Otome Game Review: Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu

When Katagiri Kaede was 7 years old, her family was attacked by some ninja. Her mother & father died, but another ninja came to her rescue and took her to her grandmother to safety. Not knowing his name, Kaede was determined to also grow up to be a ninja and join the Sanada defense force so she could one day protect her loved ones, like how that ninja protected her.  One day she runs into the principal of the famous Fujiwara Ninja Training School who tells her to enroll for free because he feels she has the talent to be a great ninja. Kaede is excited to start her first day, but on her first day, she accidentally sets off an illusion jutsu that makes guys fall head over heels for her! Coined as MeroMero Jutsu, Kaede charms any guy within the vicinity of her charm AOE! Because of this, Sanada sensei tells her to pick a guy to “train with” so she can get her jutsu under control and pass the midterm exam. Unfortunately because the guys she charms are the 6 most popular & capable dudes in the school, she’s the subject of bullying attacks from jealous bitches.

moeninjas002Sarutobi Sasuke – Since Sasuke’s family are famous Kabuki performers, Sasuke of course has a lot of fangirls. He’d rather be a ninja dattebayo, but his father and fangirls love him more when he does his fan dance.  Of course, the reason that I love him is he’s A FIERY TSUNDERE ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)!! He’s tsuntsun for a while, calls her meromero onna and gets mad when she puts him under her spell…because it makes him ULTRA DERE and he just barfs up sweet words non stop to her xDDD. Since after the fact he can still “remember what he said” while under the charm it causes his face to be as red as his hair. (*´▽`*) After a while, he finally derefies enough to not only show her his kabuki dance, but also starts to proudly call her by her first name. During the summer camp event, when Kaede gets hurt and Sasuke licks some of her blood,  everyone discovers that by drinking her blood it makes them immune to her genjutsu. It’s also discovered that Kaede has the powers of the Kirihime, an illusionist who would set this “meromero fog” which would cause anyone within it be charmed.  On the day of the midterm exam, everyone but Kaede & the dudes she charmed are acting like zombies. To find out the deal, Sasuke gives in and goes to ask for help from his dad who he absolutely can’t stand.  The dad says he knows about the genjutsu (which is apparently a forbidden jutsu) but refuses to tell Sasuke anything.  He says Sasuke should just follow the family tradition and do Kabuki in his shoes and stop with the ninja shit. Sasuke rages and  almost burns his important fan but Kaede blows it away saying she knows how he’s treated it very special to him.  And so Sasuke & dad talk things over and dad says if Sasuke really enjoys dancing, then he’ll be waiting for him to return when he gets the ninjaing out of his system. They get a letter telling Kaede from the Tokugawa to “come and not tell anyone” because they need her to perform a forbidden jutsu.

moeninjas003They go together to fight all the ninja dudes and kick all their asses.  Turns out the principal of the school is the leader of the Tokugawa and the final boss! And says he wants to use Kaede to perform his forbidden jutsus so he can have himself a lethal army to take over Japan bwahaha!  Sasuke’s like hell no u aint takin mah woman and they fight but Sasuke can’t stand up to superpowered GGE.  GGE says that Kaede is a sad woman who will never be loved because of her illusionist powers and then casts a jutsu over Sasuke. But ain’t no thang cause Sasuke bites Kaede’s boob and gets some blood to prevent himself from being paralyzed! XD  He then tells the GGE that it don’t matter that she has meromero jutsu cause he’s in love with her regardless (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ With their powers combined they defeat the GGE. Just then Sanada sensei shows up in disguise saying GGE is under arrest.  He asks if Kaede & Sasuke wanna join the defense force after they graduate.  End: Kaede passes her  exam because of her victory over the GGE.  Sasuke admits that he really loves Kabuki and he plans to return to performing, in exchange that his bitchy fangirls stop bullying Kaede. He tells Kaede that he won’t be quitting his ninja training anytime soon though since now he can be with her since she passed her exam. He says he plans to join the defense forces when he graduates but also be a Kabuki actor.  He then confesses that he loves her once more and now that they’re both in love, it seals her out of control meromero jutsu.  They smooch and in the epilogue,  everyone goes to see Sasuke’s dance practice. He tsuntsuns but then admits that he really wants her to come see his performance and she says that his dad has already given her a ticket xDD. He then derederes about how much he loves her basically proposes to her and they live adorably ever after.  I love these kind of Terashima characters and I feel like it’s been a while since I heard him in this kind of role.

moeninjas006Yuri Kamakiyo – Yuri is a muttsuri sukebe megane so he acts like he’s this elite and proper dude, but deep down inside he’s just lusting to jump into Kaede’s hakama. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ That means that when he’s under the meromero charm, the TRUTH COMES OUT and he turns into this ero do-S xDDD. He’s a hard worker though, and stays up all night just to help Kaede with her training. He’s prolly muttsuri though because his childhood friend is Daisuke who’s always surrounded by the ladies. He notices that the bitches are bullying her and goes to tell them to fuck off and leave Kaede alone. Unfortunately Kaede sees him talking to them (and making them cry) and thinks that one of the bitches is his girlfriend! Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン Kaede gets all sad and jelly and tells Yuri that she’s gonna train on her own and that she’s unfit to be his partner. Yuri then is sent into a fit of despair that maybe he’s not good enough like his oniisama~ lol misunderstandings. Fortunately the misunderstanding is dispelled and Yuri explains that that he was just telling that bitch to stop bullying Kaede. He then says that he wants to only have Kaede as his partner (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ and then confesses that he loves her.

moeninjas007And so as usual Tokugawa threatens to go after Kaede so Yuri comes along with her to fight him.  Kaede’s wind attack works this time to stop the ninjas who attack them since before she kept failing to get the technique right.  After Tokugawa shows up and they battle as usual, he casts the genjutsu on Yuri but as usual Kaede gives him her blood making him immune to it.  They combine their wind & lightning powers and defeat the GGE.  Just then Yuri’s older brother shows up and says to come to Oosaka when he graduates to join the defense force.  End:  Kaede passes her exam and perfects her wind technique.  Yuri asks Kaede to always train with him from now on because he loves her.  Unfortunately they all get cockblocked by everyone who hears his passionate confession xDDD. They then use their jutsu to surround themselves in fog  & flower petals so they can make out without the others seeing (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). In the epilogue, Yuri is nervous & babbling like an idiot because its his first time in Kaede’s room 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 . He can’t hold back da muttsuri though and they …do all sorts of fun things happily ever after xDD. I know it seems short but Yuri’s route was really hilarious with all dat muttsuri…especially the sprite of him pushing his fogged glasses while his face became bright red xD. Sadly the flow pretty much followed Sasuke’s route so there wasn’t much else new and it ended quickly ;_;.

moeninjas004Kirigakure Kuroudo – I hate this guys name because both first name and last name are so awkward to pronounce. Kuroudo is Mr. Perfect and he always aces every single one of his ninja exams. He’s often used as a model during ninja lessons and he never ever fails. That is, until he starts falling in love with Kaede! When under the meromero charm, he goes from cool prince to  gentle prince charming xD. Not only that but because he spent his life trying to be perfect, he didn’t have no time for love and well Kaede is basically his first crush. D’aww. (*゚∀゚) Once he begins to fall in love with her, he constantly starts getting all ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。 and hnnggg around Kaede lol. During training one day he ends up toppling her on the ground and doesn’t wanna get up and blurts out that he gets everything he wants….including her ;DDD After this his head’s in lala land about Kaede and his Mr. Perfect image begins to crumble as he messes up all his class training. He gets so frustrated he goes to fight his own shadow clone but has trouble doing so while Kaede tells him he don’t need to do that cause he’s perfect as he is. After Kaede defeats his clone herself to protect him, he reveals that he and his younger brother Tadahito were secret love children of some hime and someone from Tokugawa. Tokugawa killed their parents though and ever since then Kuroudo’s vowed to take revenge.  One afternoon Kuroudo says that his brother is MIA and they both go searching for him.  They find him getting kidnapped by the Tokugawa ninjas and Kuroudo beats them up.  Afterwards Kaede comes to Kuroudo’s house which is all poor and beatup.  There Kaede tells them how she lived most of her life alone  since her parents were killed as well. She then realizes how much of a hard worker Kuroudo is and that he wasn’t born with talent, he worked his fucking ass off щ(ಥДಥщ)  After they have dinner, Kaede tells Kuroudo that she enjoyed spending time with him and eating dinner with him like a family because she’s always eating alone in her dorm room. He tells her that if she ever feels lonely she can come be with him at anytime.

moeninjas005When he walks her back to the school dorms he can’t hold himself back and kisses her neck  but then she babbles about how she’s sorry that he had to constantly be with her for the training of her meromero jutsu. He gets all mad and says that he never felt forced to train with her at all. And so as usual Kaede and her dude go to where they’re calling her out because of her blood. It’s all part of the exam but the teachers are under the genjutsu and act like zombies. To make things worse, Tadahito is there too and he’s also under the jutsu and Kuroudo just can’t bear to attack his brother. Just then evil GGE shows up and while Kuroudo’s busy with his brother, GGE takes the opportunity to go after Kaede and her blood.  After Kuroudo finds out that GGE is the final boss, he runs to help Kaede and then yells at her for not relying on him and that he wants to graduate with her. Kuroudo then uses his kagebunshin no jutsu but GGE casts kinjutsu again. As usual thanks to Kaede’s blood tho, he manages to overcome it and combined with Kaede’s power they defeat him.    End: Kaede passes the exam and tells him that she doesn’t care about bullying from the bitches because she’s aiming to get into the defense force. Kuroudo kisses her and tells her that he loves her saying he’s actually happy that she does the charm on him because it’s proof that he makes her all dokidoki (*´ω`*).  And after she confesses that she loves him, the meromero jutsu is sealed because her heart now belongs to him. He then proposes to her and in the epilogue, she comes over Kuroudo’s place to have dinner with him and his bro. And then while the bro goes out, Kuroudo starts ichaichaing with a sleeping Kaede.  My only gripe with this route is the choice of CGs in this route is awful, a CG where one wasn’t needed or CGs that didn’t have Kaede in them T_T. Also the sudden outburst of feels from Kuroudo felt so shoed in I got really confused on what the hell was going on. (Like a chunk of scenario was missing or something lol.) Still I think Kaede and Kuroudo are similar to each other which made understanding each other easy..except the fact that now Tadahito’s a 3rd wheel xD.

moeninjas011Anayama Daisuke – DAISUKE WAS A SURPRISING TWIST FOR ME. I sat here thinking sigh not another manwhore character surrounded by jealous bitches (if I didn’t get enough of them in the last 3 routes…) BUT TURNS OUT ITS ALL AN ACT AND HE’S  A FUCKING SWEETHEART (*´▽`*)!!!  Daisuke is a medic ninja and when under the meromero jutsu, he becomes a gentle prince charming who will protect the chastity of his princess! Welp turns out, that’s basically his internal feelings anyway and in fact none of the girls who constantly jump on him he gives a rat’s ass about. At first Daisuke gets disappointed when Kaede doesn’t fall for his manwhorey ways and it only motivates him to try and get her! On top of this, he’s actually been protecting her from the shadows against all the bitches who bully her. Even though Daisuke tells her he’s a horrible man playing with women’s heart and not to get close to him Kaede realizes what a sweet dude he is beyond his fake exterior and it makes her ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。Turns out his dad’s a manwhore and his lover #7 is just a gold digger tho. That’s why Daisuke hates women cause theyre just after him for his talents and his father’s money. Kaete tells him that money can’t buy everything and she will use her ninja powers to get into the Sanada defense for herserlf. Eventually Daisuke starts falling for Kaede and even stops letting girls into the nurse’s office. He’s  retired from his manwhore ways becuase of Kaede telling him how it’s bad to do. At summer trip he tastes her blood – and gets immune to the jutsu. Though he gets all キュン(*´ω`*) when she tells him to heal Sasuke’s wounds while she kicks asses of all the enemy ninjas xD. HELL YEA KAEDE IS BADASS IN THIS ROUTE.  One day Kaede hears Sasuke’s fangirls crying cause the bitches Daisuke dumped have been bullying them (lol too bad so sad.). When she asks him why he doesn’t care he’s like cause im a huge douche lawl. She’s like you’re not a douche, I know how much of a sweet heart you are and he’s like !!!!!!!! cause someone actually cares about him on a non shallow level.

moeninjas012Daisuke tells Kaede that he can no longer lie to her and say fake sweet words, including doing the training for her meromero jutsu. Kaede thinks he hates her or something and runs off all sad and he’s all like nooo bebe I don’t know how to express mah feelings!!  And eventually he can’t hold back all his feels and he jumps on her in the nurse’s office while they are hiding from all the zombie teachers & students during the exam day xD.  He then confesses that he’s in love with her and that she’s the first person he’s ever felt this way about. Kaede’s in love with him too but is afraid that if she tells him that he’ll ravage her in bed (/ω\)イヤン.  He takes her to his place to be away from the school since Tokugawa’s after her there. She wants to repay him for letting her bum around so she decides to fix his hair but just her touching his hair makes him ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。 and he can’t hold himself back again lol xD.  Just then, she catches Daisuke talking with sensei about protecting her. For a change of pace they go out with her in disguise. He’s had it ready for her for like 2 weeks before the exam and together he goes to buy her more presents on their date xD Unfortunately their day is ruined when they run into his manslut dad with his 7th gold digger whore wife.  Some guy is there too who steals his wallet saying that he’s probably rich and fulla cash cause he’s a doctor, rather than giving a fuck that Daisuke just cured his stupid ass.  After they return home he tells Kaede that this is the kind of environment he was raised in and all he knows is money. Kaede’s like NO BEBE U A SWEETIE U AIN’T LIKE DAT SHITTY FAMILY OF URS. Kaede then finally admits that she loves him and he’s like ズキュ━━(*〃´Å`〃)━━>>ンッ! And so Daisuke can’t hold back any longer and they make lovin’ all night (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.

moeninjas013Next morning Kaede finds Daisuke MIA so she goes around the mountains looking for him. She finds him fighting Tokugawa GGE and finds out who the GGE really is.  While they fight the GGE reveals that it’s in Daisuke’s bloodline to protect the legendary illusion jutsu “princess” aka Kaede (which after finishing the game makes me think he’s somehow related to Sanada??).  Kaede starts doubting him and thinks that all this time maybe he really only acted nice to her because of her powers.  GGE then uses his powers to control Daisuke to attack Kaede so he asks her to stab him instead. So yea to break the jutsu, he sucks some of her blood and hugs her saying that he did protect her because of his bloodline, but he fell in love on his own accord. (*´ω`*)  And so with the power of love they defeat the stupid GGE. End:  Kaede passes her exam and runs to Daisuke to tell him the good news. Daisuke congratulates her telling her it was all her effort and then reveals he’s NEVER REALLY DATED ANYONE. He says that the girls who came to him were just  “money” to him and if he ever dated anyone it would only be for the purpose of marriage. SO PURE MAN xDDDD |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  So needless to say he asks her to continue dating him and then marry him. (*´ω`*) He tells her that he’s graduating soon to become a doctor and wants her to come with him as he sets up his own clinic. Kaede of course says I DO BEBE TAKE ME and they kiss. This also seals her genjutsu as usual so she no longer spits meromero everywhere. In the epilogue, Kaede makes him some tamagoyaki which was his favorite food as a child.  And so they cuddle in the nurse’s office & promise to be together happily ever after~. (ノ´∀`*)ノ I wonder one thing though,  if Daisuke’s bloodline is supposed to protect Kaede, wtf were they doing 10 years ago?? Though I guess he would have been too young to do anything since he would have only been like 8 years old. Anyway, I was shocked, I never thought I’d like Daisuke but I ended up liking him a lot…well that is until…

moeninjas008Garaiya – GARAIYA’S MY FAVORITE BABY!!!!! He’s not only chuunibyou, but he’s also a lonely tsundere (or maybe a tsunshun!?) and all he wanted was a friend to care about his adorable self (*´▽`*)!! The bitches are extra terrible in this route, they rip up her dictionary even though she worked her ass off to be able to afford to buy it…all because the 6 popular guys “talked” to her. So because of this she decides to go to the library and Garaiya happens to be the librarian. Since he’s way ahead of the class, he doesn’t need to attend and spends most of the time cooped up all sad and lonely in the library. When Kaede comes to visit him he’s so happy he finally has a visitor but for her its a place to escape from the bullying.  When Garaiya goes meromero he becomes a yandere infatuated by love and all he wants to do is just spend 24/7 with Kaede all alone away from others xDD.  Since he is a neet/hikki who is ronery and wants friends but no one will friend him ;-; Kaede’s like its ok I have no friends either, let’s hang! 😆 So they end up spending time in his little hikki room in the library reading books & drinking tea.  Turns out Garaiya’s working for Tokugawa GGE but since he’s in love with Kaede he can’t bring himself to hurt her. Since Garaiya’s totally in love with her (for being like the only person who gives a crap about him), he starts protecting her from all of Tokugawa’s ninjas who then call him a traitor. He takes her on a date a couple days later and they kyakya ufufuf at the summer festival together.

moeninjas009Afterwards he’s so tired that he babbles his way into letting him rest in her lap 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌  He then says that he just wanted to spend time with her to be like actual lovers…until their sweet time is interrupted because one of Tokugawa’s spies was watching them and Garaiya realizes it.  He then thanks Kaede for everything and the next day he’s missing from the library and Kaede can’t find him anywhere (´;ω;`)The following day everyone’s under the zombie jutsu and Garaiya’s still MIA.  Kaede looks for clues on where he is and finds all those letters he’s been secretly writing as a form of a diary. (´;ω;`)  She then finds out that he was aiming to capture her but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.  At the end of his letters he writes that he loves Kaede and that he doesn’t want Tokugawa to take her and use her for her blood.  She gives up finding him and instead goes to do her exam but during the exam, Garaiya attacks her saying he has to capture her. Unfortunately because his true heart doesn’t feel that way, he can’t command his puppets to actually do any damage and he barely even tries.  Kaede tells him she knows that he’s working for Tokugawa and he’s like yep he wants your blood.  She says that she read his diary letters so she knows that he doesn’t really wanna work for Tokugawa…and knows how he feels about her. (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) Just then GGE shows up to cockblock and says that Garaiya’s from the Date clan that ruled the Sengoku period and that was destroyed by the Toyotomi family, which was later then taken over by Tokugawa. So because of this Garaiya’s clan has to serve the Tokugawa clan now, and by going against him it would be a 下克上. His real name is Date Koremune.   Garaiya then tells Kaede that it’s not that he wants to be loyal towards Tokugawa, but someone with the Date blood, he has nowhere to go anyway (´;ω;`).

moeninjas010Kaede gets pissed at the GGE telling him he’s an asshole for calling Garaiya his dog and says she will fight for him because he was her first friend. She gets hurt really bad but manages to tell Garaiya that he’s not alone and that no matter what she wants to always be with him, no matter what his bloodline is.  Garaiya decides for shit to get real and turns into his true form where he’s a FUCKING SEXY BEAST AND KICKS THE STUPID GGE’S ASS. ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪  Afterwards the Sanada defense force shows up  and takes GGE into custody. Sensei says that he knew everything lawl but needed to find proof to arrest Tokugawa. After Kaede is healed by Daisuke, Garaiya cries and begs her to forgive him saying he’ll spend his life repaying her for this. Sasuke tells him that now that his secret’s out he should just attend class with everyone else like normal and stop being a hikkikomori in the library. End: Garaiya remains in his true form but his personality is the same and he’s still a bumbling chuuni tsundere xD. Kaede passes her midterm exam with a perfect score. He then takes off his eye patch saying he doesn’t need that or his former name anymore because it’s all in the past. He then gives her a huge boquet of roses and a very long & detailed love confession. IT WAS SO AMAZING GARAIYA BABYYY ▂▅▇█▓▒░(’ω’)░▒▓█▇▅▂ウワアアアァァァァ!!!  He then kisses her and the confession turns into a marriage proposal (*´∀`)むふ♪.  In the epilogue Garaiya and Kaede are at a summer festival the following year and ichaicha together as they go through all the stands. (*´ω`*) Lol god he was so adorable, I don’t think I’ve liked a Shimono Hiro character this much since like…Lucia from Beastmaster xDDD. Needless to say, he ended up being the best route and best guy for me in the game ^q^!!

moeninjas014Sanada Yukikage – Sanada is clearly the canon OTP of the route but since I love Garaiya so much (and the annoying student teacher trope) he wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  Still sensei has his cute moments like everyone else and was still a good route that pretty much concluded the entire plot.  Sanada notices her getting bullied by the bitches so he decides to tutor her privately. Other guys think that his private tutoring is “hell” but since its Kaede, it becomes heaven 😆 the other guys try to help her out but he catches all of them and kicks them out 😛 When he goes meromero he becomes an ero sensei but it’s all because it gives him an excuse to tell her how he REALLY feels…since otherwise oh noes student x teacher is a no no! When he asks her why she became a ninja she tells him how she wants to protect those she loved, just like how a certain ninja protected her when she was little *cough hack, Sanada totally knows it was her ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.  At the school training trip, Sanada finds the GGE and tries to accuse him of being a traitor but the GGE says he was just making sure the “students didn’t get hurt”.  After the ninjas are defeated, Sanada tells Kaede to be careful and that her meromero thing is a genjutsu and that Tokugawa’s after her blood.  So like 3 months later, Kaede becomes superwoman and is able to defeat even Kirigakure during class tests thanks to ~private lessons~ from Sanada ;D.  After the 3 months special lessons end, Sensei tells her that he has no problem continuing to do one on one lessons with her and she doesn’t need to go train alone. Kaede of course is all like oh noes I don’t wanna burden you sensei.  The other guys offer to help her out as well and tell sensei that he doesn’t need to be with her 24/7 for everything. Sensei gets jelly but Kaede says that she likes him the way he is and regards highly of him as her teacher (*´ω`*).  One day she stumbles upon Sanada telling Daisuke not to make Kaede his play thing like he does with all the other girls.  He tells him about how she’s the illusionist and Kaede now thinks that this is the only reason Sanada ever helped her or acted nice to her. The next day some evil ninja takes the form of Sanada and tricks Kaede into going into some empty area in the forest.  He attacks Kaede and slices her arm to get her blood.

moeninjas015Turns out that it was just the GGE in disguise and just then the real Sanada shows up to save her. The GGE throws a smoke bomb so Kaede can’t actually see anything of what’s going on.  After the GGE runs off, Sanada yells at her for being so easily fooled by a disguise.  He’s mostly upset that he thought they were “close enough” that she could tell a real from a fake even though he knows that her ninjutsu isn’t that high of a level.  After she does a meromero on him, he tells her afterwards that if he ever tries to touch her or anything, its only the jutsu and she shouldn’t think anything more of it which makes both of them upset.  After this he doesn’t do any one on one lessons with her and mostly avoids her outside of class.  A few days later, Sanada asks Kaede to come with him to the summer festival where they go on a nice boat ride. Kaede says that  he shoulda taken a more “adult woman” with him on this ride but he’s like “i took you because I wanted you to be with me” (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). She sets off the meromero jutsu but he licks the blood off her finger which makes him immune to it. He explains about how that works and he knew about it the whole time. She asks if he knew the whole time why he didn’t say anything, and he says it’s because before he could just use the excuse that it’s her genjutsu, but right now while they’re not “teacher and student” on this boat he wanted to be in his right mind (*´ω`*).  AKa, he basically used the meromero jutsu as an excuse to get randy with her when in the school setting! After the fireworks end and it’s time to go home, Kaede is upset because she doesn’t want to just go back to being “student and teacher” with him. But after doing their training, he then sits down and tells Kaede he loves her. Kaede then realizes that she loves him too…but then sensei cockblocks himself and says LOL JUST KIDDING I’LL NEVER SAY THIS AGAIN.  And he just babbles that it was just all for her training and she shouldn’t trust adults so easily blah blah bah (ノTωT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・おらっ~。  One day she comes into his room and trips but he catches her.  She says that she came to see him because she was worried about him. Sadly once again, he makes sure to not fall under her jutsu and tells her that what he said to her that night on the boat he will never say to her again ;_; He tells her that no matter what though, he will always protect her and he goes off to fight Tokugawa.

moeninjas016While Sanada’s away at Osaka, Kaede wanders into his room which has a bunch of documents on her and her family.  She then starts to wonder if he’s the ninja who saved her that time. She decides to ask Sanada when he returns but after a few days he’s still not back and on top of that, everyone’s been put under a genjutsu and into zombie mode.  Kaede decides to take matters into her own hand and kicks the asses of all the ninjas while making her way to the GGE. She’s so shocked that he’s the bad guy that she thinks he’s under someone’s control. GGE then admits that he created the ninja school in order to raise an army of super ninjas to take over Japan and defeat Sanada defense force again. He then casts his genjutsu and goes lol thanks to your blood everyone at the ninja school is my puppet BWAHAHAHA. He then says that 10 years ago she was supposed to brought to Tokugawa until Sanada defense force took her away. He says that her family is just supposed to be used & thrown away for their blood. The GGE grabs and nearly kills her but just then Sasuke comes and saves her just in the nick of time. While he’s fighting, Sanada then shows up and says that he sent Sasuke while he was on his way over. All the other guys show up to help and to heal an injured Kaede while Sanada kicks the GGE’s ass. So then GGE unleashes his final form but is defeated anyway claiming he would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!He almost gets away but because Kaede’s a bad ass mofo she throws her hair pin like a shuriken and stops him hahaha!! GGE then admits that his son was a loser who had 0 talent to be a ninja so he wanted to get rid of all ninjas so his son would have a more comfortable place to live.  Lol whatever ossan. ( ´_ゝ`)フーン He then passes out and Sanada tells Kaede that because of her a lot of people were saved because she chose the path to protect people rather than to get revenge on her family.  She then comes to terms that he was the one who saved her 10 years ago after all. Both Garaiya & GGE are arrested, but Sanada says that Garaiya will be returned to the ninja school. Everyone also then finds out that Sanada is the leader of the Sanada defense force lol. (Well except Daisuke who knew everything lol.) End: The stupid bitches who bullied Kaede apologize for being bitches to her.

moeninjas017Sanada becomes the new principal and the school is renamed after him. He also tells Kaede that she passed her exam with flying colors. He then tells Kaede about the Kirihime and that 100 years ago she  was Kaede’s distant relative. Because of her blood, the Tokugawa clan was able to obtain victory years ago by cheating and winning battles.  And they kept doing this until Sanada Yukimura was able to rescue the Kirihime from Tokugawa because they were lovers.  However Kirihime went mia and after this the Sanada generations kept looking for her over and over. However once they found her she was pregnant with Tokugawa’s kid probably through rape -_-.  And that’s why she kept away from Sanada because she felt that she wasn’t good enough for him anymore being pregnant with asshole’s child. So from then on Sanada’s relatives spent years just protecting Kirihimes from the shadows.  So that’s why Sanada sensei knew about Kaede from the start and why he saved her when her family was attacked. It was his first assignment as a ninja and he feels horrible that he was only able to save her and not her family. She’s happy that she can finally say thank you to him even if he did it out of duty. Sanada grabs and hugs her going IT WAS DIFFERENT 10 YEARS AGO GUURL BUT I PROTECTED YOU NOW BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.  He then kisses her and lets her drink his blood so that it not only seals the kirihime but also seals her jutsu so that people don’t try to use her for kinjutsu again. He also says that he ain’t waitin’ any longer and that he’s gonna finally hit dat sheit after all this time and they kiss. In the epilogue Sanada and Kaede go to the summer festival and this is now  3 years since she came to the academy so she’s probably 20 now. She’s also now in the Sanada defense force and Sanada’s tired of holding back all dat pent up sexual frustration.  And so they (hump?) happily ever after on their nice boat~ lol. Whew that was long but well sensei is basically the OTP and the bulk of the plot is revealed in this route since the game  won’t let you play him until you’ve done all the other characters. I mean sensei was good, but I guess the oh noes student x teacher angst got kind of stale after a while and since he knew meromero was coming, he was usually prepared for it and it wasn’t as “fun” as with the other guys.  But still, dat Toriumi (︶.̮︶✽).


THIS GAME REVIVED MY OTOME GAMING MOTIVATION. Seriously I loved every single dude in this game which is a RARITY since there’s always that ONE landmine who I want to throw into a black hole. NOPE NOT HERE. EVERY GUY IS MOEEEEE (*´▽`*)!

moeninjas001I seriously have a hard time picking my favorite ranking order but I guess when it comes down to it Garaiya > Sasuke > Kamikiyo > Daisuke > Sanada > Kuroudo. It doesn’t mean that like the guys in the end are bad it just means that I just loved the others a LITTLE BIT MORE. They are ALL WONDERFUL! (*´∀`*) Now as far as heroine is concerned, I won’t lie at first she kind of annoyed me. When bitches attacked her, she’d just be like oh noes its my fault for setting off the meromero I deserve it etc. No damnit you don’t deserve it go beat them up! But I guess that’s just how she is and I thought she was at her best in Garaiya’s, Daisuke’s and Sanada’s routes.  Seriously she kicked so much ass in those battles that I will forgive her for putting up with the shit from the stupid bitches. On the topic of bitches, I really hated how they caused shit in EVERY SINGLE ROUTE. Even routes like Garaiya, who doesn’t even have fangirls, they’d still trash her stuff just because she “talked” to the other guys. Give me a break :roll:. Haven’t seen this kind of b/s since Hanaoni and I really hope to never see it again. If you leave the name default, the guys WILL call her by her name which was a pleasant surprise. Music was amazing and I’m still looping the OP song on repeat. Apparently the composer also did the bgms for Diabolik Lovers and Renai Bancho which explains everything!  Anyway overall I am very pleased with this game, and even if some scenario was copy pasta, the individual guys personalities were charming enough to make up for it. I loved the game so much I blew through it and when it ended I was SO SAD. SO SAD because it’s been such a LONG TIME that I enjoyed a game THIS MUCH (´;ω;`)ブワッ!! I recommend this game and I hope Otomate considers an FD! On a Vita..so we can have some touch meromero mode features or something ;D.

Edit: The limited edition drama CD that comes with the game is DUMMY HEAD and it’s  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;; p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q !!

50 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu

  1. Reading your review, this game seems so pleasant to play! It was actually a surprise. I was expecting some kind of cliché mobage type of story so I’ll probably consider buying it now!
    ( (*‘∀‘) oh my, Garaiya seems like he is such a sweetie and an イケメン too!) Finally a cute game! I may like gory stuff like BWS and DiaLovers but having fluff from time to time won’t kill me.
    Thanks for the awesome review~~

    1. I mean most otome games are cliche but if the cliche is done well it can be enjoyable
      I’m sick of all the gory stuff and this was a nice refresher!

      1. Ah, yes. I meant to say a cliche that’s terribly done. XD
        But yeah! A nice refresher! It’s good to see that you liked this game so much. So would you say that the long wait was worth it? It looked like it was. 😀

  2. I haven’t seen son much hype in your reviews since…..never!, I enjoyed so much reach the two las routes along with the others these last two days, I cried and laughed a lot with this game!, everyone should try it too.
    NOW KITH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. My playthrough route pretty much mirrors yours, only that i’m still in Daisuke’s. So i skipped them spoilers and only read the end thoughts. Glad you enjoyed the game and it managed to revive your PASSION for otogaming. XD

    I still feel that Kaede could be less doormat-ish when them fangirls push their shit around and the 3/4-way in the route compulsory scenario of Kaede purposely BOMBING her own progress with the guys. Makes me want to smack her so badly every time it happens. (ಠ_ಠ)

    Enjoy -8, Hinano. Imo, it’s better than NinKoi. Everyone’s so adorkable. ❤ Oh and, i have both otoge's OP on repeat as well. Them sure are catchy songs. XD

    1. aw Daisuke had such a sweet ending I hope you finish him soon :3c
      And yea her doormattyness to the bitches annoyed me especially since I know she could just kick all their asses anyway!

      I’m loving -8 so far, Junjun is my bebe

      1. Jun-!! That lovable dork. He caught my eye from the beginning when he got trampled under the wave of male students crowding around Rei. XD That cute stutter and positive attitude despite all that super bad luck zannen-ness… *fangirls away*

        Try Rion next if you haven’t already. Surprisingly good route. =3

        1. I’m still on Jun’s but I loved him since like he tried to introduce himself and a helicopter flew by twice lmao xD

  4. \(>v<)/~わいいい I am so glad you got to play it :3
    For me the characters were so much fun and the music and colors’ are all pretty and balanced I was like FINALLY! A good otome game! It’s been so long I was afraid I was going to lose interest after Wand of Fortune series! And Yeay! Garaya also happens to be my very favourite~! (>w<)/ high five*
    did you vote for Garaya on the official website? I did and I just checked it today to find out that he won! 😀
    Garaya was so sweet. At first I was like he's so cute but I am not into shota characters, so when the final reveal showed up, I went YESSS!! Almost dropped my psp! ^-^;;
    So It's like I saw him as a child first and then as a grown up; I thought: Hey! That's a pretty smart idea! XD
    One of the moments that made my eyes tear, was when Sanada confessed to her and then the moment she believed and admitted her feelings to him, GOD! the way he said "なんてね” it was so harsh I sympathized with the both of them T-T~
    Like always thank you for your fun review, your writings are always a joy to read~ ^v^
    Have a nice day :3

    1. yea took it long enough to arrive lol
      and yea finally! a good otome game! I forgot those existed! XD
      I didn’t vote because my stupid game arrived too late T_T BUT I’m glad he won! He deserved it! However I’m really sad that Sasuke & Yuri are at the bottom :(((

  5. Tbh I couldnt attend the broadcasts but I was watching some while you were offline and some of them were seriously funny and cute lol. Although I felt that kuroudo was really cute to me, the rest of the characters were seriously lovable after watching the thing. Kaede’s pretty much in the “better heroines” list cuz lol, where would you get such a badass heroine whos a good ninja and everything?

    The bitches in this game was seriously lame and i was pretty much raging and shit but hey, at least the guys were still nice. This will prolly go into my list thanks to the cute and meromero haha xDDDD

    1. glad you could catch them on the off time 🙂
      Kuroudo had his cute moments too, but I guess the antics of Garaiya, Sasuke & Yuri pretty much won me over lol. I prefer tsundere hetares over kuuderes I guess XD

      and yea stupid bitches wtf! every route!

  6. Wow, that’s good to hear. I like this artist and the otome games he/she involved in. I was a little worried at first because Nise no Chigiri and Genroh don’t seem special to most people, so I was expecting the same with this one. Maybe the artist work with different team, so I iunno.

    Glad to hear to you like this one. ❤

    1. yea i didn’t bother with Nise or Genroh because I didn’t wanna deal with historical war stuff but fortunately this kept the historical mumbo jumbo to a minimum and was mostly focused on the otome aspect. I’m glad they put her in a different team (?) as well since the art is great and its a pity to see it wasted on games with crappy writing

      1. Well, I don’t know about Genroh but I like Nise. Granted the plot was standard but I like all of the characters. It’s my first wafuu game though so I guess I don’t really mind back then.

        Oh, so the artist is “her” XD Didn’t know that.

        Going to get this game when I have time. Are the kanjis difficult here? Still learning
        here. 🙂

  7. OMG!! Now I really want to play this game *O*
    I kinda knew it that this game was different from the rest |o|
    I think Garaiya and Sasuke will be my favorites =3
    Thanks for this review!!! =D

    1. I recommend! I had a feeling that with the meromero system it was gonna be cute and fun not a boring tl;dr wafuu game lol.

  8. omg It sounds like such a great game! There goes one more game into my backlog of games to play list x3. I’m really glad that it refired your otome passion. I really liked reading the review. I couldn’t stop smiling because you liked it so much x3

    Also, Kuroudo is totally another Uchiha Sasuke. Both are perfectionist who wants revenge for the death of there families. Except Kuroudo still has his little brother.

    1. Definitely highly recommend!! and yea it’s been a while since I liked anything hasn’t it lmao

      and lol yea there’s a lot of Naruto references so I Guess I’m glad I learned all the terminology from that xD

  9. Oh wow something refreshing after all the shit you had gone through xD All the guys were adorable! at least they didn’t act like bitches unlike in other otome games and that the heroine isn’t that much of a doormat compared to the others. Glad that renewed your passion in playing otome games again xD

      Yea Kaede definitely gets better throughout the routes especially near the end so I’m not disappointed!

  10. Wow… So delay was WORTH IT! Yeah! I heard from my friend, that she loved it too. Seems like -8 is good too? Well, I guess if Rejet tries to be funny with Otomate, it turns out good? xDDD Anyways… Thank you for your review, as always and have fun with -8! I really enjoyed reading your review. Fufu. Dat MeroMero Jutsu made all male charas go crazy in love. LMAO

    1. haha meromero jutsu was great. I hope they have more games with these kind of things in it (like Hatsukare’s DOKYUUUUN mode etc xD)

      and yea totally worth it. I’m loving minus 8 as well. There’s a few issues with it but not enough to take away from the enjoyment. humor & music is amazing as always!

  11. I’m playing it as well so I skipped down to your overall thoughts and I’m glad you enjoyed this game! The scenario’s not that long and it’s sweet so far (I’m starting off with Sasuke too). I really like Kaede because she works so hard and is such a sweet girl and she does tsukommi at the guys going meromero at her www


    1. haha I don’t even care if Tadahito gets a route but I just wanna see my babies one more time ;__;!!!
      Glad you’re enjoying it as well, definitely the best game I’ve played this year (and knowing Otomate’s track record it may stay this way lolol)

      1. I still have hopes for Chronostacia! If that one doesn’t meet some expectations I’ll be disappointed. Otomate really is hit and miss these days.

  12. aahh thank you for reviewing! I just finished it and omg I really love it!! I agree with you I thought Daisuke will be like womanizer person or kind of like that lol but the truth he’s such a sweetieee (´⊥`*)

    I was expected more hot romance scene in Sanada’s route like maybe *coughs* Daisuke senpai’s *coughs* but uhm I think it’s not bad because Kaede become so strong and I really like when everyone comes to help Kaede fight Tokugawa together in Sanada’s route (´◔ω◔)

  13. Excuse me, Hinano ? I’m new to this and I wanted to tell about this website I checked for any of Amnesia Later when I found the website called http://www.twitch.tv that the username Nukocafe has all except Ukyo and Kent routes complete and I was wondering if u can upload Ukyo and Kent routes? Is it possible that u can also upload all routes in Amnesia series if u have time? I know that u only played it once and u moved on to the next otome games, but please, I like to see Black Ukyo talking so much, it gives me a tickled goosebumps on my left side!!!

    1. Sorry not going to happen. I’d have to replay the game and I don’t have time. If you really like the route just buy the game and enjoy it yourself 🙂

  14. Too expensive now and I don’t know how to answer to the characters when those three or two selective answers pop up since I only watched half of it and didn’t see the part where black Ukyo appears! And there’s barely any parts of Amnesia series in YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Twitch.tv so unless someone can reply Nukocafe about it since I don’t have myself an account for it or Facebook for that to happened I’ll be very grateful….😡

  15. Ahhhh, this is one of those games I looked at but didn’t research more because I was a little hurting for money at the time since I was saving for my trip to Japan *sigh*. Your review has made me regret not buying it. I guess this is one of those games I’ll have to settle for getting tokuten/Limited Edition-less, which isn’t necessarily terrible, but the extras would’ve been nice. I’m glad you seemed to enjoy it so much with how disappointing the games have been lately.

    1. yess it’s so good limited edition is sold out in most places lol
      Maybe you can still find it in some odd site (though you may need a proxy etc)
      but yea it was very enjoyable. minus 8 is alright but gets very repetitive now that I’m up to my 4th guy.
      still not as terrible as some of the garbage I encountered last year……

      1. I will have to think about it very hard, haha. I’ve recently started to use proxies and forwarding services now that I’m more into getting tokutens that I was before, so I may consider it depending on how reasonable it is at this point. Also, compliments to the spring-themed wallpaper. At first I just thought it was this abstract pretty color mix between blue and pink, but then I realized it was a very large blurry view of sakura. I think this is my favorite of your themes so far.

        1. ahha thanks, I try to change my themes based on season.
          This theme is pretty old and is not very intuitive on tablets & phones so I’ve been looking for an alternative but can’t quite find the exact theme I want without having to fork over money for custom CSS/custom colors etc.

  16. ; ; ….

    too much raburabu i could faint right now ; // x // ;

    i like sasuke than all of these sexy beasts ; o ;

    . m
    . o
    . e

  17. Thank you for the review, I’m curious about Anayama Daisuke. I even curious when his real personality revealed a little on 1st mero mero accident.But when I must choose someone to be my training partner, his route still locked. So does anyone know how to open his route?If you know please mail me. Thank you

  18. Thanks for a great review post! Sounds like an awesome game – good characters and pretty character designs. All the guys are pretty appealing although I must admit I’d probably go for Kuroudo, Garaiya, and Sanada the most…

    Bitches are annoying and it doesn’t really make sense for them to bully Kaede in Garaiya’s route since isn’t he a loner and therefore has no fangirls? Ah well…

    The OP song is awesome. I was looping that Youtube video you have here on repeat for a while cuz I really like that song 😀

    1. OP song is awesome indeed! 😀
      and yea I don’t know why they put them in Garaiya’s route out of all places! I wish they wouldn’t use bullying as a plot device. Fortunately the rest of the game more than made up for it.

  19. *SOBS HEAVILY* I’m so happy this game is actually good! Yes! (●´∀`●)
    I’m especially happy to know that Graiya and Sasuke’s character are as awesome as I’d hope. (Graiya’s メロメロ voice alone just makes me want to curl into a ball and explode with uncontrollable happiness and rainbows. (´ε` )♡)
    UGH, it frustrates me that my Japanese isn’t at a high enough level to fully comprehend enough yet. So it wouldn’t be worth it for me to buy it yet. T_T; Well, at least I have a good game to look forward to in the future.
    (And the drama CD’s are a nice substitute for now. D:)

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