand her feelings and she doesn’t feel like he really loves her like she loves him. After that Riku gets really bitchy and starts wansting all over the place and avoiding her. He then lies to her saying he lost his watching making her spend her whole day looking for it. So then some delinquints attack Toko and Riku gets so pissed off he takes all his pent up rage on them – starting with chopping one of the guy’s ears off LOL! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ I guess this freaks Toko out to the point that she awakens her Inollad powers :lol:. When they get to Inollad, the king announces that Riku is the next in line to be King. hen Riku finds out about Ren he starts his bitchfest once more. So then he brings Toko to his house on earth one day where he goes yandere and hugs her saying they’ll be together..FOR.EVER. So then he gets like really clingy and jealous around Toko and well his creeper level just goes over 9000 along with his jealous rage for Ren. So then this escalates even further when one day the King says “maybe I should have left Ren instead of you” and when Riku hears this he starts throwing & breaking shit in his room \( ^o^)/ . So then Hardef takes over the King’s body and tells Riku that because he’s filled with darkness he’s destined for exile and not for the role of King. Riku goes into massive orz which gives Hardef opportunity to jump into his body. When Toko gets a bad feeling, she runs to Inollad and sees Riku’s gone off the deep end. He then topples to the ground with Toko and tells her he’s been posessed by an “evil mage” and asks Toko to “kiss him” to break the curse. While Toko is like “are you high” he pulls her head down and kisses her…and that’s when she realizes he’s possessed by someone.

Riku then grabs her and as all yanderes would have it, locks her in his room and doesn’t let her out while he continues his  emo yandere babble. ( ´_ゝ`) As ALL yanderes he then says he’ll “protect her” by keeping her locked here because if he lets her out, she’ll have to use her powers and then will die just like Faltina did. Fortunately Sein & Ren come to save Toko and the 3 of them run out of Riku’s room. In the meantime Riku is running amock and blowing up everything in his path for shits and giggles! The other princes join forces with Toko & Sein and decide to try and stop their wacko brother from destroying the country. First they go to see the “old man in the forest” aka Ren’s adoptive dad. He explains to them about how he feels Hardef is inside Riku and they eventually go and find Riku who’s babbling about how he loves his new powers, and that he hates Ren and that Toko should just stay with him. Toko tells him that she wants to save him but Riku’s like “lol I like being a crazy wacko I don’t need savin’!” \( ^o^)/  Anyway thanks to Toko’s superpowers, they kill Hardef & bring Riku back to normal. Ren then hugs Riku saying he’s glad that he is Riku’s twin and then Riku starts bawwing saying he’s glad that he’s Ren’s twin as well. Riku apologizes to Ren for being a dickwad and thanks him. Riku then tells the king he wants to resign as king candidate and start from scratch to re-earn that place. And so in the epilogue Riku is busy with his King training while Toko is busy with her bridal training. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her to do her best as his future waifu. Strangely enough Riku was actually rather cute in his ending, so it’s a shame he was such a selfish jerk 90% of this route lol. Though I do feel the game is totally biased towards him cause he had 3 kiss scenes and the only guy who had like an ACTUAL LIP LOCKIN’ kiss CG rather than like some half assed crap like all the other guys xD.

Eva (Suou Shigure) – You need to be 100% Koakuma for Eva’s route…I smell an awesome heroine ;). I was kinda spoiled by this since I started the game but…….Shigure is Iva, the guy that Toko randomly meets at a night club. Normally Shigure is Toko’s quiet childhood friend who she hadn’t seen for a while since she was studying abroad. Eva however, is a badass gang leader who’s often getting into fights and hangs out at a nightclub when he’s not in being his goody two shoes in school. When she returns she finds out that Shigure’s parents divorced and she tries to offer him a shoulder to lean on but he just pushes her away saying it’s none of her business. At one point when Toko goes to see Eva at the club, he gets bored and is like “lets make out” and unfortunately if you hit yes you don’t get affection but you get a CG! Strangely enough you have to proceed WITHOUT the CG :lol:….what a shame it was rather sexy…well that is until Toko pushed him away. ( ´_ゝ`) After she returns home that evening, Toko realizes she’s in love with him. She asks him to come to the school festival, to which he finally agrees but since he’s busy playing 2 roles, Aki then yells at Shigure for slacking off on his student council duties. Toko tries to comfort Shigure after school but he yells at her saying to stay out of his business and that he doesn’t want her pity. Not knowing what to do, Toko hugs him and he apologizes for taking his anger out on her. (๑→ܫ←๑)

So then she’s out with Eva one night and sees some dudes fighting so she asks Eva to break it up – which he does by beating the crap out of them. So then Toko’s all like NOOO DON’T FIGHT ANYMORE WAAAH. He’s like “wtf you told me to fight ( ´_ゝ`)”. So then Eva’s allies turn on him and he gets seriously beat up. When Toko goes to try and protect him, her powers awaken. Ren immediately shows up, erases Eva’s memory and takes Toko to Inollad. Toko meets everyone but asks to return asap cause she’s worried about Eva ( but who wouldn’t be she left him all bloody and beat up orz.) Fortunately Eva comes to her place to see her and all his wounds have miraculously healed (probably thanks to either her or Ren.) When he goes to her room she starts crying and tells him she’s not a human and that one day she may betray him because their are both from “different worlds.” Frustrated, Eva leaves saying she’s just like the others. When she runs into Shigure the following night, they take a walk and he pretty much tells her all women are the same and they’re all full of themselves. Getting stabbed emotionally twice in the heart, Toko runs home crying. The next day Eva stops by her place to talk to her but Ren shows up and takes her back to Inollad saying that she better come with him if she doesn’t want Eva “getting caught up” in all their issues. With Toko being weak & frustrated, Hardef decides to grab his chance and tries to jump into Toko’s body but she manages to escape. Ren then shows up and helps her return back to earth safely.

The next day Shigure asks her to go out to the pier with him where he grabs and kisses her saying he doesn’t know how else to connect with her. That’s when Toko starts to realize that Shigure and Eva seem too much alike. Suddenly when she comes home that evening, Shigure is in her room and he grabs her and forcefully takes her to Inollad. Turns out he’s posessed by Hardef and he asks Toko to “contract” with him but Shigure’s real personality tells Toko to run away. Instead she awakens her powers once more, and while Shigure keeps telling her to run away, Ren shows up to help. Toko then takes the opportunity to defeat Hardef and then she decides to return to earth and drop her queen candidacy. Afterwards, Shigure tells her the truth about his Eva persona and says both of his sides were in love with her. He says the he’s always been in love with her even before she went abroad.  He tells her he wanted to try and “start over” with her as a “different person” and didn’t mean to fool her. He says he won’t be Eva anymore and he’ll try to change himself without becoming a copletely different person. They decide to throw out the mirror that she used to go to Inollad through. In the epilogue Shigure & Toko are both on watching the sunset as they wear pair rings together. Anyway this route was really sweet and I have to admit I did liked both his personalities. I almost wish there was more time spent on the “romance” for him because for some reason it felt like it flew by compared to the other princes? I guess I can’t complain too much as he got 2 pretty good kiss CGs (*´д`*)ハァハァ .

Tachibana Kaito – I mean I never thought of Toko as a brocon but apparently she turns into one the moment she sees Kaito with some girl from his university. She then proceeds to act super kimoi around him until one day he discovers that she’s taking trips to Inollad through her bedroom mirror. He asks her not to go there anymore and she reluctantly agrees. Kaito then demands that Toko tell him the truth about everything in the other world. When she tells him that she’s a queen candidate who will marry he’s like “wtf do you even know what it means to marry?” He then gets his face close to hers and goes “Can you imagine yourself being this close to a guy?” and tells her to close her eyes. Being a huge brocon she does but he laughs at her going “lol did you think I was gonna kiss you”. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) A few days later, they go on a date and end up riding the ferris wheel together. Toko starts bawing realizing she’s a super brocon and there’s no way she can leave her oniichan and go to Inollad  forever. She then awakens her powers randomly one day and that’s when Ren shows up as on cue to take her to Inollad, despite Kaito protesting. Afterwards Kaito tries to get through the mirror to follow her and somehow manages to get through. Not only that but the mom ends up going there too! 😆 So anyway since for some reason Kaito’s route only had CGs in the BAD ends I decided to do them for the hell of it! In Bad End 2, body intruder Hardef shows up saying that he  doesn’t want Faltina to be in Inollad and since Kaito wants Toko to continue living as a “human” they should join forces.

When Ren shows up again and Kaito manages to ward him off, he tells Toko he’s gonna sleep in her room that night to protect her. After she falls asleep though, Kaito goes to Inollad where he lets Hardef jump into his body and he returns to his inner self – Jilnas or something. Apparently Jilnas was the brother of the mom but I guess he died in the past and was reborn as her child Kaito. They then reveal that because the mom messed up her mission in the past, that’s why Faltina & Jilnas were reborn as her kids to succeed her. So then Toko & her mom return back to earth and while Toko’s unconscious, the mom asks the dad to take care of Toko while she goes to save Kaito.  Since this is bad end 2, basically…the mom nor Kaito ever return. In bad end 1, Kaito agrees to give his body willingly to Hardef. He then runs into Arisa’s father who says he’ll show him where Toko is, and calls him a siscon :lol:.  When they run into Toko, the Hardef inside Kaito goes batshit wanting to kill Faltina as usual. And so to stop him and not make Toko use her powers, Kaito then goes and stabs himself. (´・ω・`) And so finally in the good ending, the mom awakens her Faltina powers or something and tells her brother Hardef to stop being a dick. She then joins forces with Toko for double dose of Faltina powers and they defeat him. And so Toko lives happily ever after with her oniitan being a massive brocon – which is ok since Kaito’s a massive siscon. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Ono Daisuke’s free talk was hilarious though. He said that Narita Ken’s voice is EROKAKKOI and “please play this again and be my sisters” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ HAHAHA. OnoD just rose up in my seiyuu rankings. ( ≖‿≖) Otherwise eh brocon/siscon route – not much to it. Biggest disappointment is I couldn’t do love steals on Kaito! I wanted to hear OnoD going アッー!

アッー!!! Well that was certainly a unique game! I’ve had to poke bishies in Death Connection & Tokyo Yamanote Boys but going as far as making them moan? This is a first! I thought the Love Steals were a lot of fun at first but I admit when I was doing “skip” runs they made my wrists hurt. I had to even ask my husband to help me make dudes moan because my hands were absolutely exhausted. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) The worst part was making that stupid bitch Arisa moan. Seriously this game is about love stealing from hot men – not stupid annoying whiny bitches wtf?!  I’m just glad she didn’t make loud orgasming noises or I’d like throw my controller against the wall. During the love steals based on your “koakuma level” the heroine’s voice would change which was a nice touch. Additionally the game had a feature (which I found out about too late!) where you could set “megane mode” and every character would be wearing glasses in their sprites (๑→ܫ←๑) . As far as character favorites, I liked Eva the most, followed by Sou and Nagi. I liked Kaito too but as a romantic interest welp. Riku seemed cool at first until he became a yandere whiny bitch and well Aki was a whiny bitch since the start but he had his sexy moments. I liked Ren as well but I almost felt like he was overshadowed by Riku (´・ω・`).  The dream sequences in every route were pretty hilarious and was definitely something to look forward to every time I did a new guy’s run. Now for the complaints: LOL SPARKLY BUBBLE BACKGROUNDS. Reminds me of the original backgrounds from UtaPri before the remake :lol:. The game has no auto skip so when you skip you have to press and HOLD down the R1 button. This contributed to more wrist pain after doing like 3 Love Steals within a span of 10 minutes. ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ Despite the game being from 2008 though, I felt like the movement of the mouths to the voices was better synced that it was in Amnesia later….Otomateぇ… Also the MUSIC. Omg man I could dance all night long to Sein’s BGM and the opening theme, besides being amazingly animated, has a catchy song! Not having a BGM gallery sucked but I managed to get the soundtrack so it wasn’t too bad. I’m also sad we couldn’t “replay” love steals in the movie gallery (but you could replay like say attack animations.) Anyway I think the game is fairly enjoyable. It’s definitely got a unique concept and while the story can get rather long & tedious in the endings in some routes, it was still well resolved and didn’t leave anything hanging for the most part. I’d definitely recommend this game if you want something “different” for a change ;).



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  1. Ah .. I have a rage, has routes that I can not move at all. Type of the Nagi, and Riku that girl.
    I do not know what to do anyone have any tips to give me?
    And how do the route of Kaito? * O *

  2. I doubt that it’ll be as bad as Gekka since Gekka was advertised as being weird and wrong, whereas BWS is advertised as gothic horror…which I like. But this is coming from someone who does get enjoyment from certain kinds of bad ends, so I get why other people wouldn’t like it. Plus the art already shows the same horrible flaws that Gekka’s art had. As for Akazukin I have very serious doubts that it’ll be anything like it. I hope that game hasn’t put you off furries for ever, Silvius and others are very nice furries.

    Me and others will tell you all you need anyways. You should check out the cast though, since you said be playing the psp version in another post(I think). IMO they picked an VA that doesn’t suit Auger at all…I don’t look forward to him moaning. I like his evil laugh but when he talks….Let’s hope that the psp version of the game will still include the grooming or replace it with other fun stuff.

  3. yea I dont really intend to play it…I didn’t really like a lot of parts of gekka and it looks creepy as hell in a similar fashion so yea. Also the furries thing…gives me Akazukin vibes and well that game was rather unpleasant.

  4. The moaning part does sound interesting…but despite your praises I’ll skip this one and not look back. I hate the art, the Queen and Fatima powers thing bores to tears and going by the summaries I do not like any of the guys and their stories. Moaning is not enough for me, I’m afraid.

    Speaking of moaning, did you know that the PC version of Black Wolves Saga as a grooming extra similar to beastman? Only in human form, not animals, and they have a bar for their excitement/pleasure/love/whatever. In their blog, they say something like “aim for their crotch…not really. Please pat their stomach and ears.”
    Which to me means that we can pat their crotches even they don’t like it…or maybe they will if you get the bar maxed out. Don’t know if that will be in the PSP version (do we have any psp game that lets you touch the characters?), but I’ll definitely tell how the grooming goes on the PC version if you don’t intend to play it.

  5. lol id think hed be like ” oh i see…cheating on me with some 2 d men now are we? tsk tsk tsk ” or hed be too creeped out to make a comment hahaha

  6. lmfao yea I guess this isn’t the kind of game you can play around family…though my husband just laughed along with it hahaha, I’d imagine your bf might laugh too? 😆

  7. This game sounds like fun but it would be kinda embarrassing to play the love steal parts in front of my family or bf lol. They’d be like what the heck are you doing?! And id be like “sucking the life force out of a bishie”.

  8. I dunno I keep seeing Yuna from Final Fantasy in his Inollad clothes lol. Didn’t help that his route was full of BL(?) rage and he moaned super orgasmically in his love steals xDD

  9. Oh damn I guess because like I didn’t do all the bad ends I didn’t have any kind of option to play love steals at the end! I didn’t even see a mini game section so I guess it just opens up if you complete everything. Oh well 8D Those love steals will be burned in my mind along with Suwabe’s porn flowers from last escort 3 😆

  10. Congrats on finishing!

    One thing that always amused about Kaito’s route is that on top of a lot of the route being them partially trolling each other (instead of say Wabisuke’s lonely faps till cage time)…is that the Jilnas thing isn’t as out of left field as one might think as Arisa’s dad does actually kinda mention him in Aki’s route for plot consistency. That and OnoD agreeing about the powerofNaritasvoice.jpg

    P.S I do remember being able to replay lovesteals as a minigame section that’s the reward for completing the game? XD;

  11. lol, since there is 0 to -(negative) 0% that I’d ever get this game(I don’t even own PS2), I’m glad I found a decent review on it xD

    On the other hand, Sou DOESN’T look like a wallflower to me… it doesn’t help that his clothes are…..aherm, it’s either I had a problem with my eye or I’m just really blind :’D

  12. Yes it is actually lmfao. Rather than rubbing the guy though (since you can only do so much on a PS2) you just roll the joystick and the more your roll it the more he goes AAHHH! Lmfao xD This game came out in 2008 so if they didn’t do a PSP port by now I doubt they will. It’s really a pity as this game is a lot more entertaining than a lot of the crap otomate poops out lately

    My broadcasts for this should still be up for another week so you can always check them out to see what Love Steal is like 8D

  13. This game deserves a PSP remake! It has so many interesting and unique aspects. If they can port SRX, why not this. Here’s to hoping that the same publisher will release a PSP game similar to this (with a megane mode too, pl0x). It’s funny that Custom Drive is advertising the ability to change the character sprites as something new when older games like this have already incorporated it.

    P.S. what is a ‘love steal’? Is it like in Duel Love where you rub the guy?

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