Otome Game Review: KLAP!! ~Kind Love and Punish~

Koyomi dreams of being a teacher but after she applies to many schools, she gets nothing but rejections. One day, she finally receives an acceptance letter at school deep in some mountain. After finally making her way there and meeting a bunch of weirdos & delinquents, she arrives at the principal’s office only to discover that he’s an ayakashi! He tells her that their entire school & town harbors ayakashi (also referred to as yuuma), especially ones who cannot control their powers and would be a hazard to human beings. In order to “train” to contain their powers, he has set up this school and Koyomi is now one of the “disciplinary teachers”. Once the ayakashi at the school “graduate” they will receive a “license” that allows them to leave this village and live amongst humans as they are no longer a threat. The reason Koyomi was chosen is she has a strong connection to spirits due to her family being shrine owners with relatives being onmyoujis. The principal makes a deal to give her a good reference to a human school if she works at their school for 1 year. The scope of her job is….to whip her students into shape. (◉◞౪◟◉`)ノ~~✧

toma01Mimasaka Touma – Touma is a tsundere 73 year old tengu guy who has a complex about having a “short” nose since long noses are the hotness in the tengu clan. His father used to be the clan leader but he died so now it’s just him, his mother, younger brother and 3 younger sisters. The mom works part time jobs to support the family but since it’s a lot they’re really poor and live in the poorer area of the town. She gets to know Touma a lot especially after spending time with him at both the sports festival & the culture festival, along with his little brother. The little brother is shy at first but eventually opens up to her. After the culture festival, where they hung out with his brother (who called them a couple) he asks her to come to his house for dinner. When they get there though, his mom went to a friend’s house and took the kids with her. This leaves the 2 of them alone, and after Koyomi makes dinner for Touma, he gets so nervous & excited his powers go out of control and he has to be whipped to calm down xD. Just then the lights go off and while looking for a switch, Touma trips, falls and lands on top of Koyomi. Before anything interesting happens though the mom gets home and tells Touma to walk Koyomi back to her house. As they walk back, he confesses that he loves her. After this Koyomi’s nervous but he acts the same as usual. It’s up to his younger brother Natsuki to drag her to their house to share a bag of rice she got from her family.  As they make dinner Natsuki teases the 2 of them about being a couple. While they eat, Koyomi finds out about the Tengu leader election. Apparently, Touma’s dad went to the human world and mysteriously died 3 years ago. After his death, Touma’s powers began going out of control and he was rejected from taking over his father’s position. He then decided to enroll in the discipline school but 3 years have passed and there’s still no leader. The Tengu clan decided to hold an election this year to find someone instead of waiting for Touma to get his shit together. Touma is running anyway in hopes that by the time the election ends, he’ll have graduated from the school & gotten his powers under control.

toma02Koyomi feels like Touma would be a great leader because of the kindness he shows to his family.  The other issue is the Nagato family wants to win because Touma’s dad was friendly with humans while Nagato family hates them. Ever since Touma’s dad died, they lost almost all trust to them and when Koyomi tries to get involved they tell her to stay out of tengu affairs.  To make him feel better, Koyomi invites him outside the next day and gives him a bento she made. He’s super happy and babbles out that’s why he loves her. Eventually Christmas rolls by but the spirits don’t give a damn so instead Touma asks Koyomi to come with him to campaign for his election. Afterwards he gives her a necklace as a Christmas present so Koyomi confesses that she likes him as well. During the final days before the election, Haruka, the long nosed rival Tengu, spreads a rumor that a human killed Touma’s father and claims that it’s not a rumor but it’s true. When Touma asks his mom, she confirms this is true and says she couldn’t tell her kids this. Due to this revelation Touma starts losing supporters who would rather vote for someone who doesn’t befriend humans. Touma is so upset he asks Koyomi to let him be alone for a while.  After a few days Touma stops by Koyomi’s house to see her saying he spent some time alone thinking.  He tells her that he wants to believe that not all humans are terrible and that they are good ones out there like Koyomi. He then grabs Koyomi tells her he loves her and they kiss. Unfortunately election day passes and sadly Touma loses….and it’s all because as it turns out, Haruka’s dad actually made up the rumor that a human killed Touma’s father. The truth is, Haruka’s father is the true killer! (;´・ω・) Unfortunately for him, Koyomi overhears everything and asks why he would do this but he’s like “cause humans are Tengu’s enemies and they killed my father!”

toma03He then attempts to kill Koyomi and Haruka tells her to run away while he holds him back. Needless to say dad is NOT happy that his son let that HUMAN run away grrr! (# ゚Д゚) He gets pissed off and attacks Touma’s little brother while no one is home. To make things worse he pretends like it was someone else and comes out going “I heard something happened and when I came in Natsuki was injured!” He then shows Touma the necklace he gave to Koyomi and says “this was left behind” to try to blame it on her. Touma doesn’t believe him and says “the marks on the wall indicate wind was used to cause damage and you are known to be good with controlling it”. GGE realizes the gig’s up and they end up duking it out. He then uses his Tengu powers to take control of Touma’s mind – probably why Touma’s powers have been going out of control to begin with. He tells him to go kill Koyomi and when Koyomi runs into Touma, he’s definitely in for a good whipping! She starts whipping him to get him under control but GGE shows up raging on why he hasn’t killed her yet. Koyomi uses her whipping skillz and gets him to calm down much to GGE’s dismay. Just then Haruka shows up saying he revealed the truth about what his father did and how his dad’s lies put a stain on the Nagato family name. The GGE goes berserk and hurts his own son so now Touma battles it out with him for real. Fortunately Touma wins and then Haruka apologizes for his father’s disgusting behavior. All the tengu fly in and suggest that Touma be the next leader but he asks to leave the seat empty for a bit because he wants to become more appropriate for the role.  And so after Touma graduates from the disciplinary academy, he and Koyomi go to the human world so he can train to control his powers amongst humans. In the epilogue, several years pass and Touma & Koyomi have a traditional Japanese wedding.  In the omake, he asks Koyomi to feed him macarons and ends up licking her fingers afterwards (*ノ∀ノ)ヤン♪.

camil01Camil Settselin – Camil is a vampire but unlike Kimura Ryohei’s horrible character in this crappy game, this vampire is a huge derp. He likes to play online mmos and hates even the sight of blood. He’s often found putting sunblock on himself when going out into the sun and is 333 years old. Camil also has pigeon friends who he named things like Chicken and Chikuwa 😆 He’s really smart and solves math problems super fast much to Koyomi’s surprise….until she finds out he’s already graduated university back in the human world! At the culture festival Koyomi gets roped into participating in the best couple contest with Camil so that Kaede and Ryo can win a living cow. During the whole thing Camil answers questions in his usual derpy manner but when asked when he started to like Koyomi…to her surprise he tells her the moment that they met when she first came to this town. For the final love confession he says he cannot say it now because he wants it to be a serious confession. Instead he kisses her hand in front of everyone netting them a win in the contest. After the festival they walk home and Camil asks Koyomi what she thinks of his confession. Suddenly “student x teacher = no no” comes into play and she says she cannot answer his feelings. (This is seriously annoying he’s already graduated college and is like 300 years older than you and you never seemed to give a damn about this in Touma’s route so wtf??)

camil02The next day Koyomi sees a student and a teacher going home together holding hands and is shocked they are doing this in the open. Kaede tells her that in this world it’s pretty normal for students to date teachers and says how it’s annoying that it’s a “problem” in the human world. XD So since Camil hates blood which is unheard of for a vampire, his parents contacted the principal of this school and sent him here hoping that by changing “environments” he might change his tastes. He hasn’t kept in touch with his parents cause they have no internet at their fancy vampire castle…and it’s been 150 years since he’s seen or spoken to them /(^o^)\. In fact the reason for his power outbursts is because he sees or tastes blood. A few days later he comes over her house and she teaches him how to make curry cause he helped her carry heavy grocery bags home. He nearly kisses her cheek again because of the rice on her face but she pulls back this time while thinking about what Kaede said about teacher/student relationships. And so because of Koyomi, Camil’s dormant vampire hormones finally start to kick in after 300 years! His love for her is now making his vampire instincts come out and all he wants to do is drink blood – but only her’s and no one else’s.  Eventually she finds out from the nurse dude the deal with Camil and how his vampire instincts have awakened.

camil03Camil then tells Koyomi that he loves her more than anyone but if he drinks her blood, she will turn into a vampire like him and have to basically give up her human life. Not only that but turns out the guard guy from the intro was actually just a servant of Camil’s family. He was there waiting 150 years for Camil’s vampireness to awaken and now that it has, he has informed camil’s parents and they want him to return home. Koyomi finds out and panics so she begs to at least let Camil stay until he graduates the academy. After a few days and speaking with her mom, she comes with the decision to become a vampire to be with Camil. However on the day she tells him, he says that while he’s glad she came to this decision, her vampire self is not the one he loves. He  wants the Koyomi that can be basked in the sun and not one who will have to hide from the sun for the rest of her life. He then returns home after graduating and some time later, returns to Koyomi by bed intruding in her room. He tells her this is an appropriate “vampire like” way for him to come back and promises to be with her for the rest of her life as he kisses her in bed. Honestly I’m kinda disappointed I was hoping she’d become a vampire for him so they could actually be together forever instead of you know her dying within a short life span compared to his (´・ω・`). In the omake, Koyomi comes over his place to play some vidya games. He has her sit on his lap in front of him and she can’t focus so she keeps dying. As a punishment he licks her ear from behind イヤ──(ノзノ)──ン

akito01Suruga Akito – Akito is the son of the rich  Surugaya group so he has that “rich boy who can do whatever he wants” thing going on. He often hits on girls and has girls raging at him because of his manwhore ways.  He’s 168 years old and has the power to make it rain anytime. Most of the game he spends constantly trying to bed Koyomi but she’s like “yea ok” after a while and ignores 99% of his advances. He’s very sensitive about the word “bald” because he’s a kappa spirit and his hobby is collecting hats. The problem with Akito is that he falls in love with Koyomi for really no reason. I mean the only reason I can think of is unlike the other girls throwing themselves at him, she constantly pushed him away. A CHALLENGER! And so he pretty much tries to hide/avoid fangirls to be with her but she won’t take him seriously cause every other word out of his mouth is something along the lines of “let’s get naked in bed baby”. ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ After they dance together by the fire at the end of the culture festival…Akito decides to ramp up his engines in trying to get Koyomi to return his feelings. He does stuff like constantly stare at her in class, and sneak out to have lunch with her. Unfortunately this gets his bitchy fangirls’ panties in a bunch and they get pissed. Koyomi finds out from Shion as well that student x teacher is A-ok in ayakashi land! One day Akito’s bitchy fangirls trick Koyomi into coming to the gym with the 3 of them alone. There they start bitching that she’s a disgusting human and that there’s no way Akito’s rich family would ever accept her. One thing leads to another, and one of them has a jealous outburst which causes her powers to go out of control. It’s so bad she even beats up her 2 friends – lmao – so Koyomi tells them to run for it. In the meantime, she breaks out her whip and whips the bitch senseless until she calms her tits. m9(^Д^)プギャー Seriously this is the best game ever. What other game let’s you whip the stupid bullying bitches that attack the heroine!? ‘,、('∀) ‘`,、

akito03Akito runs into her 2 friends who are babbling that they’re sorry for doing what they did and Akito demands to know where Koyomi is. When he finds out that she’s at the gymnasium, he runs there but Koyomi’s like “shad up son, I got this.” XD And well this entire event serves as a wakeup call for Koyomi cause she realizes she’s in love with Akito too. After the bitches take their unconscious friend to the nurse’s office, Koyomi confesses to Akito her feelings. After this the bitches give up on Akito cause he yells at them and they admit that they will accept Koyomi to be acceptable for him..cause she kicks ass for a human xD. Unfortunately his father will not accept this so he hires people to spy on his son and Koyomi’s activities. For Christmas, she hears that his dad is throwing a fancy party and feels forever alone….until Akito ditches his family party and comes through her window wearing a santa hat and holding a bouquet of roses xD.  After he comes into her room, he gives her a ring he made himself cause apparently making jewelry is his hobby. Since Koyomi didn’t think she’d see him, she didn’t prepare a present for him. Instead, he asks her to kiss him but when she does, all his hormones explode and one thing leads to another and they have some sexy time all night long イヤ───(〃∀〃)───ン. Lol yep, Akito is like the only one who actually got laid in this game :lol:. Unfortunately the next day Akito’s dad rages at him for shaming his family name at their party. He also brings up the fact that Akito needs to break up with that “human” he’s dating because she is not fit for the Suruga family. Akito gets pissed of his dad’s shit and runs to Koyomi’s house. He hugs her and realizes if he stays at her place he will let his emotions get the best of him. He ends up wandering around by himself until he runs into Touma who hears his story and lets him stay at his place for a few days. Eventually Koyomi follows him and finds out where he’s staying. While Touma and his bro go out to get groceries and his mom goes to work (and his 3 little sisters drop off the face of the earth), Akito tells Koyomi the truth.

akito02He says that he’s been trapped under his father for hundreds of years but he didn’t really care to ever leave his comfort zone or try to be independent. Now that he has a goal to be with Koyomi, he wants freedom even if that means to throw away the Suruga name. So then because it’s been a while, Akito starts making out with Koyomi….just as Touma & Natsuki walk through the door and are like (゚д゚).  The next day at school they find out that Akito’s father decided to stop donating money to the school – obviously as a backass way to get Koyomi and Akito to break up. Koyomi decides to go talk to him and he babbles on and on about the Suruga family name and how she’s a human who’s unfit etc. He tells her if she breaks up with his son he’ll start donating once more. However suddenly, a bunch of angry company owners burst through the door. They’re all companies who went bankrupt because Suruga stopped donating to them without notice or discussion. They decide to riot and fight him but the GGE has his kappa water powers. Additionally Koyomi decides to use her whip to defend him and herself but she gets tired out quickly. Just as the angry dudes mob her, Akito burst through the door – cause he hadn’t gotten any mail responses from her. He uses his powers and kicks all their asses raging that they dared to touch his woman. Once everyone is beaten up and calmed down, Akito’s dad agrees to have discussions with all the angry business owners as well as a discussion with his son about his future romantic plans. A few days later the discussions are over and Suruga once again is donating money to the school. In the epilogue, dad is constantly ditching Akito and Koyomi about discussing their relationship but one day he leaves a large box for them. There’s a note that says “I’ve prepared a thing” and when they open the box, it’s a wedding dress for Koyomi XD. Akito asks her to try it on and after she does he’s liks ZOMG LET’S GET MARRIED TOMORROW. Koyomi’s like whoaa chill dude we need to talk to our parents first, it’ll happen eventually. The omake was really really stupid. They have Akito get angry/jealous because Koyomi mentions another guy in her new class (as she decided to stay at the school to continue her disciplinary career.) Because of this he takes her to his room and pounces on her for some sexy time to “teach her a lesson”. Ummm…what? The whole thing felt like a “Let’s give Tachibana Shinnosuke a scene where he’s jealous and possessive” shoe in bleh. He was never like this before so it felt out of character and really off putting for me.

sos00Suoh Sousuke – Sousuke is a “yukionna” (ice queen) race but he’s obviously a guy. In the yukionna race usually only females are born but he’s a rare male and well he has no place in the family. His mom is a yukionna but his dad is a human and they both live in Tokyo. However because Sousuke had to be old enough to first enter the disciplinary academy before he could leave the spirit town…he ended up spending most of his life in an orphanage. (;´・ω・) Sousuke is now desperately trying to graduate the academy so he can live with his parents in the human world. So because he’s obviously a rarity, he was bullied a lot at the orphanage so he just stopped giving a fuck. He started being offensive rather than defensive because if people are gonna hate him anyway, may as well live up to their image! So due to this, he acts like a fucking ass to Koyomi the moment he meets her but as you spend more time with him, his icy heart starts to melt. (`・ω・´) Unlike the other spirits, he’s actually 18 years old so he’s actually the only one truly younger than Koyomi. Sousuke’s specialty is producing snow anywhere and he’s also good at snowboarding. He often is annoying though and will make it snow in the middle of class or build a giant snowman in the middle of the track field /(^o^)\. One day after studying at school. Sousuke drops his keychain at Koyomi’s desk. She finds it and goes to bring it to him and he freaks out and they drop it in the river. After searching in the water for a while they find it and he thanks her for helping him. He says it’s a present he got from his mother at the age of 5 because apparently he’s never met his parents. They’ve just been writing letters back & forth awaiting the day they can reunite. And so he and Koyomi end up spending time together like buying letter writing sets to send to his mother and going to family restaurants for “frozen” parfaits (that he pours blue hawaii all over lol…) Akito notices that Sousuke obviously likes Koyomi – especially since he saw Sousuke putting his arms around her at the bonfire post the culture festival. He brings it up but Sousuke gets all tsuntsun and denies it and then when he sees Koyomi being all friendly with his classmates, he gets pissy and storms out of the classroom.

sos01Koyomi notices he’s sick and forces him to rest in the nurse’s office which calms him down a bit until….the parent teacher meetings. For Sousuke, since his parents are in the human world, the leader of the Yukionna clan comes on their behalf….and all she does is call Sousuke a disgusting halfbreed and claims that his parents abandoned him. Koyomi steps in and says it’s not true because they have been keeping in touch via letters all these years. The angry BBA leaves saying she can’t wait for Sousuke’s life to run out quickly since by being half human he probably has a shorter lifespan than the average spirit. After she leaves, Sousuke is so happy that Koyomi stood up for him he nearly confesses…until his powers go out of control and Koyomi has to melt his weiner off with a candle to get him to calm down :lol:. After this Christmas comes and they confess their love for each other and Sousuke makes it snow. About 2 months later, Koyomi finds out that Sousuke’s not received any letters from his mom in 2 months. (And he can’t call her or reach her via internet cause it’s like North Korea here and only certain individuals/high level spirits have access to the human world via phone/net lolol.) Turns out, there’s been some kind of criminal attacking the mailman so a lot of mail has not been reaching its destination. The government doesn’t do shit so Sousuke and Koyomi take matters into their own hands and decide to catch the criminal. Turns out the criminal is none other than the yukionna leader BBA! Sousuke rages and demands she give him back his mother’s letters but she’s like come and get it LITTLE BOY and they duke it out with a snowmageddon. She then freezes the letters and breaks them into pieces before buggering off. She then runs into Nurarihyon and he’s pissed that she’s bullying Sousuke. A flashback is then shown that the yukionna BBA leader went to see Sousuke’s mother and demanded she hand over the halfbreed baby. His mother refused and said she had no regrets giving birth to him even if it meant “defiling the pure blood of the yukionnas”. Yukionna BBA is mad cause Sousuke is now also in love with a human which further enrgaging to her. Nurarihyon is like “guuurl it’s no all about pure lineage” and she’s like YES IT IS (;ಠ益ಠ;). So then things get bad when one day Sousuke receives a letter from his mother saying that she cannot ever see him and “goodbye”. Thinking something is off, Sousuke and Koyomi beg Nurarihyon to get a pass to temporarily leave the youkai world and go see Sousuke’s parents in the human world.

sos02When they get there, instead they are greeted by his grandma who reveals that his parents actually died years ago when he was still a baby. Because she was incapable of raising a hannyou child, he was returned to the youkai world and put into an orphanage. All the letters he’s received all this time weren’t from his mother, but from his grandmother. Sousuke hears this and rages that she’s lied to him all his life and now he has no reason to live since his whole life goal was to finally be able to meet his parents. After he and Koyomi talk things out he decides granny is still family and they return to her house to apologize. When they get there though, the yukionna leader BBA is there and she reveals that she’s the one who killed Sousuke’s parents. She was gonna kill him too but they had already sent him to the youkai world and Nurarihyon took him under his wing so he’s been “protected” by him ever since. Now that they’ve left that world though, his defenses are open and she wants to kill him this time. Sousuke ain’t havin’ none of this shit and he ends up defeating her with -literally- the power of love by his side www. Oh Otomate you. ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ She gives up and says she’ll be “watching him” and he tells her that if she messes with any of his humans one more time she’ll really get what’s coming to her ^^. I’m amazed that they managed to have a massive snow storm battle inside the apartment without completely destroying it and/or having their neighbors wonder why their walls had a lot of ice developing on them. When Koyomi and Sousuke return back to the yokai town, Nurarihyon hears their story but says he can’t do much because he doesn’t have control over events that happened in the human world. He also announces the punishment that they receive for “leaving the town early”. Sousuke is forced to be held back for 1 more year and Koyomi is to leave this town forever. They kiss each other goodbye and promise to write letters until Sousuke graduates and comes to the human world to see her and his granny. In the epilogue, Koyomi got a regular teaching job thanks to Nurarihyon’s reference and she’s been visiting his granny on a weekly basis. A year passes, Sousuke returns and the first thing he does is kiss Koyomi under the cherry blossoms. (´艸`*)  In the omake it’s kinda dumb like Akito’s where Sousuke is jealous for no reason other than “how dare you talk to other classmates”. Lol bleh can we please get more original in these things :/.

nuko01Harima Kanade – Oh god Kanade is MY FAVORITE character and I cried a river in his route (´Д⊂ヽKanade is a nekomata who was once an abandoned cat in the samurai era. His owner was some got killed at war and after his cat self died from waiting alone, he was reborn as a nekomata spirit. He then tried to search for his owner but after 100 years he gave up. Now at the ripe age of 602, Kanade felt like the soul of his former master has been reborn in the human world so he wants to go out there and find it. However unfortunately he needs to get his powers under control so with the recommendation of Nurarihyon, he enrolled at the disciplinary academy. Being a nekomata Kanade is well pretty much an adorable nuko GGE. He plays with sandballs during the sports festival, and often adds “nya” in a lot of his speech. For the culture festival Kanade decides to run a neko cafe but ends up having to dress in drag to promote customers or something xDDDD All the girls in the class made him wear it and started taking pics. When Koyomi gets there Kanade begs for help and at first she’s like (◉◞౪◟◉`)….but then is like uh I mean are you ok?? XDDD Afterwards he gets drunk on fried catnip and has to be spanked back to normal 😆 At the end, at the campfire Koyomi falls asleep in Kanade’s lap and has a dream about being with some meowing baby nuko (´ェ`). One day on her way home, Koyomi runs into another nekomata but this time in the form of an actual 2 tailed cat. The cat tells her that nekomatas are actually cats who died with “regrets” left to their previous owners. Kanade’s regret obviously is not being able to reunite with his owner and thank him for taking care of him for a bit. The reason he’s still a cat is he just died and for nekomatas to become humans they must live for a long time. The cat asks Koyomi to help him get rid of his “regret” by finding the spirit who took care of him for a couple days before his death. And so Koyomi, Kanade and a bored Camil go help this cat, named Maru, find his owner. Unfortunately they have no luck and by the end of the day Maru is surprised to hear that Kanade hasn’t been able to find his owner for 600 years.

nuko02Some days later it turns out that the cat’s savior is actually their classmate Ryo. Maru is so happy he finally thanks Ryo for everything but then his speech vanishes and he returns to just meowing like a cat. Turns out because he cleared his regret, he was able to go to nuko heaven. Koyomi finds out from Ryo all this and she is devastated because now she’s worried the same will happen to Kanade. Kanade explains that it’s not something sad but something good because it means the kitty’s soul can finally be freed and reborn.A few days later during training with another student, he goes out of control. Koyomi has trouble calming him down and before the dude rips her to shreds, Kanade comes running like a neko samurai. Before they battle it out, Shion sensei comes with his extra strong whipping powers to handle the rest. Koyomi is taken to the nurse’s office to recover from the injuries and Kanade realizes he’s in love with her. When Koyomi goes to see him to thank him the next day, the moment she sees him playing the Japanese harp she blacks out. Suddenly she has a flashback of being surrounded by a massive fire and that “Kanade is her only family”. When Koyomi wakes up she realizes that she is probably the rebirth of Kanade’s previous owner. Koyomi is scared to tell him the truth because if he drops his regret, he will disappear from her life. (´Д⊂ヽShe takes the next day off work but Kanade comes to see her and seeing that she faked sickness, takes her a lake in the woods. He asks her to tell him what’s wrong and all Koyomi can do is stare at him with tears in her eyes. (´;ω;`) Kanade says he knows she’s worried about him disappearing like Maru and he says he’s figured out that she’s the rebirth of his owner. (´;ω;`)´;ω;`)´;ω;`)´;ω;`) ヽ(`Д´)ノウワァァァン!!  He says the reason he won’t disappear is because he’s now in love with Koyomi and his desire to be with her won’t let him disappear. He asks Koyomi to spend the rest of her life with him and she agrees, so he kisses her. ( ;∀;)

nuko03Turns out what he said about him not disappearing was all a lie because his condition starts to progressively get worse. He starts to dislike sweet foods and is constantly falling asleep. At school one day he tells Koyomi he loves her and then passes out. When talking to the nurse, he tells Koyomi that Kanade doesn’t have much nekomata powers left in him. A week goes by and Kanade finally wakes up and he has \AMNESIA/ \(^o^)/ Sigh Otomate come on. He has no idea who Koyomi is or what anything else is for that matter, as if his memories have been thrown back 100 years. Despite this, Kanade is constantly wandering around “searching for his owner” aka Koyomi, but he doesn’t realize that she’s the one he’s looking for. Additionally he cannot seem to remember anything – whatever he learned the first day, resets, and he comes back blank the next day.  As days pass, eventually Kanade loses his speech and can only meow. Koyomi spends the day quietly at his house but when she sees him only meowing, she’s terrified that if she leaves he’ll disappear. Eventually Kanade puts his head in her lap and starts purring. ( ;∀;) MY BABY AND MY HEART. (´Д⊂ヽウェェェン Moments later Kanade turns back into a cat and Koyomi brings him to school the next day.  He’s still a nekomata though because even as a cat he still has 2 tails. Koyomi then ends up spending time with him every day like her own pet nuko, while living at his house. Nurarihyon allows Kanade to graduate because despite the recent events, his school record was good. After graduation Koyomi decides to stay as a teacher at the school and continue her life with nuko Kanade. Time passes and one night Koyomi goes to sleep and awakens in Kanade’s lap – as he has returned to his former self. ( ;∀;) In the epilogue, it’s 3 years later and Koyomi and Kanade are now husband & wife. イイハナシダナー( ;∀;) In the omake, Koyomi goes to Kanade’s place and finds him sleeping in his true nekomata form. When he wakes up, he jumps on Koyomi, pins her down and starts tickling her with his tail wwww. (Though honestly it looks so lewd cause it looks like he’s shoving his tail up to her boobs in the CG lmao). Apparently it’s cause he was jelly of her being friendly with other classmates looll. Sigh Otomate come on cut the jealous thing already – although at least this one was funnier than the other 2 xD.

shion01Izumo Shion – Shion is a binbougami – the god of poverty. He’s a disciplinary teacher at the school but ONCE in a while, he needs to get disciplined himself! That’s where Koyomi comes in and she’s shocked to find out that he’s not a human like she is. He also has to constantly discipline Ryo, the werewolf guy cause he tends to go out of control really frequently. Despite being Mr. Do-S he still takes care of Koyomi as a kouhai and takes her out for drinks after a hard day’s work. Even takes her to a summer festival for her to take a break. For the culture festival, he participates in the battle of the bands by playing a violin performance just for Koyomi. Before she can ask what he means she overhears students saying the song he played was a song someone plays for their lover. She tries not to think anything of it and goes around the culture festival booths with Shion. Unfortunately because he disciplined so many students that day, his own powers start to go out of control and he asks Koyomi to help a brotha out. The whipping isn’t very effective after this happens again, so he asks her to kiss him. Apparently by having pure virgin lips and a family of onmyoujis her kiss is SUPER POWERFUL! And so she kisses him, it works, and now everytime he goes out of control they have to make out to calm down. (◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟) Koyomi is a bit sad because she’s getting a bit conscious of what she is doing but he acts like it’s no big deal. Koyomi and the students visit his fancy rich apartment in Tokoyo Hills and while there, Koyomi accidentally has a plate break on her nearly spilling hot tea on herself. Shion protects her and then realizes the sad reality that all he does is bring misfortune to people so he’s not allowed to have a special someone.

shion02A few days later as a thanks for all her “kissing” lol, Shion asks what Koyomi wants as a reward and she requests for him to play his violin. Afterwards he tells her that if any bad things start happening to her, to let him know asap. And lo & behold, a couple days later Koyomi has her toaster catch on fire and then she trips and injures her knee. Upon hearing this Shion is worried and after the following weekend she almost spills hot water on herself at his house again…he admits that he brings bad luck to anyone he thinks deeply of. In other words, he confesses that he loves her and due to this she is doomed with misfortune! /(^o^)\ Koyomi is so happy to hear that he feels the same way as she does she glomps him and says that to her, being without him, is a lot more of a misfortune. While he’s like “but I bring bad luck blah blah” she shuts up him with a kiss ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ ). This turns him in his god form and before she can try to “calm him down” he grabs her and makes out some more 😆 Shion tells Koyomi that if anything dangerous happens to her, they’d try to get through it together. On a date one night Shion explains to Koyomi that gods are usually spread out and assigned to a region. As far as he knows he’s the only binbougami in Japan. He says his whole life he’s been looking for a certain “phrase” that will free him of his misfortune bringing duties. They get together at Shion’s apartment building on new years to watch the countdown together but since it’s Shion’s birthday, Koyomi gives him a scarf she knitted herself. Unfortunately a fight between drunks breaks out and Koyomi gets knocked off the roof deck of the building they were all on. Shion shits bricks and rages at himself for being so misfortunate. He then takes her to her house and calls Hinata sensei for help. After this, Shion tells Koyomi that they have to stop dating and stay away from each other before something more life threatening happens to her. Koyomi doesn’t want this but Shion starts ignoring her and avoiding her….but while she’s not looking he’s constantly watching her and panicking as much as if she just trips on something. (;´・ω・)

shion03The nurse dude sees her sad and suggests she take a week off and visit her parents in the human world. She does so, and one night at dinner she has a flashback of talking to a “god” when she was a loli. She asks her mom about it and the mom says that children before age 7 can “see things others can’t” and recalls that Koyomi mentioned giving chocolate to a god to make him happy. They make a pinky promise to “meet again one day” and when Koyomi remembers all of this she runs back to Ouma town to see Shion. She finds him at the school and says she remembered everything but much to her dismay he’s decided to quit his job here and go far away from her. Koyomi is devastated so she asks everyone to help her find him. While everyone is searching, Koyomi finds some shotas playing near the riverbank. Suddenly one of them falls in so she rushes in to try to save him before he drowns. Unfortunately because it’s a freezing January, while the shota’s saved, Koyomi drowns. Thanks to Kaede – the mermaid girl – she gives the little kid CPR but there’s nobody aroudn to save Koyomi. Just then, Shion appears and jumps in to save her because moments earlier Camile found him and along with Nurarihyon everyone dragged him back. After getting Koyomi out of the cold river, Shion is horrified at what happened and gives her CPR while begging for her to wake up. Eventually Koyomi opens her eyes and coughs all the water out. She tells him that it’s not her fault and that her only misfortune is being without him. Shion cries and says that ever since they made the promise years ago, she’s been his “good luck” charm. And so apparently GOOD LUCK is the magic word which finally breaks the binbougami curse and frees him. He returns to his godly form but since the curse is gone he’s not a scary dude but a sexy ikemen ooohhh yeaaaaaah キタ – .∵・(゚∀゚)・∵. – ッ!! They smooch and in the epilogue Shion asks her to marry him. The final scene is on their wedding day they have photos of just them taken in the outdoor garden. In the omake, Koyomi scrapes her knee so Shion treats it in the nurse’s office and tells her that nobody else better do this but him. I don’t know I heard sensei was supposed to be THE BEST route but well he kinda felt like a huge pedobear in a way since he kinda liked Koyomi since she was a loli?? Though I guess at the time it was probably a “yay someone who doesn’t hate me!” kind of thing XD. Personally to me Kanade’s route was much better in terms of “we met in the past” trope.

Babies I'll miss you all ( ;∀;)
Babies I’ll miss you all ( ;∀;)

So basically this game is like a mix of Drastic Killer, Hyakki Yakou and Vitamin Z. I am so sad that this game is over and so sad that I didn’t get the limited animate set. I was flooded with July games and needed to cut back the spending because of FFXIV expansion but now I am in deep regret. This game is by no means like the best story or anything ever but for me it was a huge pleasure. I loved the whip system (do-S to the core :evil:) and I loved all the characters. The CGs while some were a bit off, mostly were beautiful and definitely timed at great moments. The seiyuus did an amazing job overall and I just burst out laughing at some of their phrases during the discipline games ‘,、('∀) ‘`,、. My only complaint is really the whole student/teacher/school setting. I think it would have been better if it was just a “disciplinary academy” rather than a “Japanese school”. Stuff like culture festival, sports festival, homework…all this stuff that these ayakashi just don’t need to do. They explained the reasoning behind the sports festival which was relevant to controlling their powers so I was ok with that. However making them do summer homework when most of them were hundreds of years old and some had already completed college in the human world…!? Also the whole “oh noes but we’re student and teacher” was just total nonsense. The good news though, anytime the heroine thought that, someone would come along and remind her that her students were like 5 times (or more) her age :lol:. Also despite the game being mostly do-S oriented, the heroine wasn’t really do-S. She actually felt bad for having to do this and to her it was like “I’ll save you…please hang on!!” LOL yea okay you do that sensei I’m just gonna enjoy slapping this guy’s ding dong with holy water/money/clothes pins/feather dusters ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \/ \. Also because we were so busy focusing on school events and whipping, sometimes I had no idea that the heroine fell in love with the guy until he’d confess and she’d be like “oh yea I like you too!” Oh…okay? I guess? So in regards to the pace of romance, I think it could have been improved. Still, I just told myself there’s only 1 reason to be playing this game, so not like story/cohesion really matters much anyway xD. The stories weren’t really that bad actually and well I cried a river in Kanade’s route so I’m not really complaining that much to be honest. I also like that in the end of each guy’s route unlocks the mini game so you can whip/slap/ and kiss (new!!) to your heart’s desire and have them react either S or M to you. xD Also FYI when you are given a choice of either S or M, it stands for how the guy reacts to YOU. So if you pick S, he acts S to you but if you pick M, you’re the domineering one! The system was extremely easy and straight forward so I actually completed the game and got the platinum trophy without ever using a guide! (∩´∀`)∩ワーイ For play order I’d recommend Touma → Akito → Camil → Sousuke → Kanade → Shion. Overall I definitely say that this is a game you don’t want to miss in 2015.

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  1. YESSSS I love Kanade too! Lol even tho I’ve not played it-but he’s a cat demon, how can you resist!? You’ve convinced me to get this. I was so ready for it to be a disappointment, but I’m so glad that’s not the case. And lol you get to whip your bullies!? THIS. IS. GREATNESS. We need more girls standing up for themselves in otome games. Do you know of any other otoges where the heroine can handle herself in some situations? I can only think of Sweet Fuse, Alice in ____ game and that’s it.

    Anyways, thanks for your reviews as always. I hope you never tire from otoges lol and if you ever need to sell some used Vita otoges, I’ll definitely take you up on your offer! XD

    1. I could not resist Kanade is such a babe (*´з`)♡
      I’m pretty sure the heroines of Binary Star, Revice[D] and Code Realize definitely stood up for themselves and didn’t always rely on prince charming to rescue them so I definitely recommend those 3 games if that’s what you’re looking for 🙂

      Selling otome vita games to bookoff is so easy for me it’s those damn PC games I can’t get rid of XD

      1. Haha he is! XD

        Awesome, definitely going to look into those!
        OOOO would a Windows 8 laptop work for your PC games? I’m interested in them but the only thing that confuses me is that you have to change your locale to Japanese to play them since I have no idea how I would change the locale back and all that lol.

        1. probably would? I played them all on windows 8 anyway. I think you do have to change locale to Japanese though or the text ends up being garbled (you just go into control panel -> world/locale settings and change it to Japan. your pc will still have english menus just that the “location” will be in Japan.) at this point I think i’d like to get rid of Re:Birthday Song, Double Score Cosmos x Camellia and Prince Pia Carrot. All are limited editions too so I’d love for you to take them off my hands.

          1. Awesome thanks so much! Do you have any prices for them? I’m kinda a broke college student lol but I do want you to get some of your money back since they’re expensive. I can definitely work a price out with you for them.

            1. For double score probably $30 (since only 2 guys in it) and for the other 2 $50 each. I paid basically double of that price (including annoying forwarding services) so you’re getting pretty much a deep discount XD I’ll probably have them sitting around for a long time so if you’re seriously interested let me know I can contact you through the gmail in your comment!

  2. Awwwwww man. KLAP!! was one of the games I regrettably decided not to get because of budgeting/prioritizing T_T. I guess when I reassess my finances, I shall see if I can add it to my possible buys list. Nice to know getting through the game was easy and the whip system was good. I’m glad they didn’t make the teacher/student drama drag. I can see what you mean about why it doesn’t make as much sense for this to have been a regular Japanese school versus just a disciplinary one. Thanks for the review!

  3. The FAQ says you don’t play English language games… so did you make those screenshots of KLAP that you have been posting with English text on your Twitter yourself?

  4. Thank you so much for this review! I have absolutely loved KLAP!!, but my Japanese knowledge is very slim. So it was wonderful to read this to see just how much I was able to pick up from each route. Kanade made me bawl like a baby, something I was not expecting from this.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review. 🙂

    1. Kanade’s route was so sad. I played a lot of his route during my commute so I really had to hold my tears back ;___; Glad the review came in handy!

  5. Bwahaha, finally, a game to somewhat satisfy our Do-S urges!!
    Unlike a certain game that seems more geared towards Do-M people.
    Haven’t bought the game yet since I’m currently poor ;w;
    But will get it together with NinKoi Vita once I have money again!
    Although, I’m not sure about the idea of dating hundred year old guys XD
    But!! Since there’s a nuko man in there, I’ll give it a try ❤
    How did he suddenly turn back into a nekomata after all that time though…?

    1. Basically when the nekomata is ready to transcend they sort of “return to their cat form” until they disappear and go to heaven. So by reuniting with his owner, Kanade’s regrets were lifted which is why he turned back into a cat.

      and yea so many do-M games these days, this was a nice refresher XD

      1. No, like, I mean after turning into a cat, how did suddenly return to his former self?

        Sorry if I wasn’t too clear on my first question ^_^;;

  6. I GOT THE LE BWAH HA HA HA. Gotta make sure they know there are do’S out here willing to part with their money for a proper offering! Haven’t played it yet because I’m busy as shit these past two months, but I’m really looking forward to it. Amused by how some reviewers on Amazon complain that the ‘training’ scenes were ‘too 際どい for Otomate’ because this is the company that puts out DiaLovers, geez. XD

    1. oh my god I’m so jelly 😦 It’s like when I played the regular edition of BInary Star and regretted not getting the LE. I swear everytime I get an LE the game ends up like shit then I get RE and…BEST GAME EVER FML

      the amazon reviews are a joke. どMの方は帰ってくれないか is pretty much my response to that lol

  7. LOL sounds like a great stress-reliever: “Tough day at work? I’ll just fire up my Vita and whip some bishies!”

  8. Nufufufu looks like our eyes weren’t wrong! (Do.S comrades)

    Had my eye on Camil, Kanade and Shion when they first announced it. Looks like many think the school setting is iffy, but oh well, we all know what we’re mainly here for 😏

    Gonna have a great time whipping em up soon!

    1. ヽ(`▽´)/仲間じゃ!

      Yea honestly no point for the school setting but simultaneously if you AREN’T here for the whipping, you are probably barking up the wrong tree. xDDD

      Enjoy it when you get to it! XD

  9. Kanadeeee!!! Made me cry so hard. But his whipping game annoyed me…what’s the point of making the weak point his legs?? You can’t see anything if you scroll down that far, so I feel like I missed that CG…

    1. oh was it the legs? I could never really figure out where it was though I managed to somehow get A rank so I didn’t care. But yea I cried like mad in his route, best route of the game xD

      1. Yes! His freaking legs…no idea why they did that…
        I still need to finish Shion’s route, and Sugita san is one of my favorite VAs ever so I’m kind of taking my time…
        By the way, I’ve been following your blog for over a year now but I’m a horrible lurker so I’ve never commented before, but you do amazing things here 🙂
        And, a bit off topic, but I think remember reading somewhere that you weren’t going to play any more of the Hakuouki games? I pre-ordered the newest one that’s a re-make of the original with added characters (and routes for former side characters), any plans to play it?

        1. Oh fudge, I just remembered asking about what you’re planning on reviewing is a no-no, scratch that question.

          1. oh don’t worry about it lol I don’t get as many of these questions anymore so it’s not as a huge of a deal as it used to be 😛

            but to answer it, no, I’m done with Hakuoki as of like 5 years ago so I will never play any of their mutated remakes or anything else Otomate spews out just to try to cash on their fans

            1. Ha ha, totally understood. I think I count myself as lucky that I jumped on the Hakuouki bandwagon late…so I’ve only played the games that were actually otome games…with a female protagonist…
              Still crossing my fingers about this one though.

              But, until then, hellooooo Shion sensei.

  10. Omg
    I wasn’t expecting it to be filled with so much feels
    I was only expecting comedy which is definitely there since the trailer
    And *coughbdsmcoughs*

    The feels from kanade’s route
    I cried just reading the review

    The gameplay sounds quite nice too (whipping people including bullies OwO)

    Thanks for the review

  11. Woo I finally finished this game! Kanade’s route made me cry too ;w; His, Camil, and Shion’s routes were my favorites. While there were a few things that bothered me in the game, the good trumps the bad so I’m satisfied. I love that there’s only one ending per character so I don’t to have make a bajillion save points lol. There was a few times where I was struggling to whip them because I kept laughing at their reaction. XD

    1. Haha kanadeeeee ( ;∀;)

      Shion’s route was okay for me but I don’t know it just didn’t stick to me like I expected it to. I actually liked tsundere tengu but I am one of the few rare people who isn’t annoyed by morikubo’s voice lol. I laughed at their reactions so much my husband started repeating what they were saying making it extra worse (´゚ω゚)・*;’.、ブッ

  12. Do you know the name of the theme song? I would gladly appreciate it if you told me! ^_^

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