Otome Game Review: Real Rode

Now normally the only RPG games I play are the MMO kind so I had almost rage quit this too but  as usual Koori helped me persevere and eventually I had things figured out. I also read Sharakael’s tips on the game so be sure to check those out for more useful information! If you’ve made it through Love Revo, then I can assure you that you can make it through this since essentially the effort is the same – but this game allows you to carry over character levels making each route a lot easier. The story is about our heroine Nina who is playing an otome RPG game (because she’s an otaku apparently) and then one morning she gets sucked into it! So now it’s up to US to play the game for her so she can get out of the land of Rode 😆 The ironic part being of course – Nina has a boyfriend! But what does she do? Get cozy with videogame hunks despite him later falling into the game as well and joining her party! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Warning I’ve included a  guide so this post is going to be long!

Since I had trouble at the beginning and a lot of the Japanese guides just made my head spin I figured I’d make a quick visual start guide for those who want to start the game run away the moment they see the Japanese walk throughs. The basic idea is that you will be walking around various maps, picking up treasure items (usually herbs and equipment) and fighting random monsters. When you get to a town you will train with said bishie to raise YOUR stats. You want to focus on Nina’s stat raising because she needs to have certain stats raised in order to get with the bishie of choice. You can start the game with either the white knight or the black knight side. I recommend white – Alvand as a good start character because you can turn him into Alvaonehitkill fairly quickly.

I know this sounds stupid but I had trouble figuring this out. For things like Save/Load/quicksave you need to press and hold R1 then press one of the 4 buttons. For skip, auto, etc press L1 in the same fashion.


A typical dungeon/map will look like this. The skulls represent the monster battles and the treasure chests…are treasure chests.


To access certain treasure chests, press X to jump over 1 tile. Secret tiles will unlock and you will be able to get the treasure. You can try to figure out where the hell the secret tiles are, or save time and use Peche’s dungeon map guide (Sorry no longer available)! The yellow squares on her guide represent where you can jump while the X’s mean that you cannot jump that way.


This is a typical battle. When I started the game Nina was my cheerleader. I would use 応援 on Alvand the whole time, increase his attack and have him do an area spell. The other characters would just spew some random attack/heal spell if Alvand did kill everything in 1 hit. This one’s gonna require you to read some Japanese…if you absolutely cannot read any of the attacks or what they do, or what the buffs do…I don’t recommend playing this game (´・ω・`;). The skill descriptions are at the bottom. Please note this, as I didn’t realize this myself. Maybe Peche’s guide lists what each character’s attack does and you can use google translate I don’t know lol. After you defeat stuff you will get items like jewels that you can equip which will do things like increase stats, defense etc. You’ll need to refer to the descriptions either in game or on Peche’s site. When you leave a map that you’ve done battles for and come back to it again (happens sometimes when you need to go a round about way) you will see the monsters have respawned. If you’re bored you can fight them again but you do not need to. If you don’t see treasure boxes on a map, you can safely assume you’ve done this map before and you can just “jump” over the battles to skip them. For battle formation I recommend the one pictured above. Nina sucks at first anyway so you want her in the back and you want your 3 battletanks (or healers or whatever) in the front for maximum damage. At the end when Nina was doing more damage than Alvakill, I swapped her with Somari so she could do the attacking instead. Please note during battle, you don’t need to “cheer on” your dude to raise his affection. Focus on affection raising during training/dates as that is enough. For battle feel free to bring your “guy” along for the ride but try to have 2 good guys next to Nina to help in attacking or buffs.

Main Menu:
This is the main menu you get by pressing start I believe (sorry my gamepad is a rumble pad and I forgot what the 10 key is lol…) Anyway ステータス is the character status. Use this to refer to when you are training in towns and are not sure what stats to raise. アイテム are your items. I rarely ever use this menu as I didn’t bother using the gift giving feature in this game since training with your man of choice raises enough affection. 装備 is your equipment. As you travel through the towns and open up the yellow treasure boxes, you will get random equipment for your party members. You can equip it to see what the 3D sprites look like or just only equip it to the characters in your current party (typically Nina and 3 random dudes.) 入れ替え is if you want to change who is in your party for battles. At first you will only start out with a few guys so eventually you’ll want to change to your favorite. I started the game with Alvand and basically worked with him and eventually settled on Somari for healing and Naoya to just do backup damage for shits & giggles. Travel log is basically to save and option is just game options and the last one is return to title. RG is how much money you currently have. If you are broke at the start don’t worry about it. You really don’t HAVE to buy shop equipment but shop equipment IS better than what’s in the treasure chests. However I got by most of the game on treasure chest items and only when I was like flowing in money, I had a “summon shop” item in the dungeon and used it to buy some new gears for my active party members.

The Otome Part:
Well now that you got this far you’re wondering “is this really an otome game!?” So here’s where we gotta get otomatin’. While you are in town, you will not be able to train every single day. Your priorities should be 1. Train with guy of choice 2. If guy of choice is not available, train with someone who’s got a red arrow to a stat Nina is lacking 3.  If training is not available, you then “visit room” of your bishie of choice. When you are training you will have multiple “difficulty” levels depending on how often you trained with that guy. You always want to pick the highest star levels as those will up more of your stats. I picked 1 star below just because I didn’t need power but I needed magic so 1 star magic focus was good enough for me. Whatever you do, never go into the shop when you are in town. It’s a waste of day. If you need to visit the shop, just wait till you get the “shop summoning scrolls” and just randomly use one while walking inside a dungeon to do all your buying/selling. I only ended up going to a shop if I was in the last town, all affection maxed, all dates done, all convos talked…you get the picture.

When you visit room you will have 4 options, ask on date, talk, give present, or ask how he feels about you. At first he may not really wanna go on a date with you so you may need to either quicksave/quick load 20 times or just talk to him the first 1-3 times. Regarding giving presents – most presents I’ve gotten from the treasure chests. You may not even get the guy’s specific presents until the very last town so first try to visit all the date spots, then if you’re bored chat with him and then when you have the present that pleases him in your inventory bombard him with it XD.

When you go on a date use the Japanese guide to pick which choices go in which area. It doesn’t matter what area you go to but if you don’t pick the right choice, you will not raise affection and it’ll be a waste of day basically. Sometimes events will trigger and you will have some choices but again that’s all easy and in the guides so no problem! At the end of each town, Rodeo the cat will give you a “love meter” ranking of who is scoring more points with you.

Additionally it will tell you which stats you still need to raise for that guy. You want to raise your stats to all be ← like that. If you are going after a guy and you horribly screw up somehow, his heart will turn black during Rodeo’s love advice. Once it turns black, you may as well give up because you’re not getting his good end 😆  Getting the stats up is only ever hard the first time around. Since stats carry over, you’ll have most of them if not all of them completed each time you start a new game if you keep carrying them over. You will also receive an item at some point called something like “Rodeo’s lucky ring” or whatever – this item will summon his RenaiSoudan screen at any point like with the shop in case you gotta check! At the end of each route, all your stuff is erased EXCEPT your characters levels! So on my 2nd run with Alvand for example (since I did his bad end first), I started swapping the 3rd character and leveling up all the noobs. That means by the end of the game I had every single character to at least level 20 which made starting their routes easier the next time. Just to be safe, always bring your “route guy” with you to battles. Even if he’s just a leech in the back I think it helps. Whatever you do, NEVER skip a town. If you are say going for the bad end of a guy, you can skip battles and in town just train or rest. If you miss any event scenes with your guy, his heart will instantly turn black and you will get a no-guy ending. As I progressed through the game, I ended up only doing battles for golden boxes and on bad end routes skipping all boxes period as I was so overpowered anyway they really weren’t necessary.

Secret Route:
While doing Shinn’s path, I stumbled upon a secret scenario. You have to hit all 3 marks on the maps I screenshot below and then you will get a bonus optional boss battle (but hey it’s extra experience for your party so why not?) This was also done in the WHITE route with Shinn so take note. The boss here is pretty tough and I had Nina with 999 attack  & 999 speed so I wouldn’t recommend this on your first or 2nd run.  Please note the event location is on the exact square Nina is standing in my screenshots.

Meet Brother 1 In the Green Dungeon
Meet Brother 2 In the Yellow Dungeon
If you go through both the above events, the icon for boss battle will appear in the yellow dungeon above.

So basically the above is what you will spend all game doing! Training, walking, fighting, opening! The guides all make it sound difficult but it’s quite simple. I just wish I had a quick start guide in English to help me get going but I hope my guide above helps out anyone who’s too scared to touch this game with a 40 foot pole 😆 And now I guess let’s get on with my adventures of making it through the game.

Alvand – So I started with Alvand because hey he’s the knight guy, he will do the damage and La Primavera recommended that when you do the white or dark route that you have at least 1 knight guy in your party to increase maximum damage capacity. Alvand is the “princiest of princes”. Basically let’s face it, he’s like the typical oujisama on a white horse you find in every fairy tale and every other word out of his mouth is “…Ahhh!” (or during battle UKERU GA  II!) In the normal game plot, Alvand is supposed to marry the princess Charlotte who obviously is programmed to be in love with him. This all changes when Nina comes into the game as almost like a virus and disrupts the programmed data…because now Alvand finds himself falling for the wrong person! 😆 In the dream sequences Nina has, Alvand turns into a sweet smooth talking host like porn flower man from Last Escort 3 プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵(it’s really a pity we didn’t get any CGs during these sequences.) During a festival in one of the green towns Nina wanted to go with him but Charlotte snagged him first. Afterwards Charlotte confided in Nina that her love for Alvand appears to be one sided (gosh how could this ever be!?) That night Alvand tells Nina that if he is able to he wants to put her first priority to take her to the festival next year instead. There was also a cute scene of them dancing in the moonlight where Nina had wished that she could be with Alvand but she was not programmed that way! So eventually you will get to the route split. I did “Another End” first. In this one , you don’t tell Alvand that he’s a video game character.

There’s a scene (which I guess repeats in every route) where Naoya asks Nina if she likes someone else and she says she likes Alvand – to which Naoya admits he’s been defeated by the prince on a white horse. (´;ω;`) Nina you skank! ( ಠ益ಠ ) So they defeat the Maou and she returns back to reality waking up as if it was all a dream. Nina decides to tough it out and watch the game ending that she’s seen before where Alvand will marry Charlotte. However turns out he dumps Charlotte because he realized he was a game and that he’s grown real feelings for Nina as he talks to her through the TV. Video Game boyfriend end! Actually I quite liked this ending since it felt more…realistic? In the “happy” end there’s extra scenes like Alvand giving a long speech to Nina asking her to be his future queen and then kissing her. After they defeat the Maou she says goodbye to Naoya and continues living her fantasy life by marrying Alvand. On the wedding day Alvand says that pain in his heart has flown away because Nina has probably taken over as the “princess” of the game so problem solved! It was kind of too fairy taley for my liking though. I would have preferred if Alvand could somehow come back to reality with Nina and become that host that he was in her dreams (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ…oh well guess the game makers weren’t thinking the same thing I was and just left Alvand to be the princely prince that he is. I mean I don’t hate the guy but he was just so over the top I couldn’t take him seriously. P.S. 受けるが良い!m9( ゚д゚)

Somari – Bread Master SomaRI! (yes I am making a bad pun.) Somari fights with bread since his thing is baking bread but not to worry as he gives all his “used” bread to birdies to eat later 😆 Since I was able to carry over all my levels & stats, this round I basically put Alvand & Nina in front and pressed which would auto attack and pretty much kill everything in 1 hit. This also gave me an opportunity to ditch Naoya (sorry ;-;) and add some other guys as party exp leechers! Since Somari specializes in power, I did most of my attack training with him which also then in turn made him a deadly bread wielding machine. I ended up skipping most battles except ones that were to open path ways or treasure chests. So anyway Somari’s dream sequence was him being Ijiwaru my Breadboy because apparently he was Nina’s master and she his maid lolwut. I don’t know personally I thought Alvahost was a lot better. This was just kinda…weird lol. Somari’s hair is really long so he looked kinda girly most of the time and only in CGs was I able to see the size difference between Nina and himself and that he was a bit more manly (but maybe cause Nina was just tiny in general.) He starts angsting about how he’s jealous that Nina came from another world and “knows more” than he does. They go to the festival together and hold hands (daww) and there he tells her he has no memories of his past. So the ending split comes when Somari asks Nina to cut his hair. If you agree to cut his hair you will instantly go to bad end – which is a shame because he looks SO MUCH BETTER WITH HIS HAIR CUT (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. When they’re at the sand village Somari says he met someone that he thought he knew but that person didn’t recognize him and then he realized he doesn’t even know that person’s name. He says that it’s not just him having a memory loss but it seems like other people in the game are losing him out of their mind as well.

He feels by cutting his hair it will “cut away” his past and he wants to just focus on the present. So after Nina cuts his hair he later then gives her some flower petals that she keeps in her pouch.  After they defeat the Maou she goes back to her world as usual. She starts the game over but she can’t seem to find Somari anywhere despite him saying that she should “find him”. She remembers the village Somari told her about at the beginning and she goes there to check. Lo and behold he is there with a special message for her. He came to say goodbye and tells her he’s actually a game bug that was produced when Nina somehow got into the game /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. He says in order for the game to not assplode, he needs to disappear and so he says goodbye by the bell tower and poofs. Nina cries and then checks her pouch realizing the flower petals he gave her are still there. (´;ω;`) Kinda like Alvand’s bad end but sadder. So in the true end, he doesn’t cut his hair (boo). In the desert town he tells Nina he loves her and he’ll try his best to be with her and then they kiss. They defeat the Maou but Nina still ends up going back to her world alone. She ends up staying friends with Naoya even though they are no longer dating (poor Naoya..)  One day she’s sitting on a park bench and someone comes up behind her and puts their hands over her eyes. She recognizes the voice and it’s no other than Somari. He’s somehow come back to her world saying that he couldn’t stay in the game anyway since that would cause a pime taradox or something 😆 I actually had wished ONE of the guys’ endings would have been like this and yay my wish came true! XD I’m kinda glad to be honest since I thought “staying inside the game” just felt kinda silly to me… In the seiyuu talk Yonaga Tsubasa was giggling like a school girl. Actually I thought Yonaga’s real voice is SO MUCH BETTER than that fake acting voice he does. I dunno I just kinda wish for once he’d do his natural voice but I guess that’s not what pleases Japanese girls ┐(‘~`;)┌

Raclot – Raclot is basically Alvand’s babysitter. Since I trained power with Somari the route before, this time around Nina & Somari were pretty much my deadly attackers. Due to this I only had 1 opportunity for Raclot to show me his raburabu power during a boss battle since otherwise everything would just die in 1-2 hits 😆 In the dream sequence, Raclot is a student while Nina is his teacher. To be honest Raclot was a freaking ass most of the route so the dream sequence was refreshing because in there he was a sweet student who was in love with his sensei~|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  He doesn’t trust Nina, and is always rude to her and makes fun of her saying she’s childish and clumsy. At one point he even hires some lady to give her a letter to give to him to see whether or not she would open it as a test of her loyalty 🙄 Nina decides to try to win over his trust and completely spills the beans to him on that the entire world of Rode is a game in her world. He says he will try to believe her but he will need some kind of visual proof. During the festival she falls asleep on his shoulder on a bench, which is about the only rare scene where he’s like “oh sigh you are such a cute burden!” Raclot is a mage so he is useful when say there’s no bridge and he makes one out of ice. A lot of his date choices also did not give affection and I had to actually spam him (quicksave/load) at least 5 times before he would “always” agree on going on a date. Hell even when she tells Naoya that she likes Raclot, he gives her this “Are you high?” look.  Anyway the end route split is when Raclot asks Nina what she wants to do after they defeat Maou. If Nina is undecisive you will steer of to the “Other End”. So when they’re in desert town (which is where like everything in this game seems to happen) she gets a note from someone asking her to meet down in the cellar. She gets lost but on her way bumps into Raclot. Afraid he’ll bitch at her for something or other, she doesn’t tell him where she’s going and goes there on her own.

Needless to say it was a trap set up by that ho who likes the Maou (whose name I forgot but she will always remain a ho in my eyes) to get Alvand to stop on his mission to destroy her loverboy. She threatens to kill Nina (or mess up her face whatever that means) and then Raclot shows up like an hero. The ho suddenly wants Raclot’s pendant and says that the pendant leeches from his blood which is what gives him his magic powers. He’s like sure bitch take it all you want. She takes it but the pendant don’t want none unless you got Raclot hun and it runs away from her and back to Raclot. 😆 So then ho runs away and then comes back at the end of the town to which I promptly killed her in like 2 hits. Next day Alvand acts like Raclot is dying of cancer and says Nina should give him some sexual healing so she goes to his room. Raclot just says that Alvand blew things out of proportion and that he’s fine. After they defeat Maou, the moment before Nina is about to be teleported back Raclot does a spell. In the epilogue Nina wakes up and finds herself still at the Maou castle while everyone else is frozen still. She asks Raclot what the dilly yo and he goes into crazy yandere mode saying he froze time so he could be with her forever. And. EVER. Nice Boat. So there’s this CG of him like embracing her which would look romantic out of context but was kinda creep level (like Clock Zero Takato creep level) at this point (ಠ_ಠ). Sad part is? This ending felt more appropriate than the happy end. In the happy end, after the ho incident, he’s like “I’ve fallen in love with you” and makes out with her on those yellow beanbags that I guess are supposed to be beds in the desert town.  He still goes into yandere mode saying he has no intentions of letting her go back to her world but I guess Nina is to drunk in love to care at this point? After they defeat the Maou, Naoya sighs and says goodbye while Nina ends up staying at the white country with Raclot. He becomes her sensei (like the opposite of the dream!) and he continues calling her a blundering idiot who burdens him but that’s why he loves her ┐(‘~`;)┌ Well anyway Raclot pretty much annoyed me from beginning to end. It’s such a pity because he’s actually really hot + glasses but I pretty much just wanted to slap him 90% of the time. His “other end” was probably more fitting to his crazy personality.

Shinn – Meh. Honestly it’s like if Raclot wasn’t annoying already Shinn was more towards slowpoke.jpg and his entire attitude was just ( ´_ゝ`) most of the game. Shinn was raised in the woods so all he thinks of is kill or get killed and he only cares about the birds and the trees. Hell there’s a scene of him sitting while some birdies flutter around him. It almost looks like something out of a disney movie 😆 Needless to say he hates any places that are full of people and prefers to sit in the garden for most of the dates. In his dream sequence even he’s a veterinarian which was kinda meh to be honest as most of it he spent talking about Nina’s nuko rather than Nina 🙄 While they are in the red town (I don’t remember names so I’m just going by colors at this point!) news spreads that there’s a “beast” in the forest. I’m sitting here thinking it’s just some bear but it turns out to be a giant dragon…which Shinn slays easily with his mighty bow & arrow! Later in another town some dude has captured some rare birds and is selling them but Shin rages at him and threatens to kill him so Nina comes and asks the guy to let the birds go for his own sake. The guy lets them go and runs away. Shinn tells Nina that he only cares about nature and not humans or himself. He’s got this “When I die, I die” attitude sigh. In the first green town before the festival, Nina goes to invite him and instead she walks into his room when he’s half naked washing some blood off his shirt. Instead of him getting embarrassed or Nina running away scenario – he pulls her hand and promptly places it on his shiny manboob telling her that his “heart is beating” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*. LMFAO. AWKWARD.  He also points out he has no idea what this feeling is! Sigh. Feelings. (ಠ_ಠ) So then in the desert town they run into that animal collector again. Shin rages again that the guy’s got his birdies again and shoots an arrow at him. Nina the peacemaker gets in the way and gets shot instead. Suddenly Shinn’s like OH SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE!? He then comes by her place every day to check up on her.

The animal collector ended up letting the birds go part deux and he saved Nina’s life with some medicine he had which is why Shinn didn’t kill him on the spot. Shinn then tells Nina that when she got hurt it was the first time he felt fear. So in the another ending, if you tell angsting Shinn that he shouldn’t force himself to change he angsts some more and tells Nina at the end of the journey he may revert to being an emotionless Captain Planet again. So after they defeat Maou, Shinn thanks for letting him know what emotions feel like before Nina returns to her world. When she goes to play her game again, Shinn is back to being his cold emotionless self but suddenly he goes “Nina….I want to see you.” Nina’s like !? but when she goes to look at the text log it’s not there. (´;ω;`) So in the True End, Nina tells Shinn that she wants him to be full of “feelings~” and full of feelings he becomes! So full that he like ends up fapping in the dark alone in his room until Nina walks in going “what were you doing?” and he just answers “Staring at the moon…” That’s a nice way of putting it! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then breaks down into a speech about frolicking in rainbows and wants Nina to frolick with him. Nina agrees and suddenly I guess all that fapping paid off since he figures out to go and kiss her. They both then realize they are equally embarrassed dorks. So after the Maou battle Nina stays in Rode with Shinn and they live in some shack in the woods. Fap-Master Shinn has graduated into sex-master Shinn because the final CG is the 2 of them laying in bed together ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ Well jokes aside, it was actually quite wtf to me lol. I dunno he was just so emotionless and after some angst all of a sudden sekks? I dunno coulda used more build up/less angst? Not sure XD Also in the seiyuu talk Tachibana Shinnosuke’s voice was so |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  He admitted it was a first time doing such a “cool” character…which makes me wonder was this game out before Garnet Cradle then? Hmm.

Lukia – Well Lukia’s our token shota but sadly he’s no Eric and so the route was kinda meh. I think Lukia’s character is cute and all but I guess I’m getting tired of the “Cute” Kishio voice and I want more Kishiero instead (ಠ_ಠ). I mean Lukia didn’t even get a kiss scene…how disappointing. I think the only good part of this route was the dream sequence where Lukia was her butler or waiter or something and that’s when he sounded hot. Otherwise he was this poor genki shota who was raised in a church by a priest named Noi and never had any friends his age. He has some writing on his arm but he has no idea what it means. Eventually things come to light when some dude (who I will coin as Pedobear) shows up and almost shotaraeps him fondling his arm with the writing on it. Lukia and Nina manage to run away and then they get to the church where Noin is. Lukia demands to know what the deal is with his arm and Noin tells him that he may be a rebirth of the only lady who had contact with  the gods of Rode, Harumina. So basically we got Lukijesus running around while pedobear wants to corrupt him. So then pedobear comes back to the church demanding Lukia’s powers and Lukia’s like NOOO STOP! and so his powers go out of control and completely destroy the circumference around the church (but the inside is ok.)  Next day Lukia wakes up and sees what he’s done and becomes a sad panda. When Naoya finds out that Nina likes Lukia, he’s like “damn I didn’t know you liked dem shotas (ಠ_ಠ)”. The route splits where Lukia asks Nina what she thinks about his situation. If you tell him that he’s a rebirth of Harumina you go to the “Other End”.

Pedobear then comes to stalk them part 3: Electric Bugaloo (:lol:?) in Desert town 2 and they run away before he chases them down and Lukia uses his jesus powers to beat the guy down once and for all. Lukia then decides that he will follow in Harumina’s footsteps and so after they defeat Maou, Nina returns to her world, plays her game and notices that Lukia has evolved into Lukijesus (for real this time.) So in the True end, if you tell Lukia he’s nobody but “Lukia” he ends up accepting Harumina’s power but not becoming her. So after they defeat pedobear part 3, Lukia says he wants to travel the world and help people (since he’s a healer) and wants Nina to come along with him instead of returning to her world. Nina agrees and after they defeat Maou they return to Noi’s church. They act like lazyasses for a while until they finally decide to start their crusade to heal the world while their relationship remains at kindergarten level 🙄 Sigh honestly I realize he’s a shota but hey lots of shotas in games I’ve played got action so why not even a kiss here! Their would-be-kiss scene was replaced by some hug scene instead in which I guess the colors/lighting made it look like they were brother & sister or something (´ε`;). Disappointed is all I can say for this route but at the same time sad as this marks the last White Route that I did for this game. Starting with the next character I decided to just continue my game from the black route as a lot of new things opened up there.

Keith – So with Keith I began the Black Kingdom route. Despite being voiced by Midorikawa I actually liked Keith a lot lol. I think I have a thing for those ero characters and Keith is pretty much erokeith 😆 So instead of going to “save Rode”, Keith and Dyse decide to go kill Maou for shits & giggles! Instead of the Charlotte plot with Alvand, we now have stalker Lyon who keeps staking Keith & Dyse to try and kill them…and when he meets Nina he grows interest in her and begins trying to poison her too sigh. Keith has a habit of getting drunk at parlors but in Nina’s dreams he’s a very shikkari employee while Nina is his shacho /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. One day Nina follows Keith into some abandoned shack and she hears a piano playing sound. She goes to see and it’s Keith playing the piano. He sees that she’s stalking him and is like wtf are you doing here. She said she was worried about him. When they are in Green town some fat lady runs into them and looks at Keith and calls him Erios. Keith says he has no idea what she is talking about and the lady apologizes and leaves. At night Keith goes to the bar to drown his sorrows and Nina tries to get him to go home instead of drinking with some whore. Keith says he will if Nina “spends the night” with him. Nina is scared but agrees to do it anyway. Keith threatens to assault her but says he’ll wait until he hears her whisper the words of “love” into his ear 😆 So then Nina goes to talk to the lady, whose name is Zofie. She says she used to be the servant of Erios’ family and that Erios was a gentle child. Unfortunately his family was killed by the Black King so she is surprised if she were to actually run into him. The piano that Keith played was actually given to him as a gift when he was a child. In Keith’s route he’s like got this nice boat and lets them fly over the gap instead of Raclot’s ice bridge.

So then Lyon the stalker comes to stalk them again in Desert Town. Nina keeps trying to find out about Keith’s past and he gets tired of it and threatens to shoot her. Dyse comes to stop him and he blurts out everything. Apparently Keith really is Erios and he’s been trying to get revenge for his family by taking it out on Dyse and the Black King. Dyse knew all along that Keith was aiming for his life but apparently that’s why he hired him to be his follower since I guess he just loves a thrilling lifestyle! :プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ So then suddenly Dyse points his magic attack at Keith and Keith points his gun at Dyse. Nina is like oh no stop fighting and then I guess Nina’s like a balloon because she suddenly gets blown away and almost falls off the roof. Keither stops his stupid fight and goes to save her. Dyse just laughs and walks away. Keith goes back to his old house and Nina runs after him. He tells her about his past there and that he took the name Keith from the first guy he stole money from. I guess he did everything he could to survive since he was his family’s sole survivor but a lot of people didn’t know his face since he spent most of his time indoors. He ran into Dyse one time when he was being chased by some gang and Dyse went and killed them all right in front of him. So then Keith tried to kill his emotions so he could succeed in his revenge but in the end he just couldn’t do it. So if during the route split you pick that you want to stay with Keith in his old house, after the Maou battle Keith quits being Dyse’s follower and gives up his gun. He lives peacefully with Nina and emos and stares out the window how he left poor Dyse to be a sad panda. Ini the true end, you tell Keith to move on and so he asks Nina to “forgive his sins” and Dyse says he’ll be bored if Keith isn’t there to aim for his life. So they all go back to Black Kingdom and the last Keith CG is him finally getting some overdue humping 😆 Too bad Keith didn’t get a kiss CG…and all that emoKeith stuff really sucked! I preferred Erokeith to be honest XD.

Dyse – So Dyse is the Black Country prince. Unlike Alvand who’s all prim and proper and all his servants just adore him…Dyse spent most of his life evading people trying to kill him 😆 This is also why Alvand often walks around in his proper princely armor while Dyse looks like some hobo off the street xD. So because of the nature of his childhood development, Dyse is quite the ドS and if you don’t do what he says he’ll prolly force it in you via his dominatrix ways. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s a scorpio :twisted:. Anyways in this route Keith is the one acting all bro and telling Nina to go wait for Dyse after he comes back from his horse riding. Upon his return he’s got a whip in hands and a dominatrix hat プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. His pets back at the castle include Dobermans and alligators. Despite being this tough guy, like most otome game tough guys Dyse does have a soft spot for Nina. In her dreams Dyse is her newly wedded husband and he’s all sweet and adorable 😆 I mean it was cute I guess but coulda used some eroDyse….just not enough randy characters like Wakatsuki Sensei in this game! No Keith you do not satisfy the erometer!! XDD So one night some assassin comes after Dyse when Nina plans to ask him to go to the festival with her. After the assassin gets beat up by Dyse he runs away swearing he’ll be back and Dyse tells her that if she wants to see a party she should come to Black Country instead. Assassin shows up part 2 in Desert town 1 and Dyse beats him up even worse this time but he manages to escape leaving a certain stone behind. Lyon tells Nina that Dyse is being a sad panda and could use some Ninaffection right about now. He also says that he’s realized Nina’s heart is decided on Dyse and that he’ll give up. I was like wait…you like Nina? Even though you’ve been trying to kill her? Or maybe he just wanted to drug her up…sigh who knows; Lyon creeps me out lol.

So Nina goes to Dyse who spills his heart out to her telling her that the rock belongs to his father. It’s something he uses to force people into doing as he says. He realized that the assassin was sent by his dad who is in fact trying to kill him. Dyse things it’s possible he’s just testing his son like how a lion throws his cub off a cliff lol.  Dyse is awwwright with it though because he says what doesn’t kill him, makes him stronger anyway – and he has crazy Lyon’s bff yandere to thank for it? 😆 So the route split is where basically Dyse asks what Nina wants to do after they defeat Maou. If you’re undecided you get “another end” in which Nina returns to reality and gets back to her usual life. She decides to start playing Rode for the umpteenth time but this time when she turns the game on, Dyse is like “you better pick my path foo’!” And so Nina picks the Black Kingdom route and during her journey Dyse personally talks to her rather than just reciting game dialogue. He has no idea why he can see and talk to her but pretty much TV boyfriend part 3? Well I actually thought this was cute since they could talk endlessly? Vs how in Alvand’s it was like GOODBYE FOREVER (´;ω;`)! In the True End, Nina decides she will follow Dyse no matter what. In Dessert Town 2 Dyse asks her to be by his side as a man not just as the Black Country prince. Nina agrees and he smooches her near a dangerously floppy bridge. He tells her that he often forgets that he’s a prince when he is with her and Nina says that she will love him as Dyse not as a prince. So after the Maou battle Nina ends up going to Black Kingdom and becoming Dyse’s wife. Dyse of course starts getting lazy with his Kingly duties and calls 2 days off so he can be all いちゃいちゃ with his 嫁。|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  So anyway battle wise I had intended to continue raising Shinn for the final battle as I didn’t think I could get Dyse caught up but I managed to get him to like level 41 and decided I’d just use him as my mage the rest of the game. While Shinn had some nice debuffs I guess in the end I wanted to have a party of deadly breads, tennis rackets and magic pew pew balls.

Naoya – Naoya finally gets his justice when he doesn’t get dumped every single time in all the other routes! (Even Kondo Takashi mentioned this was so depressing 😆 ) Naoya is Nina’s boyfriend but despite me thinking they were dating for a while, they actually haven’t been dating that long at all. The 2 of them met one day when Nina decided to feed some baby chickens at the school chicken coup and she fell asleep inside. As Naoya was walking home from tennis practice he walks by the cage, sees some loli surrounded by chickens and falls in love at first sight \( ^o^)/ . The next day he asked her to go out with him and Nina was so shocked since Naoya was pretty popular among the girls. He’s so popular that in middle school he had to hide in the library so the fangirl mob wouldn’t find him XDXD. During the dream sequence Naoya is some kind of yakuza boss who captures Nina because she’s the daughter of some rival family. Lol? I dunno at the end he like dies or something while proclaiming his love to her. Kinda silly but whatever. One day when they are in town in Rode, Nina walks around with Naoya linking arms so she doesn’t get lost. She hears some jealous hoes saying that there’s no way someone like Nina can be Naoya’s girlfriend because she’s not good enough for him. Nina gets upset because she realizes that Naoya is like a prince and she’s just a gamer otaku (´・ω・`;). In Red Town Nina sees Naoya walking with some ho saying that they are lovers and gets really upset. When Naoya inquires as to why she feels down she tells him the truth and he explains to her that it  was just him helping some lady get away from a stalker while he escorted her to the pub where her  acquaintance was.

When they go to the Green Town festival, they go see some play and the actress on stage says she’ll pick a random guy from the audience to read out loud a love confession to her written on a piece of paper. A lot of dudes raise their hand but the old hag picks Naoya and Nina gets pissed since he didn’t even raise his hand anyway. She doesn’t wanna be meiwaku to anyone so she deals with it until the final confession line she yells out “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and everyone goes dead silent and stares at her. Naoya’s like “well you heard my girlfriend has a problem so screw you guys we’re going home” and the 2 of them leave 😆 In sand town Lyon shows up for some last minute cock blocking (although I wonder if you did the white route would you completely miss all these rivalry scenes between him & Naoya?) but Naoya tells him that he’s not his friend and to GTFO of Nina’s room ( ಠ益ಠ ). So the route split is as usual in sand town where Naoya starts emoing that Nina is hiding something from him about this game and that he’s a burden to her. Nina says that she’s actually a gamer and she was afraid that if he found out he’d hate her (oh sigh Japan – if you told a guy in America you were a girl gamer he’d be like YIPPIE!). Naoya says there’s no way he would hate Nina for that and while he has no interest in games, he’s completely open to trying to learn about her hobbies and getting into them as well…as long as it makes her happy. (*´ω`*) He also tells her that he’d be lying if he said that he wasn’t jealous of all the times Nina talks to the other mans on their journey.

So in the “Another End” if Nina is undecided about Naoya’s worries that he may not be a good and supportive boyfriend, Naoya loses confidence and sells his soul to the devil.  Basically the moment he entered the game Maou sneaked inside his soul and was sorta there the entire journey coming out once in a while which made it seem like Naoya was a yandere 😆 They almost have to fight Naoya but Maou splits from his body and so thank god we still got Naoya on our team cause I really trained his attack and if I were to lose him now I’d be really pissed ( ಠ益ಠ ). So then Nina & Naoya return back to their world but they stop playing Rode because the entire game just felt too realistic for them.  One day they go on a date to the Tokyo Tower I guess and suddenly Naoya asks Nina if she wants the world. Nina’s like what…then notices Naoya’s right eye has turned yellow again. Apparently Naoya sold part of his soul to Maou so he could receive the extra power/confidence to protect Nina. I guess I Love You To Death end but at least it’s not as bad as Raclot. Raclot’s just out of his mind. In the true end, Nina tells Naoya that he’s fine as he is which gives him confidence to push Maou out of his soul on his own. In this ending, they return to their world as well and get all いちゃいちゃ while playing vs fighting games together. Actually I think Naoya is more interested in the いちゃこら part than the game (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン So anyway Naoya is definitely my favorite. I was so heartbroken having to reject him every route and I’m actually disappointed Naoya never got a kiss CG. He mostly just got alternatives of other CGs (eyes open, eyes closed, eyes yellow etc) which is kind of a bummer 😦 I do admit while nice Naoya is sweet, if he didn’t have Maou inside him he may have not said some of those lines that made me キュ──。+゚(*′Д `*)。+゚──ン!! I guess Naoya’s route was mostly a test of their relationship but sometimes all the constant misunderstandings/cockblocking gave me Marmalade Boy flashbacks.

Wataru – First I just want to say PLAY WATARU LAST. I repeat PLAY WATARU LAST. I am not joking. If I wasn’t told ahead of time that I should play his route last, I woulda played it somewhere in the middle, trained up the wrong character and then the rest of the game would just not be the same for me orz. Anyway Wataru is the thief character. He often causes riots because he steals stuff but when he receives presents from Nina it’s better than anything he could ever steal. The only thing on his mind is to “steal” Nina’s heart (and I was hoping for virginity but I guess only Shinn and Keith got lucky 😆 ). In the dream sequence Wataru’s an idol and Nina his manager but they both have a secret relationship they are hiding from the media (〃ノノ) I actually didn’t think much of Wataru before doing his route but omg did I change my mind….DAT BLUSHING FACE |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . So when in Green Town, Nina goes to ask Wataru to go to the festival with her. While she goes looking outside for him, she finds him by the lake….bathing (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン The best part about this scene of course is when Nina starts freaking out and you get 3 options. 1) I’m going home! Screw that. 2) Stay and watch (HELL YES but wrong choice) 3) Hurry and put your clothes back on! (Lame but right choice.) I strongly recommend picking #2 and quick saving, and then picking #3 and continuing because THE DIALOGUE IS JUST SO MUCH MORE AWESOME (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ.  Anyway Wataru refuses to go to the festival with Nina because he said he’s “tired” of going there. So you continue as usual but you need to play Wataru’s “Another End” first. It’s a requirement for his happy ending. In this one Wataru asks if Rode “really exists” and if the entire world isn’t fake or something. Nina feels guilty so she spills the beans about this being a game.

Wataru says he feels like a puppet. After they defeat Riberus as usual, Nina starts up Rode again and she runs into Wataru who suddenly is able to talk to her from the game like in the other guys’ ends. However instead of being Mr. TV Boyfriend, Wataru begs her to come back 1 more time and “save” him. So after you do Wataru’s Another end, you need to go back, load from your save and do Rodeo end. Rodeo end is done when you’re in Wataru’s “another end” route and you get to the part where you reject Naoya part 10 and instead of picking Wataru, pick some random character and then Naoya will be like “are you high?” (for real this time.) So then you get nuko Rodeo end where he comes along with you to battle Riberus. After he is defeated suddenly Rodeo turns into a sexy beast and explains that he and Riberus used to be 1 god that created Rode. They split into 2 opposing halves in which Rodeo would “create” while Riberus would “destroy”.  Because of this, Rodeo took away Riberus’ godly powers and that’s why he got stuck as being the Maou who gets defeated every single time 😆 After the explanation Rodeo turns back into a nuko and  and Nina & Naoya return back to their world as usual with no epilogue. So now that you’ve completed Rodeo end, you  have to load from the SAME SAVE as the Rodeo end in order to proceed with Wataru’s happy end. You can check this if you continue as usual and in the meeting forest you aren’t able to skip read dialogue because it will have changed for Wataru’s meeting scene. If you end up skipping the entire forest with no changes – go back and see what you’ve done wrong because you’re just going to get his Another Ending again. So anyway now that I’m on my last route I figured why not level up the remaining dudes in my party? Nina and Somari were both at 99 so they’re done but Naoya and Dyse coulda used some more beef on their bones so I ended up opening more treasure boxes this time around.

I guess I didn’t really need to do that? Thanks to doing that though I picked up at least 2 of Wataru’s presents though so I was able to do some gifting that I didn’t do in some routes because I skipped too many boxes. Anyway the major difference happens when in Green town, Wataru actually asks Nina to go to the festival with him. It’s like he read her mind! They have a competition on who is faster and Nina wins. Wataru orzes and later he gives her a hug saying he’ll wait for her to “remember” and the he’s been waiting for her all this time to return. A few days later he asks Nina to go to the lake with him – the same lake where she ran into him naked last route. Nina doesn’t remember of course so she agrees. Suddenly Wataru says they should go swim together and proceeds to go stripping. Nina rages but he’s like ‘ok ok just kidding you can look at the scenery I’ll go bathe alone 😦 ” Nina does so but then Wataru calls her over. She comes over to see him naked part 2 /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Suddenly Nina feels dejavu again like she’s seen his sexy naked body once before! Later on Wataru tells her that she’s irreplaceable to him and Nina has more dejavu. Wataru asks her to believe in him until the very end and Nina says she will. After defeating Riberus, Nina doesn’t return to her world as usual and in fact they are teleported to a different dungeon as Riberus’ castle crumbles to bits. This dungeon has some new equipments not available in the shop (like Somari’s teddy bear pretzel and Naoya’s cat paw プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵) . They get to the final boss and its…Wataru! \( ^o^)/ どうしてこうなった! Wataru says this is his true form and that Riberus is just a pawn who thought to himself that he was the ultimate MAOU! Wataru says he hates Rode and he wants to destroy it all. Nina cries and says she believes in Wataru just like they promised and suddenly the 2 of them are transported into a space where there’s nobody but them. Here Wataru gives a long explanation that basically he’s the “core code” of Rode…basically like the BIOS of a PC! (pardon my nerdyness)

He says that he was created first and then he saw Rode created in front of his eyes from a blank slate. After each time they would defeat Riberus, he would find himself back at the Meeting Forest and he was basically Groundhog Daying it every time Nina played this game….(and myself orz sorry Wataru 😆 ). The game would reset everyone’s memories but his own because he wasn’t a game character (so I guess he’s kinda similar to Somari in a way.) When he got to the point that he’d lost all hope, Nina had showed up and was basically the light at the end of the tunnel for him. He asks Nina to fight and defeat him because he cannot destroy himself and as long as he’s alive the cycle will keep repeating. That’s right, how do you completely fk up your computer? Destroy the bios! Of course once Wataru is destroyed, Rode will be destroyed as well but he points out that while he’s the only one aware of the repeating cycle, everyone else is still doing it too even if they’re just blissfully ignorant. I guess it just goes to show you that RPG characters have feelings too!! 😆 (I know Ruko and Pinko prolly hate me for playing Kaizoku M for like 3 months…*cough) So after Wataru is defeated (which was surprisingly easy but very depressing….god that depressing BGMil||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。 ) he basically dies in Nina’s arms and says he loves her 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん Suddenly everyone else realizes what they are and who they are. They tell Nina it’s time for her to go back to her world and say goodbye as Nina returns back to reality. When she wakes up she was clutching the charm stone that both she and Wataru had but she had no memories of her time in Rode so she didn’t know why she had it. He Rode game of course became unplayable because the bios got broken \( ^o^)/ and she was kinda bummed out since it was her favorite. One day she goes out to buy some stuff her mom requested and she bumps into someone. It’s Wataru and Nina has no idea but she suddenly has multiple emotions inside of her about this person that she thinks it’s her first time meeting. Wataru of course feels the same and he sees the stone she dropped and says that he has the same one. He tells her he feels bad about “hitting” on her but asks if they can go somewhere to chat and Nina of course agrees saying that she feels this person is someone special. ( ;∀;) イイハナシダナー So I guess it’s actually similar to Somari’s except in Somari’s she remembered everything and so did Somari because he was a bug rather than the game bios XD?


Wow well that was definitely an epic game! I think the last game I played that was this epic was maybe Sangoku Rensenki? There’s just so much feelings I have about this game I don’t know if I can accurately convey them all without making this post into an even longer novel :*:・’゜ (〃ゝ∇・)ゞえヘッ♪ I mean if I think about it, it’s kind of a bummer when my 2 favorite characters(Naoya & Wataru) didn’t get kiss scenes! Like seriously Raclot the hell with you. You didn’t deserve a kiss scene! Why does the most dislikeable character get one! While at first all the RPG stuff was overwhelming, the ability to carry levels & stats over was such a savior. I got Nina to level 99 with all stats being 999 by the time I got to the final boss. By the time I got to Wataru’s route, instead of having him in my party I just ended up leveling Dyse, Naoya & Somari so I’d be prepared for the final boss. I guess I overestimated and the battle for that was shorter than I expected because I had 4 powerhouses with me! I did Somari 2nd and I guess story wise it might have been better to do his route maybe before Naoya’s or before Wataru’s. Doing that however would have made the stat raising a little more annoying since Somari exceeded in power I pretty much made him and Nina power tanks by the 3rd route so by then most of the enemies and bosses were all 1 hit KOs. I mean I think if you enjoyed Love Revo, and didn’t mind the stat raising portion then I really do recommend this game. A lot of the characters scenes were quite enjoyable even if not all had my ideal endings. Some of the things that bugged me were – battle BGM got annoying after a while. The sounds some of the enemies made were like nails on chalkboard (I’m looking at you ARERERE and the screeching birds ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー). I also hated that in this game you had to basically reject Naoya 9 times even though he was Nina’s boyfriend first ugh! I really wish they had made Naoya a childhood friend or something instead. It’s just so cruel, especially when he’s so sweet and devoting to Nina. It’s not how like in Tsundere S Otome, the boyfriend was a POS who shoulda been hit by 10 trucks ( ಠ益ಠ ). While sometimes the repetitive dates/talking got boring, the non repeat stuff really was enjoyable. It was enjoyable that I could tell the writers knew how to please the fangirls so all I would ask is – please make a non grindy stat raising otome game! Just made a regular VN! You have the writing skills! You can do it, YES WE CAN! \( ^o^)/  The art was great as usual. The only thing that bothered me were maybe some of Wataru’s hair shapes in his sprites but the CGs were great. Anyway if you do have the patience to sit down and play this I do recommend it. The rpg grinding made some of the scenes really worth it so I don’t feel like I was really disappointed (except maybe in Keith’s route geez.) Now that I’ve spent almost a week and a half on this though, I’m going to be taking a short break from otome gaming before my head explodes or something XD. Thank you to everyone that read this novel of a post and who came by the broadcast, it was a lot of fun!


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  1. yes it does exist in fact I rage quit it about 5 minutes ago. This demonic game is called Hanayoi Romanesque which requires you to read every single sentence and hope that the keywords are in that sentence and you need to go through about 20 keywords per chapter and 30 chapters. So yea after screwing up about 3 times on the 2nd chapter I ragequit lol. That’s just the kind of shit I have no patience for.

    In other news i’ve moved back to own3d until Ngame gets their act together so please click on the tv gif button for the updated URL thanks!

  2. Wooooow, congratulations on finishing this “Real Marathon” game! It was really enjoyable to watch your broadcasting, especially with that cheerful enthusiastic jpop music playing during the dungeons battles 😀 My favorites are Naoya and Wataru too (ohh, that cute chickens CG :333) Though it’s a pity that RR suffers the same thing that LR does (it lacks kiss scenes too -___-) Anyway, it was a good game. Now I’m asking myself a question: does it exist, an otome game Hinano wouldn’t manage to play? After Love Escorts of all sorts, LoveRevo and this I think the answer is “No” indisputably 😀

  3. yea but you have to admit Wataru kinda upstaged him! At least that’s how I felt about it 😆 but yea I hope I never have to play a game where the heroine is taken before I even begin!

  4. ;_; Naoyaaaaaa hahaha when I first read what this game was about I was so excited because Otome + RPG = LOVE! I mean, it’s an honest to goodness game with actual RPG elements to it lol which is fantastical because that’s combining two great loves of mine into one 😛

    Poor Naoya though. Lol I feel so bad for him, watching his GF fall in loves with a bunch of other manses.

    I guess to make up for it, his route ended up being pure win hahaha

  5. Nah, played twice, Normal ED and Rodeo ED, then got distracted by Wand of Fortune and never really continued Real Rode… I guess I simply haven’t had any incentive to continue playing?

    Also, additional info, checking out the shop while in the town doesn’t necessarily waste a turn… as long as you don’t buy anything. Window-shopping apparently doesn’t cost a turn while actually buying an item will cost a turn. …can’t quite see the logic there but whatever.

  6. bly> you’re welcome! yea it’s a bit grindy but I found the grind fun/worth it in the end XD

    sharakael> I probably made it seem funnier than it really is 😆 I had though you finished playing it already!

    Rin> see I started with Alvand – then finished with Dyse. That wasn’t so bad. I did like Alvand but probably for the lulz of UKERU GA II!

    koori> lol yea I did all the work! also “oh my darling woohh~~” 😆

    SilentWolfie> you’re right this person did BL game art as well. Well maybe cause you came at the end of the game? XD I guess I couldn’t convey my feelings. I mean some things disappointed me but I guess the whole “adventure” of making it through the game is what made it enjoyable?

    Misa> thanks 😀 Yea Raclot is like a 残念イケメン he’s hot but on the inside DONOTWANT (ಠ_ಠ)

  7. I loved reading this and watching you play! It was so much fun!

    I’m sad that I missed Nakai Kazuya but not so sad that I missed the creepy “he froze time so he could be with her forever. And. EVER.” XP
    D’aww…but then Raclot makes up for it with his hot-damn smexi glasses! (Wut do i do?!) XD

    I lol’d hard when you got Alvand x Nina kiss CG and you were like “close your eyes damnit”. Then there was with crazy Midorikawa and his gun talk. Ahh, good times. =D

    Hope you have a lovely, well deserved break!

  8. LoL. The first thing I would have done is to hack stats and raise love points till max or sufficient for any RPG visual novel game. I did that in Queen of darkness the first moon and I ignored the RPG elements.

    The artist looks familiar and reminds me of two certain BL games ಠ_ಠ… well, maybe three. Pretty sure there’s another game that wasn’t released in English.

    *Crosses fingers* Hmmm. It’s crazy how much you type lol. Hmm… I don’t really feel the awesomeness of the game though. Felt as if you were raging at the bad points in the character routes more than the greatness as to why it’s that epic for some reason imo.


  9. 雑魚だ




    馬鹿馬鹿しい… ( ´_ゝ`)

    …jokes aside, time for me to write my own blurb as it was fun watching the game again. More so when I didn’t have to PLAY it this time XD Ole~

  10. You make me wanna replay this in PSP xD
    I’ve played this when it first came out, but I stopped not too long after switching to the white route because Alvand is just too princely for my taste.. Dumping Naoya breaks my heart every time since I like him a lot (´;ω;`)

    Enjoy your break until Homare comes :3

  11. “damn I didn’t know you liked dem shotas (ಠ_ಠ)”

    …I think I’ll continue playing this game just to see that part XD

  12. This one sure looks “grindish”, and I guess I better try it when I become more proficient at japanese…

    Thanks for the wonderful review as always!~

  13. jpmeyer> MEZAWARI DA

    Fumiko> good luck at least you know what the gameplay is like so getting started shouldn’t be a problem!

    Shin> you’re an emofag who doesn’t know what love is? 😆

    Hazuki> Aww you should at least do the 2 princes! XD Oh see I couldn’t tell, the otaku side of me instantly thought: Butler Cafe (ಠ_ಠ). Max as in the “younger” brother? lol I love his seiyuu XDDD Regarding the dumping, it’s not that I mind dumping a guy if he sucks (i.e. the husband in Gin no Kanmuri) but Naoya was just too sweet !!

  14. I haven’t finished this game…I got Somari and Luka and then stopped when I started on Shinn. LOL
    I liked the dream sequences too…your review reminds that I have to start it again. LOL
    I think Luka’s dream was that Nina was a customer at Luka’s bar. LOL Basically, Nina comes over to relax.
    I really love Love Love Max. I felt so horrible for dumping Naoya too…it’s just not right. (I don’t have the heart to purposely dump the guys in Storm Lover either LOL)

  15. wow this sure is long, but detailed. i had tons of fun reading it, cant wait til i can play it too >.< hope the next game will be good too 🙂

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